Iran War Resolution May Be Passed Next Week

Eric Garris, June 23, 2008

Introduced less than a month ago, Resolution 362, also known as the Iran War Resolution, could be passed by the House as early as next week.

The bill is the chief legislative priority of AIPAC. On its Web site, AIPAC endorses the resolutions as a way to ”Stop Iran’s Nuclear Program” and tells readers to lobby Congress to pass the bill. In the Senate, a sister resolution, Resolution 580, has gained co-sponsors with similar speed. The Senate measure was introduced by Indiana Democrat Evan Bayh on June 2. It has since gained 19 co-sponsors.

The bill’s key section “demands that the president initiate an international effort to immediately and dramatically increase the economic, political, and diplomatic pressure on Iran to verifiably suspend its nuclear enrichment activities by, inter alia, prohibiting the export to Iran of all refined petroleum products; imposing stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran; and prohibiting the international movement of all Iranian officials not involved in negotiating the suspension of Iran’s nuclear program.”

“Imposing stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran” can be read to mean that the president should initiate a naval blockade of Iran. A unilateral naval blockade without UN sanction is an act of war.

Resolution 362 has already gained 170 co-sponsors, or nearly 40 percent of the House. It has been referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee, which has 49 members, 24 of whom, including the ranking Republican, are co-sponsors. The Iran Nuclear Watch Web site writes, “According to the House leadership, this resolution is going to ‘pass like a hot knife through butter’ before the end of June on what is called suspension – meaning no amendments can be introduced during the 20-minute maximum debate. It also means it is assumed the bill will pass by a 2/3 majority and is non-controversial.”

Our national legislators deem it non-controversial to recommend to a president known for his recklessness and bad judgment that he consider engaging in an act of war against Iran. Those of you who consider this issue controversial can go to the Just Foreign Policy Web site and tell your representative to oppose this resolution.

Thanks to Geoffrey V. Gray for this submission.

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  2. In the long term, nothing could be more positive for this country than the complete and total annihilation of the military. If they start a war with Iran, this may very well happen. This is the equivalent of Hitler’s attack on Russia. We could very well charge every person who votes for this with treason.

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  4. We are so effing effed.

  5. Need it be said – here we go again. The world is held hostage to the stupidity of U.S. politicians falling for the same bulls**t, from the exact same bullsh**ters as last time. Hopefully there are some REAL patriots left amongst the U.S. armed forces who will refuse any order to blockade/bomb Iran.

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  7. A 20 minute debate on yet another war in the Middle East? Are these people completely insane? I don’t suppose Congress or AIPAC are interested in educating the American people as to the probable consequences or its cost, right? Didn’t think so.

    As far as the politicians are concerned, our job as Americans is to continue funding the death machine and otherwise act like sheep being led to slaughter. We should also keep quiet when our country is tranformed into a police state to “protect” us from pissed off Muslims who survive the shock and awe campaign. We have the neocons and the Israel lobby to thank for this wonderful state of affairs.

    I’m wondering when we’ll have a foreign policy that addresses the national security interests of THIS country, not that of Israel. If Israel thinks it wise to bomb Iran to thwart a non-existent bomb-making program, would it be asking too much that they do their own dirty work and accept the blowback the follows?

  8. I don’t why some people in the american parliament can be so dumb, I don’t know how else to put it out. There are so many studies on an military attack against Iran from universities in England and from many other countries, which consider an attack against Iran as a very bad move.

    The one and only reason USA would want to attack Iran because it senses the threat of other world-powers such as China.

    However this actually is a very broad topic, because the relations between Iran and the USA are very complicated.

    If you like to read some more on that kind of stuff read this page or visit my blog

  9. “I don’t suppose Congress or AIPAC are interested in educating the American people as to the probable consequences or its cost, right?”

    Education? Are you kidding?! All AIPAC gives a sh*t about is Israel and all congress gives a sh*t about is AIPAC money. As Eric exclaimed (paraphrased) in his earlier post: “The effing effer is effed!”

  10. Unbelievable.
    Another sad day in American history. We now start wars.
    My prayers are with all of the poor souls in our military who are going to be plunged into another god foresaken “war”, and with all of the innocents on both sides.
    Now, if Obama wins he can stay in Iran and Iraq, while placing the blame on Republicans. Obama is just as bad as all the rest. He will never end this.
    McMurder is probably loving this, since his military experience will give him an edge.


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  12. we’re hosed>>

  13. This is most interesting. As an Iranian, living in Iran, I do not like to be the target of another American stupidity. Nonetheless it is most interesting. It also reinforces my belief that although we Iranians do not have a zillion Noble prize winners and another zillion patents to our name, we Iranians are collectively ultra intelligent, while the Americans, collectively, are super stupid.

    I never thought that America will make such a move while it has an aircraft carrier and some forty military ships of various sizes in the Persian Gulf. And Persian Gulf while being a large body of water it still a closed body of water and we know it like the back of our hands. Which makes it even more interesting. If the American congress passes those resolutions it has effectively written off each and every American ship and its crew in the Persian Gulf. Which according to the mentality of the collective American is a small investment towards total dominance of the Middle East and its resources, in the way that it allows total war on Iran and even use of nuclear weapons against Iran, because we will refuse to surrender, by America and its Western allies. I wonder what the world will be like after that, but we will just have to wait and see. However I am sure about one thing. There will be no f**king Europe after that.

  14. Our rulers and their puppets and henchmen are determined to get this country into yet another wwar. And of course what we the people think about this makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

  15. Actually, I doubt AIPAC cares much about Israel. (Most Israelis aren’t Westerners, after all.) It is mostly concerned with John Hagee “Let’s end the world tomorrow” type Christian Fundamentalists.

    Lester Ness

  16. On the one hand it is a concurrent resolution, meaning the president doesn’t sign it. This is the sort of thing Congress uses to order more stationery, and to praise sports teams. But on the other hand, it literally demands Bush set up a blockade. Most of Iranion refined petroleum is imported, and this resolution explicitly targets that import from being prevented.

    Anyway it seems to me that this is like a bunch of stupid kids in a car, driving in pitch black, in an industrial area with strip mining going on…somewhere in the dark.

    But now that it’s abundantly clear Congress isn’t going to hold the administration responsible for war crimes even though we know they’ve been committed and now even a military general has stated such. But even further this crackpots are seriously going to demand this crazy lunatic president to blockade crazy lunatic Iran? OMFG!

    The only question people seriously should be asking now is, at what point do the adults need to come in and take control of the situation? At what point do we start recalling representatives and senators, because November isn’t likely to be soon enough, nor are enough Senators even up for election.

    Executive branch: fail
    Judicial branch: fail
    Legislative branch: fail

    So now the last rung are the citizens. If they fail, it’s all over. That’s it. Done.

  17. Ali,

    I hear you. I’d be frustrated too if the situation were reversed. But it would be a mistake to assume that America is a monolithic whole. There are 300 million of us, and we don’t think alike.

    As this site can attest, many of us are vociferously against a war with your country. Do not conflate the U.S. government with its people. I have no more control over our president than you do over the mullahs. If more people could make that basic distinction, there might be fewer wars.

  18. hmm… no foolin’. if you were actually as ‘ultra intelligent’ as you claim to be,
    you would know that “The Experiment” is over, and has been for more than one hundred and forty years, but you continued to trust the Empire as long as they were feeding your need for weapons while arming your adversaries simultaneously. feeling screwed over yet? get in line.

    have fun at the turkey shoot.

  19. The smartest people in America go into business, sometimes the arts or scholarship, almost never politics. Congressmen are usually crooks, sometimes actual associates of the Mafia. (Think of James Traficant of Ohio, Dan Rostenkowski of Chicago, among others.) You can make a lot of money by doing favors for defense contractors, etc., if you’re a congressman. In the present generation, a lot of protestant religious fanatics eager for the end of the world have been wielding clout in Congress, too.

    As for the “one and only only reason the US would attack Iran”, I take it you don’t think Iran is the “King of the South” in Daniel 11? Mad ideology though it is, Dispensationalism is not trivial.

    Lester Ness

  20. The Nobel laureates and patent holders are nearly always immigrants.

    If you think that you and a couple thousand buddies will be taken up into heaven, why should you care about the fate of the rest of America? Let alone the rest of humanity.

    Lester Ness

  21. Don’t worry everyone, Barrack Obama will lead the opposition to this in congress and stop it. The democrats will not pass such a resolution, as this, to give Bush more power will they? The moon is also made of green cheese.

  22. I just sent the following email to the Chief of Staff of my Representative (Tim Walz, MN 1-CD). I would suggest y’all send similar emails/letters or call your own Reps. and Senators:

    H. Con. Res 362 “demands” that the President impose “stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran.” That would require a naval blockade, which is an act of war. In other words, this resolution is a declaration of war against Iran. This resolution is being rushed through Congress by stealth. Its amazing that the US Congress is about to issue a declaration of war against Iran, and this isn’t even being reported by the news media.
    If Rep. Walz does not want to take a public, vocal stand on this (hopefully in concert with the few sane Reps. from other districts), could you at least see to it that the media is tipped off to what’s going on? The American people at least deserve to know that their Congress is about to declare war on another country.

    Bill Rood

  23. Oh, that Hitler had done a better job!

  24. Treason?

    I would go for war crimes instead.

    I would argue that they would be legally responsible for any loss of life that resulted from their actions.

  25. I’m sorry to say that what seems like insanity to the sane seems very pragmatic to those insane murderers in the white house and Downing Street. We need to be honest with ourselves about why this is happening.


    The questions for the killers as they plan for further oil shocks is, “who will live and who is to die?”. There is no other explanation for this kind of madness. The sooner we realize that government is essentially over in America and much of the rest of the world, the better we could potentially save lives and perhaps survive ourselves.

