On Gaza: Huffington Post Takes Cues From Fox News

Justin Raimondo, December 27, 2008

That "emergency public relations" campaign Israel announced – just prior to Saturday’s attack on Gaza, which has killed over 200 so far – has been quite effective. Take, for example, the Huffington Post, which begins its "coverage" with this lede:

"Israeli warplanes retaliating for rocket fire from the Gaza Strip pounded dozens of security compounds across the Hamas-ruled territory in unprecedented waves of airstrikes Saturday, killing more than 200 people and wounding nearly 400 in the single bloodiest day of fighting in years."

It was all about "retaliation" – no mention of the Israeli blockade, which keeps vital medical and other supplies out of Gaza. The Palestinians, according to Huffpo, are getting their just desserts. And Fox News – the mouthpiece of the Bush administration and their neocon enablers, has an identical take on the situation:

"Israeli warplanes retaliating for rocket fire from the Gaza Strip pounded dozens of security compounds across the Hamas-ruled territory in unprecedented waves of airstrikes Saturday, killing more than 200 people and wounding nearly 400 in the single bloodiest day of fighting in years."

So do a lot of other media outlets, some of which "credit" this narrative to the Associated Press.

It’s not like there was no alternative to the AP story: after all, having just raised $25 million from rich Obama backers, you would think the HuffPuff would have the resources to re-write this particular narrative along more objective lines, but you’ll forgive me, I’m sure, for implying that perhaps this would impact their fundraising negatively.

They also don’t want to get ahead of their Dear Leader, Obama, who shows no signs of making so much as a comment many hours after the killing started – and isn’t expected to be any more even-handed than the Bush administration, in any event.

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  1. It is same old thing between Israel and Hamas about who did what first, etc. We’ll get nowhere with that. It is time that the US cut off aid to both sides and let the problem be a Middle East problem, not an American or European.

  2. Dear Raimondo, some points:

    1. Hamas is a terrorist group, like Al Qaeda.

    2. Last Wednesday alone, more than 60 rockets and mortars were fired into Israel.

    3. Israel has the right to defend itself from Hamas attacks. Most Gaza’s deads were Hamas militants, not civilians.

    I like Antiwar.com. But when I read anti-israelis posts like that, I’m astonished.

  3. You don’t seriously imagine that Israel’s “right to defend itself” includes the right to indiscriminately attack civilians, do you? Or perhaps, applying such reasoning with some uniformity, Hamas is within rights to launch such rocket attacks on Israeli citizens, seeing as Gaza is in dire, one might even say existential, peril? Either way, you’re talking out of your posterior, and you’ve no evidence that the majority of those killed are, in fact, militants. Save us the drivel, chief, you’re not fooling anyone.

  4. So do the Israeli have a concrete gameplan on their rightful defensive action? What are they going to do tomorrow, exactly, except re-seal the border and let the civvies croak in there? Maybe they should just fess up on what they are actually doing and raze their own larger version of the Warshaw Ghetto to the ground. Elliot Abrams would probably be happy with that, too.

  5. Jose,

    I wish Israel well, Jose, but would you like me to explain how astonished I am when I read that an eminent historian – and a Jew I might add – Tony Judt is muscled by AIPAC types in this country for expressing views similar to Raimondo’s and that a former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, can’t get airtime at the Democratic Convention for fear that he might make publically embarrasing statements about the Palestinian situation? Would I have to tell you what that does to the public image of Israel in the United States?

    Frankly, I’m disgusted by the state of slavery which AIPAC has imposed both on our politicians and on the free expression of thought regarding the Middle East in the United States. What worries me is less your astonishment about his article than the fact that Raimondo runs about a 50%-50% chance of being on the receiving end of some muscling himself someday.

  6. Why should the U.S. give Israel four billion dollars a year in “foreign aid”?

  7. No surprise here. The American newsmedia has never given Palestinians a fair deal. The U.S. needs to stop being the umpire here and get out of this mess. The U.S. should get out of the middle east altogether.

  8. Civilians? Nooooot. NyT reports:

    “Most of those killed were Hamas police officers and security men, including two senior commanders, according to Palestinian officials.”

    Of course, I regret all deaths of civilians, Israelis or Palestinians. But one thing is clear: the aim of Hamas (like Al Qaeda, I repeat) is killing civilians. The objective of Israeli government is persecutes terrorists.

  9. So much for the American great black hope. It sounds funnier than it did a year ago. So, the UN must not speak if it cannot speak one hundred percent in favor of Israel. That is even more “American” than blowing ten floors off the UN building. Gladly, Velvet Africa has unified the American establishment from right to left behind his blacker than black heart. Certainly, all fears of America regaining a modicum of credibility and moral standing in the world has been shed by the great black dope, even before he takes over the White House. The “White House”. What a shitty name for a place like that.

  10. Jose Cohen is a liar. Israel is a terrorist entity founded by gangsters and killers of Eastern European extraction. Its leaders came from the ranks of the terrorist Irgun, Stern Gang, and Hagganah. Even since its founding, its has carried out massacres of civilians in Qibya, Kafr Kassem, and Deir Yassin (just to name a few places).

  11. The “aim of Israel” is nothing less than the deracination of the local Arab population, else it would not have imposed a crippling blockade upon Gaza which has placed the latter’s inhabitants on the brink of starvation. Such antics merely fuel the flames of extremist sentiment and do nothing to supplement the cause of “anti-terrorism”, but are excellent at grinding a recalcitrant people into the dirt.

  12. Right, and cutting off electricity to over 1 million people, refusing to allow food, medical supplies or humanitarian aid groups in over the last year is just Israel being its usual benevolent self to all those civilians, half of whom are under the age of 15. Of course, raw sewage streaming in the streets, preventing the sick and elderly from leaving the strip to seek medical care in Egypt or the West Bank and on a starving population are not all indicators of towards , are they Jose?

    Then again, they would have to be people to be civilians, wouldn’t they?

  13. So, evacuation from Gaza counts for nothing since the “siege” continued? Justin, the Palis(whom I do believe have more than a legitimate right to their homeland)were lobbing many dozens of rockets into Israel daily. Actually, Ron Paul has advocated exactly the point of the first poster in the comments: Israel would actually be better off without US aid. Seriously, one rocket attack or two every few days… one could see how Hamas might not be effectively be “policing” the “cease fire,” but dozens??

    So, I’m sorry to chuckle a bit at Justin’s angst at Israel’s actions. This automatic backlash at any Israeli action is a bit Stalinst, Orwellian… almost like a neocon talkin democracy in Iraq.

