Daniel Ellsberg Says Boycott Amazon

Daniel Ellsberg, December 02, 2010

Open letter to Amazon.com Customer Service:

December 2, 2010

I’m disgusted by Amazon’s cowardice and servility in abruptly terminating today its hosting of the Wikileaks website, in the face of threats from Senator Joe Lieberman and other Congressional right-wingers. I want no further association with any company that encourages legislative and executive officials to aspire to China’s control of information and deterrence of whistle-blowing.

For the last several years, I’ve been spending over $100 a month on new and used books from Amazon. That’s over. I ask Amazon to terminate immediately my membership in Amazon Prime and my Amazon credit card and account, to delete my contact and credit information from their files and to send me no more notices.

I understand that many other regular customers feel as I do and are responding the same way. Good: the broader and more immediate the boycott, the better. I hope that these others encourage their contact lists to do likewise and to let Amazon know exactly why they’re shifting their business. I’ve asked friends today to suggest alternatives, and I’ll be exploring service from Powell’s Books, Half-Price Books, Biblio and others.

So far Amazon has spared itself the further embarrassment of trying to explain its action openly. This would be a good time for Amazon insiders who know and perhaps can document the political pressures that were brought to bear–and the details of the hasty kowtowing by their bosses–to leak that information. They can send it to Wikileaks (now on servers outside the US), to mainstream journalists or bloggers, or perhaps to sites like antiwar.com that have now appropriately ended their book-purchasing association with Amazon.

Yours (no longer),
Daniel Ellsberg

495 Responses to “Daniel Ellsberg Says Boycott Amazon”

  1. Here is the explanation that Amazon.com has provided for its actions:

    It doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Regarding owning the rights to the data, US government documents are not copyrighted.

    Regarding the assertion that "it is not credible that the extraordinary volume of 250,000 classified documents that WikiLeaks is publishing could have been carefully redacted in such a way as to ensure that they weren’t putting innocent people in jeopardy," the evidence suggests otherwise.

    Only a small fraction of the cables have been published by Wikileaks thus far, and they include redactions.

  2. http://aws.amazon.com/message/65348/

  3. permanently no longer a customer of Amazon, me

  4. Done, and emailed to Houston Chronicle editors and personal list of 100+, posted as comments. Look to http://wlcentral.org for the real news.

  5. How to close your Amazon account: http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.ht

    I just closed my account.

  6. I closed mine twice

  7. Oh so done with Amazon!

    It was VERY satisfying to do it actually :)

  8. < boycotting amazon

  9. Agreed and done.

  10. Closed my account as soon as I heard and posted it so others could do the same.

  11. Amazon is gone.

  12. Bye bye Amazon

  13. Having a company totally depending on AWS i applaud the decision to toss out Wikileaks. I like the liberty of speech, but I'm not willing to risk my business for Wikileaks (DoS attacks disrupting its service). So good bye Daniel. Best of luck with your future ventures. I'll stay firmly in the AWS sphere myself.

  14. Was getting Kindles for my folks and wife for Christmas. After this that is a no-go. Good for you folk standing up to these hypocrites. I’ll rather pay more by shopping on other sites that have integrety in future.

  15. So marcus what is your businesses name?

  16. marcus, did the DoS attack had any impact on you? i don't think so. will theobstructionof free speech haveimpact on you? think again.

    cheers from germany

  17. he means above me

  18. What's your company so we can boycott it as well? ;)
    The backbone of a worm…

  19. I also have terminated Amazon and talked my wife out of buying Amazon gift cards for our grandchildren.

  20. Good time for those using Amazon's web hosting services to check out the alternatives. Stand up for the Constitution of the United States [First Amendment] and save money at the same time.

  21. Its good to boycott Amazom. But to dissuade the US Establishment from its path of suppression, we surely need a far more concerted effort. How can we organise to do that?

  22. These companies respond to only one language – money.
    Their money interests are allied to the idealogy of the extreme right so Joe does not even have to say please for them to fall all over themselves to terminate Wikileaks.
    So, just as quickly I terminated Amazon.

  23. Thank you again Daniel Elsberg….just closed my amazon.com account.

  24. Sonja, i think marcus need to think thoroughly about his ideals.
    man, do you think ideals don't demand sacrifices?
    How harmful was/is those who opposes Wikileaks' Cables to act vigorously in such illegal & odd ways.

  25. Auf nimmer Wiedersehen, Amazon!

  26. How true!

  27. I don't want Wikileaks to disappear. I eagerly look forward to the bank documents being made public. But neither I nor Amazon is set out to do charity.

    Wikileaks should distribute their documents as torrents and the web interface should be on computers with short lifespan DNS so the visible network is on constant change and the database behind it is somewhat protected. Massive DoS will take anyone out. I salute Bahnhof for their courage but would not put my servers with them.

    Instead of protecting a flawed solution, aim for one that works. But instead of doing something useful it's far easier to scream out disgust in a forum.

  28. We should stand up firmly for our ideals. Amazon should recognize by losing their customers that being coward, moreover a LIAR had put them in a lose-lose situation.
    even Muslims & Middle East nations are willing to boycott Amazon services.

  29. Yeah, real petty that they are such cowards. In general I think me (as a european) am always very amazed what kind of power some politicians over suppesdly free media and their infrastructure providers. And they always seem to be republicans..

    (But then at the same time I am also amazed how little power politicians seem to have against large corporations over here)

    Anyway, I am with you guys, this is just shambles!

    Amazon s dead for me..

    Cheers from the UK,

  30. I left Amazon as soon as I heard it. And dumped my shares.

  31. ps: Important note for techies! If you are customer of Amazon Cloud services – find alternatives!

  32. Don't use fiat money.

  33. Something Amazon failed to mentioned, was "when" they decided to terminate the contract. If they decided to invoke TOS before or after the phone call. If it was truly before, I would side with them a little (but still boycott) but at least I would have some respect for them, but if it was after Mr libermans phone call, well, then this TOS is post facto justification, and they really are cowards.

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  35. I think there is a "mole" trying to change the thumbs up of those against Amazon

  36. Is it possible that Wikileaks could compile the most meaningful documents they've released into a book (or ebook) that they then would sell on Amazon? That would be a sweet type of revenge, in a way.

  37. Just now requested to close my Amazon account. Hope to get their reply soon!

  38. my kindle is now kindling. i can't support this company any more. will look elsewhere for ebooks and convert them.

  39. The DNS provider for the wikileaks.org domain everyDNS ( http://www.everydns.com/ )also stopped serving resolv requests.

    Here's what they said on their site:

    — CITATION FROM everydns.com —

    EveryDNS.net provided domain name system (DNS) services to the wikileaks.org domain name until 10PM EST, December 2, 2010, when such services were terminated. As with other users of the EveryDNS.net network, this service was provided for free. The termination of services was effected pursuant to, and in accordance with, the EveryDNS.net Acceptable Use Policy.
    See more.

    More specifically, the services were terminated for violation of the provision which states that "Member shall not interfere with another Member's use and enjoyment of the Service or another entity's use and enjoyment of similar services." The interference at issues arises from the fact that wikileaks.org has become the target of multiple distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. These attacks have, and future attacks would, threaten the stability of the EveryDNS.net infrastructure, which enables access to almost 500,000 other websites.

    Thus, last night, at approximately 10PM EST, December 1, 2010 a 24 hour termination notification email was sent to the email address associated with the wikileaks.org account. In addition to this email, notices were sent to Wikileaks via Twitter and the chat function available through the wikileaks.org website. Any downtime of the wikileaks.org website has resulted from its failure to use another hosted DNS service provider.


  40. Just closed mine.

  41. I just canceled my decades old account. I said I did not want to support extremist corporate political views with my business.

  42. I would love to close my account, but honestly: using amazon is just so comfortable that I am still hesitating

  43. You have NO other alternative but to use Amazon? Or is it just too difficult for you to change? Any web-based business that is terminally tied to one web service is already taking a huge risk- what would happen if Lieberman pressured Amazon to close down *erything* without warning? Where would you be then? If the USG does this to Amazon they'll do it elsewhere- and they'll get away with it until the public, you included, takes a stand.

  44. Wikileaks is enlightening the public to information they should know. For example, the citizens of any country involved in Afghanistan should know that President Karzai attempted to rewrite Afghanistan's electoral laws to give himself more power or that Karzai's brother is a corrupt drug trafficker with influence in the government. Why should the citizens of any country be asked to spend lives and treasury supporting a government and war they know nothing about?

  45. Buck up – don't be like jello.
    But, I know how you feel. Just chalk it up to the cost of living like a human being.

  46. I also have made many purchases from Amazon, thousands of dollars over the past several years. It was convenient to purchase from only one website since I do not like having my credit card information on many different sites. But my conscience cannot let that convenience trump the integrity of living a principled life. I have thus just closed my account and sent them a pointed letter of complaint explaining my disappointment. Goodbye Amazon! This feels good.

  47. A reply from Amazon? You are dreaming! They only send "messages" that might bring in a sale.

  48. Here ends my long relationship with Amazon.

  49. I have closed my account with Amazon. The right to access open and truthful reporting on the actions of governments needs to be restated in todays world. Amazon appears to be just another corporate slut. They do not stand for or with people's rights. To hell with them and the despots they support.

  50. Amazon Web Service's response seems to have been written by a very misinformed (or disingenuous) employee. I hope Amazon takes note of the seriousness of this issue. #amazonboycott

  51. If it was all about the terms of service, why didn't amazone terminate the service when wikileaks published confidential material on the war in iraq and afghanistan?

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  53. [...] + to the point — very succinct (quoted in full, a comment to “Daniel Ellsberg Says Boycott Amazon“): Here is the explanation that Amazon.com has [...]

  54. Account closed already yesterday. But login is still possible.

  55. I really feel for the position Amazon got put in here, but they handled it in the worst possible way. Whether they just decided to pull WikiLeaks for their own political reasons or because Sen. Lieberman was threatening them, they should've gone to the group first and warned them, given them a reasonable amount of time to move servers, etc.