    Call all the congresspeople you want. I do all the time. It does no good and this Iran bill will pass because there is not one democrat to has the balls to say no to AIPAC.

    America is dying of oil dehydration and is going to kill the rest of the world before it goes. Sorry world, it wasn’t my idea and nobody I know thinks bombing Iran is a good idea either.

    If anyone was truly serious about making it stop they would arrest Bush and Cheney immediately. Citizens arrest anyone??

    I’m disgusted as hell~

    Berkeley, USA

  26. In the USSR they had One Party and One Flavor, in the US they have One Party with Two. Two right wings, one obnoxious, the other repugnant. There are no “checks and balances,” there cannot exist such a thing in a One Party System. Now the Americans finally have a Holy Emperor, Decider I. The Senate is just ceremony, could be automated by installing an applause machine. Congress is just a waste of paper, time and money. It would cost less to let Aipac do it directly. The populace is largely indifferent or never had any faith in anything getting better anyway. Therefore “Mudshark” is right. “The Experiment” is over and Empires don’t die in bed, they drown in blood.

  27. The biggest enemy of any empire is from within. And all empires grow to a hollow shell and eventually collapse. There are only two reasons this empire has even lasted this long. One is that in most wars it has picked an enemy that was either too weak or already devastated by prior wars like afaghan, Iraq, Vietnam, and even in WWII when it entered at its near end after the soviets has already lost 20m fighting the Germans and others that fought Germany. After that it simply took over British, French, etc colonies and became what it is now. the other reason is the democrats that deflate it just enough to prevent it from collapsing but have the same policy views as rep. the only credit that can be made to this country is when it became independent from British and its smart people who make it a good culture. if US were to attack Iran, and if you anything about Iran and its history, at the very least it would not be able to defeat it, and at best it could devastate it killing many people. But the real lost for it would be that it would loose the entire world that its holding controls over with thin rope.
    just as the winner of US and Iraq was became Iran, the winner of US Iran war would become china, Russia, south America, and many others, you name it…

  28. mudshark,

    What is that 140 years about? Is that a figure of speech or an approximation to some real historical milestone?

    Iranians do not trust the “Empire”. We hate Empire of any persuasion. American, British, Russian, Ottoman, you name it. The only way we trust it is to be the criminal super entity that it is, and has always been. However, I sense a lumping together of Iran with all other victims of the Empire in your remark. While I do not mind the hypothetical company at all, I think that you are a bit off the mark. The Arabs of the Middle East love the Empire. It has practically given all of them their statehood. It has drawn their borders and supervised their retreat into the Middle Ages; which they seem never to be able to thank the Empire enough for. That goes for Israel too. But not Iran. Actually, the only countries in our neighborhood that are not Empire made, are Turkey and Afghanistan, with Afghanistan being rather Empire destroyed.

  29. Lester Ness,

    First of all, it is not a couple of thousands of us, hoping to end up in heaven. It is more like a couple of tens of millions of us. Second, You forgot that 70 virgins thingy, but this being the I do not blame you.

    Why I do care about the rest of Americans or humanity? I don’t know. I just do. :)

  30. Oil gone? We have oil in Alaska at ANWAR that we can tap if they let us. and oil off the coast of California (21 billion barrels) too. S**t were out oil my ass! Not to mention Russia and the rest of the world that is waiting to be tapped.

  31. Ali,
    iranians love their nation more then life itself. 70 virgins or an old lady, they would fight to death anyway. this is the bigest mistake made about iran. iran is an inclusive culture. islam is only a small part of. we have many other things that runs in our blood.

  32. Remember one thing. The dimwit(s) in charge have very large hydrogen bombs and a sophisticated missile delivery system. They have not hesitated in committing genocide against the Iraqi people in order to steal their oil. What do you think that they will do if they find themselves cornered and out of options???

  33. Yes, human will and emotion is the X factor that the planners in the pentagon and the plotters in the US congress have no counter for. It is this X factor that led to the founding of America.

    Sadly, America remained free for only a short time before the plotters from abroad and the greedy from within infiltrated its society and government. Once again they will underestimate the X factor. But this time, the stakes are infinitely higher as the madmen in DC have the capability to destroy the planet.

  34. Ali,

    What difference does it make if it is a couple of thousand or a couple of tens of millions of people who believe in a fantasy?

    There is no ‘Rapture’.


    And those who hope there is a ‘Rapture’ will suffer something referred to as ‘karma’; or, in the common parlance, “what goes around, comes around”.

  35. nancy and steny will make sure thisgets through, by hook or by crook

  36. Ahhhh yes having the Israeli lobbyists writing legislation for us, what could be more American then that. Frigging disgraceful! Every Congress person who votes in favor of this travisty needs to be removed from office and thrown in prison as the treasonous scum they are!

  37. This is now the end of the Republic as we know it. Sorry Tom Jefferson, the cards were stacked against us and now the corporate internationals have taken the world. We better get used to being third world people. And by the way, junk your car as gas will now hit $10.00 a gallon.

  38. Figures. I told them years ago this was all about Israeli interests in the middle east and of course I was labeled anti-semetic and a hate-monger. Let me just say that I’ve never actually wanted to see a country fall apart before but after seeing the American mindset first hand and how arrogant they were (especially back in the 90’s) I’m going to take great pleasure in watching it crumble. I’m convinced beyond any doubt Americans were brainwashed in a few years it’ll be officially listed as a 2nd/3rd world country.

  39. You are right, I was trying to say that USA is trying to secure its power by “infiltrating” the middle east. Obviously Iran cannot be seen as a king of south or anyhing thelike. But it needs to be said that Iran is a very powerful state in its region. Also Iran is a lot more powerful than most of the people think.

    However an attack against Iran would be a very serious mistake.

  40. Thank you for that comment. This is always a big problem when people mix up governement and normal civilians.

  41. WHAT can be DONE?? Are the politicians ALL bought PAID for??? Answer, No, Only enough to carry out the NWO take-over of AMERICA.

  42. “I pledge allegiance, to the Star of David, of the United States of Israel.”

    “And to the genocide and hate for which it stands, one nasty little country, always fighting, for more land and water resources.”


  43. There is a transpartisan group calling for diplomacy not an attack on Iran. is part of the coalition. Check out its website, then act.

    Campaign for a New American Policy on Iran

    Number for Congress (just ask for your rep and senators’ offices):

    202 224 3121

    I called Bayh’s office (the Senate author) — the young AIPAC-funded tool who answered the phone started arguing with me. He said that the senate resolution meant nothing. So the logical question would be, “Then why did Bayh write it?” Why are these other AIPAC controlled congress creeps supporting it?

    AIPAC’s little operative in Bayh’s office gave me the spiel about how Iran was developing nuclear weapons and I quoted our own NIE that Iran had abandoned that program. Adding that Israel has nuclear weapons and delivery systems.

    Then AIPAC’s little propagandist tried the ol’ Iran is providing weapons for Iraqi insurgents, and I said, “Prove it.” He started to talk about Betrayus, and I said, “You mean Cheney’s stooge?”

    Then I reminded him that we invaded Iraq, so had put ourselves willfully into harms’ way. The average young woman from Small Town America would not be in danger from Irani or Iraqi IEDs if she were working at the local Walmart in an attempt to scrape-up enough money to get to the local community college.

    Never forget that this is a bipartisan effort — in fact the Democrats in Congress are often at least as AIPAC war-hawky as the GOP, if not more so.

    Kick all the bums out, and call them and let them know that you are donating to whoever runs against them and will door-to-door in your district to let people know who is responsible to sending their kids into the Apocalypse that will be an attack on Iran.

    Ask them how much they receive from pro-Israel lobbies while you’re at it.

  44. Ali,

    Unfortunately you are correct about the ships–they are sitting ducks but on some level you are also incorrect about the politicians not being aware of this. Playing out the chess pieces on the neocon board, they are hoping that those ships will be sunk. This will make an anti-war movement in the U.S. untenable. Who can march against peace when those evil Iranians have sunk our innocent fleet sitting in the Persian Gulf. The “Persian Gulf Massacre” will be the rallying cry of the neocons. This will assure that they will never be brought up on charges.

    This blockade is not an act of stupidity. It will go down in history as an act of evil genius. When the Iranians run the blockade as they must. It will be the Iranian’s that started the war. It will also be the Democrats in Congress that sanctioned it. Not since the burning of the Reichstag will the forces of darkness be better served.

  45. mudshark,
    You are correct about the US losing it’s ships in the Persian Gulf but I’m afraid that is the plan. The only way the government can get the American people to go along is massive US casualties. Those ships are deliberately intended to be sitting duck targets. The US intends to provoke Iran by stopping/boarding Iranian ships in the gulf which is an act of war. Iran will retaliate against those ships and when it does, the Bush administration will have it’s excuse to bomb Iran.
    Americans are stupid but it’s not an IQ problem. They are uninformed, brain-washed and complacent. They are convinced it can’t happen here. Americans are going to be in for one helluva surprise when the government war machine sets it’s target on the American public.
    God bless and help us all.

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  47. This could well be a nightmare for america and the world.

  48. America can pretty much do what it once with the approval of the Vatican and Europe. The rest of the world must tremble before the New World Order (United World of America). Iraq is our 51st state right now, Iran 52nd?

  49. The Acts are in place (Patriot, Military Commissions, etc.,)
    the required bills of attainder (Repuclican guard, military combatants,)
    and Ex post facto (FISA,)
    all the hardware is in play (3 nuclear battle groups,)
    the people are prepped (both political parties want war,)
    the dollar is worthless,
    the Executive has immunity,
    no capital being created or saved (in a capitalist country.)
    Time to pull the trigger?
    On ourselves?