  14. I spoke too soon. Even the Israelis are protesting the Israeli operation: http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1050470.html

    On the other side of the spectrum, I seem to recall thousands, hundreds of thousands, Israeli Jews who constantly protest against their government’s actions against the Palestinians. Justin, I guess this will really serve to serve as crack for the Arab street? This will no doubt serve to inflame the Arab masses, up the popularity of Bin Laden, and hurt the United States perception in the Arab World.

    On the other hand, it just occurred to me that the United States approval rating in the Arab world already was 1% in many quarters. We wouldn’t want to lose that all-vital 1% by supporting Israeli’s attack on Hamas peaceful development of space.

    I think an ANSWER protest is what this calls for. One can picture the brew: communists, war-hating anti-semites, peace-loving Jews, Israel-hating Jews, and a pinch of CAIR thrown in….

  15. I could be wrong though… here’s a post in an Israeli paper of some repute: http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1050470.html

  16. What’s “Orwellian ” is how you people act like you haven’t ethnically cleansed 1.2 million Christian and Muslim arabs out of Palestine since 1948..Not to mention how all of your massacres ( Lydda, Ramleh, Deir Yassin, etc. ) and assassinations ( such as Count Bernadotte-UN envoy for peace ) and your terrorism ( King David Hotel, USS Liberty, the Lavon terrorism in Egypt-summer of ’54 against US/UK property )…all of it just goes down the ” Memory hole..” You people are the world’s biggest hypocrites.

  17. No nation or government has a “right” of self defense just as no nation or government has a right to exist. Governments, made up of individual human beings, will usually opt to defend their collective own existence, status and power with violence, and will often justify those actions as defense of the people they govern. Sometimes those governments will even be prompted to engage in violence by the actions of others. But to speak of Israel as having a right to exist is as foolish as speaking of a Palestinian right to a state. Neither is true.

  18. Obama’s very first cabinet appointment was Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff is. Emanuel is an Israeli-American who actually served not in the US army but (as a volunteer) in the Israeli Army, and who happens to be the son of a notorious Zionist terrorist.

    Yeah, right! Obama will surely advance the Middle East peace process. At this pace, the world is going to end up fighting WW3 courtesy of the extreme right of a tiny, unimportant country and their disproportionate influence over US politics.

  19. As usual the US response to the carnage in Gaza is ONE sided with a condemnation that’s limited to the Palestinians and Hamas. The US Government failed to mention that it was Israel who violated the cease fire FIRST, which has been well documented by the international media. As a patriotic American it sickens me that the United States has been replaced by the “US-Israel Empire.” The founding fathers must be turning in their graves……God help us all!

  20. Too late for that. Israel has been getting American weapons and money for a long time. Dissolve AIPAC and maybe we’ll get somewhere. For now, ignoring the Middle East is not equivalent to non-interventionism, because Israel’s military is an American creation.

  21. “raze ,,, it to the ground”,,

    If they thought they could get away with it, I have no doubt at all they would do just that. Israel would dearly love it if all the Palestinians would simply dissapear from the face of the earth but unfortunately for them, that’s not going to happen.

  22. Guess it all depends on how you define “terrorist”. Your assinine attempts to keep linking Hamas and Al Qaeda is absurd and clearly designed to appeal to American sympathies and ignorance.

  23. I agree with your comments on Huffington Post. The censor their readers honest comments and block them from future postings. Not what you expect from a liberal site, so obviously they are not liberal but totally corporate and nothing more. The constant misleading headlines is in tune with FOX prompt only to grab attention, not realizing people can see through this elementary journalism tactic. But in reference to Obama you are so wrong. Obama is not President. I repeat Obama is not president. The man didn’t even have to do all the public appearences in naming his cabinet the way he did. Did any prior president-elect do the same? Anyone wants a fight take it up with President George W. Bush who is still the president until next month. I’m sick of Israel telling us Hamas attacked us to as they try to link Hamas to Bin Laden as if we’re that stupid. This is a genocide of a small group of people who have a right to live there. They are not Palestinians of German, Polish, Russian or any other nationality. They are all from the middle east. This is why the Ordodox Jews are up in arms against the Zionists. These people are doing to the Palestinians what the Germans did to them.

  24. There’s more to Huffington Post’s one-sided coverage of everything Israeli than just being misled by Israel’s PR machine. Israel is the only country who’s name is triggered by their comment moderation system. Most criticism of Israel is removed and never appears, even when you cite legitimate sources such as Haretz from within Israel itself.
    I am a long time member of Huffington Post and only started noticing their Israel bias recently. I wrote to them about it and they responded with a general form letter, after which they continued with their policies. You can try commenting the same negative things about America and Israel and they will censor the anti-Israeli comment and let the anti-American comment slide.

  25. I can’t see this doing anything more than instigating further acts of violence and hatred, much like the “attack” on a much smaller Iraq by the U.S. – twice –

    Sure some Palestinian humans are firing home made rockets at Israeli humans but the response is worse and not even handed… not wise even militarily because they are buying into the by now worn out definition of terrorist – and consequently just making more and more people turned off by the concept – and unsupportive – it’s becoming meaningless – who’s the real terrorist they ask – nobody likes bushism anywhere so why emulate his stupid antics??

    These acts can and will affect the Israeli’s negatively too – evil begets evil, an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind – to think otherwise simply shows yet another powerful military is out of controll and doing this at a time when basically nobody’s at the wheel in Washington with bushy probably drunk right now in front of a fireplace with his dog by his side for friendship and obama shell shocked before he even steps foot into the place with a zillion mega problems even at home and which the world blames on the u.s.

    If I was an Israeli the last thing I would want in a propaganda/justification campaign is to have the U.S. speaking on my behalf and actions – they can’t see this which indicates instability and desperation themselves as they probably can see the future of domination doesn’t look too promising after U.S. military snafus and bad reputation all over the place.

    Oddly enough the forced near starvation of Palestinians keeps them in shape and many will live much longer than fat arses elsewhere.

    Poor, poor policy and these are thinking people?

  26. “Israel would actually be better off without U.S. aid”,,,

    And so too, would the much abused U.S. taxpayer. By the way, the ONLY reason Israel “evacuated” the Gaza Strip was because there were simply too many Arabs there and not enough Jews. It was just a concession to demographic reality that even the most brain-dead Likudnik could no longer deny. Nothing more.