    Just downing the site in the middle of the night is no way to treat a customer, and parroting administration positions about how WikiLeaks is putting people at risk only makes them look worse.

  56. I closed my account and advised my students and assistants to do likewise.

  57. I'm old and slow, so I'll give Amazon a week to either change their mind or come up with an amazing explanation before I cancel my accounts.

  58. *sigh*

    I always liked Amazon. But Ellsberg is one of my personal heroes. Oh, well….. Cancelled. : (

  59. Wikileaks is garbage and any of you idiots that support it are scum. Im boycotting and business that supports wikileaks.Do any of you idiots realize INNOCENT people are dying because of the releases. Sadly the intent may have been good but its been clouded by liberal narcissism.Also, it just emboldens the enemy, and prolongs the fighting. way to go you morons as always, you have made the situation worse than when you found it. And now just like the NATO militarys you have innocent blood on your hands.

  60. What innocent people are dying because of the releases?? Even the Pentagon admitted they could find no evidence of loss of life due to anything that Wikileaks has published to date. Do you really buy into the propaganda and posturing that our fine leaders are putting out there??

  61. I called amazon to cancel my account. You can request them to phone you, which they do immediately. It is more satisfying to do it in person in my opinion. I told them to remove my account and credit card info, which they did. I also told them to remove my email address, which they told me will take time and they will send me a last email when it is done.

    Sickofwikileaks you are an idiot. No one has died because of any release that wikileaks has made and the US govt has admitted that. You really are an idiot.

  62. @SIckofwikileaks
    If you have any proof for the death of or harm to any people due to the leaks, please share your evidence with us. Without evidence, you're just parroting the, so far, false political rhetoric.

  63. You do realise all the same stuff was said, with regards to risk to life, when the Afghanistan and Iraq war logs were released, but since then the Pentagon hasn't been able to point to a single example of this happening? And liberal narcissism? In a country whose conservative party just stated that they'll filibuster every motion, including cutting taxes for small business and the middle classes, if tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% aren't extended?

    I can't say I wholeheartedly agree with what WikiLeaks has done, but all these people making statements like that which you have just made are so ridiculously misguided, it beggars belief. Don't you have a football game to go to and chant "U-S-A, U-S-A" at?

  64. Don't you watch FOX News? ALL THE INNOCENT PEOPLE, DAMNIT.

  65. I closed my German Amazon account yesterday already.
    Thanks to everyone doing this and thanks to Daniel Ellsberg!
    Cheers from Berlin.

  66. I'm in Thailand,and I, and two of my friends have closed our Amazon accounts.
    Fight Back! Say no to Amazon, "Nazi Joe" and the Empire.
    Cheers from Bangkok.

  67. Amazon's cowardice is a disgrace. But it brought to mind a situation from back in 2006 when the govt demanded that telephone companies release customer data to the NSA. Each cowardly company fell into lockstep and turned over their customers' call records.

    But there was one single ray of freedom's light when Qwest out and out refused to violate their customers' privacy, bringing up concern about the Constitutional issues involved. It is suspected that it cost Qwest a govt contract in retaliation. But they never did give the NSA the information demanded. Amazon could have done the same.

    I am sure someone can find a better article than this about Qwest's heroic stand.

    Qwest Refuses To Give Customer Records To NSA http://cbs4denver.com/local/Denver.Qwest.AT.2.549

  68. [...] the Anti War Blog, US-American Daniel Ellsberg, famous for leaking the Pentagon Papers, called for a boycott of book-seller Amazon, because it removed the Wikileaks content in an overnight action from their [...]

  69. Add me to the boycott list. I have a ([correction: had a] Prime membership as well and bought nearly everything from Amazon. You lost me too.

  70. I haven't willingly interacted with Amazon for about a decade now. Kill Amazon!

  71. I wrote them saying I would never buy another product through them until they restored the Wikileaks site.

  72. Very alarming situation. I bet there's a lot of news organizations using Amazon's cloud. One wonders if Amazon will hold them to the same standard that they hold wikileaks in preventing them from hosting large amounts of "illegally" gained documents.

  73. [...] Daniel Ellsberg Says Boycott Amazon « Antiwar.com Blog. [...]

  74. I canceled my account yesterday. Make the rich pay!

  75. we.riseup.net ?

  76. My letter to Amazon:

    To Whom it May Concern at Amazon.com,

    Over the years, I have come to happily rely on your company for books and music. I love the books division of your company because of the amazing capability to connect with small book sellers all over the world. In debates with friends and colleagues about mega sellers vs. local sellers, I've defended your company on the basis of the innovation of merging the two.

    Your store and its partners have been the singular source of so many books that have had a real impact on my personal, professional and intellectual development. That is why I am so sad that your company made the decision to take the Wikileaks website off of your sever, yielding to the censorship desires and threats of Senator Joe Lieberman and his friends in Congress.

    The assertion that WikiLeaks was in violation of your terms of service because it does not "control all the rights" to classified content, and the implication that the documents have the potential to harm persecuted peoples is a generic 'copy and paste' position that can be inserted into the defense of most if not all cases of government censorship. As your company knows, a multitude of websites around the world are publishing the exact same content provided by Wikileaks online, yet servers — yours included — are not pulling the sites for any such violations. The content is not illegal, and is only distinctive with regard to its extraordinary bulk and depth of insight. Therefore your statement is indicative of the classic moral relativism and prostration that occurs once you've towed the line of unrighteous government censorship.

    Wikileaks has made valuable information available which has provided the world with a kind of knowledge and insight into the reality of the that state of the world and our wars with Iraq and Afghanistan that can only be achieved through the technology that part of your company provides. Because Amazon is choosing to go down in history as an example of a tech company succumbing to the wants of this country's politicians and power brokers instead of the public that it serves, I am no longer going to do business with you. I am also committing myself to urging all of my colleagues, friends and relatives to cease their business as well.

    As Daniel Ellsberg wrote in his open letter to your company, I am

    Yours (No longer),

  77. Though I was sorry to go, go I must. My account is closed.

  78. I've been a regular customer since 1998 and had started doing some of my holiday shopping with them – but I've informed them that I won't be buying anything from them in the future.

  79. I also just left Amazon.

  80. [...] Pentagon papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg has called for a boycott of Amazon, over its withdrawal of support for [...]

  81. I deleted my account day the day they dropped wikileaks. I won't be back.

  82. These days it seems to be the Germans that are making the most sense,

  83. Good for Amazon! This person (Julian Assange) is nothing more than a terrorist. His actions jeopardize national security. He should be drawn and quartered!

  84. Ok, done it…

    > How to close your Amazon account:
    > First, visit Your Account and cancel any outstanding orders associated with the account. Once you
    > have done so, please contact us to request that your account be closed. Please make sure to
    > send your request from the e-mail address associated with the account you would like to close. In
    > order to verify your identity, please provide of the name on your account, and list the titles of one or > two of the most recent purchases made on your account, when contacting us.

  85. You're right, what is free speech and the constitution compared to being able to order crap from China from the comfort of your living room.

  86. When your company fails you will be dependent on the good will of others. wouldn't it be terrible if you then found out that everybody thought the same way as you.

  87. And above me too

  88. done!

  89. I thought they put pnly the front page to amazon…so they certainly owned everything they hosted on amazon.

  90. Closed my account aswell – twice.

  91. Dear Amazon,
    In the past I would have defended Amazon to the death. I truly believed that Amazon was doing good for the planet by providing an excellent service, bring books to everyone.
    Now that Amazon has shown it's lack of guts, ethics, principles, pride, etc. by cancelling the wikileaks hosting under threat from the US govt. I am sorry to have to revise my opinion and look to other sources of books, and all the other junk that I used to buy preferably from Amazon.
    Indeed, I will now give wikileaks the equivalent of all the money I have spent in Amazon, and not return to Amazon unless Amazon again becomes the good guys in my eyes.

    I am very sorry to have to stop all commercial relations with Amazon, due to Amazon's foolish submission to imaginary pressure!
    Most Sincerely,

  92. Thank you, Mr. Ellsberg. I hope this attempt has legs.

  93. Just closed my Amazon account.
    Cheers from Italy

  94. This would have been a far more effective post had Amazon.com not appeared as a prominent advertiser on this blog. Supporting a call for boycotting the site while accepting its endorsement as a sponsor is a bit hypocritical. My hat is off to Daniel Ellsberg for his action…but let's get Amazon off the front page.

  95. As an 81 year old living in LIEberman-land and 25 miles from the nearest bookstore, it hurts, but cancel I will.

  96. I don't know if anyone mentioned this before but Amazon recently bought Woot.com so I guess they're out the window too.

  97. Unfortunately, Amazon is a conduit for a lot of small vendors who depend on them for a sizable chunk of their services. I have been using it for many years, but seldom do I buy directly from Amazon itself; most of my traffic is for used books from small shops and collectors. I do not plan to terminate my account entirely, but any future purchases I might make through them will be from third parties, not directly from them. I will also go so far as to write them to protest their action. An unused account is still a fractional waste of their resources with no return.

  98. I completely support you and will boycott Amazon as well http://armn.me/post/2078469641/amazonsucks

    You also might want to check out WikiLeaks twibbon http://twibbon.com/join/Support-WikiLeaks

  99. Closed

  100. Done.
    Lots of nearly unintelligible customer servicer hoops to jump through, but…

  101. Don't forget your Audible.com accounts (and other Amazon owned businesses).

  102. I 'am staying with you amazon don't publish our dirty laundry that gives comfort to the ENEMY,Not to include these left wing commies that need to be hunted down and re-educated at who is the police on the planet!Not them let them go find their crap some where else in fact start eliminating their reading material all together! STAND TALL,STAND UP Amazon any body who thinks Joe Lieberman is a right wing must be from Russia! ps it takes up way to much space any way!

  103. Well, antiwar.com still has ads from Amazon.com. What is the point, nobody that visits this site will go and buy things after clicking the banner.