  50. If the US attacks Iran gas prices will go through the roof…you know what that means: no more tractor pulls or NASCAR races! See? You’re cutting your own throat…

  51. The pilgrims colonized the United States to seek freedom from Europe, but we took the lands away from the Indians, sounds familiar, that freedom word?? Iraqi freedom?? It’s all just a smoke screen… As long as Bush is president, the neocons and the rest of the war mongol greedy oil corporations will get their way. It looks like Iran is definitely next…Rumors of war. Expect Iran to be attacked in a few months or less. Cheney is going to get his war. Sorry, I hope I’m wrong…

  52. lester,lester,lester, you actually believe Traficant is a criminal, merely for pushing the zionists buttons by freeing John Demjanjuk (who’s about to be “had” again)? Every single charge against Traficant was trumped up, so said THE WITNESSES after the fact, all of whom were threatened with their own jail time if they wouldn’t play along.

    Such is ‘justice’ in America. But criminals like tom delay and ted stevens walk free.

  53. The problem is not the military as much as the military-industrial-congressional complex and the apathy of too many Americans. I do agree that attacking Iraq will be a catastrophic error.

  54. U.S. foreign policy tends to change remarkably little whichever party is in power.

  55. Oh sure. Go ahead and declare war on Iran. Do you really think that Russia will just look the other way while US bombs Iran back into the stone age. BRING IT ON DUBYAH you f***in fool.

  56. What happens on BOMB-IRAN-DAY +1? +2? Etc. This is madness.

  57. Steve Hogan: my friend you live in s supposedly democratic country choosing your destiny through your government. Ali from Iran does not have such a privilege even though Iran is a sort of democracy. So, you and your tax dollars actually support and pay for such wars of attrition.

    But note that, Iran has not invaded another country for the last 500 years? and peace in Iraq is actually in their interest despite the lies Americans are being told. What pushes American foreign policy is Israeli interest groups. America must wake up to that. You hold our destiny in your hands and we are helpless to do anything about it or even vote?

    Sometimes I feel Iraqis should be given the right to vote in US elections since for them and us it is a matter of life and death.

    Chew over that. Peace.

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  59. Ali,

    What is that 140 years about?

    it’s about how long ago the uSA ceased being a republic and took off down the path to ending up the hideous empire that it is now.

    as for the rest of it… face it, you’ve been played, maybe not to the extent others have, but Iran was a launch pad for the economic terrorists and their empire of debt, and they’ve conned you into the position that you find yourself today. who do you think got Iran started on a nuclear program? and now they’re turning it back on you to potentially destroy your country if you don’t do what they want, contrary to IAEA verification that Iran in not violating anything.

    Your Supreme Leader better get busy talking to Russia and China and anyone else that will help throw a net over the raving lunatic liars that are frothing to rain bombs on your country. blind fanatical nationalism is no deterrent to the insanity that is staring you in the face.

    Take care…

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  61. “the rest of the world that is waiting to be tapped”

    Hmmm? Since the 15th century Western Europeans have have killed most of the native Americans and stolen their lands. The question becomes: Who is left to be “tapped”?

    Ahh! It is those dumb A-rabs, they have lots of Oil.

    Unfortunately, my friend, The US dollar is worthless so it is necessary for the powers that be to wage war… The amount of Oil is secondary to who it is that controls it.

  62. Mr. Hogan and many Westerners live in a dream world created by the editors of US history books.

    Since the first Europeans arrived in the Americas in the 15th century, they and their descendants have proceeded to commit genocide against the native populations and have stolen their lands.

    That is what is occuring today, in Iraq. The US government is commiting genocide against the native Iraqi population and proceeding with plans to steal their land. Translate land into OIL.

    The West has a proven track record of this behavior. It is domination and exploitation. Anyone who doubts this and fails to resist will suffer the consequences. Better to die with spirit than to die as a slave.

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  64. Ahmeed from Bahrain:

    Unfortunately it is democracy that is our problem. If 50% + 1 of crazed warmongers and cowardly sychophants in Congress bellow for war, then war it will be. Over the years incumbents have structured things so that it is very difficult to vote them out of office. The small number of successful replacements are quickly corrupted by power after being seduced by lobbyists’ money. So, effectively, government simply ignores the Constitution and does whatever it wants to, regardless of the wishes of the people.

    Although the majority of Americans are now opposed to the Iraq war, they, for some reason, still see it as a betrayal of the dead to demand an immediate end to this criminal enterprise. Anyway, a false flag operation will undoubtedly induce the masses to once again close ranks behind the government in the braying for war with Iran.

    I’m afraid that those of us opposed to empire are, so far, powerless to influence events. We are the heirs, several generations removed, of the consequences of our ancestors’ yearning for national “greatness” through conquest. The war of words against empire should have been fought a century ago when it was winnable. Today, only massive war losses and economic ruin will put an end to the murderous American Empire.

  65. mudshark,

    I think that I understand you about America. I have heard Lincoln referred to as the original American dictator before, or at least the one who steadfastly refused to put his finger in the whole in the dam that was supposed to protect America from it. I also know perfectly well about the way the World Bank and IMF in collaboration with the American and European political elite set out to destroy the third world economies and transform them into zero cost suppliers of their needs, whatever that may be. They start with the weakest link in a certain chain of countries and work their way up. But what you say in your comment does not really apply to Iran. Employing businessmen as spies is nothing new. They are the ones that can move freely and often are quite welcome in the target countries because they provide the trade that the said country is looking for. For example there was talk of Germany, issuing German passports to Israeli spies and including them in the business groups that would visit Iran. Kermit Roosevelt was different in the sense that he was only the coordinator of the coup. He was given one million dollars, which he eventually left in Iran, because only about seventy thousand dollars of it was spent on the coup. Everyone in Iran knew that he was the CIA’s man. It was not important if he was a businessman or not. So, we really should not be the ones to be blamed for American public’s negligence in questioning Roosevelt’s true anchorage. The ignorance was on your part, not us. Kermit Roosevelt as businessman is a new concept to us, you know. I tell you. What is really novel and quite dangerous is a businessman posing as CIA agent or a military man, not the other way around. That is what you will have to worry about now, as far as America is concerned at least.

    I also understand you and other American posters’ use of the world “nationalism”. I suppose you refer to it in the same sense as of the nationalism of Germany and Italy or Japan in the WWII. But, believe me, it is different here. First of all, ours is not nationalism based on any idea of supremacy as was the case with Germany and Japan. Second, here we are being the target of threats and attacks as opposed to the case with Germany and Japan. I cannot ask you to let go of your history and culture and language and icons and points-to-look-for’s. But, considering other posters’ of supposedly liberal or antiwar leanings use of “heaven” and “nationalism” and “rapture”, I also have to warn you of incorporating these icons and code words into your language as well. Otherwise and in good time, all of you will be fuel on the war party’s fire. It is no accident that Obama is holier than thou, or as we say in Iran, more Catholic than Pope when it comes to the issue of war on the “enemies of freedom”, and “West’s way of life”, and “security of Israel”. The poor guy has no where to go. The same with Ron Paul. He called Iran a terrorist country and was just one step short of calling for a halt on the campaign, well if you can call it that, against a war with Iran. Justin Raimondo called that very very wrong, but that is really beside the point. The important thing is that the Americans have a habit of calling everything by its wrong name. It is not just propaganda anymore. They are one “big government”, you know. And, yes I know. Justin Raimondo is also American.

  66. I lived in Ohio for a long time, so, yes, I believe that James Traficant is genuinely a crook. Likewise, when Donald “Buzz” Leukens (R, Ohio) got caught in bed with a 13 year old black girl, that was real, not a conspiracy against him. He even admitted he did it, just denied he’d done anything wrong! That’s the key: a lot of bossy people who can’t admit they’ve done anything wrong.


  67. While the sailors undoubtedly know they are in danger, the politicians making the decisions think only of how cool they will look on TV bloviating about how tough they are.

    Lester Ness

  68. MetaCynic

    Thanks for your comment. I do understand your predicament BUT those 50% of the ordinary folks do have a choice. All they need do is get organised at grass roots. I see a great need in America today where such folk with enough greatness in them to embark on a nationwide organisation that:

    1. Upholds the Constitution of The USA.
    2. Promotes peace and understanding across the world.
    3. Give to the needy based on NEED not politics.
    4. Do not include religion in their speech but be inclusive of ALL.
    5. Aim to work for life and not for death, thus get rid of WMD globally and build US universities and hospitals all over the needy world instead of military camps.
    6. Teach all schools across America how America can be great if they, individually, adopt such thinking.
    7. Work globally with those who aspire to such a world, the scientists, the thinkers, the peacemakers, the builders, doctors, etc.
    8. Adopt a policy that states: We have no enemies; we are friends to all for no conditions.There is enough to be shared with all humanity.
    9. Encourage all newsmedia, cinema, arts to adopt such understandings.
    10. Last but not least: Change your anthem form God save America to God save the world.

    Then gather all your GOP reps in each state/locality and tell them what your group expect from him and if s/he can not and does not serve your aim, then s/he will be voted out; put simply and bluntly.

    The world needs a new America. One that can give it hope and life; not the current America which takes away hope and life.

    In 1981 I was doing internship in Kaiser Aluminum in Louisiana. Everywhere across the plant was pasted an A4 photcopy with these words:

    “One man can make a difference”.

    That has stuck in my mind forever plus the generous folk at Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette.

    You all have a greatness in you that you underestimate very much. Please rise above yourselves.

    Ahmed from Bahrain

  69. Mi MetaCynic

    Here is one of those great American men who dares speak his mind. Follow his campaign.