  27. i was censored three times today at HP when i tried to make comments critical of the israeli attacks on gaza (well constructed comments without any offensive words) but i see plenty of pretty vile anti-palestinian comments (in all fairness, also the occasional anti-israel rant) that get posted

    the problem with mainstream media outlets censoring reasonable people is that this ends up pushing those people in the direction of unreasonableness

    regardless, the whole thing feels very big brother-ish to me

  28. Jose Cohen: great, quote the NYT — may as well quote AIPAC, since both have the same interests at heart.

  29. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Huffington, New Republic, AIPAC, ADL, there is no difference. They all give off the same lies and omissions.

  30. Yeah,you would be more astonished if 10,000 of your kin folk were held hostage(500 children)
    in Israeli prisions.Or that a ceasfire for Israel does not preclude not carrying targetted assasinations as happened in November,sparking retaliation.Lastly which should floor ya!Israel bombning Gaza power station funded by US Taxpayer funds.Ofcourse those Israeli warplanes are also paid for by the Good Ole American taxpayer.

  31. The massacre of Palestinians constitutes a war crime. Ignorant statements pretending those killed were ‘merely’ militants shows an alarming contempt of life. In reality, many of the Palestinians killed were policemen. Did you consider the implications to their wives and children?
    State acts of terrorism (war crimes) are different to indivuduals who launch attacks. The collective punishment of the entire Palestinian population of Gaza also violates International Law.

    Hamas is a democratically elected political group. One man’s terrorist is another man’s resistance fighter. Israel does not have the right to kill Palestinians so indiscriminately.

    Consider this, in your efforts to defend the actions of Israel or do you support these war crimes?

  32. Let me see if I understand this properly. The president of Iran gives a Christmas message to Christian nations and the media reports that Jewish people take offence? They’re not even Christian!
    But wait, when Israel massacres over 200 Palestinians and wounds over 700, not a whisper of condemnation in the west relating to these Israeli war crimes? Well, now I’ve heard it all. Christmas messages…. Bad. Massacre of Palestinians….Acceptable?
    And the U.S. response? According to Bush Administration officials, Hamas is responsible for the massacre of all those Palestinians. Interesting how they used Israeli airplanes and missiles to kill their own people.

  33. If 30-60 crude, but occasionally deadly, rockets were fired on a daily basis from Mexico, I’m sure we’d respond. The point is not the question the rightness(or error)of Israel’s response, but the daily pummeling of Israel since November 4’th or so begs the question: what would any country do in response to being rocketed, or an even more intriguing question: is Hamas trying to ‘pull a Hizbullah’ and entangle Israel in another quagmire?

  34. As Israel continues with its policy of attacking one perceived threat at a time (Hezbollah, Hamas, soon Iran and Syria), what do they think will eventually happen? Do they actually believe they are improving their security?

    Only when they finally realize that peace is in their security interests will they seriously engage in a sincere peace effort. Unfortunately the arrogant and uncompromising hardliners have other ideas.

  35. Hamas was originally sponsored and funded by … Israel, just as the USA originally sponsored and funded Bin Laden back in the 1980s with the Afghan jihad.

    If Hamas is a “terrorist” organization like Al-Queda, what does that say about its creators?

  36. Gee, David, let’s think about your flawed analogy for a second. What’s missing?

    Well, for starters, we – the USA – would have had to have completely surrounded and cut off Mexico in a total military blockade, and prevented them from getting any food, fuel, and medicine, causing their people to slowly starve to death and die of disease.

    Then when the Mexicans fired off a few rockets at us in ineffectual retaliation, with negligible damage to us, we would then have responded with a massive bombing campaign against Mexican civilian infrastructure, killing a hundred or more Mexicans to every one American killed.

    And our fawning, one-sided media would have labeled this complete overreaction as a “measured” and “necessary” response to Mexico’s picayune and toothless attempt to defend herself against our genocidal policies.

    There: there’s your analogy, fully explained in proper context. That’s precisely what is happening, with Israel and Palestine in place of the hypothetical USA and Mexico analogy.

  37. As long as the USA gives its uncompromising support to the Israeli hardliners, they have no reason to change their policies.

  38. Jose Cohen:

    The Israeli government has killed many more civilians than all of the Islamic “terrorists” put together.

    The Israeli government is a terrorist organization itself, founded by terrorists, utilizing terrorism to achieve their goals. Most of the Israeli prime ministers and politicians have been, and are, terrorists. Learn some history.

    For you to talk as though there are Islamic terrorists on the one hand, and the Israeli government on the other, as though they are somehow different from each other, is completely absurd.

  39. David,

    The Israelis did not “evacuate” from Gaza; the Israelis evacuated from parts of Gaza, and are still holding on to other parts of Gaza, stealing land and water from the Palestinians just as they are doing in the West Bank.

    The Israelis are imposing a starvation blockade on Gaza, preventing food, fuel, and medicine from getting to civilians in Gaza. This is in and of itself a war crime, which the Israelis would be held accountable for if they were not protected by the USA.

    The rockets that you keep whining on and on about are tiny, handmade fireworks that are completely ineffectual, and yet you go on and on about them as though they were somehow comparable to the massive military hardware that Israel can bring to bear against an entirely defenseless Palestinian population.

    When Hamas lets off its rockets, it is only pure bad luck if they happen to kill someone. When the Israelis drop bombs in Gaza, however, they know they are going to kill hundreds of innocent civilians even if they try not to target them – and if you don’t think that the Israelis target civilians, you are simply lying to yourself.

    Your attempt at being “evenhanded” is laughable. The two sides are not comparable when it comes to their ability to inflict suffering.

  40. To further answer your loaded question, David, what would we do in Israel’s place?

    How about stop trying to steal other peoples lands and stop trying to ethnically cleanse people from their lands?

    How about it? Is this really too much to ask Israel, to ask them to behave like a civilized country for a change?

  41. David, USA support will not stop the inevitable wave of suicide bombers or further rocket attacks. It is common sense that the only lasting security for Israel is through developing cooperative and workable relationships with neighboring countries. The consequences for Israel for continuing its hostile policies are also obvious. That cycle is well established.

    If neighboring countries take issue with Israel’s ongoing hostile policies, there is a real chance of a larger regional war. Given the USA’s track record in Afghanistan and Iraq, I wonder how much help they would be in a large scale regional war in the Middle East?