  104. Canceled my Amazon account and credit card. I also got a few coworkers to do the same.

  105. well, you sure didn't remove the amazon.com ads from antiwar.com

  106. I see a huge over reaction by Daniel. Don't make the same mistake. I've been in the Internet business since it first went public and can say that I am surprised that a private corporation like Amazon stepped up to the plate and hosted Wikileaks at all.

    No one else did this. That it turned out to be more controversial than they could stomach is not their fault. The DDOS attack against the Amazon servers would just have gotten so big that Amazon would have gone out of business. Thousands of employees and numerous small business would have been badly impacted.

    You want to be mad at someone, then be mad at the thousands of companies that did not step up to help Wikieaks. Because not one of them did. This would have been the perfect opportunity for Google or Akamai or AOL to step in and help Amazon share the load, but none of them did anything to help. Not one thing.

    So lets stop blaming the one guy that actually tried to help and got badly beat up, and put the blame where it belongs.

  107. It's easy to create a website on AWS and it's also easy to obtain a mirror copy of WikiLeaks. If it weren't for the cost involved (which Amazon would profit from), I would suggest an I'm Spartacus campaign..

    I am a web developer and I intend to use alternative web services in the future.

  108. [...] Daniel Ellsberg: Boycott Amazon [...]

  109. Nice words. Problem is, with paying so much a month we all helped these **Sholes into the saddle, towering over every decent little bookseller. All you hypocrites here probably buy there coffee at Starbucks, drive SUV’s, wear Nike’s and Diesel Jeans, drink coca cola, and generally like being ‘hip’. WE are yourselves the cause of all this. Just as WE, with our lack of reflection and GREED are the cause of the financial crises. Yeah, go ahead, blame Amazon. Blame the end result of your own stupid behaviour. Don’t wanna say I told you so, cause I dont know you, but if you did, I would have told you so, and so do and did many other people. Its like all those sleeping beauties are waking up… morons. Well, at least you’re using your bloody brains for a change. It took Assange to get to you. Congratulations, or actually: ITS ABOUT F**ING TIME YOU WOKE UP. And now stop whining and get back to work.

  110. this site's comment navigation is shite. and look at the comments anyway: 100? pathetic. get your site together ffs.

  111. [...] comments – judging from which, it certainly doesn't look like folks are too happy with Amazon ): Daniel Ellsberg Says Boycott Amazon (Over the years I've spent well in excess of tens of thousand of dollars with Amazon …. and I [...]

  112. Wikileaks is not the problem. Stifling freedom under the guise of security is the problem. I guess books like those that I read in high school (1984/Brave New World) 45 years ago are morphing from fiction to nonfiction.

    Julian Assange may one day be described as hero in the history books–maybe even sold on Amazon (if it hasn't wimped out of existence). Transparency is what will keep us safe, not lies and disingenuous diplomacy.

  113. Can someone please suggest a reliable alternative to Amazon for shipping first release dvds and blurays from America to overseas destinations?

  114. < closing amazon account

  115. I already have canceled my account and have decided to do none of my Solstice Season shopping there. The statement by Amazon only makes me feel more comfortable with my decision.

  116. Tell me what your business is so I can boycott it.

  117. I was born and raised in CT, still read the Htfd Courrant on line. As a loyal Democrat (not all that loyal anymore) I voted for LIEberman many times. Even met him a few times at political events. I sure do hope that in 2012 CT is planning on cancelling his membership in the Senate. I now live in AZ (God help me – land of McCain and death panel head Jan Brewer), but will gladly contribute to whom ever opposes Joe the Lier.

  118. [...] [...]

  119. I just tried to delete my account with Amazon and there is no such option. I suppose it's just a case of no longer using them.

  120. Email to Amazon:

    I note your recent initiative in respect of WikiLeaks, and I strongly disapprove. I therefore wish to close my account.

    I regret this, but your actions are illiberal and ill-considered. WikiLeaks has done the public a great service in is disclosures of government dealings, which are of enormous public interest. If Amazon is unable to support such a public good I do not want to do business with it, and will find another supplier.

    Please advise me that the account is closed.

    Alan McMahon

  121. "Daniel A"
    I just closed my account also and I really do spend a lot of money with this company.

    I would like to close this account thank you.
    I no longer wish to shop with you.

    Philip Davidson

  122. @stephen ryan

    I’ll ta Mr. Assange over a scuzbag like DICK CHENEY any day–besides, Mr. Assange at ea didn’t streal an election–unlike some other guy we know!

  123. I closed my account as well… the statement read, “Please end my services, the same way you did Wikileaks.”

  124. Sticks up for pedophiles, but not truth peddlers.

  125. Does anyone besides myself notice that the uproar was about the same as the last set of leaks about Iraq, but as soon as the "Banks" were brought up, all hell broke loose. Get those leaks out soon, I bet the FED and CEO's and Politico's are already wetting themselves. hahahahaha

  126. [...] Daniel Ellsberg: Boycott Amazon [...]

  127. I just canceled my Amazon account. Lieberman is the McCarthy, and ironically, what he demands is EXACTLY what communist China is doing.
    The extreme right has always been about totalitarianism-except with open markets. Hitler and Stalin would be proud of where the US is headed

  128. Amazon acct. closed.

  129. I hear your point that Daniel may have overreacted. However, you act like Amazon is a small company that didn't have much of a choice in the matter. They're worth $80+ billion and annual revenue is almost 1/2 that. I think they would have set a nice example by not caving in so easily. It was the day after the lieberman's phone call if the press has it right.

    As for other companies stepping in, you're absolutely right, let's boycott them all. Since that's not practical, I'm 100% with Daniel in boycotting Amazon. A small statement that with any luck will turn into a big one.

  130. Unless the tyrants re-write history, he should absolutely be described as a hero. His life's in grave danger because he's held steadfast to his beliefs.

  131. I will no more use Amazon as they disappoint me VERY much, as they let themselfes be pushed around and manipulated by the “greater good” (i.e. THE POLITICIANS THAT SHOULD BE FIRED!)

    Amazon used to be a great. I wonder if even the employees honestly can tell themselves that their company is pro-democracy.

  132. [...] Daniel Ellsberg: Boycott Amazon [...]

  133. I was thinking on the same lines. Thank you to get me to decision. Will you please spread the word in the same way when you find the better alternative? I hope you will.
    All the best. (NO MORE AMAZON.)

  134. Just closed my account and posted the link for friends to do same. Daniel you are my hero

  135. Email through the help system. Use words similar to Daniel Ellsberg's in the first two paragraphs above, tailored to your own situation. Done. That's what I did earlier today. We'll see if they respond by closing the account. At least they get the message, and it is a secure communication so it is binding.

  136. [...] devoted to the leaked cables, the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg has written an open letter to Amazon in which he calls for a boycott of the retailer because its Web services arm caved to pressure to [...]

  137. Boycott everything and everyone who tries to stop or disrupt Wikileaks. As an individual we can at least do these thing for their support.

  138. I'm sure everyone at Amazon is shaking in their boots knowing that they just lost the 120 of you as customers…

    Amazon is going to do just fine without you idiots.

  139. I let Amazon know I will no longer be a customer or a partner. Anyone is welcome to borrow my language for their own closure message to Amazon, if they wish:

  140. Just closed my account after 10 years as a loyal customer, Amazon not standing up for freedom of information and cowering to the pressures of the power elite is beyond disappointing. Goodbye.

  141. Exactly my sentiment.

    I had some purchases just yesterday (in the hundreds of $s) which went to another vendor because of this news. And I've dropped my plan on getting a Kindle.

  142. Don't worry!They are not innocent people!Are vou innocent?

  143. You may now add PayPal to the boycott -list:

    Looks like we are dealing with the greatest case of cencorship in the modern ages. It's just astonishing how conveniently private companies act as a part of big, political vehicle in their mission to mute Wikileaks. Who needs free speech anyway?

  144. I am boycotting Amazon as of two days ago, but I'm keeping my Wish Lists just for reference purposes. So I get the best of both worlds: they don't get my money, and I get to use some of their services. I call that "enlightened self-interest." ;)

  145. Furious is right to the certain point. But, the explanation from Amazon is criminal act (supporting criminals disclosed). There are clear priorities to follow to keep the credibility. And if Amazon is SO BIG, it would keep the same BIG pressure on criminals, if it would keep stand with Wikileaks (awareness among the people would be far bigger then).

    I haven't closed my Amazon account yet, but certainly will. I've closed PayPal, because of the same reason, and donated money via other means. I recommend to ban all companies acting against Wikileaks.

  146. So, Amazon thinks selling illegal pornographic books, pro war books or even books on making bombs is acceptable, but they tried to stop us having access to much needed/ sought freedom of information that may restore peace on earth. Another amazon account closed.

  147. I too have closed my Amazon Account, as you say explanation doesn't seem to cut it! And to think they could have been Heroes!

  148. Then how about those Dutch, German and Finish providers? They are hosting wikileaks now. And they are not huge companies. Shame on Amazon. But even more shame on the US government for overeacting horribly. They shot themselves in the foot multiple times and don't even realize it.

  149. And, there's a facebook group for this:

  150. I have just send a request to Amazon to cancel my account

  151. it hurts, but it must be NOW!

  152. account is closed. Put amazon down!

  153. http://bookdepository.com/ is a good alternative – free delivery worldwide and often cheaper than amazon for rarer titles.

  154. Good initiative. I've closed my account with Amazon.

  155. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

  156. Just closed my Amazon account…

  157. Closed my Amazon.com and .co.uk accounts, closed my AWS account, closed my PayPal accounts.

  158. I just bought shoes, a kindle and 2 books from Amazon in the last month. Had this happen before then, I would not have bought them from Amazon. They probably wont notice but it makes me feel better.

  159. Best wishes to Mr. Assange

    I have just removed my Amazon account

  160. I did that.

  161. Amazon, don't count on me anymore.

  162. Bye, Amazon. Let's see how many books you sell to police state supporters versus people opposed to censorship. I wonder who reads more?