    Peace and freedom to mankind

  70. These kinds of MEN are trivialized by the American media, often being branded as “kooks” and isolationists. Ron Paul is of the same caliber as the men of the 1700’s who relalized that they could never talk King George out of enslaving the colonies. Time to stand up to tyranny…

  71. Don’t worry. There would be a civil war against zionists in the U.S, if that was passed.

  72. I’m referring to US Protestant ideas about the Rapture.

  73. The time has come to replace oil, the way oil replaced coal.

    Lester Ness

  74. Most Americans like to tell themselves that nothing bad can happen so long as one has a positive attitude. (The most extreme example I’ve met was an Ohio woman who was certain the passenger pigeon was not extinct.) When something bad inevitably does happen, they often go to the other extreme and look for scapegoats and conspiracies to blame — anything but their own mistakes as individuals or the mistakes of US society. Look at the posters here blaming Zionists rather than the typical US arrogance and over-confidence. An extreme example: the undercover missionary from the southern US who told me, last year, that Dispensationalism, the utterly idiotic millenialist ideology behind a lot of the current mess, was a Zionist plot! He didn’t want to face up to the mountains of evidence that US Protestants made it all up on their own.

    Lester Ness

  75. More likely, Fundies and fellow-travellers will blame every scapegoat imaginable, anything rather than face up to their own follies. I predict lots about how God is punishing the US for tolerating gays, for not having Fundie prayers shoved down school-childrens throats, for tolerating non-Fundie sects, etc. Some, perhaps, may blame Israel for not building the Temple that Dispensational future history says is required before Jesus can come again.

    Lester Ness

  76. […] « State-Sponsored Terror: British and American Black Ops in Iraq […]

  77. After reading each and every comment I believe that there is a need for huge change. Erich Fromm wrote a book about the new society in the first world countries. He believes, that the euphoria of the new incredible nice society, in which most of us are living, where everybody can, after beeing reigned by dictators and such, fulfill their desires, just failed. The systems goal is not about what’s good for man it’s about what’s good for the system.

    I cannot blame an american citizin for not knowing how not to believe the lies. If I was in their situation I might have believed and done the same thing. In conclusion we need to change the system into a system for the people.

    I mean who could imagine to go someones country, stare him in the eyes and kill him for something he is not responsible for. That would be the case if USA attacked Iran. It’s not the leaders who get killed, it’s the sons and the fathers.

    My, i admit, very romantical solution would be. Iranians change their regime peacefully from within and is allowed to use the peaceful nuclear energy. USA, Russia and China would stop trying to compete with eachother so none of them would sense any threat.
    But as I said that is very unlikely to happen.

  78. Iranians are real nice people with little history of foreign aggression – unlike the U.S. They are a religious-Law influenced democracy – but have not resorted to “ethnic cleansing”. Israel is ALSO a religious-based modified democracy, but it HAS had an episode of “ethnic cleansing”. The U.S. is also a partially religious-based democracy; but early sectarian conflicts made it tolerate religious diversity – particularily “Christian”.
    Leave Iraq; leave Afganistan; QUIT LYING! STOP “secret” wars. Stop killing: they just kill you back! This rigid post-colonial thinking will destroy the U.S., and others with it IF YOU DON’T STOP! Mullin said “we will kill them like ants”! Mullin almost got a thousand nukes on his head last Saturday! NO WONDER HE LOOKS WORRIED! Two attempted nuke attacks on Iran in last month: and the people are NOT TOLD!!! STOP LYING! STOP ABSURD PROPAGANDA! STOP SANCTIONS! Stop Contrail HAARP “Guides” – EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT YOU TRY TO KEEP “SECRET”! Never mention Shanghai Cooperation Group – you feel THREATENED! Never mention South American Union” – you feel THREATENED! LOOK AT YOUR WALKING DEAD MAN: McBush! Look at your UNCLEAN “top Guns”! Once you go to HELL, there is NO COMING BACK! Fuel-Less Transport HAS BEEN INVENTED and is being produced! Give up your FALSE IDOL: THE GAS-BURNERS! STOP your stupid propaganda, or your children will DIE! And your seed will be forever wiped from this EARTH! You have been WARNED! Go STRAIGHT, and you can still survive! LOVE the bueatiful innocent people of this EARTH: STOP PROJECTING ENEMIES: IDIOTS!

  79. To have any chance of stopping an attack upon Iran, it must be made perfectly clear to everyone that this attack is promoted by one and one only aganda – the desire for Israeli supremacy in the Mid East. This is the agenda that wants Iranians to die and Iranian property to be destroyed. The oil industry just wants to make a buck, the military industry just wants to make a buck, and the fools watching FOX News just want to feel brave and safe. If the money and warm fuzzies can be gotten peacefully, so much the better. It is the Zionists who want the blood and destruction of all the Arabs and Muslims that annoy Israel. This hatred is a visceral need that cannot be reasoned with. When that it is made perfectly clear and we are not afraid to speak that truth about Zionism in public, we can stop this madness. So please, lets call this mental illness by its right name.

  80. The Southern Christian Evangelicals are going to be in for some very difficul times. US deaths in Iran and Iraq are going to be very high. If tactical nuclear weapons are used against Iran, the fallout will make its way to America. Everyone will turn on the Southern Evangelicals. They will be beaten in the streets of America. There will be 0 tolerance for Southern Evangelical Christians

  81. Well they fired the Air Force guys in charge of nukes — supposedly, those connections were never very clear to me. They replaced the Joint Chief who refused to attack Iran. They continue to spew the same lies about Iran’s nuclear program. It is going to be a long 207 day sweat and even then I don’t trust Obama … of course it could always be McInsane….

  82. The push for war could be thwarted initially by firing William Kristol from the NYT, along with any other mouthpiece for Israel. They have done enough damage.

  83. “Do you really think that Russia will just look the other way while US bombs Iran back into the stone age.”

    Spend a lot of time at Whatreallyhappened by any chance? Russia has been watching us nearly destroy ourselves in Afghanistan (where we watched them do the same) and in Iraq. Why on EARTH would they jump in the middle when they can just watch us complete the job?

  84. Hmmm–you are not under the impression that the present New York Times has much connection, beyond the masthead and the anme, with the newspaper that tried to establish its reputation as newspaper of record for the USA, are you:

    Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. (born 22 September 1951) became the publisher of The New York Times in 1992 and chairman of The New York Times Company in 1997.

    Sulzberger was born in Mount Kisco, New York, the son of Barbara Winslow (née Grant) and the previous Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, and the grandson of another Times publisher, Arthur Hays Sulzberger. He is married to artist and journalist Gail Gregg. They recently announced plans to end their marriage. [1] He is sometimes referred to by the nickname “Pinch,” a reference to his father’s nickname “Punch,” but he reportedly dislikes the name.[2] The history-to-date of the Sulzberger family and The New York Times is chronicled extensively in the 1999 book The Trust: The Private and Powerful Family Behind The New York Times by Susan E. Tifft and Alex S. Jones.[3]

    Sulzberger earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Tufts University in 1974. He was a reporter with The Raleigh Times from 1974 to 1976, and a London correspondent for The Associated Press from 1976 to 1978. He joined The New York Times in 1978 as a correspondent in its Washington bureau. He moved to New York as a metro reporter in 1981 and was appointed assistant metro editor later that year.

    From 1983 to 1987, he worked in a variety of business departments, including production and corporate planning. In January 1987, he was named assistant publisher and, a year later, deputy publisher, overseeing the news and business departments. In both capacities, he was involved in planning The Times’s automated color printing and distribution facilities in Edison, New Jersey, and at College Point in Queens, New York, as well as the creation of the six-section color newspaper.

    Sulzberger played a central role in the development of the Times Square Business Improvement District, officially launched in January 1992, serving as the first chairman of that civic organization. He also helped found and serves as chairman of New York City Outward Bound.

    Sulzberger has a son, Arthur Gregg Sulzberger III, and a daughter, Annie Sulzberger, who both attended Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Arthur Gregg writes for the The Oregonian.


  85. Members of the military take an oath that swears “…that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic,…”

    There are subtle but important differences in the oaths taken by enlisted persons and officers. An enlisted person swears to “…obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me,…”, officers do not.

    Oaths of Enlistment and Oaths of Office

    I submit that even if authorized by Congress, an attack and or blockade of Iran represents such colossal stupidity as to place the entire Republic *and* its Constitution in grave danger.

    Perhaps it is from the remnant of those who take their responsibilities to heart we can rebuild.

  86. I agree with you Ali, about it all. This satanic nation is no longer a super-power, and will soon be annihilated.

  87. Well said. Seconded.

  88. Isn’t one war enough per president?

    organic apparel

  89. The yanqui imperialism and their european partners are insane

  90. @peter castle

    You nailed it; Yankee puritanism, or rather, the Yankee Elect.
    (though I prefer your “insanity” qualifier.)

  91. Doesn’t “Divinity” win football games? Why not wars? Might one suggest Ghost Dancing midwinter to stave off high food prices and economic collapse?

    Many years ago one had an acquaintance that blamed everything under the sun on taking prayer out of the schools.

    The public and private schools thrived on praying aloud and reading silently?

    One once knew a Swiss scholar who learned his Greek chopping wood and reciting verb forms in Swiss youth camps.

    When Home Schooling, we never prayed. I am not given to the diversion personally but sometimes one stands by and watches. Anyway in school, why bother–we were reading the New Testament, and Xenophon, and some of the Greek Lyrics aloud and in Greek. Ever see a twelve-year-old fluent in ancient Greek (about fours years study)?

    Guess not.

    Latin was rather rudely interrupted. At that point the twelve year old was learning Latin by translating Greek into Latin.

    Always do it aloud as well as in writing. Don’t worry about your pronunciation. Just be consistent. You can change it later if it is consistent, like learning another dialect.

    The fun every day was reading aloud from Tristram Shandy and Jacob Burckhardt.

