Overnight, the Population of Pachyderms Tripled

Tim Swanson, December 16, 2007

At least according to a recent edit of the Wikipedia entry.

While Stephen Colbert pokes fun of these pranks, the CIA and intelligence community have ulterior motives for the community-based open encyclopedia.

The New York Times reports that a group of investigators at Wikileaks recently busted a propaganda team based out of Gitmo detention center. Based on empirical data including IP addresses, the whistle-blowing organization has uncovered systematic attacks and revisions by the military aimed to whitewash their torture activities and libel detractors.

The military agents are also accused of promoting 140 stories on the popular community news site, Digg.

This discovery also comes less than 3 months after Wikileaks unearthed conflicts of interest between academic research and the intelligence community.

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7 Responses to “Overnight, the Population of Pachyderms Tripled”

  1. The people that run Wikileaks are the cream of the crop. I hope the same with Wikipedia. Can’t say as much for the aaaus military.

  2. But America’s insane boy king George says that “America does NOT torture.” Gosh, America’s insane boy king George can’t be lying to us. Nah, that can’t be it. Congress wouldn’t lie to America. Nah, they’d never lie to Americans. Wikipedia wouldn’t lie, they’d just make up some crap and post it as fact. Gosh, there sure seems to be a ton of inconsistent “stories” floating around these days.

  3. Propaganda in the US has gone beyond propaganda. With a domestic audience afflicted with terminal abysmal stupidity, the manipulators of reality have become true illusionists. Their tentacles have extended into every aspect of life in America. But as important as their pernicious infiltration of what is supposed to be an independent press, the Fourth Estate, is their total manipulation of the so-called entertainment industry, especially the movies, which had an effect globally.

    I am convinced it was one of the best propaganda tool available to the US throughout the twentieth century.While growing up overseas, I can testify to the efficacy of Hollywood movies (my father owned a cinema) in disseminating American propaganda on foreign audiences.

    Now the focus of their scorn is Vladimir Putin and the constant demonizing of a so-called, all pervasive Russian Mafia. Just like Colombia was inextricably linked to drug cartels, Russia and its intelligence services are being inextricably linked to that nebulous entity. And now Putin is never mentioned without being tagged as a former spy, a reminder that he served in the KGB. Yet former president George H W Bush The First, was never referred to as a former spy despite the fact that he was the actual director of the American KGB aka CIA. Such vulgar double standard is barely noticed.

    A great confrontation is in the making. American hegemony is being challenged by Putin like never before in the last 2 decades. Russia has drawn a red line in Kosovo that up to now the US and its yes-men in NATO, along with the French neocon Sarkozy, seem intent on crossing. The showdown will come when the Kosovar Albanians illegally and unilaterally declare independence. In the last decade, the US has squandered its propaganda monopoly and the emperor has no clothes. If Russia exhibits the political will to remain steadfast in defending its national interests, I think the US and NATO and EU will back down and the propaganda machine will shamelessly back pedal.

  4. Prepare for truly epic lulz.

  5. Not to worry, eventually Mussolini came to believe his own propaganda.

  6. Didn’t Donald Rumdum say he was closing down the Pentagon’s disinformation mill?

    “There is disinformation we know is disinformation, and disinformation we don’t know is disinformation, and disinformation that might be disinformation under certain circumstances we know about but not others, and where’d I put that damn jelly doughnut?”

  7. This is just a CRAZY idea from someone naive to the ways of American politics, but I think if you take the propaganda budget and just distribute it directly to the people of Iraq / Iran / (insert country you want to / have attacked), you’ll be winning the “hearts and minds” a lot quicker and less messier.

    I mean c’mon, which one will work better, a radio station proclaiming the virtues of American democracy or an Army guy showing up to your door with a sack full of cash?