  163. I have never purchased anything form Amazon. Now I never will. I admire those who have closed their accounts on principle

  164. I wish I had an Amazon account. I would have loved to close that account at this time but I am happy that so many fellow freedom lovers are closing their amazon account. Can’t someone start a webpage: closeyouramazon.com(say).We should probably bring a ‘financial crisis’ inside Amazon.

  165. Amazon account: terminated.
    PayPal account: terminated.

    Seriously, I’m not being a part of this. They might not care about one single account (or even a few hundred), but for me it’s highly satisfying and that’s why it was worth it.

    All the best to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange!

  166. Here is the phone number to use when telling Amazon that you intend to boycott them;


  167. do it. close the account

  168. Thank you again Daniel Elsberg….just closed my amazon.com account.

  169. Bye bye amazon!
    Please suggest a good alternative!
    Anyone to start a twitter trend on boycotting Amazon and Paypal?

    Paypal froze wikileaks donation account: http://www.thetechherald.com/article.php/201048/6

  170. closed my account

  171. people shouldn't die in the first place. why are we fighting in a war we can't win?
    we teach our children about truth, democracy and moral values and what goverments ar doing kiling, lying.

  172. So you're happy being lied to by your government? Does that make you feel safe, that your so called 'leaders' have such little respect for you? Since when should people who simply reveal the truth deserve punishment? I told my kids the truth about Santa – am I a terrorist too?

  173. Money is the answer, don't buy from them and this money will not flow up to the Politicians. Being in investment Banking(maybe a hypocrate but at least not a total sell-out) I have seen how these business people suck up to us bankers. Amazon, never again.

  174. Acccount closed. The land of the free? What a joke.

  175. I'm sure Amazon would be thrilled to keep the book burning bigots like yourself. Bravo sir. Now don't you have some unmarried mothers/illegitimate children/innocent immigrants to burn at the stake?

  176. i can't wait for the ET disclosure…
    we are going to know what they are holding back from us.

  177. I'd close my account if I had one. Crappy site with a horrid layout scheme. I highly encourage everyone who has an account to terminate it. Killing the truth has its price of course. Power to the people.

  178. One should question cloud based services in general.

  179. What a twisted mind we have got here. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been murdered and miamed and you made this moronic claim about the perpetrators may die because of the releases!! Frankly the hypocrisy is breathtaking!!

  180. Account closed, good post.

  181. Account closed.

  182. Won't do any buissness with Amazon anymore.
    Closed my Paypal account.


  183. Closed account!

    As far as books are concerned, check out bookdepository.com and betterworldbooks.com.

  184. Just closed my Paypal account too, they closed the wikileaks account yesterday.

    Today it;s Julian, tomorrow it's you…….

  185. Let us assume for a second that you are right and that innocent ppl are dying because of the leaks. So did you just realize innocent ppl died right now or have you forgotten all the innocent ppl killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? And I bring them up because these cables tells us a bit about how the US government is killing innocents, corrupting other governments, etc. How about the innocent Reuters journalist hit by a US tank in Palestine Hotel in Iraq. Thanks to the leaks now we know that the Spanish government was helping the US to put endless hoops to the trial. The Yemen bombing that killed 41 civilians, including 14 women and 21 children.

  186. http://support.jungledisk.com/entries/349498-boyc

    Boycotting Amazon – possible to migrate existing JungleDisk account to RackSpace?

    Michael Maguire Dec 04

    Dear JungleDisk,

    I am opposed to how Amazon.com has closed down the accounts they were hosting for WikiLeaks ( http://www.wikileaks.ch/ ). Their publicly-stated reasons for their ban (http://aws.amazon.com/message/65348/) don't make sense — US government documents are not copyrighted and WikiLeaks has been careful in how they have released documents, with redactions where appropriate to protect individuals. Whatever may be the legality of the leaker of the documents, journalist organizations such as WikiLeaks should be free to publish information they have been given which they deem to be in the public insterest.

    Nevertheless, Amazon is free to do as they wish with their business, and I am free as a consumer to do what I would like with my money — including boycotting Amazon ( http://www.antiwar.com/blog/2010/12/02/daniel-ell…. ).

    I like the JungleDisk service and I was sad that I was going to need to close it down. I was happy to learn that you also support storage in the RackSpace Cloud Files service.

    Can you give me more information about what steps I will need to take to migrate my data in my JungleDisk account from Amazon S3 to RackSpace Cloud Files?


    Michael Maguire

  187. boycotting my PayPal account.

  188. Very appropriate action. Thanks

  189. Done!

  190. 3 us comanies figure out at one day that wikileaks does not follow their terms???? are you kidding?

  191. You can allways get back to them at a later point. :)

  192. [...] Daniel Ellsberg Says Boycott Amazon [...]

  193. agreed and just done
    dirk stelder

  194. very funny what amazon writes… and it is no hazard that 3 us companies figure out the same day that wikileaks dows not follow their terms??? how stupid do they think we are….

  195. Sounds groovy, how do I get an amazon account that I can close too?

  196. Luckily there are more good internet book and media sellers

  197. i ama gone from amazon!

  198. True True … I am a Muslim and middle eastern… I'm done with Amazon…

  199. amazon account now closed!

  200. http://www.facebook.com/search.php?q=boycott+amaz

  201. From the more than 250.000 documents only a small part has been released already. All the accessible files have been edited to not harm people. The only harm is done to those that want to do business in secret. Wikileaks could have put all 250.000 documents into one small zip-file if they wanted to. They act responsible and in your interest. I doubt that you are a fan of lying and cheating?
    It's only needed to lie and cheat if something needs to be covered. Do "they" have the right to hold back information that could answer important questions?

  202. I've boycotted Amazon across the board and Paypal too. I guess this means no more ebay, but I can go without it if it means that the government does not remained unchecked. Whistle blowing used to be an important part of the process. Now it's deemed terrorism.

    We as people need to remember that the government works for US, the people and it's time they remembered it too. Every cookie Michelle Obama puts in her mouth, every plane ride that some Congressmen takes with money passed to him under the table by a lobbyist, every thing is paid for by the hard work of the American people. We paid for the ostentatious Christmas tree in the White House, but how many of us will go without our own?

    I for one am thankful that Cablegate has happened. I think it's time to remember that We, the People are supposed to have the power and that the system of checks and balances hasn't worked in a long time. This is the only way to check the government now and it's time to get angry. Really angry at what the government is doing to us and on our dime.

  203. Paypal and Amazon account closed. No more money from me.____I dont want anything to do with a company which supports US goverment handling things like that …. Country of Freedom ? what a joke!

  204. Closed my Paypal account today.

    Paypal turns out to be the corrupt company many made it out to be back when it started.

  205. I have joined the Amazon boycott.

  206. I think there is a wider issue of hypocrisy here: amazonleaks.org

  207. i plan on buying twice as much stuff from them for christmas.

  208. account deleted, forever

  209. [...] Daniel Ellsberg (leaker of Pentagon Papers) is boycotting Amazon; [...]

  210. [...] has kicked him off. Amazon.com withdrew its support of hosting Wikileaks’ files, causing Daniel Ellsberg to call for a ban on Amazon.com. Paypal has also suspended the Wikileaks donation account again, [...]

  211. Just canceled my account! And this close to Christmas – this did cost them more than just a few €uros ;)

    Greetings from Germany!

  212. There is indeed no option to cancel the account… Incredible!!
    Well then they get it in writing from me too…:

    Dear Amazon support team,

    I have been a customer of Amazon.de, and discovered I also have a Amazon.com account, (most likely created when trying the Kindle App).

    I could not find an option on the website to cancel/delete my account, so I ask you via this email to delete my account and all its associated information entirely.

    Should you retain some of the information, I ask you to tell me which information this is, and on which legal grounds you are keeping it.

    The reason for stopping any relation with Amazon is amply summarized in this post: http://www.antiwar.com/blog/2010/12/02/daniel-ell

    Kind regards,

  213. it hurts. Closed, nevertheless.

  214. Thank you for this info. I hope you do not mind that I used your argument in my Good-Bye letter to Amazon:

    Dear Amazon support team,

    I have been a very satisfied customer of Amazon.de. I discovered I also have a Amazon.com account, (most likely created when trying the Kindle App).

    I could not find an option on the website to cancel/delete my account, so I ask you via this email to delete my account and all its associated information entirely.

    Should you retain some of the information, I ask you to tell me which information this is, and on which legal grounds you are keeping it.

    The reason for stopping any relation with Amazon is well summarized in this post: http://www.antiwar.com/blog/2010/12/02/daniel-ell

    Regarding Amazon's explanation, http://aws.amazon.com/message/65348/, this doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Regarding owning the rights to the data, US government documents are not copyrighted.

    Regarding the assertion that "it is not credible that the extraordinary volume of 250,000 classified documents that WikiLeaks is publishing could have been carefully redacted in such a way as to ensure that they weren’t putting innocent people in jeopardy," the evidence suggests otherwise.

    Only a small fraction of the cables have been published by Wikileaks thus far, and they include redactions.

    Please confirm that you have deleted my account.

    Kind regards,

  215. another 1000€/year customer gone!

  216. I like Amazon so much I can't help clicking on their Pay-per-Click adverts

  217. Boycott Amazon.com worldwide and keep looking for Wikileaks Websites

  218. Bob Murphy makes some interesting points on this

    "Many opponents of the U.S. empire are calling for a boycott against Amazon, after its capitulation to Sen. Joe Lieberman’s calls for it to stop hosting WikiLeaks on its servers. This is a controversial issue, with even LRC bloggers taking nuanced positions (e.g. here and here). Although it’s possible someone could give me a compelling argument for boycotting Amazon, I am not yet convinced. Furthermore, there are several concerns that I haven’t seen the proponents of a boycott address.

    Of Course You Have a Right To Boycott Amazon

    Before I dive in, let me defuse one objection. I have seen many boycotters argue, "Hey, it’s my money and I have the right to do what I want with it." Well of course you do; nobody is denying that. By the same token, I have the right to send $10,000 to Jonah Goldberg because I’m outraged at what just happened. It doesn’t mean that my action would make a whole lot of sense, though.