    Piano was hard work.

    The Saxon Math is the best around for Home Schoolers.

    One also recommenda the Robinson Curriculum, as much for the man’s prescriptions as for the collection of texts. That edition of Britannica remains the most useful ever done, for example. And one used to be able to get a used hard copy set for a song.

    Illinois law discriminates against Spanish-speakers in its Home School law that the nativist “English Only” idiots snuck through.

    The law is unconstitutional.

    A Puerto Rican Family that moves to Illinois from Puerto Rico and homeschools in English, for example, has an open and shut case constitutionally.

    A French-speaking family from Maine has almost as good a case, as does any Hawaiian family that wants to Home School in Hawaiian.

    A German speaker from Kentucky or a French speaker from Louisiana or a Spanish-speaker from Texas also has a case, though perhaps not as open and shut.

    One wonders how much money one wishes to spend for these epeople to get their civil rights?

  92. Not that you have to be smart to be an Army officer — most are just frat boys a couple years later. You certainly don’t have to be smart to be a private soldier, and it’s probably best that your infantrymen NOT be smart.

    Lester Ness

  93. corr:”homeschools in Spanish”.

    Right now the law requires everyone to homeschool in English, including foreigners, which is also absurd. So Puerto Ricans in Illinois, who have an undeniable right to homeschool in Spanish, or a French diplomat’s family, for example are denied the right to homeschool.

    Americans have such facility in foreign languages, naturally, any schooling in languages other than English is superfluous.

    Mark Twain writes extensively on the subject.

    Unlike the Neo-Cons, who seem to have picked up the English only issue to win support among the English Only Nativists, Twain had tongue in cheek.

    Most folks don’t know that he spent a lot of time in Austria, for example, and read and spoke German with some facility.

    His essay on the German language is hilarious.

  94. “God Bless Our God”

    Be aware brothers and sisters, that for you he shed 62,000 tears and 97, 307 drops of blood. That his body received 1,667 blows. 110 slaps to the face. 107 blows to the neck.
    380 to the back. 85 on the head. 43 to the chest. 38 to the kidneys. 62 about the shoulders.
    40 on the hands. About the hips and legs 32. They struck his mouth 32 times. They kicked him like a prisoner 370 times. They shoved him and threw him to the ground 13
    times. They dragged him by the hair 30 times. They tore at his beard 38 times. May your heart be inflamed. The crown of thorns pierced his head in 303 places. He moaned and sighed for your salvation 900 times. He bore 162 torments, any one of which could have killed him. He was at death’s door 19 times. From the place of judgement to Calvary he took 320 steps with the cross. And for all this he received only a single act of kindness from St. Veronica, who wiped his sweaty and bleeding face. WAR ALL THE TIME! Please drop whatever you are doing right now and pray for it.

  95. […] blockade in place around Iran? You got it. The one in Washington, DC. The legislation is known as HR 580 and has garnered dozens of cosponsors demanding that the US carry out what is internationally […]

  96. […] storm” that seems to be gaining steam within the Bush administration. Be sure that Congress wants in on that […]

  97. If USA or Israel attack Iran, then Iran has all the rights to destroy USA AND ALL THEIR PARTNES.

  98. […] in dire (or hysterical) tones that we’re on the verge of war with Iran. They’re calling the resolution the “Iran War Resolution” and yammering about how it was authored by AIPAC (American […]

  99. […] Iran War Resolution May Be Passed Next Week- 6/23/08 […]

  100. The USA´s people knows that they put the murders and their leaders take the money?

  101. Played it out a hundred times. Too non-linear. Action bombing Iran. Then comes reaction from Iran and the reaction from Russia, China, Europe. Then a counter-reaction from the U.S. and so on. Iraq was a status quo war that had somewhat predictable outcomes.

    This is absolutely insane and unpredictable. This s**t smells like 1914 to me. But I am thinking that the most important consequences will not come from war i.e. nuclear weapons. The most important consequences will come from the economic chaos of high oil prices. High oil prices mean high food costs and high food costs will mean massive starvation in the third world.

    All I know about a post-Iran bombing world is that it won’t be good.

  102. We need better surprizes ,this was too easy. They should spring it on us but instead it got ruined because we kind of expected it.

  103. Why not start a war with Israel?
    After all they are the reel criminals behind international terrorism, wars, etc.

    Let’s stop the zionist madness!

  104. It is not stupidity that drives government. It is fear of being exposed by aipac for the crimes each government official committed with aipacs money or child sex slaves or aipac supplied drugs. Of course this does not apply to the zionist whores in government. They are doing what they see as best for their country, No not the USA but their true home, israel.
    WE the People must educate each other about the history, the REAL history of jews then we can liberate ourselves by eliminating them.

  105. This bill is at least a year overdue. Most of the comments on this blog are so stupid they can only be the rantings of people in the final stages of AIDS dementia. The point of the bill is to pressure the Iranians into giving up their nuclear bomb ambitions, so we don’t have to bomb them back into the stone age.

    I suppose you pacifists think we should do nothing while every psycho regime in the Middle East acquires nuclear weapons.

  106. Why do Israel and America get to have nuclear power and not Iran or other countries ?
    Neither is capable of even telling the truth let alone having responsibility for the use of such a thing.especially since so many in charge of our country own into the war machine on a profit share stock)In fact,Why dose any one get to have nuclear any thing?No one on earth is actually responsible enough to have such a dangerous weapon.All of them every where should be dismantled and thrown on the trash heap.I do not understand why the solar power project was thrown out because of possible environmental effects.Do these environmentalist have any idea of how environmentally unsafe radio activity is?I can only guess that these environmentalist,who thew this idea out, must promote the oil war.ANY safe effective alternatives to war,nukes and oil should certainly be welcomed in any country at this point.The east is a perfect place to go solar.I have never seen a place with so much hot sun.Africa would be another perfect place to have solar energy as well.These people in charge at the top ,need to come clean with the alternative energy ideas they have been with holding (so they can continue to reap great profits on oil and war).It dose not matter what race you are or who your daddy is once some irresponsible idiot(on any side of any fence any where in any country) decides to have his way with the life of us all and the planet.Why not try creating resolutions instead of bigger meaner weapons of mass destruction?I could see how some other planetary civilization would throw some of us off their planet because we have not developed conflict resolution let alone diplomacy.What i see exibited here is Greed and violence =war and poverty= nothing sustainable about this,and nothing I would want any part of for my self and my family of man.

  107. Seems like the good idea, most likely outcome would be the destruction of the only two terrorist nations on earth, Israel and America. Bring it on. more sensibly why don’t we do something about the nuclear weapons already possessed by these rogue nations?

  108. If America attacks Iran, then these Murderers of American Administration and their Cia and military will kill themselves seeing at the aftermath of this war. They will not be able to face the consequences. They will instantly commit suicide like Hitler once they know that they are in the blackhole.

    You know as it happens in America, it is common to notice that after the random shootings and killing spree, the perpetrators destroy themselves to evade the punishment by law by putting their guns to their own heads!!! What a good riddance for the Americans and the world once American Arrogant military power and the most hated vulture rulers and the zionist israelis are destroyed and not a single sign of them having lived on the earth remains. What a good riddance, Allahu Akbar. Allah is the Greatest and in His Plan the Murderers and the enemies of Islam must face their end and that is now, now, now! Islam is coming, before that all these powers have to commit suicide by their arrogant follies..they face Allah Almighty’s Terrible punishment that is due now upon them. It will come all of a sudden and at the time fixed by Him. May Allah be Glorified. Amen.

  109. Just a comment on the “virgins” issue.

    The 72 (not 70) virgins propaganda is actually a Wahabbi (Saudi) and Deobandi(Pakistani version) misinterpretation of the Qur’an propogated by extremists in order to encourage their followers (patsies) to commit suicide whilst attacking those they perceive to be enemies. Suicide is strictly forbidden in the Islamic faith.

    However, it is usually innocent civilians that die and not the ones responsible for the deaths of Muslims i.e. the politicians in the pay of various interest groups. Again, the taking of innocent life during “jihad” is strictly forbidden in Islam. I shall come to “jihad” and it’s various forms later in this comment.

    In the Qur’an there is mention of “virgins”. On the judgement day God (Allah – same word different language) will send the those he deems deserving to paradise and they will be waited upon for eternity by “houris” (or virgins) both male and female. However, we will go before God for judgement not as living men but as souls. The “houris” (or virgins) are souls that have never been assigned previously by God to a living person. There is nothing carnal intimated at all in the relationship between the righteous soul and the “houri”. The extremists have corrupted the meaning and actually blasphemed by putting such a base meaning to such a relationship.

    Now to “jihad”.

    Here in the west (and elsewhere), many commentators have given the term “jihad” the erroneous meaning of “Holy War”. The arabic word “jihad” means to struggle or strive. The arabic word for war is “harb”. So jihad cannot be translated as Holy War.

    Jihad or striving has several forms. Jihad al-azhar (the lesser struggle) is to strive on the battlefield against an oppressor. However, the rules for such jihad are clear – one must not kill innocents and when the oppressor desists then the jihad must stop. It is a defensive struggle. Jihad al-akhbar (the greatest struggle) is the struggle to create a society that is fair and just and righteous in the eyes of God. The final form of jihad is jihad an-nafs which is struggle by an individual to suppress his own ego in order to be closer to God and acceptable in His eyes.

    The vast majority of Iranian people are Shi’a Muslims (known as the partisans of Ali). Their differences with Sunnis is merely political dating back to over a thousand years ago when there was civil war in the early Islamic community regarding who should be the ruling successor to the prophet Muhammed of the Islamic community (“Umma” in arabic).