  42. Nicely said.

  43. Whooeee. In this battle of Davids “another David” has just cleaned house.

    The usual take on the Palestinians–they must just get bored sitting around and so decide to kill time by firing rockets for no good reason–perfectly reflects the usual take on al Qaida, Bin Laden, and any other angry Muslim. Rather than wonder why they do what they do, what their spur and goad are, what keeps igniting them, even while we can condemn their actions, Americans apparently assume that they sacrifice themselves for no reason whatsoever.

    “Hey Ahmed! Whaddya wanna do?”

    “Beats me, Zuby. Whaddya wanna do?”

    “I dunno. How about we mindlessly and purposelessly shoot some rockets at Israel.”

    “Great idea. Oh, I heard that your family is starving and there’s no propane again, and the hospital’s still closed. Too bad about your mom.”

    “Who cares? I’m bored. Let’s lob a rocket or two.”

  44. What is the difference between Mr.Bin Laden’ terrorists killing people in buildings and Israeli terrorists killing unarmed civilians, women and CHILDREN?

    Thanks for helping me understand.

  45. You guys may be right. My perhaps misguided point here is that Israeli’s actions, the Palestinian actions are completely predictable. I simply reject the idea that Israel is the sole ‘wrong’ here.
    Take a look at some of the facts on the ground here:

    Israel is threatened and wins big in the six day war.
    Israel creates settlements.
    Israel makes peace with Egypt, but neglects the Palestinian issue.
    The Palestinians, having been cheated out of their homes, used as propaganda by corrupt arab governments, seethe in camps, deprived of citizenship in Israel(or Palestine).
    Arafat creates a corrupt but more secular regime, but is berated and attacked from without(Israel) and within from Hamas.
    Israel gets out of Gaza, but limits economic flow into and out of Gaza.
    Gaza stews: Hamas thugs throw Fatah corrupt leaders off roof buildings.
    Egypt closes their border with Gaza, and gets into confrontation with Hamas, clearly feeling wronged by Hamas and probably enabled the “deceptive screwing” of Hamas to occur, leading them to believe Israel wouldn’t attack Friday. I somehow doubt Egypt really feels that bad for the decapitation of Hamas, color me jaundiced….
    Hamas taunts Israel for her inaction, no doubt remembering the corrupt, inept Olmert Lebanon debacle.
    I could go back to pre-’67, ’48, or whatever. IMHO, a pre-’67 deal would be the best bet, perhaps with the UN running Jerusalem. No one side has all the right(or wrong). A zionist could quote selective memory(a land without a people for a people without a land) or the Palestinians could quote selective memory(Israel stole our land)and, in sense, both are flawed and could be partially right. Question is this: is it our business? Should we be sending anybody a dime more aid?

    Bottom line: I strongly support Dr. Ron Paul and his plan to end all foreign aid. I say this as a supporter of Israel. If giving billions to Israel, Egypt, Palestine and Jordan won’t create peace, maybe ending it will. Perhaps a two-state solution will work when both sides realize that’s the only way.

  46. The pro Israeli bias of the American news media is quite complete. Try writing a letter to the editor of any major newspaper in this country pointing out Israel’s racism and theft of Arab land and I can guarantee it won’t get published. With this bias, plus the insane support of Israel from the evangelicals in America (30 or 40 million strong), plus a bought-and-paid-for U S Congress, nothing is going to change. There will be no Hollywood fund raisers held on this ethnic cleansing like there are for Darfur. Not a peep out of the ACLU, Amnesty International, or any other of the establishment “do-gooders”.
    But, does are blindness change reality? No ethnic cleansing is wrong; land theft is wrong; starving and killing subjected people is wrong. The Muslim countries are livid with justifiable outrage. The neutral countries see our rank hypocrisy. In aligning ourselves with Zionism, we are destroying our image as a democracy. With its arrogance that goes beyond hubris, Israel is digging itself a very deep grave. We are complicit.

  47. On Huffington Post, the moderating of the comment section of that article is very disturbing. I’ve posted many comments that were not offensive, but sympathized with the Palestinian situation and about 9 in 10 were deleted by the moderators.

    At one point they had a queue of over 800 unapproved posts that the moderators sat on and wouldn’t let through. I’d watch a couple pro-Israel zealot posters somehow filling up the comment section with hundreds of comments (always gaining clearance – never deleted). Huffington Post has a bunch of Zionists running their moderator responsibilities and literally blocks out all opinion that is different from their own.

  48. I’ve witnessed the EXACT same thing as you have. Try responding at all to any Alan Dershowitz threads. It’s impossible. You either compliment him and agree with his usual dishonest tirades, or your posts will never see the light of day.

  49. I think that Huff Post’s moderators actually create anti-semitism. Reasonable liberally-minded people experience first hand, this small influential group somehow managing to censor and control all the dialogue on any subject matter important to their tribe (in particular Israel) despite the fact that that country ethnically cleanses the native inhabitants. It creates resentment, frustration, a sense that some dark force is silencing any criticism of barbaric acts, and eventually hatred develops.

  50. Excellent response.

  51. Richard writes: “The Muslim countries are livid with justifiable outrage.” about Israel/Gaza. So, what’s the deal with Mumbai? maybe that chabad couple in Mumbai were planning something? How about the cartoon outrage in Europe? Are the Muslim countries livid with outrage over the hundreds of thousands of dead in Algeria(Muslim on Muslim)? Darfur indeed, Richard, seems like more than 280 folks died in Darfur… more than a million more.

    As for aligning ourselves with Zionism, I’m against all foreign aid and strongly support a cut off of all foreign aid without exceptions… Israel, Egypt and everybody else.

  52. It’s been over 4 years tha Huff&Puff post, banned my posts/concerns about the treatment of the Arab/Moslum population in large. I hope the Chinese smarten up and buy out all major media outlets,good chance we might then have both side reporting. Get my drift?

  53. I just watched David Gregory on Meet the Press and he had Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni come on the show and give her side of the story. AS USUAL – no one from the Palestinian side was granted an opportunity to speak and give their perspective.

    This has been going on for so long, but you’d think that in 2008 we’d be past this blatant one-sided media bias towards Israel.

    Why is Meet the Press afraid to let Americans hear the Palestinian perspective?

