Polls show Americans want out of the business of running the world. They're sick of perpetual war and they think Washington should mind its own business. And yet we still hear the war whoops of the politicians and their pet pundits, intent on ginning up new wars for other people to fight.

The reason for this disconnect is that the War Party has a powerful Washington lobby: they give money to elected officials, they have a firm hand on the "mainstream" media, and they live all in the Washington bubble – where running the world is just another day in the lives of Very Important People.

Outside the Beltway, a rebellion is brewing – as the public response to Obama's decision to bomb Syria showed. That time, the public rose up and said "NO!" And the politicians backed down. was a big part of the campaign to stop that folly – but we can't continue to mobilize the public for peace without your help.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today – so we don't wake up tomorrow and find ourselves at war once again.

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Updated May 29, 2015 - 6:10 PM EDT
US Removes Cuba From Terror List
White House: US Not Responsible for Iraq Security
  Pentagon Vows to Improve Training, Arming of Iraqi Troops
  227 Killed in Iraq, Hundreds More Exhumed
Al-Qaeda Seizes Last City in Syria's Idlib Province
  Kurdish Enclave in Syria Resists Assad and Militant Fighters
Palestinians Drop Bid to Oust Israel From FIFA
  UN Pressured to Remove Israel From List of Armed Violations
  Netanyahu: US Military Aid Boost Unrelated to Iran Deal
Two Saudi Troops Killed as Yemen Toll Soars
  Yemen May Never Emerge Intact From Civil War
State Dept: US Won't Consider Extension of Iran Talks
Video: Tajikistan Special Forces Chief Defects to ISIS
Bernie Sanders: The Ron Paul of the Left?  by Justin Raimondo
The US and China Can Avoid a Collision Course – if the US Gives Up Its Empire  by John Glaser
Here's How Much of Your Life the US Has Been at War  by Philip Bump
Resurgence of the ‘Surge’ Myth  by Ray McGovern
Secularists vs. Suicide Bombers  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Why Is the Media Ignoring Israel's Alliance With al-Qaeda?  by Asa Winstanley

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in Distress

by Michael Klare & Tom Engelhardt
Army Chief: Human Error Likely Not Cause of Anthrax Mistake
Chemical Weapon Stockpiles Greatly Reduced, Treaty Group Reports
Study: Corruption Is Leading Indicator for Political Unrest
227 Killed in Iraq, Hundreds More Exhumed
Bombs Outside Two Five-Star Baghdad Hotels Kill at Least 10
Iraq Exhumes 470 Bodies From Mass Graves Near Tikrit
Sunnis Fleeing ISIS Find Few Doors Open Elsewhere in Iraq
ISIS 'Blind Judge' Shows Up in Ramadi as Iraqi Forces Make Slow Advance
ISIS Alternates Stick and Carrot to Control Palmyra
Nusra Front Seeks Image Makeover in West
Iran Says It Opposes a Syria No-Fly Zone
ISIS Photos Purport to Show Unharmed Palmyra Ruins
Western Women Who Join ISIS Defy 'Jihadi Bride' Stereotype
Missing Syria Girls 'Have Contacted Family'
No Exit: For Female Jihadis, Syria Is One-Way Journey
US Allies Not Waiting for Iran's Sanctions to Come Down
Iran Defends Spy Trial of US Journalist
Iranian Cartoon Features Netanyahu Leading ISIS
Internet Dating Website Launched by State
Chief US Negotiator in Iran Nuclear Talks to Leave State Dept. Shortly After Deadline
Rivlin: Jews Must Acknowledge That Arabs Are Part and Parcel of This Land
Sen. Lindsey Graham Vows 'Violent Pushback' to Protect Israel in UN
Netanyahu Backs 'General Idea' Behind Arab Peace Initiative
US Billionaire Set to Save Israel's Debt-Strapped Channel 10
Anti-Aircraft Fire Cause of Most Civilian Casualties in Sana'a, Report Says
Yemen TV: Saudi Arabia Steps Up Propaganda War With Copycat Media
Putin Declares Russian Troop Deaths in Peacetime a Secret
UK Says Rejects Whistleblower's Warning Over Nuclear Submarines
Cyprus Leaders Look to Open 2 More Crossings Across Divide
The War at Home
Clinton Foundation Paid Blumenthal $10k Per Month While He Advised on Libya
Rand Paul Breaks From GOP Rivals With Jab at 'Hawks'
Obama Meets With Parents of Slain US Captive
Former US House Speaker Hastert Indicted on Federal Charges
US Military
Why Is This War Hero Being Investigated?
USS Arizona Memorial Tours Suspended After Navy Hospital Ship Collision
US Navy Buys Old Helicopters From Japan for Spare Parts
Army Chief Backs Senate Approach to Reforming Pentagon Weapons Buys
FIFA Politics
US, Swiss Timed FIFA Raids for Maximum Effect
Arrests Overshadow Palestinians' Bid to Oust Israel From FIFA
Netanyahu: Effort to Hurt Israel Will Destroy FIFA
FIFA Scandal May Delay Vote to Ban Israel From League
US to Russia: FIFA Corruption Inquiry Has Nothing to Do With You
Latin America Hails FIFA Indictments That Hit Long-Serving Soccer Bosses
Libya's Rival Government Conducts Air Strikes on ISIS in Sirte: Official
Libya on Verge of Economic Collapse, UN Envoy Warns
UN: Fight Against Boko Haram Requires Regional Might
Spain Charges Boko Haram Militant Chief With Crimes Against Humanity
Al Shabab Leader Wanted by US Dies in South Somalia
Egyptian Court Clears Security Officer of Torturing Detainee to Death
US Rebukes China on Efforts to Build Artificial Islands
Malaysia Detains Police Over Links to 'Migrant' Graves
Planned New US Embassy in Mexico a 'Fiasco'
Two Former Gitmo Detainees Both Find Love in Uruguay
Skateboarders in Cuba Find a Niche Despite Outlaw Image
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