Hastert goes (back) to work for Turkey

Philip Giraldi has a new “Deep Background” just out for the American Conservative magazine about former House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s new job lobbying for Turkey – from which he has been credibly accused in the past of accepting cash bribes while still in the congress.

Journo Deemed A U.S. Terror Threat

Apparently, the pen is so mighty, that we can’t even risk certain foreign journalists flying in our airspace. According to reports over the weekend, an Air France flight to Mexico was diverted because of one passenger, Franco-Colombian writer Hernando Calvo Ospina, who works for the Le Monde Diplomatique, a left-wing French-based newspaper. Apparently, Ospina has […]

Obama’s Double Standard on Atrocities & Evil

At a Holocaust Remembrance Day at the Capitol on Thursday, President Obama called for “fighting the silence that is evil’s greatest co-conspirator.” On the same day, Obama decided to oppose creation of a truth commission to vigorously investigate and expose U.S. torture crimes. This is another of those damn paradoxes of which Washington is full […]

Oh, Poor Judge Bybee!

Pravda reports that Federal Judge Jay Bybee, who “interpreted” the law to mean that it was perfectly okay for George W. Bush to slam people against the wall 30 times in a row after keeping them awake for a month chained to the ceiling and forced to evacuate on themselves when they weren’t being locked […]

The Paradox of Law: The Past as Prologue

by Mario Rizzo   As an economist who has specialized in the economic analysis of law, I am quite frustrated by the statements of some commentators that the Obama Administration and the Congress should not look backwards in trying to uncover and/or prosecute member of the Bush Administration who may have been guilty of illegal […]

Media Elite Fall Down Again, and Again and …

For all of their gasbaggery about the virtue and necessity of the Fourth Estate, the glittering mainstream media elite (big names, big money, very little gumshoe) is simply allergic to breaking news, and intelligently reporting about anything that implicates the power structure beyond the isolated criminal doings of one man or woman, i.e, senators and […]