  54. Israel to mount emergency international PR effort in wake of Gaza campaign


  55. It all makes me literally sick to my stomach. The distortions about Israel are shockingly perpetuated by mainstream media and blogs pandering to advertisers and pro-Israel lobbying groups and access to political sources [Dems and Republicans] who rely on these groups for donations to their electoral coffers. They are supporting a government running an apartheid state and committing atrocities every day on behalf of their agenda to steal land and ethnically cleanse a region of Palestinians. I don’t know how the Palestinian people find the strength to carry on under such international apathy about their suffering. I hope Obama’s silence at this point is not indicative of his future policy agenda on the Israeli/Palestinian misery. I don’t hold my breath however. I’ve seen the powerful effect of political pressure silence far too many people to remain naive. That is why it all makes me sick to my stomach. No matter how many times hopes are raised that a leader will be an honest broker on this issue, those hopes are dashed in the end, on political agendas that are ruled by powerful Israeli lobbies. In my opinion, it is really evil. Someone has got to stand up for justice in the region–for both sides, not just Israel. It’s ultimately the only way Israel can have peace. You can’t starve and slaughter people into compliance; at some point, it’s detrimental to your own health. When, when, when will the US stop colluding in these Israeli policies, and start being an honest broker for justice?

  56. And this, my friends, is why the sun is setting on the West. You can only engage in this type of hypocrisy for so long before you destroy the moral foundation of your society and fall into permanent decay.

    There is a God and he’s called Vengeance, and he is an unmerciful son-of-a-bitch, so when the time comes and the lights go out on the USA, don’t expect any mercy.

  57. Thanks for your 1st grade rendering of the history of the Middle East. You earned a lollipop. Please let me know where you live so that I may come and colonize your home. I’ll let you have the dead patch of grass in the back corner of your lot. But the pool is mine. You dig your own well if you want water. If you give me trouble I’ll build a brick wall around you to protect myself from your unfair assaults.

    After all, I’m God’s Chosen Person. I’m special. You’re not. I get your house. You get nothing. Go away.

  58. José, Israel’s human rights violations of Palestinians have been ongoing for more than 50 years. At what point do you think Palestinians have the right to object to having their children starved to death from malnutrition, as is the current situation in Gaza. You really ought to read Sara Roy, a child of Holocaust survivors, who spent 3 years living in Gaza, and wrote her Ph.D dissertation on the deliberate economic strangling of Gaza by Israel, in order to drive Palestinians out. Roy recently had an article linked at Antiwar.com, I believe. Perhaps you read it? The settlers stealing Palestinian land, the checkpoints which prevent Palestinians from access to jobs or health care, their families, or even their own olive fields to harvest what is by right their property. Jewish-only roads, the diverting of water from poor Palestinians for the purposes of keeping lush gardens for Israeli settlers, the purposeful encroachment on Palestinian land, demolition of Palestinian homes, collective punishment of entire Palestinian communities by imprisoning them in their homes for months, banning marriages between Jew and Arab in Israel; all of these government policies are discriminatory violations of human rights. Yes, Israel is running a Warsaw Ghetto in Gaza; the Israeli government has exploited their historical victimization in order to victimize others. It’s wrong. It’s evil. Don’t be a supporter of apartheid, Jose; be an independent thinker, and face the truth. It’s not “anti-Israel” to be condemn Israeli policies which are destroying Israelis and Palestinians.

  59. “AS USUAL – no one from the Palestinian side ”
    I am always humored by the discussions in mainstream media – something like Wolf blitzer ‘moderating’ a discussion between Livni and Thomas Friedman, with analysis from Bill Kristol. In between they’ll be a commercial or two for the latest holocaust film.

    Huffington post is just a new media remanufacture of old media – fake ‘liberalism’ that always has the ‘peculiar exception’ about Israel and its supporters here…if either are discussed – its “the iraq war was about oil” and support from israel comes from Evangelical Christians.

  60. Israel is threatened and wins big in the six day war.
    We could spend days dissecting your lies, i start with just one – Israel started the six day war AND broke the cease fire it agreed to to steal even more land. It was nothing but a land grab. The Knesset declared jerusalem the capital in 1955 or so – even though they did not own it. By that declaration alone, Israel has proven its insincerity in respecting the borders the UN granted them.

  61. Apart from maybe 5 politicians at most, the rest of America’s political class dare not stand up agaist Israel, who contiues to terror bomb, steal land, and wall up Palestinians in nazi ghettos. All of the people in America who are vehemently against Israel’s policies are powerless to do anything against this evil political machine that exists. America can’t necessarily escape the consequences of this however. Israel’s actions have already gone too far; I think that there will evetually be serious blowback that puts the order of global peace on the brink. I then fully expect the government’s reaction to be misguided and ultimately tragic, just like after 9-11

  62. anon :: problem is right now there are only three ways out of our financial mess:
    a. inflate our way out of it.
    b. default on our debt
    c. war

    War: control of the economy, curtailing of rights, ability to carry out radical agendas. rationalization for taking away firearms …

    Which do you think mr. hope and change will embrace? and Rahm Emmanuel? and ‘the lobby’?

  63. A question to the posters, (Abraham, Nelson and the rest).
    What long term solution do you propose?

    It seems that, anything less then the total destruction of Israel would not satisfy you. This is also the position of Hammas, which is why Gaza is in the position it is in today.
    Zuby and Ahmad, from R. Nelson’s post above surely support the Hammas position, when they lob bombs at Israel. They are not doing it over a blockade, or medicine or food. If these were their goal, they could be achieved by simply stopping to lob missiles. They are acting in search of their concept of ‘Justice’ (A code word for Israel’s destruction).

    The world understands this reality, and hence the muted condemnations of Israel.

  64. There was a six-month cease fire in which Hamas essentially stopped all rocket fire. Nevertheless, this was not a result with which Israel could live. Assasinations of Hamas leaders by Israel Defense forces continued throughout that cease fire period. Moreover, there were other missile attacks by Israel. Hamas is an organization that was originally initiated and funded by Israel in order to divide the PLO. Arafat, however, would not take the bait that Abbas has swallowed and divide the Palestinians. One of Israel’s demands is that Hamas must recognize Israel. This demand begs a definition by Israel — just what are the borders of Israel? Would Hamas be recognizing that Israel includes Gaza and the West Bank? Furthermore, this would not satisfy Israel’s ambitious acquisitions of Middle East land. Remember five miles east of the Jordan river and the Litani river in Lebanon are considered by Israelis to be their land. Although our politicians are bought and sold by AIPAC, it must be registered as a foreign lobby with a concurrent strengthening of laws applied to all foreign lobbying. The blank check that the United States has provided Israel continues to harm our country.