    The Shi’a and most Sunni muslims do not subscribe to the 72 virgin nonsense propagated in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. These sects – the Wahabbis and Deobandis – are a corrupt manifistation of anti-colonial (British Empire) militantcy. Unfortunately for us all the Saudis have control of the 2 most holy places of Islam and vast oil wealth and spend vast sums of money in spreading their extreme and heretical version of Islam throughout the world, usually amongst poor and mostly ignorant young Muslims. This is achieved by the funding of “madrassas” (Islamic schools) which have Wahabbism/Deobandism as the curriculum. These free Islamic schools are in many cases the only kind of schooling a poor Muslim child has access to in the Third world.

    The western powers have done absolutely nothing to combat this and indeed pander to the wishes and the vanities of the Saudi elite in order to obtain oil and to sell many billions of dollars worth of military equipment to that regime.

    Americans (and brits) need to remember that Osama Bin laden is a Saudi and that 15 of the 19 hijackers that attacked the WTC were Saudi. So what did we do? We attacked Iraq and now want to attack Iran! Our populations are terminally stupid and apathetic IMHO.

  110. But Israel can have un – inspected nukes?
    What planet are you from?

  111. The Big Bully on the planet can’t get its way,
    so its going to try to smash its wary opponent,
    all the while it can’t even defeat the last weak victim it started a fight with.

    Those demoralized tired US troops in Iraq are going to be surrounded, routed and massacred.

    All the while those who started the entire mess – those Ashkenazis none dare criticize – are causing the rest of the world to pay higher prices for just about anything necessary for survival.

    Time for the noose.

  112. John Woodhouse, you are one sick puppy to make a comment like that. The psycho’s are the westerners who will not stop at their plight for world tyranny. They are invading sovereign nations and killing their citizens to gain control of their resources. The real terrorists are the Americans who kill entire families and torture children for fun. You are sick and demented people, not the middle easterners. When you finally realize that, you will say ‘oh sh*t’, what have we done? What have we become? Monsters is what you are. And your greed and arrogance will lead to WW3 and possibly the destruction of the U.S. military. Don’t forget that Iran has been stock piling serious weapons and they may see the aid of China who is a sleeping giant both economically and militarily. They can crush the dollar and economy and put all Americans into the poor house. If Iran acquires nuclear weapons it will create balance of power in the Middle East and prevent the U.S. & Israel from continuing their criminal deeds.

  113. A vote for the democrats is a vote for war and fascism.
    A vote for the republicans is a vote for war and fascism.
    A vote for either party is treason.

    Isn’t it swell when the war industry owns the newspapers, the networks, the white house and congress?

    Democracy in America – R.I.P.

  114. It seems as if something very evil has taken over our country since 911.If we could establish who(sorry but 90 percent of Americans do not buy the “Arab cave dweller were responsible scenario”) was responsible for 911 then we could know better how to proceed,based on our current policy of justice.Who ever did this could certainly never be trusted with any weapons large or small. And if perhaps our current policy of justice has been taken over as well.If this is the case then I suggest that perhaps we need to succeed our states from this tainted federal union and let the feds currently in charge learn to live with out us and visa versa,so we can rebuild our constitution and aloud our children to live their lives in peace.How any one can even think of global control when we can not even keep the peace in our own communities is absurd.

  115. More than likely the neo-cons are looking for a good excuse to go nuclear. This is remarkably similar to Pearl Harbor which lead to dropping an A-bomb on a city. Expect the U.S. Navy to suffer massive casualties only to have the Air force save the day with their tactical nukes. Americans will support dropping nukes just like they did back in the 40’s. This will be an interesting war and unfortunately millions of people will die needless because of it. If China steps in, expect the U.S. Navy to be completely destroyed. Their subs cannot be stopped.

  116. 911 was the day this country died. States succeeding from the Union……..Now that’s a big laugh. We people as a country can’t even take it back much less do that. Most people are too content with sitting around eating doritos and doing nothing. The time is now to do something.

  117. These are the same guys who hate the new vision for America. The ELECTRIC CAR, SOLAR, WIND economy does not make them enough money, nor does it further solidify there position in the race for GLOBAL DOMINATION. Oil for fuel is over. Get over it boys. You cant win them all. And in trying to make us choose oil over everything you are only isolating yourself. World Citizens (including Americans) are already boycotting the OIL FOR FUEL INDUSTRY. I for one will not buy a car unless it is 100% electric starting now. No doubt we saw this coming. But we are more prepared to deal with this politically than ever before. Bloggers unite!

    PS If Halliburton is so Patriotic then why did they move headquarters to Dubai?

  118. “I do agree that attacking Iraq will be a catastrophic error.”

    Some would say it was.

  119. Damn straight!

  120. Deterrence works! If the godless communists knew better than to pick a nuclear fight with the U.S., what makes you so sure the Iranians will? You are obviously ignorant of every concept of modern warfare except for whatever gets included into your first-person shooter video games, perhaps.

    The REAL reason the Busheviks are going after Iran is the same reason a rapist makes sure his victims are unarmed before violating them. No more, no less. Anyone who says otherwise either stands to make a lot of money off the death and destruction of a new war, or they just don’t care about standing up to treason against the U.S. by a bunch of paid-for politicians who own real estate overseas to retreat to when the crap hits the fan.

  121. @ John Woodhouse:
    Great words and a good view point. One could actually only wish all the right thinking Americans that their military power, financial system and along with their evil leadership gets completely destroyed soon, otherwise the whole world and the Americans too will forget what freedom actually means…

  122. …with other words: Hitler did not complete his job? ..sounds cruel but seems to be a sad fact!

  123. DESTROY aipac, israel, adl, and the bastards in this dump of usa who support this insanity!!

    Long Live Iran! From a white Patriot who is embarrassed at this country as it is today.

  124. We simply cannot afford another war, even for Israel.

  125. It doesn’t surprise me that in the last year of pRESIDENT Bush the oil barons would have the price of oil skyrocket to cripple the U.S. economy. If the price of gas gets high enough, they can force people to move out of rural areas into the cities and it will make it easier for the PTB to coral the sheep. Using false flags like 9/11 the Neo-con PNAC crowd, the 9/11 creationists, can continue to bomb the middle east,except Israel of course, back to the stone age, control all their assets to bail out their bogus Federal Reserve and banking cartels from all the hedge fund and derivative debacles. It will be interesting to see how Russia and China react to this fiasco. Nevertheless, don’t expect any elections in November. It’s all a dog and pony show. P.T. Barnum would be proud! Another PNAC false flag, Lie-berman is out there preparing us for, will insure the Bush dynasty with the Neo-con Mukasey to continue to control this corrupt IN-Justice department. The rollercoaster ride is just beginning!!!

  126. Yeah, every Middle East psycho like, Israel.

  127. To all the idiots that think McLame and Obama are the answers. Ron Paul was against all of this but he was shurt down in the elections by the corporate media and the establishment. Why? because he would have brought about real change. We Americans will get what we deserve. If you don’t believe me, go back to drinking your Starbucks, eating your Mcdonalds and watching American Idiot.

  128. This is exactly why there is a push on right now to eliminate the Death Penalty for TREASON! They can read the ‘writing on the wall’…


  129. If this war takes place, the world energy will skyrocket to unimaginable levels and we will see one of the biggest depressions of all our life times. If anyone doubts the agenda for world government at this stage and the destruction of the middle/working class they really are asleep. The world is blind to the evil policies of a small minority of wicked beings and it’s this blindness/ignorance that will be our downfall. Everyone has to stop and wake up to this tyranny before it’s too late and we’re languishing in prison camps for standing up for our civil rights. It will come to this.

  130. So far only one psycho regime in the ME has them. We only need one more to bring peace to the region.

  131. […] […]

  132. One will never progress to two. That’s “two,” not “dos.”

  133. This Independence Day I will be celebrating the Constitutional Democratic Republic.
    It is too bad it only lasted 2 1/4 centuries. The experiment may continue, but only if we listen to the one
    brave, sane member of Congress, Dennis Kucinich, who has enumerated 35 articles of impeachment.
    The odds are not good, however, for without justice and accountability to the people, this Government and
    the corporations that run it are a fascist regime, bent on empire.

    “The people” are no longer in the equation. You are a worthless slave, you own nothing, you have no say,
    you can only absorb the propaganda from the media, and believe it or not. The media are owned by the same corporations that profit from arming and bombing.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I will not be celebrating, I will be mourning the death of this country,
    and the pain and genocide it stands for.

  134. So is Ron Paul’s middle initial “I?”

  135. This Independence Day I will be celebrating the Constitutional Democratic Republic.
    It is too bad it only lasted 2 1/4 centuries. The experiment may continue, but only if we listen to the one
    brave, sane member of Congress, Dennis Kucinich, who has enumerated 35 articles of impeachment.
    The odds are not good, however, for without justice and accountability to the people, this Government and
    the corporations that run it are a fascist regime, bent on empire.

    “The people” are no longer in the equation. You are a worthless slave, you own nothing, you have no say,
    you can only absorb the propaganda from the media, and believe it or not. The media are owned by the same corporations that profit from arming and bombing.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I will not be celebrating, I will be mourning the death of this country,
    and the pain and the genocide it stands for.

  136. Why the hell isn’t AIPAC forced to register as a FOREIGN AGENT. I can guarantee you that their attorneys are writing the bills going to congress, such as the Dream Amnesty bill, hate crimes bills, the unconstitutional patriot act, military commissions act and on and on ad nauseum. The rest of the world is passing us by as we become the new third world cesspool, as we are bogged down in senseless war in the middle east for oil and greater Israel, our money being given to that paranoid little war mongering, apartheid country the size of New Jersey in the middle east when it is sorely needed in this country. It’s time for DECENT people to run for office, every office available, from the towns to the federal government. I’m writing in Ron Paul for President. NEVER AGAIN will I vote for the lesser of two evils. And for God’s sake get rid of those paperless, hackable voting machines!