    So in the rest of this article, we take it for granted that this isn’t a discussion about libertarian or antiwar principles per se; nobody is a criminal for either using Amazon, or for boycotting it. I am just trying to clarify some of the issues involved, to make sure the boycotters have thought this through.

    Why Single Out Amazon?

    My first concern is that Amazon is being targeted only because it initially hosted WikiLeaks. That’s the only reason this is even an issue. If Amazon is "censoring" WikiLeaks because it won’t host it, then the same is true for every other company that owns servers in the world, except for the one in Sweden (Bahnhof AB) that currently hosts WikiLeaks.

    Now the boycotter could respond that this is just silly, and that there are plenty of principled owners of server space out there, who would be glad to host WikiLeaks. OK fine, then that shows in the grand scheme, Amazon didn’t really "hurt the cause." And in actual fact, WikiLeaks was down for less than a day. Anyone who wants to sift through the secret material still has it all at his disposal; Amazon’s decision in no way will protect the government from embarrassment.

    I am sure the average boycotter will think I am being incredibly obtuse: Why, the whole point is that some companies – like the one in Sweden – need to be brave and stand up to the U.S. government, rather than fold at the first sign of trouble, as Amazon did.

    Yet if this is the argument, then still I have to ask: Why single out Amazon for the boycott? To repeat, at least Amazon initially hosted WikiLeaks; this actually surprised me when I heard it, since I thought major corporations wouldn’t want to touch Assange’s website with a ten-foot pole in this environment.

    If we are to boycott Amazon because it supported WikiLeaks, but then abandoned it when things started to heat up, then surely we should also boycott those corporations which we know would never have supported WikiLeaks in the first place. For example, we should never buy another GE appliance, because of the pro-empire spin of its media outlets.

    And for a really tough one: Are we still allowed to watch Judge Napolitano’s show? After all, he’s associated with FOX, some of whose personalities have not been entirely supportive of Assange. If the answer is, "Yes, we can watch Napolitano because he’s good on civil liberties," then why can’t we buy Thoreau books from Amazon?

    My concern on singling out Amazon is best summed up by the declaration from many boycotters that they would take their business to Barnes & Noble. But why? Did Barnes & Noble host WikiLeaks? How did they suddenly become the corporate heroes who laugh at profits and go to the barricades for liberty?

    The boycotters seem quite sure that this episode will send a signal to major corporations that they shouldn’t leave critics of the government high and dry. But this might actually backfire, and be akin to raising the minimum wage, thinking it helps unskilled workers. Specifically, the lesson to major corporations might be: "Whoa, let’s not get ourselves involved with any dubious groups or individuals, in case the government cracks down and makes us look like the bad guys."

  219. continued

    How Long Will the Boycott Last?

    I have another question: How long is the boycott supposed to last? Until Amazon once again hosts WikiLeaks? Until the War on Terror is over? Are the boycotters really never going to use Amazon again?

    As with the invasion of Iraq after 9/11, I am concerned that some of the boycotters are lashing out in rage because they don’t like what just happened, even though they haven’t carefully thought through what their actual objectives are, and what their "exit strategy" is.

    The Real Enemy

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that it was Joe Lieberman, representing the might of the U.S. federal government, who caused Amazon to drop WikiLeaks as a customer. I have read some boycotters arguing that Amazon should have put up more of a fight, at least waiting for a court order.

    This strikes me as very naïve. The government has all sorts of tools at its disposal. The IRS could’ve hit Amazon with an audit. The company could have lost its sales tax exemption. OSHA could’ve discovered all sorts of safety violations at its offices. If Amazon had wanted to acquire another company, the government could’ve held up approval.

    Look at how effortlessly Assange was demonized the world over, when he crossed these people. This is the same group that is currently using robots to blow people up, and claims the authority to unilaterally kill U.S. citizens with no due process. So Amazon executives were supposed to tell Lieberman to beat it, then lawyer-up and be immune from government retaliation?

    It’s ironic to think through exactly why Amazon ended up being the target of the boycott, when even the boycotters would all quickly admit that it was Lieberman who was more culpable than the Amazon executives. Consider: If a would-be boycotter wanted to cause economic pain because of the silencing of WikiLeaks, then the obvious move would be to stop sending more money to the very government that is waging wars and harassing Assange.

    Yet the boycotters aren’t saying, "Hey everyone, let’s stop sending our money to D.C." Why? Because they are afraid of what the government would do to them. In other words, they are behaving exactly like the Amazon executives.

    Let us not forget that all of us, to the extent we pay taxes, are funding the very organization that is carrying out operations that WikiLeaks is trying to stop. In that light, it’s odd to become indignant over Amazon for merely withdrawing its support from WikiLeaks, when the boycotters themselves continue to send their money to the organization actively trying to shut down WikiLeaks.

    Conclusion: To Each His Own

    I hope this essay is not construed as an attack on those who urge a boycott of Amazon. Especially after Amazon’s weasely press release, I completely understand the disgust with large corporations that "play nice" with the government.

    Judging from the debates on this topic that I have seen, it seems the boycotters and non-boycotters are content to go their separate ways in peace. Nobody, for example, is suggesting that the boycotters be boycotted for their unfair "disruption of commerce"; that would be silly. And by the same token, I haven’t seen any boycotters threatening to disassociate from someone for crossing the picket line and ordering Christmas presents from Amazon.

    Yet it is this very attitude of tolerance that makes me reluctant to punish Amazon. I’m not going to stop doing business with somebody, just because he boycotts Amazon. Why then would I stop doing business with Amazon, just because they boycotted WikiLeaks?

    As I said in the beginning of this essay, these are not matters of property rights, but rather ones of strategy for gaining one’s ultimate objectives. I do not condone the current U.S. apparatus of worldwide military occupation and police state surveillance, and am going to use whatever peaceful methods I can, to persuade as many people as possible that there is another way to live.

    Along the way, I have made decisions, such as refusing to work for the government in any capacity, including as a professor at a State-funded school. That doesn’t mean I condemn people who teach at State schools as "sell-outs," it just means it was a decision I made for myself. On the other hand, I pay my taxes in accordance with the law, even though I know there are some extreme libertarians who would condemn me for "feeding the beast" and perpetuating the very system I claim to oppose.

    It’s very hard to live a principled life, and the rapacious State makes it that much harder. If someone wants to boycott Amazon because it dropped WikiLeaks, I understand the motivation. I would just hope the boycotter has thought it through."

  220. I know a great replacement for Amazon (books). Try your Local bookstore!

  221. What about paypal accounts, should we also close them?

  222. prove ANY of the things you say. Name a death.
    You dumb parrot.
    You'd have put jews in the chamber because they too, as you were told, were "scum".

    My hands are clean. You are sad.

  223. Dear anonymous,

    amazon did not act upon a court order. There hasn’t been a trial – not even an accusal so far.
    They merely acted in anticipatory obedience which I personally find: false and disgusting.

  224. Will you hold the knife?
    Name one specific thing jeopardized but opacity.

    Loser. You call for a man's death for no provable reason but the bay of those exposed.

  225. Very good point.

  226. Just sent my request to close my Amazon account.

  227. I've cancelled too

  228. I am also boycotting amazon.

    Pulling my book from their catalogue.

  229. Here ends my long relationship with Amazon.

    I closed my PayPal account today too.

    Please explain "Dirty Laundry" and why its OK, why it needs to be hidden, and how your neck got so red?

    This is called washing the dirty laundry.

  231. [...] Open letter to Amazon.com Customer Service: [...]

  232. I have also closed my account with Amazon and told them Amazon is either with Wikileaks and the people or with tyranny.

  233. That's fine. We don't want to hurt Amazon. We just don't want to do business with an un-American, un-Constitutional company who, when handed the opportunity to share text, caved to bullying.

    Someone fears something here and is trying to stop this.

    Its the pending release of the bank texts. That's what they're worried about.

    Why don't all you Archie Bunkers just wait until that data comes out? That dump will confirm so many of your tea party complaints. We'll see who is the villain then. You guys will love wikileaks when it shows that both Obama AND Bush administrations were in cahoots with the bankers to rob us all blind.

  234. 1st Amendment, what a bunch of brainwashed fools that think our GOVERNMENT is looking out for them. The American People Can't Handle the Truth.

  235. Me too. Cancelled Amazon permanently.

  236. Also am boycotting Paypal.

  237. Heck, why not do two lynchings, instead of your one weekly KY "date"?
    Kentucky is full of redneck dumb ideologically stunted sheep.
    I feel sorry for the handful of you sane people in that Klan rally of a state.

  238. agreed and done. Amozon never again!!

  239. It is not about Amazon.com and all the other companies that need to obey the political rules they operate in. It is not their fight, it is ours. Avoiding Amazon & Co is fine to me, but do not blame them that they do not fight for what is important to us (it is their – opportunistic – not to do so).

  240. I have just closed my Amazon account. I can’t do business with people not supporting freedom.

  241. Amazon account closed.

  242. Can someone from antiwar.org please remove the Amazon banner from the page that says "Boycott Amazon." It's extremely embarrassing and a bit hypocritical of this website. I tried to locate their email but couldn't find it.

  243. The anger against Amazon is misplaced. I believe we should support businesses that are victims of government bullying. Instead, go after the bullies: the U.S. government in general and Lieberman in particular. Find every possible way of reducing your tax bill. Contribute the maximum amount to retirement funds, charities,and so on. Buy a good book on taxes and claim every deduction possible. Most importantly, work to defeat Lieberman. It almost happened in 2006.Make it happen in 2012.

  244. Why I don't boycott Amazon? Wikileaks wanted to be kicking off: http://m.guardian.co.uk/world/blog/2010/dec/03/ju
    Julian Assange: Since 2007 we have been deliberately placing some of our servers in jurisdictions that we suspected suffered a free speech deficit inorder to separate rhetoric from reality. Amazon was one of these cases.