  65. Israel isn’t doing anything the Americans didn’t do to the Indians and the Mexicans. A couple of hundred years ago Manifest Destiny justified the killing, the ethnic cleansing and the dispossession of the heathen savages –a process that started with Columbus’ discovery. Today, Israel’s Right to Exist justifies the killing, the ethnic cleansing and the dispossession of the Islamic extremists, as we know they all are deep down inside.

    The hypocrisy all around consists of the claim that civilization has progressed.

  66. A C,

    “The president of Iran gives a Christmas message to Christian nations and the media reports that Jewish people take offence? They’re not even Christian!”

    That’s nothing, A C. Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League and others periodically provide unsolicited “liturgical counsel” to the Vatican regarding the content of its prayers for the Mass. Fortunately for the ongoing official dialogue between the Church and the leaders of Judaism worldwide, Foxman’s outrageous interjections have been met with patience by the Vatican although in recent years there are signs that those and similar excesses have some curial figures questioning Jewish good will. There are limits, it would seem, and they are being sorely tried.

  67. You sure said it brother.

  68. And what of the blockade of Gaza that has brought the strip to the brink of mass starvation? This perspective is exactly typical of the blinkered moral worldview of Israel apologists who cannot countenance Palestinian suffering or desperation or their right to defend themselves.

  69. Well said. You are quite right. Other AIPAC-less countries with less bought and paid for governments then America has, can quite clearly see what is going on and are aware of America’s terrible hypocrisy. This is why I want America to wash its hands of Israel so badly. It isn’t just the four bilion dollars a year Israel scams off of America in “foreign aid” while Africans starve. America’s image and prestige and moral standing throughout the world are severely compromised. It is impossible to put a dollar value on this.

  70. By this logic Israel should practice plantation slavery because it also occurred a few hundred years ago.

  71. A critique of Huffington Post is well warranted. Someone should do a study of their stable of bloggers and who they largely represent. The so-called flagship of the liberal blogosphere has easily shown its hand with its overt support of establishment perspectives, and its Fox News-like ridicule of various establishment-identified “enemies” of America.

    What makes Huffington Post more insidious is the way they can buy of dissent readily by giving an organization their own blog. Sure the entry will be recorded, but by and large, the tilt of the vast majority of writers is towards the Democratic wing of the War Party.

  72. Hamas doesn’t get US Aid.

  73. Alternet is exactly the same. All criticism of Israel is censored and the poster usually banned. Yet they allow dreadful islamophobic comments to stand.

    I’m not sure why anyone would take the dreadful Ariana Huffington seriously anyway.

  74. One aspect of this is that the blogs self-censor. They don’t want things spinning out of control to the point that real anti-semites chime in and leave them open to media flack. However, they also cravenly surrender to anyone who even lodges the faintest criticism as Zionists make the most tenacious trolls.

    It’s tragic really as a perverse shadow is thus cast on the entire issue to the point that even acknowledging the human rights of Palestinians marks you as a target.

  75. Israeli warplanes launched counterattacks on dozens of security compounds across the Hamas-ruled territory in unprecedented waves of airstrikes. Most of those killed were security men, but an unknown number of civilians were also among the dead.

    Hamas said all of its security installations were hit, threatened to resume suicide attacks, and sent at least 70 rockets and mortar shells crashing into Israeli border communities, according to the Israeli military. One Israeli was killed and at least six people were hurt.


  76. I haven’t seen one poster say that the destruction of Israel is their desired solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. You imply, incorrectly, that sympathy for the Palestinians is automatically hostility toward Israelis. Personally, I think that the Israelis are currently digging a their own grave with their belligerent attitudes. To keep it simple, if the American Empire goes belly up, what is there that prevents Israel going the way of the old papal states, like Acre? Nothing. They will decline and then one or more of the arab states will have their way with Israel. And that would be a massacre and a tragedy. I would derive no joy from that outcome. I will just as readily weep for an Israeli as I will an Arab.

  77. Aye, justaguy, and isn’t it peculiar that this ostensible “opposition” should so vociferously echo the tacit premises upon which all mainstream political discourse is based? Could it be that most such “liberals” are in fact agents of the establishment whose purpose it is to divert people’s political energies away from real change? When will people realize that the Democrats and their opportunistic ilk are no alternative? Perhaps when Obama reneges on every hint of progressive change he’s ever given?

  78. david,
    Darfur is a much more ambigious situation – both sides are ethnically the same; the conflict arises from the South wanting to secede (some say because of potential oil riches and are encouraged to do so by oil interests). The Southern rebels turned down a cease fire agreement several years ago. True, the Southern rebels are getting the worst of it from the Sudanese Government and its sponsored militants, but, this is a classic rebellion for independence. So what is the situation in Gaza? It is a case of a racist, militaristic agressor that is clearly engaged in ethnic cleansing of essentially unarmed people from their own land. Can you possibly call it anything else?
    I believe that you are one of a large number of probably otherwise decent people who know that Israel is a rogue, racist, cruel oppressor of basic human rights, an occupier, a moocher of American tax money, and a nation of land thieves. You know this, but you cannot accept the truth so you spin out all this baloney such as: “Israel might be wrong, but, Gosh, there are also a lot of other bad countries out there, so why pick on Israel?” Why pick on Israel? Because America permits Israel’s evil oppression and our hypocrisy is destroying America’s soul. The suppression of the truth about Israel makes us a nation of liars.

  79. anyone think this could be a precursor to a strike on Iran ?

  80. David (another) your assertion that civillian installations were attacked is not only wrong, but misleading and designed to prop up an obvious anti-Israel bias.

    Only 15 of the estimated 205 dead were referred to as civillians by Palestinian medical authorities.

    And what is your cut-off point in your analogy? Do you care to factor in the fact that Hamas is militarily committed to the annihilation of the state of Israel according to their own covenants and press interviews? Backed up by their policy of not targeting just IDF military posts, but the entire population of Israel?

    Last country to harbour people who lobbed stuff at the US of A was… Afghanistan. I wonder what happened to them?

    Don’t rubbish analogies without thinking it through. David had a point.

  81. Q: Is it true that Israel never seeks peace with other countries?

    A: No.

    Q: What?

    A: Israel gave up control & occupation of the Sinai peninsula and part of the Suez canal to Egypt in exchange for peaceful relations, which it enjoys to this day.

    Q: So… why do people pretend this is not so?

    A: Bias? Prejudice? I don’t know! You tell me…

  82. Who made YOU a judge & grader? David’s take on this situation is the most balanced I’ve seen amongst the contributions so far.

