Arthur Chrenkoff Does the Weather

Matt Barganier, October 06, 2005

Tony Blair’s government, its mendacity slipping the surly bonds of earth, embarks on a campaign against meteorological defeatism:

    It is goodbye to those miserable showers and isolated storms. Prolonged sunshine is expected under new “positive” forecast guidelines issued by the Meteorological Office. …

    There is no need to dwell on a “small chance of showers” when “mainly dry” tells a better story. If there are “localised storms” then it must be “dry for most”. Clouds over Manchester mean generally clear visibility for motorway drivers. …

    In some cases forecasters should simply reverse the order of events, placing a “small chance of showers” at the end of the sentence if Britain is expected to be “mostly dry”.

    This is based on research suggesting that viewers with short attention spans are more likely to absorb the good news, if it is relevant to them, and filter out the bad. …

Who says the warbloggers haven’t left their mark on the world?


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