  245. my goodness gracious! So many little righteous patriots. I'M going to show Amazon! I'M canceling my Amazon account. THEY'LL be sorry! Well duh. How about all the companies that do business with Amazon? Why don't you boycott them also. You all act like a bunch of villagers with your little pitchforks and torches running in circles waiting for someone equally as dumb as you all to say something that he will do so you can all yell YEA LET'S GETTEM and pound the handles on the ground. Please don't hurt Amazon like this. This poor company may go out of business lol. What a bunch of sheep!

  246. here's my letter to amazon.com:

    I regret to inform you that I will no longer be doing business with Amazon.com. Please cancel my account effective immediately. I have been a loyal customer for many years, and have greatly appreciated your services – however, I strongly oppose your decision to bar WikiLeaks from your servers. WikiLeaks has BROKEN NO LAWS – fair due process would make Wikileaks innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Our first amendment right is designed protect our freedom of speech and press – no government should be enabled to suppress its people's right to information. As the world's largest bookseller, Amazon.com had an opportunity to take a historic stand in favor of free speech and freedom of information, and chose instead to align itself with a government-backed McCarthy-style witch hunt. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  247. Agree, it's BS response. I'm taking Amazon off my list for a year. It's a shame…

  248. Amazon is a Coward..

  249. amazone gone! paypal GONE!

    finaly a look at how this world is working… fucking hell!

  250. Good to see so many people boycott Amazon you can also join in boycotting papal as well! If you have a facebook account you can also join:
    Support WikiLeaks – boycott Amazon and Paypal http://www.facebook.com/pages/Support-WikiLeaks-b
    Thank you all brothers in thought.

  251. For years I've tended to boycott any news service–or any other service–that veers from the linear path of Reality.

    Thanks, Dan

  252. Just closed my Amazon account. Wow, that felt really good. Rule of law in the USA is a farce.

  253. Deleted by administrator?
    Now that is ironic.

  254. I also wrote a mail to amazono to delete my account.
    Furthermore is amazon not cheap…

  255. I am brazilian and I'll never buy anything in Amazon again. I create a domain in Brasil to showing every brazilian that here the govern defends the freedom. Visit: http://www.wikileaks.wiki.br.

  256. I haven't went through all the posts here to see if it has been commented yet, but why is there so much against Amazon and yet on the page of this article, there is an Amazon Product Ad for their Services? Kind of new to the site as I just received this link through Twitter, but I was just curious to see if anyone knew if the site was associated with the letter directly or is run independently. I would think that if the site is on board with anti Amazon tactics, that it would request to remove the ad. Of course, maybe the Ad changes every once in awhile to something different, but it is there.

    Just a thought.

  257. Amazon bending to political pressure, they didn't when they published how to books on how to sexually molest kiddies, why start banning material now? Joe Lieberman needs a kick up the anal tract and send him to Israel where he belongs.

  258. Bob Murphy at lewrockwell.com provides some thoughts that the Amazon boycotters should take into consideration in his article "Some Concerns With the Amazon Boycott."

  259. I totally agree with you on this. I believe that there are other ways to deal with this rather than just going so extreme. It would be like saying to a friend or co worker "I am not going to associate with you because you believe in something that I don't". Of course, to each their own. I just know that I have plenty of friends that are totally different in their beliefs than what I have….and that is ok. And I know they totally respect me in what I believe.

    I would just like to add one more thing. I think that this whole thing of how America has pretty much got caught with their pants down, is really nothing surprising to me. If you really believe that any government is not capable of doing such a thing that the U.S. has done, then I think that we are all in denial of what the world's governments are doing behind our backs already.

  260. i,m from mexico fuck amazon where are constitution???

  261. Apparently Amazon forgot that this is America, land of the free, not Nazi Germany.


  262. I am NEVER buying anything from Amazon ever again. And I am telling everyone I know to do the same. Amazon is a DISGRACE.

  263. [...] in a 2009 documentary film “The Most Dangerous Man In America,” has called for a boycott of Amazon, saying he wants “no further association with any company that encourages legislative and [...]

  264. I applaud you. Boycott Amazon!

  265. until now I´ve been very happy with the amazon services and will wait just a little before canceling my accounts – maybe they will have a change of hearts?

  266. Just deleted all of my account information and sent an email to Amazon customer service explaining that I will no longer shop with them explicitly because their actions in the case of Wikileaks.org. add me to the boycott!

  267. Auf solche Webhoster sollte man tunlichst verzichten. Da kann man erstmal erfahren was von einer Cloud zu erwarten ist. Man ist nicht mehr Herr seine eigenen Daten. Mein Vorschlag: AMAZON meiden.
    Ich jedenfalls werde dies ab sofort tun. Bin seit Beginn von AMAZON treu dabei gewesen, dies hat sich aber ab heute für mich schlagartig geändert. Ich werde diesen Dienern der Obrigkeit den Rücken kehren.

  268. I am with you guyz amazon is dead for this they have done i am going to terminate my affiliate account with them immediately. Full blown cowards! Supporting injustice.

  269. Law,

    Good question. I have been reading and supporting AWC for a number of years now. It was only a few years ago that they started accepting advertising. I don't know exactly how the advertising works, but I would guess that AWC, after contracting with an ad agency, doesn't have a lot of say about what ads come up on the website. It seems obvious that a lot of times the ads are driven by the subject of the article being viewed. Articles about Iran often have ads about how to meet Iranian beauties.

    As for Amazon, it looks like the link that allowed AWC readers to go Amazon and make a purchase with AWC receiving a portion of the purchase amount is gone. The Amazon ad is no doubt part of the package deal with the ad agency.

    For some thoughts on the boycott matter, I encourage you to take a look at Bob Murphy's article "Some Concerns With the Amazon Boycott" on lewrockwell.com.

    Hope you will keep visiting this great website.

  270. It's easy to say you won't buy from Amazon anymore but how many of you have the courage to stop supporting the State (the bad guy) with your tax money? Are you afraid of what will happen to you? Can't afford the attorney's? Don't want to lose your house, your job? Don't want to go to prison? Amazon should take the risks, but not you? You guys are doing nothing but shooting yourselves in the knees while the State laughs. The DISGRACE is that most of these comments are so incredibly misdirected. Goodbye Antiwar.com.

  271. Add PAYPAL to the boycott. That shitty organization today cut off WikiLeaks from receiving funding from them with the excuse that their TOS against illegal activity were violated.

    Q: When is it illegal to expose crimes?
    A: When the criminals are government officials.

  272. How does citing a free speech deficit aided by Amazon justify doing business with them? Oh, you hate free speech! Got it.

  273. Boycotting Amazon will have a minimal effect. To really get them nervous you need to boycott the companies associated to or that advertise/sponsor them. I’ve just found out that Target is associated to Amazon, so good-bye Amazon and good-bye Target.

  274. Boycotting Amazon and Paypal, closing my accounts with them right now.

  275. [...] shut out Wikileaks from US cloud hosting, succumbing to pressure from US legislators and pundits, Daniel Ellsberg has called for a boycott of Amazon: I’m disgusted by Amazon’s cowardice and servility in abruptly terminating today its hosting of [...]

  276. Canceled my account. Too bad for them because just yesterday I was pricing about $1000 XMAS shopping with them. Some other business will be getting my money now. Don't forget to cancel your Paypal account now too.

  277. We should all keep in mind that Lieberman has likely directed Amazon to keep track of the recently closed accounts so they can be reported back to Hillary Hitler. The US Fed likes to take revenge don't you know.

  278. The campaign of the US politicians and other governments and companies against WikiLeaks ist highly illegal. It has been correctly named as the first information war.

    If governments think that the actions of WikiLeaks are illegal then they should take legal measures and should file law suits against WikiLeaks. That however is not done. Instead governments put pressure on companies in order to indirectly destroy WikiLeaks. It is done through companies like Amazon who have stopped letting server space to WikiLeaks and PayPal who have stopped forwarding money to WikiLeaks and through other means like DNS-Providers etc. Other governments are also looking into ways to illegally prevent access to the WikiLeaks website.

    If this illegal campaign with the combined efforts of companies and governments is successful it would create a dangerous precedent. Who would be next? No matter how one thinks about the way WikiLeaks works and discloses information it is now time so stand by WikiLeaks and stop this illegal joint internet warfare. They can pursue legal ways if they think that WikiLeaks has broken laws. But as this is not the case, the joint efforts of politicians and businesses against WiliLeaks is a criminal act.

    One way to protest is to send in emails to Amazon and PayPal and let them know that we are not going to do business with them anymore if they go forward with this. If they do not react then the ending of business relationships is necessary. I have done this and revoked an order with Amazon. I am going to donate the money to WikiLeaks instead and will terminate my accounts with Amazon and PayPal as they have not reacted and changed their mind. They stand against the freedom of information and against the people.

    Best wishes from Germany,


  279. But if you see amazon's explanation, they claim the DDoS was successfully defended against. That wasn't the issue.

  280. A big Hello to everyone!

    I've never even signed up for an Amazon account, and now I don't have think about it – ever again!

    I think what has happened in the past week and is continuing to happen, is that the we 'the people' and the vast majority stake-holders of the planet, (please excuse the ambitious wording- but it's the sentiment that counts) are seeing perhaps for the first time the awakening of REAL democracy between and genuinely for the people courtesy of the unrivalled power of the internet and put to amazingly positive use.

    See how the pathetically sinister and privileged interests of our world inhabited by the all too familiar and bizarre circus of two-faced and arrogant politicians shudder and drawback in great fear. They are now seriously quaking – very nervously- in their all-expenses-paid boots, at the future thought and fact of secret state information (as they foolishly regard it) leaking into the public domain.

    Try as they might to silence Wikileaks.org from re-distributing the truth about the activities of our ever less than open national governments, the wikileaks.org cables and their gradual release is a ground-breaking event from which, owing the fundamental design of the internet 'a safe and secure return to normality' might not be a fact that can be assured for the future regard the gravy-train life style many national leaders and politicians expect, courtesy of the taxes demanded and taken from (and largely wasted), 'in the name of the people'.