  83. Land thieves? What of the estimated million Jews who were chased out of Arab lands after 1948? Any outcry about their right to return?

    And you, Mr. High, Correct & Mighty American, how much land do you advocate should be returned to Mexico? and the Native American populace? No land thief by your definition is greater than the US of A.

    The fact is, at partition, Jews were reconciled to a state that was about a third its present size. Arabs, on the other hand (not just Palestinians by the way, but Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians and later Iraqis and Algerians) could not accept any jewish presence in their midst and – attacked with a stated war aim of destruction.

    The Arabs gambled the 1948 land settlement and lost; now they wish they can have 1967! What would the middle east have been like if only they’d buried their prejudice & said OK – so far & no farther?

  84. For you, sir, to claim to NOT be a hypocrite yourself, the numbers of jews cleansed from Arab nations at the same time was around a million too.

    Don’t hold on to a grenade after you’ve pulled the pin.

  85. Hamas was elected by the Palestinian people (Gaza and West Bank) in June 2006. It is not a terrorist organization. The ceasefire required Israel to lift its blockade of Gaza, which it never did. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, it was Israel who violated the ceasefire not Hamas and the present bombing campaign has been in preparation for 6 months. Israel all the time says that it wants a normal life, free from attacks, yet that is exactly what it denies the Palestinians. Israel all the time says that it will do anything to defend itself, except equality, justice, and rule of law. A nation built on theft, destruction, and death cannot long endure.

  86. /just me: Yes, on the economy Uncle Sam has few choices – 1) Put the printing presses in high gear, eventually could lead to hyperinflation, 2) Default on our debt, 3) Start (another) stupid war. I doubt our Chinese/Japanese/Gulf State creditors would look kindly on any of these measures. As for number three, it will only throw us that much deeper into financial and moral bankruptcy. About Gaza: Sooner or later, further enraging the Arab and Muslim world will come back to haunt us big time. The future looks bleak. We failed the lesson of 9/11 (get our forces out of Arabia, stop blanket support of Israel) but many Americans are an ignorant lot. That ignorance is reflected in the continuation of our corrupt political system which is inhabited mostly by power-hungry charlatans, both Democrat and Republican, filled with hubris and delusion. Dubya the Decider (the Disaster) as President is one result. How about the notion that attacking Iran would be a good idea? The dispensationalist Christians who, in their looney beliefs want to see the end of the world in our lifetime, could get their wish. A self-fullfilling prophesy of sorts. It appears the warmonger Netanyahu will likely be Israel’s next Prime Minister. Pakistan’s current Prime Minister is a weakling in charge of a political house of cards. The US has been launching air attacks with more or less impunity on the Taliban inside Pakistan, enraging Pakistanis. Maybe there are Pakistani ISI operatives with nothing to lose and itching to do something for the Islamist cause, who would jump at the chance to supply one of A.Q. Khan’s nukes to a suicide team for taking out a US city. Could the US prove its origin after the fact? Is there a distinct radioactive signature following a detonation that can be traced to the source? Could it be done without the NSA picking up and deciphering the perpetrators’ electronic communications in time to stop it? It’s a dangerous world indeed.

  87. Your being a bit optimistic there. Liberals can always be remotivated by a change of language.

  88. Hamas = Terrorist

    Hamas sends missles into Isreal and the anti-war cry-babies don’t complain about it.

    Israel responds and these same cry-babies start crying and complain against Israel.

    Wake up stooges! Hamas should be nuked!

    Hamas has only themselves to be blamed!

  89. Why should anyone care if Palestinian women or children are killed? The women support these bearded clam vermin terrorists and the children are raised to be homicide bombers. Let’s remember that it was a Palestinian who killed Robert Kennedy and Palestinians who danced in the street and passed out sweets after 9/11.

    By the way, where were you anti-war stooges when Muslim terrorists killed over 200 Indians a few weeks ago? Where are you anti-war cry babies everyday when Muslims kill there own people on a daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    My hope is that when Israel is done with the Gaza strip, that anyone visiting it will think they’ve landed on the moon.

  90. Drivel….how absurd.
    The drivel is your one sided comment…
    Are the bombers killing civilians?
    Do the toy rockets Hamas sends daily discriminating?

    This is the same Hamas that celebrated 9/11!

    The same Hamas that loves anti US hatred!

    If Canada or Mexico lobbed rockets at us would we tun the other cheek?

  91. Israel can’t possibly be as discriminating in avoiding civilian casualties as are Hamas and Palestinians in general. These compassionate terrorists offer an ideal of discrimination to which the more indiscriminate democracies can only aspire – pace 9/11, Spain, London, Beirut…. Oh, and your the evidence supporting your countering incocted nihilism is?

  92. Charles,

    …..Palestinians who danced in the street and passed out sweets after 9/11.

    Yeah, but what about those Israeli spies who danced for joy during 9-11 at Liberty State Park in Jersey City ? Oh, sorry, they were art students. And pigs can fly too.

    I think these two groups deserve one another and neither deserve our American blood, dollars or support. Here’s an idea….go enlist and fight your own glorious battle for your own just cause and leave the rest of us patriots alone. AMERICA FIRST.

  93. actually the arab press mentioned on saturday that most of the killed were in fact military personnel, especially those officers who had just completed an officer training school and were at the closing ceremony.

  94. Charles, your ignorance of Indian affairs is truly breath taking. Do you know how many Sikhs and Muslims have been killed by Hindu nationalists in the past 20 years? Thousands and thousands.

    Do you know, as any intelligent antiwar.com reader knows, the #1 sucicide bombers in the world? Oh you don’t? Hint… they are not muslim.

    But conversely, of course, if an innocent say, iraqi, is killed by American bullets or shells, they have a right to collectively punish us, correct? or is it just a one way street.

    Tell me Charlie, palestinians are 35% christian. …do they deserve the same treatment?

  95. Interesting place to start the story Gary let me amend it:
    Israel cuts off Gaza for six months. (don’t you clowns always justify the 67 war on the basis of a blockade? )
    Hamas sends missles into Isreal and the anti-war cry-babies don’t complain about it.

    Israel responds and these same cry-babies start crying and complain against Israel.


    of course we could start sooner.. “israel enthnically cleanses 750,000 palestininans – a peaceful, agrarian people, while committing acts of terrorism like the blowing up the king david hotel.

    I sure feel better knowing the son of one those terrorists is now obama’s chief of staff.