  137. A P.S. to my previous post. Start checking out our “representatives” in the senate and congress who own stock in corporations for whom war is very profitable. Watch how they vote regarding continued war funding. They’re making a killing from war.

  138. Anyone who preys for war on the name of Jesus is a hypocrite, and by doing so is refusing to accept him as his/her savior.

    And every single one of those beatings was given by, wait for it… Jews. Despite being a leader of piece, that would have given the Jewish state favor amongst the Romans. And stop worshiping saints. They are not god. Most did horrible things before becoming saints.

    Your savior died for peace. Yet you prey for war. You go fight it, I will stay at teach your heirs otherwise.

  139. John Woodhouse, you seem to lack a sense of proportion. We’ve done nothing about our own proven psycho regime that already possesses vast amounts of nukes, so why worry about the acquisition of same by a country with a much smaller budget?

    Get a grip. Turn off your television and leave it off.

  140. Diane Fein(Ken)stein is reaping incredible profits through her husbands association with Bechtel Group Inc.,Perini Corp, and URS Corp and she is on the Senate Appropriations Commitee. A possible conflict of interest? That should be tantamount to insider trading. There is also a buzz that Cindy McShame only disclosed a portion of her tax returns because she has been sheltering war profits in offshore 1241 corporate accounts. When Democrats were given a mandate to end this war and these people thumb their noses it truly is time for change!

  141. The USA is not really a free republic. Hasn’t been for some time. It’s a branch of the Israeli government. AIPAC gives American politicians the orders and they jump. Otherwise they no longer work.

    Israel wants us to go to war against Iran and finish that pipeline to Israel. Thus, it will happen.

  142. Iraq: The biggest blunder in American history

    Iran: Will make America a war torn country ,Expect nukes from Russia and /or China to
    rain down on America. But isn’t this what they want the complete destruction of America
    so that the world govt.can proceed,I mean you can’t have world govt. while America is intact
    Hence you have freedoms dissolved in front of you.

  143. Back in 2003 I warned those on forums that the US was being stripped down for a final kamikaze flight by those who were using her. The last industries and wealth of the nation were being thrown off, just as in WWII kamikaze planes had their radios, machineguns and other weighty and valuable items removed that were not necessary for a final suicide run. Most of the real moveable wealth is no longer in the USA. Of course those who run the USA (TPTB: The Powers That Be), hope to hold on to the wreckage of this country afterward too, hence the Patriot Laws. But that might not work, and so the need to totally bankrupt the nation, lest the survivors awake one day and decide to use the USA to seek revenge on the TPTB. With any luck TPTB might be able to tear American into several chunks (one for Mexihole) and create a new Balkans.

    The really great news is that since the earth’s biosphere REALLY is about to be toast (more so than TPTB will allow most sheep to know) all the above really doesn’t matter anyway. No doubt TPTB believe they will be able to somehow save this spent planet for their own ugly offspring , but personally I think all their kids are going to inherit will be a place for the display of their bones in some future museum 10 million years from now. Then of course there will always be our on coming Local Cloud, segments of which should be hitting our solar system in about 20 to 2000 years (another story silenced by TPTB). Once we enter the really thick part of that, with atoms 1,000,000 times thicker than the intergalactic space we are now in, that should make for an interesting atmosphere on earth; that is, once the sun’s hydrogen wall collapses under the weight of those atoms. When I spoke to the 2 leading astronomers who were studying this back in 2000 (before they were told to shut up) I was told then it could all begin on a small scale in 3 decades.

  144. For years now everybody has howled and yelled about so called “evil Bush and Cheney” being war mongers, how they were trying to hit Iran blah blah blah. So in 2006 the feeling was if we just elect Democrats, we will get out of Iraq, get out of war, get out of the middle east etc etc.

    We find out that the Democratic controlled congress is going to pass a resolution that in essence will authorize a US strike on Iran; we find out that the Democratic leadership (Pelosi, Reed and four others) signed off on a classified Presidential finding that authorized the expenditure of funds to destablize Iran. Interestingly the only so called accountability on this money is through the 6 people in Congress and the President.

    How totally and completely Ironic. If people honestly believe that electing Obama will get us out of the middle east and away from Iran, they are truly smoking dope and having dillusions. If anything we will get in deeper and all the groups that yelled and howled about so called evil Bush and evil Cheney will turn around and find excuses and reasons why ‘their guy’ is doing the right thing by getting us into all these conflicts, all the while blaming evil Bush and evil Cheney.

    Here is the simple truth, the Democrats control Congress and could cut off funding to all these military adventures over seas, however they don’t because they are merely using the various groups (like to get money and get elected. Then once they get the money and get elected then they do what they want. Thats the way its always been in both parties for years, and people haven’t worke up to the fact that they are being used and discarded. Truthfully the Democrats are just as “war mongering” as the Republicans, they just pay lip service to the various groups to they can “get their support and funding during the next election cycle.”

    So if you are antiwar, or or part of another similar group, you are being used, used, used, and your money is being used, used, used. The only value you really have to the Democratic party is how much money you give them and they know this. So the next election they will pay some lipservice to the cause and people will begrudingly support them and send them money.

    Anybody that sincerely believed that the Democratic leadership would impeach Bush/Cheney is a fool(s). They aren’t going to touch Bush/Cheney because they want “their guy” to have all the NSA wiretapping powers, all the war powers, all the homeland security powers that Bush in essence has added and is adding to the power portfollio of the Presidency.

    Watch and see.


  145. The only “pyscho regime” in all of this war mongering against the Middle East is the neo-con terrorists in the current US administration.
    Why do you beleive that to be a pacifist is wrong ?? Look where your warmongering stance has got you so far ? Over 4000 US kids killed in a war that the majority of your countrymen do NOT support… Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraquis killed for the lies of the American NeoCons and their cronies and, may I remind you, that Iraq and Saddam Hussein had absolutely NOTHING to do with the 9/11 outrage )
    You are so narrow minded that you believe it is fine for Israel to have nuclear weapons funded by the US – and terrorise all their middle eastern neighbours? yet Iran and Iraq are to be “bombed out of existence” by the one sided Fascist type thinking exhibited by Bush, Cheney, Wolfovitz, Rice, et al ?

    America, you may just bite offmore than you can chew this time. America is ignorant and arrogant to the extreme, a child throwing tantrums and their very dangerous toys out of the pram. Might is not right. You have succeeded in the 8 years of the Bush administration in becoming the ‘Bully Boys’ and argueably one of the most hated nations on earth. Ahmadinejad is also a puppet, and is in reality not as powerful as the US media make him out to be. Iran has the right to develop nuclear energy under the auspices of international Nuclear inspectors as does any other nation for peaceful purposes, but the propaganda machines of te US media are spiting out the usual vitriole
    and comming their populace into believing more lies from puppet boy Bush.

    Look beyond the rhetoric of your American ‘leaders’, it is all about generating increasing wealth for the all the boys in teh Bush and Cheney Oil Club. They’re laughing all the way to the bank while young American soldiers die in un-necessary foreign wars based on lies and hypocrisy. WAKEN UP AMERICA ! Stand up and state that enough is enough, or is a GAZILLION dollar debt what you wish for your children and grandchildren ? Poverty brought on by further ‘defense’ spending is just around the corner.
    The terrorists are within in your

  146. I think this is a rather harsh comment. I could not agree more. This is the hight of treason.

  147. I have read ALL comments, and you’re ALL wrong, not only wrong but completely on the wrong traintrack. America is now a sovereign nation since the International Bankruptcy ended on Sept 17 1999. A sovereign nation can ONLY attack another sovereign nation, so yes, America is guilty of War Crimes for every war they have instigated from day one till Sept 17 1999. BUT, any war instigated by the US after that date is quite LEGAL, and cannot be grounds for War Crimes.
    Instead of wasting time on the internet and complaining about ever little skirmish in the world, why aren’t you all filing your UCC-1’s? If you hand back your Birth Certificate, and file your UCC-1 documents, there is NO MORE DEBT for ANYONE!!!
    We have a group of 1700 Law students here who are about to launch the greatest ever class-action suit against the US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, and US Government (States and Federal) for Crimes against Humanity, in the International Criminal Court at the Hague.
    We can assure America that they will be bankrupt once again at the conclusion of this case.
    There are NO Democrats, and NO Republicans in America…..just thieving attorneys and lawyers.
    Have a nice day AMERICA. AMERICA….A = No, MERI = Mercy, CA = Sheep.

  148. Because AIPAC is the Bank of England, which is Rothschild, which is Israel.
    The flag of Israel is no more than the Rothschild Family Emblem…….remember, it was the Bank of England, Rothschild and Lord Balfour who “formed” Israel.
    Until Sept 17 1999, America was also part of the Bank of England due to bankruptcy, so Israel does NOT call the shots, the Bank of England does!!

  149. You are correct about the US losing it’s ships in the Persian Gulf but I’m afraid that is the plan. The only way the government can get the American people to go along is massive US casualties. Those ships are deliberately intended to be sitting duck targets.

    Gee does this sound like Pearl Harbour all over again? Those ships were placed there as sitting ducks for the Japanese to sink and draged the good ol USA into the war. This is the same old tried and true tactic, you would think they could come up with something a bit more original to start world war 3.

  150. It’s not the military…it’s the congress that has thrown the military into the hands of a crazy president.

  151. I think he meant IRAN. Iraq WAS a catastrophic error.

  152. […] War Resolution May Be Passed Next Week Iran War Resolution May Be Passed Next Week […]

  153. We are the Living Dead. The decision was made long ago to exterminate the mass of humanity in an all out nuclear holocaust.