    These revelations which are unravelling the confidence of manipulating the workings of our 'sudo-democracies' by which the peoples of the world are poorly governed, are being tested by this out-pouring of "freedom of information". People who might have thought that the truth is only open to the highest bidder or can only be seen from far off in historical places, can now renewed have hope.

    Make no mistake, this is just the beginning…

    PS: if there are any errors in this blog comment, please overlook mistakes this time round!

  281. Pay Pal also needs to go, alternatives here

  282. Good on you all, I have the same view and have cancelled my account with Amazon UK, I will be urging everyone I know to do the same. What a bunch of moneymaking cowards.
    MB London

  283. I will never place an order at Amazon after this. I will close my Paypal account since Paypal has stopped all payments to Wikileaks.

  284. So are you trying to say that WikiLeaks has ultimate freedom in their actions, but that we shouldn't let Amazon have the freedom to choose to enforce their ToS?… Seem s crazy to me.
    I like WikiLeaks and I like Amazon. I don't see how this recent activity by both parties should change my feelings about either one.

  285. A big hello to everyone! (reprise)

    Thinking again about my long-winded piece earlier, perhaps I should have just said the following:

    I had thought one or twice in the past about the idea of signing up to Amazon, but it always seemed too much to do for a book. I have enough books and ways of buying them without the need to involve Amazon anyway.

    Thanks to Amazon's treachery, I won't have any future need to consider their services ever again.

  286. I cancelled my account yesterday and I'm asking others on my website to boykott Amazon.

  287. Amazon? You mean Scamazon: "Amazon rips off customers. Again":

    I was a victim of this scam.

  288. apologist hidden sheep's clothing. The only way to affect a bureaucracy is to cost it money.

  289. I have just mailed the following to Amazon and another 50-60 Amazon dealers:

    To Amazon:

    I was appalled when I heard today of Amazon's cavalier treatment of Wikileaks. I am a customer of many years of Amazon UK, France and Germany, and I was about to begin using the brand new services of Amazon.it. I had made a habit of requesting Amazon gift certificates for all gift occasions, and made sure that whenever possible these were reciprocated in like manner, primarily through the use of Amazon.com. Unfortunately, I cannot continue doing this in good conscience.

    Unless Amazon takes decisive action to reverse and redress in a convincing and unequivocal manner the damage so caused to the community, I shall have no other choice than to suspend all activity on my account. Needless to say, the parody of a justification which Amazon has publicised so far will not do.

    Moreover, I had an Amazon Kindle on my wish list. As things stand, I shall have to look for an alternative device.


    J.M. Dyer

    This mail will be copied to as many Amazon Market Place dealers as possible from whom I have made purchases in the past.

    [Si vous n'arrivez pas à comprendre la teneur ce courriel, n'hésitez pas me contacter. Merci.]

  290. Greed and self interest does that to people today just as it did for German citizens in the 1930's
    but we have had an opportunity to see what that created. Too bad you were not informed.

  291. Bye bye Amazon.Thanks for the sacrifice find peace in death.

  292. Thank you Daniel Elsberg….just closed my amazon.com account.

  293. The law says we pay taxes. The law does not say companies of any size have to base decisions on calls from congressmen. Invalid comparison.

  294. No longer a member of Amazon!

  295. Thank you Mr. Ellsberg. I have said goodbye to Amazon after an almost decade-long love affair with them. As Reporters Without Borders stated today, "…in the United States it is up to the courts, not politicians, to decide whether or not a website should be closed." However, if other US companies are as cowardly as Amazon is, we may not need the courts at all.

  296. dropped amazon just now. books for actions!

  297. Good riddance to Amazon

  298. I closed my account today. I will miss the convenience, but they will never see a nickel of my money again.

  299. Never was a customer to amazon so thats not the problem for me. But paypal bye, bye!

  300. Done, closed, shut down…feels good.

  301. I am in San Francisco. I am now will close my Amazon account, AND NO MORE PayPal.

  302. Please please publish an account number where I can donate to Wickyleaks. Their site is closed down, and I would like to donate. Soon perhaps all banks are doing the same – i.e. closing down Wickileaks accounts! I hope they have a strategy for that …

  303. Letter to Amazon: Please cancel my account and all associated information. You did a good job and I was pleased to be your client for years, but your action against Wikileaks is just disgusting, and even more your "legal justifications". Wikileaks did not use copyright materials (the cables have no copyright) and to argue with human rights (!) is just too much. Wikileaks shows (and prooves) how extended is the violation of human rights of Governments. To argue now that by banning Wikileaks from your servers you are defending human rights activists is taking us for fools. You deeply disappointed me.

  304. We might consider encouraging Antiwar to stop taking money from Amazon for advertising too. http://yfrog.com/28tzop

  305. Now it looks like eBay should be on the chopping block too: almost all sales there go through its (I believe) wholly owned subsidiary, PayPal.

  306. Interesting – time was when only the "conspiracy" blogs related this kind of information (for some time now) – but with Wikileaks, this is confirmed.

  307. [...] Boycott Amazon http://www.antiwar.com/blog/2010/12/02/daniel-ellsberg-says-boycott-amazon/ about 17 hours ago via [...]

  308. hi, from australia. after spending hundreds of dollars on books, dvds i am disgusteed with the actions of amazon. in order to protest my feelings i have thus decided to close my account. i have also cancelled my paypal account for the same reasons.

  309. I just did that on their website.

    "Is it true that you are a customer of Amazon? If it is, then I suggest that you do what so many of us have done: disengage."

  310. I will join as of now, boycott Amazon, please someone start a boycott amazon campaign at all com websites like facebook and myspace and twitter

  311. I just heard from the Anti-war website:

    In the past year, Antiwar.com has received about $10,000 from Amazon.com for referrals on the sale of books and merchandise. We cannot continue to profit from or deal with Amazon.com. We are removing the Amazon ads and book widgets from our website, and urge other supporters of WikiLeaks to join the boycott.
    Angela Keaton
    Development Director
    Producer, Antiwar Radio
    Office: 1 323-512-7095
    Cell: 1 310-729-3760
    FAX: 602-801-2659

  312. Me too

  313. Done, account removed !

  314. I am all for free speech and all, however I don't understand why everyone is ignoring this rationale so please enlighten me. Amazon explains that their policy states that you cannot post content on their site if you are not the owner which also could mean if you do not have permission from the owner to post it. Amazon therefore has to honor their own policy otherwise they could be accused of discrimination or playing favourites. Since the govt. owns the leaked documents, the gov could sue/reprimand Amazon for not honoring their own policy. How is that cowardice? You have a policy, you have to honor it otherwise be prepared to face the consequences.

    Having said that, I agree that those sites that do not have such a policy should have offered to host wikileaks and I hope they do.

  315. As an Australian you can lead a campaign to award Assange with the Companion of the Order of Australian. Search the internet to find the form.

  316. Goodbye Amazon and Paypal. I requested account termination as well.

  317. Long boring process takes about two days and they won't let go easily.

    I want to make sure that closing your Amazon.com account won't cause problems with any open transactions or other websites you might visit.

    If you still want to close your Amazon.com account after reviewing the items below, please write back by visiting this link:

    Http: blah blah blah.

    Here are some things to keep in mind:
    — If you use your Amazon.com log-in on other sites (e.g., Endless.com, Audible.com, etc.), you'll also lose access to those accounts.
    — Any open orders you have will be canceled.
    — If you have a remaining Amazon.com Gift Card balance, you won't have
    — You'll no longer have access to your Associates, Amazon Web Services".

    Yes all is clear. I have closed all accounts thank you.
    This is the only account left please close this one also thank you.

    Philip Davidson
    V! WikiLeaks

  318. Another great site for books (both new and used) is the Canada based ABEBOOKS.COM, a network of thousands of independent booksellers throughout the world.

  319. Almost put an order in today. This feels right. Human beings DO make these decisions and I believe they wish more pressure WAS on them to do the RIGHT thing. Sheepleship Hey Amazon, " YOU SELL
    BOOKS"! Information for the people to read, Do the right thing! Tell Lieberman to censor somebody else.

  320. Murphy make a good point. If you want to boycott the real bad guy economically, stop paying taxes. Why single out Amazon when YOU are supporting the very entity that forced Amazon to take the action it did?

  321. Everyone is talking about the right as if conservatives are the only ones against WikiLeaks. The Democrats are speaking against them too. Even Obama, who asked for a more transparent government.

  322. amazon-account: closed. paypal-account: closed. now only ebay is left, but not much longer. let’s start finally the guerllia-war. wake up your friends and their friends.

    –> davidicke dot com & infowars dot com

  323. just closed my account

  324. guerilla… ;)

  325. [...] by Lieberman and convinced to terminate their relationship with Wikileaks.   Mr. Lieberman then contacted Amazon after Wikileaks was forced to move to Amazon’s EC2 ‘cloud server’ as a result of being the [...]

  326. it's not worth joining goodluck, there's too many war criminals on it

  327. well puzzled, this is what happens when you ignore the will of the masses to appease the few

  328. shut the door on the way out

  329. Doesn't Ebay own Amazon?

  330. Thanks, Daniel. I will cancel Amazon and Paypall in the morning. I will sleep better tonight knowing that there are more people like me who see the light, and do what is right no matter how inconverient. Unconditional Love to us all. Gloria

  331. Closed my account right when I read what amazon did. I agree that amazon has the right to do business with who they choose, but this seems like it was obvious new blanketing. The odd thing is, I found out just how often American politics blanket news by reading books I bought from amazon. Their response to this was obvious B.S., and it is so easy to go to a different website and order the same product for the same price.

  332. Bye bye Amazon. No using services from a company who can't stand for the people's right.!

    Cheers from India!

  333. A displaced american, by choice, in Thailand. No Amazon account, but PayPal is now history with me. Hope I'm not put on the US No Fly List – it's a long drive through Siberia and swin to Alaska to visit relatives. :-)

  334. i would like read some leaks about liberman

  335. What does a US Embassy who strong arms a country (Spain) into giving military contracts to GE rather than Rolls Royce have to do with jeopardizing national security.