  96. dangerous..oh no! we’ll get to be the next ‘greatest generation’ just like in all those spielberg movies AND we’ll get to prevent another holocaust!

    Yes things are definitely over boiling now…and I don’t think Obama has the intellectual or diplomatic capacity to stop it..I think his handlers will push for bombing Iran, which should shut up the mainstream right ‘critics’ -since they are peas in a pod over open borders and other globalist agendas.

  97. Yep. Obama’s first act in office, Bush’s last, or Israel does it in-between. Which ever way, it will on the orders of the same power elite.

  98. just switch to CNN …. Wolf blitzer ‘moderating’ a discussion between Livni and Thomas Friedman, with analysis from Bill Kristol – sounds fair to me.

  99. Plese explain something to me .The Palestinians have recieved BILLIONS of dollars in aid (Documented) Palestinians are still living in refugee camps at less than poverty level.The governing power in Palestine has rockets ,mortars, bombs, guns and an abudance of grenades.Why is the money recieved from the USA not used to provide for the people to house and feed them,by sending Dollars in aid with no supervision we are enabling the terrorists amongst them.

  100. Ahh .. Jac.

    I am gonna assume that you are sincerely asking for an explanation thus I’m gonna give you one.

    The palestinian people in Gaza receive NOTHING from the US. Let me correct myself, they have been receiving bombs and rockets fired by Israel and supplied by the US. The ‘BILLIONS’ you refer to are being handed out to the stooges of the PA who enforce Israel and America’s well against their own people. Maaan ,seriously, please for the sake of your long term intelligence tune out of all main stream American media and also avoid the webstites of most organization that have those words in its name: truth, honest, watch. They are thinly-veiled zionist fronts … do you want the full list?

  101. of course, there is corruption and waste…but;
    a. the aid was cut off when they elected the ‘wrong’ party. This is the neocon version of ‘democracy’
    b. overcrowding is result of israel pushing the palis into crowded tracts of land and restricting movement, while giving them only 15% of the water for 10X the population….while there are literally glistening swimming pools in de facto US taxpayer funded settlements.
    c. Billions ain’t much for millions who are not allowed to work, whose means of livelyhood are destroyed -like the centuries old olive groves that israel constantly bulldozes , and whose homes are constantly destroyed by the IDF.

  102. Is it just me or does anyone else see any relevance here….and lots of irony too:


  103. Just so I understand exactly where you’re coming from – is there ever a scenario to you in which it is justified to attack in retaliation for attacks upon your homeland, or your loved ones? With people like you I assume probably not.If you grew up in a big city like New York, Boston or Chicago you probably got bitch slapped daily. Normal guys are taught by their fathers to stand up and be a man. I expect no less from Israel or any sovereign state that finds itself under attack from wild beasts like Hamas.

  104. Me thimks you are confused ,Maybe we should check the bank accounts in Switzerland.(perfect example Yaser Arafat)It is to the advantage of a few to keep up this charade, most Palestinians have no clue what the world especislly the USA gives in aid to Palestine only to be used for Armements,while they rot in poverty.

  105. Terrorist want to destroy Israel, that is their openly declared purpose. They provoke Israel with suicide bombers, rocket and mortar attacks along with religious fatwa to recruit martyrs to fight Israel. 9/11 attack on America showed the Palestinians dancing in the street celebrating that attack on America. The destroyer COLE attack by terrorist showed how brazen the suicide bombers are, martyrs indeed. I respect Israel for dealing with these attacks with more force than America has shown to discourage such attacks. Remember, the Israelis are outnumbered over 50 to one by hostile Arab nations yet survive because they have more courage than the peace mongers in America who are afraid to fight for their lives or their country. The Israelis are valiant and determined to exist as a nation with the help of America. Terrorist do their damn worst against the Israelis and the Israelis fight back. Want peace in the Mideast? The road is open for peace when the terrorists change their purpose and declare Israel a free and legitimate nation. When terrorist renounce violence, there will be peace. Fanatics are mindless and fanatic terrorist cannot be reasoned with in any manner. I applaud Israel for defending itself forcefully against terrorist who wish to destroy their country.

  106. So why are we sending money to either side? Thats just stupid…. and a huge waste of taxpayer money.

  107. I think Israel should fly into to Gaza strip with ALL there War planes and FIRE BOOM-NUKE every living thing that breathes air KILL THEM ALL 9 miles wide 25 miles long all 1 million plus of them and take back THERE Land-GOD’S Land.

  108. You need to WAKE UP that’s Israels land and they need to take it back at any cost if people are dumb and stay there let them!!!!!! There are no caskets that sould be empty That Is GOD’S Land Israel is God chosen people them Fight and that back Whats theres.

  109. MEOW MY,

    Quit trying to type with mittens on your hand and then go “sleep it off”, dear.

    By the way, if you are sober enough to read this: Ishmael, the ancient ancestor of the Arabs is Isaac (ancient ancestor of the Jews)’s half brother and their father was Abraham but I don’t expect you are smart enough to know who those people are, are you ? So, we are talking Fratricide here, whether you like it or not.

  110. […] reports that Israeli troops are massing for a ground invasion. The American media has predictably reported on this Israeli assault as an unfortunate though utlimately understandable measure in the […]

  111. Israel gave them up because the US President at the time had some backbone and forced Israel to back down.

  112. My friends and family are all sickened by what Israel is doing to Gaza, but remember – Obama is not our President yet. He will be sworn in on January 20, 2009.

    Springfield, Illinois, USA

  113. while the people of gaza suffer look what this man posted here:


  114. look at this shameful video; just look:

  115. http://oladobde.multiply.com/video/item/373








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  118. Why don’t you guys join the discussion here:


    There’s no censorship, only the huge volume of posts determines whether you get posted or not.
    It will give you a good idea of how the rest of the world is thinking, too.

  119. I think Obama’s lack of comment is very deliberate. Ever heard of the line “Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves?” This is exactly what Obama is doing to Israel. Israel is NOT NEEDED for the USA to have influence in the Middle East – now that they have Iraq.
    Israel is dependent on US $$$ for everything. Without US arms … well go figure! Which surrounding countries would expel the Israeli invaders from the territories the Israeli’s illegally occupy?
    Nah … I think Obama is doing the right thing. Get enough public disgust (against Israel) and the withdrawal of US support is the only logical option! And as for the Jewish lobby in the USA? Aren’t there now more Muslims residing in the US than Israeli’s or Jews? That’ll be helpful – come the next election!

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