    A war with Iran is merely a pretext for a war to bring in China and Russia, with the end result a full blown worldwide nuclear war destroying the mass of humanity.

    The “Valuable people,” those the words of the late Dr Edward Teller, will survive underground for an extended period of time, and then reseed the surface of the planet.

    The nuclear ‘Trigger’ has been pulled on us several times over the decades; each time we have survived only because “Somebody up there loves us.”

    Last year Minot was 1 attempt to nuke us.

    The missing nuclear tipped cruise missile was launched on us only to be shut down by the people upstairs who love us. We are the Living Dead.

  154. I’m not sure what McMussolini’s “military experience” is? Nearly sinking his own Aircraft Carrier. Or spending much of the War in a POW Prison after bombing some civilians and getting shot down.

    Yeah, it is a said state of affairs in the US Government when the only constructive thing they can do is cause destruction.

  155. Did you look who has replaced the head of Airforce now? Schwatz, JINSA .

    be afraid, be very afraid. Gates may be playing the get rid of two annoyin gbirds with one neutronic sstone.

  156. It’s interesting though. We’ve had these buildups and media campaigns for a strike against Iran many times before…and they did not occur. Is there a higher power mercifully intervening? Let’s keep praying, especially the rosary. That will put a stop to these fools.

  157. The Elites in the US Government are not about to turn 40 Billion dollars worth of Military Equipment into Persian Gulf artificial coral reef beds and diving attractions. They would not have scrapped the Spruance class Destroyers(most of which did not even serve their full service life) years ago if they intended to simply throw away equipment to achieve geopolitical goals.

    I don’t believe that they are going to pursue a “Pearl Harbor/Maine” type event to create Pro-War Hysteria among the US population. They simply don’t have any aging 40 year old Battleships they can dispose of and not feel any negative effects from this in their global plans. The only ship facing the scrapping yards/target range is the “Kitty Hawk” Aircraft Carrier, but the US Government and Military Industries want to sell it to India to then sell India some F/A-18’s to go with it.

    In fact I believe losing the 5th Fleet in the Persian Gulf would have the opposite effect of Pearl Harbor 1941. Even back then if they wanted to bait the Japanese into attacking they probably bit off more than they could chew, nearly losing the Battle of Midway was not among the Government’s plan back in WW2 I am sure of that. If it was planned they simply under-estimated the Japanese, there were probably views that the Japanese would drop some bombs kill a few US citizens and do some damage. But I think nobody was thinking that the Japanese would be so well organized and the US response so disorganized and that a large part of the Pacific Fleet would be lost.

    Today following the repeated disasters of the last several years the US population would not respond well to the loss of a fleet of US Warships that would appear to have been preventable. Just think of what happened in Russia in 1905 after the Japanese Navy sunk much of the Russian Navy Task Force sent to reinforce Russia’s forces in Asia/China where the Japanese were attacking. The Russian population revolted against the Government. The US finds itself in a similar situation. The US 5th Fleet is not in home waters, it is operating in enemy waters, Iran will see an attack coming and will be able to respond with the full force of its Naval and Coastal Defense Forces, the US can’t send its whole Navy halfway across the World fast enough to reinforce its forces in the Persian Gulf.

    The US can’t afford to lose the 5th Fleet. It is the Navy that gives the US the capacity to bombard other nations with Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, to control the Sea, and the Air over bodies of water with Aircraft Carriers. If this is lost nothing prevents Iran from launching a direct assault against the regional US Headquarters in Qatar. Images of US Generals scrambling to board Transport planes out of Qatar while Iranian Mortars rain down on the Air Base would not be good for US Public Morale.

  158. I can’t agree with that guy at, Russia won’t intervene in Iran. They don’t have to. For example – Serbia is like a blood brother to Russia, yet when the US began cutting up Serbia like a Christmas Ham earlier this year did Russia invade the Balkans? No. And the Serbs have the same majority religion(Orthodox Christianity), use the same alphabet, have a similar flag, language, and culture. Russia did nothing to help them, even supported the Presidential candidate in Serbia who is a US stooge!

    Who the hell is Iran to Russia? Nobody. Russia and Iran don’t share a single cultural trait, the countries could not be any more different. To suggest that Russia would sacrifice its people for a total stranger is ridiculous. Just because former President Vladimir Putin said something some time ago is irrelevant, Russia made a lot of threats to NATO about hacking Serbia into pieces and did nothing to stop it. At this point all the Russians can do is shake their fists in anger, they really lost most of their power since 1991. They can’t afford to do anything more nowadays than make threats. Although I believe that when the time comes they will pass along intelligence data to Iran to try to undermine the US Military in the region, but this will be the maximum they will do.

  159. BI-DAY +10

    Iranian Marines raise the Iranian flag over the ruins of Centcom in Qatar as the image is reprinted globally on all major newspapers. Other images show wounded US Generals signing a Cease Fire with Iranian Commanders. US troops begin to surrender in Iraq after days of non-stop Rocket artillery fire has left many US bases in ruins.

  160. It is really interesting they decided to take the Naval Blockade Path. No doubt if a shooting war starts, and it likely will, Iran will be blamed for “interfering” with the blockade of the “Persian” Gulf.

  161. I believe it is long past time to introduce the “Congressmen Mandatory Conscription Act Resolution”. In the event of War members of Congress will be conscripted into the US Military and serve a Mandatory service period on the Frontlines of foreign battlefields as part of their duty to serve the US and its people. This would no doubt create many “Isolationists” in Congress instantly.

  162. You’ve got to be kidding me Alex?!? Even a child could have read into the comment you replied to that the ‘pay for it’ referred to praying for it to end!

    Makes you look pretty stoopid for your comments doesn’t it? Speaking of your comments:

    Worshiping saints? What Christian worships saints?

    No, it was not Jews that did ‘every single’ one of those beatings, it was mostly Romans.

    The fact that you could draw this childish conclusions shows that any comments you make are just that, childish. Grow up before you post any more!

  163. Um yeah, I think the Israeli Nationalists and Neocons would be great friends with Hitler, they think alike.

  164. Indeed!

  165. Yeah! Thats just what we need is another War. I would defend my my country with my life,but not for the
    children of the devil who have caused every war in the United States history with the exception of the
    Revolutionary war! They have invaded religion,robbed us and have stolen trillion’s from hard working American’s who’s check get smaller and smaller every year. They make movies to confuse the masses and
    do what ever it takes to lie,cheat and mislead. The mass media included.
    Soon enough there will be a great awakening upon real American’s across this land and they will be able to
    see through the smoke and mirror’s and know who the real enemy is, it’s not Iran either. They are the one’s
    vanquished from 34 countries who are not a race. Americans have fallen prey for to long and the day will
    come when the awakening of those down, will bring those on high,down like they brought down the twin
    towers and our great Republic will return to us. The enemy will will be easily identified because they will
    be found as if naked,when real Americans discover what they have done to our great Nation.

  166. There is no denying that democrats and republicans in the gov't are the enablers of whatever Israel wanted in the ME. Every year AIPAC summons these people to come to papa to get assurances that Israel's interest will not be compromise. Until the American people will rise up and demand that this status quo will not be tolerated anymore. No more billion of aids will be given until they toe the line.

  167. Hamed,

    Thank you for your thoughtful post. I am amazed by some of the childish posts on this board. People write about bombing Iran as if it is a comic book story of good and evil.

    In the end the Zionists, Evangelicals, U.S., Israel are vanquished and the good people win YEA RIGHT!!!

    If we bomb Iran the innocent in Iran, Iraq, Israel, the third world and even the United States will lose if not their livelihoods their very lives and the elites will win.

    AFTER BOMBING and millions of dead
    Netanyahu- elected
    McCain- elected
    Ahmedinejad- elected
    Putin- elected

    This is not a football match. There will be no winners.

  168. Bill K . I do tend to agree with you there. It’s simply to much of a loss for the US. Unless there are other more advanced means by which they may prevent a full or continued attack over/around Iranian soil. A can think of a few ways. Technologies have come a long way since the days of Pearl Harbour. Who knows what the US military could have up their sleeve. Even still, maybe it’s just me hanging-on foolishly to the hope that within the average American still exists a strongenough capability to think outside their TV sets, but another Pearl Harbour tactic will surely be too transparent.

  169. ALL the claims about Iran are lies, like Ahmadinejad saying he wants Israel wiped off the map. Deliberate mistranslation. And the one about Iran funding terror in Iraq. That too. These and more are all debunked here.

  170. […] Iran War Resolution May Be Passed Next Week The bill is the chief legislative priority of AIPAC. On its Web site, AIPAC endorses the resolutions as a way to ”Stop Iran’s Nuclear Program” and tells readers to lobby Congress to pass the bill. This is an act of war. (tags: war iran israel gov b) […]

  171. modern war guns…

    Do you have a newsletter to sign up to?…

  172. […] of all Iranian officials not involved in negotiating the suspension of Iran’s nuclear program.” Blog · Iran War Resolution May Be Passed Next Week Iran surely has felt the approaching danger and made a response on July 4th. Quote, "Iran […]

  173. […] officials not involved in negotiating the suspension of Iran’s nuclear program.” Blog Iran War Resolution May Be Passed Next Week Iran surely has felt the approaching danger and made a response on July 4th. Quote, "Iran […]

  174. […] Iran War Resolution May Be Passed Next Week […]

  175. wow, just wow. i never heard so many uneducated anti-american, conspiracy BS in one blog in my entire life. have faith true believers. hippies, pacifists, liberals and college educated lefties are the minority. Isreal IS God’s people, we are a nation founded on GODLY principles and to hell with what the rest of the world thinks of us. Iran is a verified enemy a hundred times over. arrogance at its pinnacle, alot like most of the posters on this blog.

  176. […] about it here: and here: […]

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