Uncle Sam Wants You to Join His Occupation

Matt Barganier, August 23, 2003

For some reason, foreigners are less than wild about the idea. The great Moja, U.S. Army sergeant in Iraq, thinks he knows why:

i get the feeling these countries offering their support want to make a good impression…they want to be seen as professional world powers…and helpful allies…but still they are only here…so far…in one’zees and two’zees…

but i wonder…how many of my troops would i send from mojaland…to take the burden off a country that started a war…and quite possibly bit off more than it’s ‘1st world mouth’ could chew…how many troops would i be willing to quite possibly sacrifice so that american troops could hop on a plane…and head back to the great states of america…

What are the odds that Spain, Nicaragua, Poland, Ethiopia, or Lithuania will adopt the angry orphan we created?

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