In these tough times at least people are still buying missiles

Tim Swanson, October 23, 2008

Does your portfolio continue to take a hit in this helter skelter market?

Have you thought about boosting it with some nitroglycerin-filled firepower?

Bloomberg is reporting that Raytheon not only turned a profit but beat analyst estimates.  This is great news for the defense industry which only received a nominal increase in new appropriations for FY 2009, $711 billion altogether.

That’s just barely more than the banking establishment received three weeks ago.  For shame, right?

At least we know the monies spent by the military aren’t going to politically connected fat cats and are used to develop productive, multi-use equipment that can be used in peacetime.  Like APC’s which can double as school buses and farm tractors.  And mortar cannons which not only scare away pesky birds but plant seeds in those hard to reach places.

What would we ever do if these innovative enterprises ever fell on tough times?  Back to the stone age for sure.

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18 Responses to “In these tough times at least people are still buying missiles”

  1. The merchants of death continue along on their merry way.

  2. Thanks to the american taxpayer!

  3. And if anyone expects anything to change after AIPAC Stephin Fetchit, Obama, becomes President, let me recommend a suitable emetic. The shifting of troops to Afghanistan – Obama’s favorite war – after we’re kicked out of Iraq because the Iraqi puppet parliament will be strung up to a man if it goes along with the Status Of Forces Agreement – will keep military expenditures at levels comparable to that of the present day and ought to satisfy those that own our system. Stephin Fetchit won’t care, he’s a visionary all caught up in the financial guidance of other intellectuals like Bob “Lets Kill Glass-Steagel” Rubin. Here’s a prognostication: Two weeks into the next version of the regime, everybody’s going to wish they’d elected the Vegetarian Party’s candidate for President. Never, ever, has the system been so out of touch with the financial environment it imagines itself to control. And never have the American people been proffered more tone-deaf “leadership”. We ain’t seen nothin yet.

  4. Obama or McCain won’t keep it within the borders of Afghanistan though – and that’s the major drawback on their Afghan surge. Afghan surge really means war on Pakistan.

  5. Who continue to vote for the same two bought and paid for establishment parties. As long as the American sheeple remain indifferent to events done around the world via their tax-appropriated money and continue to watch American Idol it will be more of the same.

  6. The war in Afghanistan is lost.

  7. Never, ever, has the system been so out of touch with the financial environment it imagines itself to control.

    Stepin Fetchit or Benito Cereno? On verra. But surely you are on target, John, about who and what is out of touch by virtue of an imagination worthy of a heavily opiated Coleridge.

    In fact, Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry, son of West Indians, was a gifted actor and comedian who parlayed his cinema roles into being one of the first American black millionaires.

    However Obama works out, he is probably not Jack Johnson.

  8. That’s not going to prevent Stephin Fetchit from sending the troops he withdraws from Iraq there, Andy. Lost or not – and even if most of the NATO leadership is prepared to acknowledge it can’t be won militarily – there will soon be upwards of 100,000 American troops involved.

  9. NATO died in Yugoslavia. The corpse is blundering around Afghanistan looking for 1842. Despite recent and intense hostility with the US, the Russian Federation chess players still allow NATO overflights to supply NATO troops in Afghanistan.

    Kabulov, the Russian ambassador in Kabul, is having a lot of fun. “Do the Russians want the US and NATO to lose in Afghanistan?”, an American reporter asks. “No, of course not”, he answers.

    Nyet–not yet.

  10. I say again. The war in Afghanistan is lost. I don’t seriously expect any senior American military or political leaders to admit to this. Rocking the boat is not good for your career. You can deny reality, but you can’t deny the CONSEQUENCES of denying reality. The war in Afghanistan is lost.

  11. Reply to Eugene; Maybe the Russians WANT us to stay in Afghanistan precisely to see that the same thing happens to America that happened to them. Just a thought.

  12. Almost everyone hates paying taxes. However, it’s interesting to note that the less confidence in the government the larger the black market becomes. More people are willing to work of the books, fudge their taxes, etc. I heard a report recently on NPR that we are at an all time high in regards to working off the books and black market activity in general. I do everything (legally) I can not to pay income tax, but short of civil disobediance there isn’t much choice. I try and give as much to charity as possible to reduce my tax burden, and thus reduce the amount of money our government can use to wage war. I realize that income tax is only one part of the problem but it’s the one most people focus on.

    So it may be that one of the best solutions is to give to charity rather than government. If you hate the war you can always give a donation to this site, thus spreading the word and reducing the amount of bombs our government can drop or give to our allies and enemies.


  13. Wow you hit my favorite on the first try. I also like the Salvation Army locally. In the small town I live in these two do more than anyone else(moslty heating grants, winter clothing and food). When I lived in Califonia I gave blankets and food, one of the best things I did was get army field jackets and hand them out on Soledad street in Salinas. Many joes were going back to warm climates and would just throw them out. It's surpising how cold it gets it Central Califonia at night. Five years later when I went back to visit I still saw many of the jackets still being worn. It was cool when I would see one of my buddies names still on them. My mother in law got the blankets from a nursing home that threw them out if they were even barely soiled. We would launder them with lots of bleach and give them away. Charity starts at home.


  14. Foreign invaders always lose in Afghanistan; the only question is, how bad? May Irecommend to all of you Hopkirk’s _The Great Game_, the account of the First Afghan War? Or if you enjoy fiction, George MacDonald Fraser’s _Flashman_?

    Lester Ness

  15. Even better, work with the St. Vincent de Paul society or something like. Give to beggers, if you can’t do anything more.

    Lester Ness

  16. What happened to the comments that were posted beneath Eugene’s above? I know I’d rreplied to him and believe there were further comments as well. What happened?

  17. Good question. I’ve been wiped off every segment, and I wasn’t even mean.

  18. Clearly they delete only the messages of the good looking, R. Nelson. But how do they justify it? :-)