    However maybe you are right. Under the current US government you are a terrorist until proven otherwise.

    May a "scan van' visit your neighborhood.

  336. i DELETED 5 amazon accounts…omg who needed them anyway!! maybe thy will realize that the american people are more powerfull than the rulers!!!

  337. Amazon, good bye you will stand testoment for the new world order

  338. Just WHO are these INNOCENT People who are Dying? if you dont know what the hell ur talking about.. just dont speak..

  339. Geez get over it.

    Amazon is not being singled out. There is PayPal and will probably be more.

    Really I for one, don't care if Amazon goes out of business – there will always be another to fill the vacuum, this applies to PayPal also.

    I admire and respect those who have taken to action to boycott or send thier business to others, that is one right you still retain.

  340. Very Kool – Andre

    Thanks much

  341. Dream on.

  342. I think this matter is not a question of your feelings.

  343. A bit long-winded.

  344. Amazon must have missed Hillary Clinton's speech on internet freedom –

    [ While stressing the need for stronger law enforcement measures to counter hackers who target US interests, Clinton also urged American companies to take a “principled stand” against online censorship, calling on major industry players to convene in the coming months to discuss censorship and their responsibilities towards users.

    Discussing the current overall degradation of freedom of expression, Clinton told her audience that, as the “birthplace” of so many online technologies, the United States had a “responsibility” to protect the Internet as a tool for economic and social development and promoting democracy, as well as a place for the free exchange of ideas. “We stand for a single Internet where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas,” she added. ]

    from Reporters Without Borders

  345. There's a 'Let Amazon know we're boycotting them because of Wikileaks' pledge campaign here http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/campaign-0-1505

  346. Amazon account deleted! Here is my letter to them : I would like to have my Amazon account permanently deleted, due to Amazon's sudden termination of Wikileaks hosting service, and also because of Amazon's submissive coinciding with forces that oppose freedom of speech.

  347. Amazon.com was very comfortable indeed. But I do not feel comfortable anymore using their service. Would make me feel guilty.
    Trust me, it is incredibly satisfying to close the account! I feel so very good about it!

  348. FoodForthought,

    Boycotting Amazon involves no risk for the boycotters, while Amazon's defiance of the Senator from Hell could have been very costly for them even if they had managed through the courts to keep Wikileaks online. As Murphy mentioned, the government has other means to inflict cost for defiance.

    How much is the boycott going to cost Amazon? Aside from the cost the USG could inflict on Amazon, is the antiwar boycott going to be more than a boycott that a Fox News personality might have organized had Amazon stood their ground?

    Shouldn't the boycotters seek out other American businesses who have servers space, but aren't stepping forward to take Amazon's place, and boycott them?

  349. amazon account closed yesterday and my paypal account will be closed in the next few minutes. thanks people for the information.

  350. Ironic, what happen to freedom of information here?

  351. Most of ebay's stuff is overpriced anyway (may have something to do with their 9% sales fee, not including other fees), I rarely use them. Already closed my paypal account.

  352. The idea is that the government is in place to serve the people, not the other way around. The information harbored by the US government is therefore long overdue to the people. Legality is another issue entirely, but suffice it to say that a state evolving in the direction of fascism will change the law to best suit government anyway, no matter the costs to the people. So if this information is not legally owned by USG, just you wait. The time to fight back is now, not when fascism rules the land.

  353. You still think there are 2 parties (in our goverment)?

  354. it takes 24 hrs to get approved on this site to post a comment -now that is disgraceful.
    Now, Amazon can sell books that show pedophiles how not to get caught, but they cannot host Wikileaks? And whoever runs amazon has to check his head since his brain is missing.

  355. Boycott Amazon.

  356. hi..

    remove "american" in ur phrase.
    Now its global people..

    cheers from india

  357. The boycott should be expanded, most especially to include PayPal.

    It's never to early to begin fight fascism.

  358. no longer a customer of german-Amazon ;-)

  359. I too closed my Account.

  360. Closed mine too.

  361. Amazon dead for me…

  362. [...] and convinced to terminate their relationship with Wikileaks. Mr. Lieberman then contacted Amazon after Wikileaks was forced to move to Amazon’s EC2 ‘cloud server’ as a result of being the [...]

  363. An online pledge to boycot Amazon: http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/campaign-0-1505

  364. First, Amazon suffered a mere burp. You should have more confidence in their technical abilities, particularly since you use them exclusively. If you're that sheepish about it, find a backup service.

    Second, maybe you should do some/more charity. It would do you and the world some good.

  365. It's really hard to cancel an amazon account. Here's the story of my ongoing attempts to do this:

    along with some information on the process.

  366. You can use their free service to overcome the OpEx costs: http://aws.amazon.com/free/

  367. Ikr, that's crazy

  368. [...] Amazon claiming a violation of their terms of service for taking WikiLeaks offline, Daniel Ellsberg sent an open letter damning the company for capitulating to public and private sector officials who “aspire to [...]

  369. I don't know if anyone mentioned it yet, but canceling your account will only do a nearly immeasurable amount of harm to their ego, and actually save them a few millionths of a cent a year. Here is what I propose:

    1. Find products you want via services like google shopping, pricegrabber, pricewatch, etc.
    2. Find comparable products on Amazon storefronts (not sold by Amazon directly, but by smaller vendors.)
    3. Contact said vendors with a note that you will not be buying from them, as they are supporting Amazon.
    4. Buy from the best vendor without Amazon storefronts.

    When there is attrition of corporate accounts, they will notice.

  370. Change to Microsoft AZURE for cloud computing, and use Bookseller´s own websites for buying books.
    As for hosted servers and accounts, use anything that is not American.

  371. Amazon is more than capable of handling the relatively weak attacks that occurred. Heck, even ebay handled relatively worse attacks with old technology and only one or two decent network engineers.

    Also, do you think Amazon vets every new account with such scrutiny? Do you think that the CEO reads every app and sweats over who it is and makes sure they have enough in the legal budget, just in case?

  372. It morphed a long time ago. People are finally realizing that those "conspiracy" nutjobs might have been on to something.

  373. The markets are not open. They are very closely held and controlled. They just try and make it seem open by playing both sides of the checks and balances.

  374. I never was client of Amazon (I hate such organisms) but if I would be i would cease to be right now !

  375. The IRS can't find that law. Can you?

  376. Microsoft Azure isn't American?

  377. Done. Life without Amazon will not be the same! it is however a very small price to pay to show that giving in to pressures while also trying to save face when justifying its support to censorship, is bad for business.

  378. I will continue to do business with Amazon. Here's why. I suspect that Amazon is a victim here and not a villain.

    It's cowardice to turn your wallet over to an unarmed 10 year old who demands it. It's prudence to turn your wallet over to a 250 lb thug who puts a gun to your head. Did Lieberman approach Amazon as the 10 year old or the armed thug? I would argue that he is the armed thug.

    By any definition, America is now a fascist police state. We are chained down with tens of thousands of federal, state and local laws and regulations. Thousands more are added each year. Few are there to make us safe. The purpose of the bulk of all this regulation is to extract wealth from the private sector and to control our lives for the benefit of growing bureaucracies and politically influential individuals and companies.

    Whether we know it or not, every single one of us is now guilty of something. A creative prosecutor can find something to pin on anyone whether it be an individual or a business. The penalties are always fines and often jail time.

    How many of you boycotters can withstand a personal or business income tax audit? The tax laws are so complicated that you probably can't. Are you sure that if the police searched your home they would find nothing incriminating? No guns, illicit drugs, "too much" cash, prescription drugs belonging to someone else, beer in a minor's room, unregistered pets, a booze still? An law abiding Colorado man recently received a 7 year jail sentence in NJ for legally transporting, a legally owned gun because he wasn't aware that the bullets, which are legal in Colorado, are illegal in NJ!

    Are you sure that if building inspectors swarmed your home or business they would find no violations? No work done without a permit? No activity or occupancy forbidden by your zoning district? Building, accessibility and zoning codes are 100s of pages long, hard to decipher and open to interpretation. It's a certainty that the inspectors will find something and you will be punished with a fine – if you're lucky.

    America is under unconstitutional 24/7 electronic surveillance. Every phone call, fax, email, internet search and visit is monitored and stored by state snoops. Are you boycotters sure that your personal electronic communication will reveal nothing embarrassing. Nothing that can ruin a marriage, reputation or career if you are threatened with blackmail? Are you sure you haven't made an anti-government remark which can be used to prosecute you for terrorism under the Domestic Terrorist Act? You and I aren't the only ones illegally spied on. So is every member of Congress. It makes sense that only compromised individuals are allowed to join that club. They are easy to control.

    If you run a business with employees are your certain that you fully comply with all reporting requirements? Are all your forms properly filled out? Are you in compliance with all labor laws? Can you say that you don't discriminate against any protected groups? Perhaps you can but a disgruntled employee could be induced by a prosecutor to beg to differ, and you can be prosecuted for something you didn't think you did. If you are an officer of a corporation are you sure that you're not guilty of violating SEC rules against insider trading? Remember that multi-millionairess, Martha Stewart, was eventually convicted and jailed not for $40,000 of insider trading but for lying to an FBI agent. They were determined to get her on something.

    In a countries, such as Nazi Germany or America today, that criminalize innocent behavior, we little people are unwittingly guilty of all kinds of crimes. As long as we keep a low profile, the state will not pursue us. The US Gestapo is after bigger fish such as Amazon. Amazon is a huge corporation. Its business success is undoubtedly the envy of lesser competitors with political connections who wouldn't mind to see it brought down.

    If the daily activities of us little people are vulnerable to minute government scrutiny and prosecution, what is the vulnerability of a high profile company such as Amazon if it refuses to go along with the likes of the odious Lieberman and his backers? How many of you Amazon boycotters would stick to principle if the government threatened to prosecute you for victimless crimes, honest mistakes or ignorance of inscrutable laws if you refused to do some dirty work for the state?

    Several years ago American telecom companies were illegally pressured by the NSA to turn over customer records. Except for Qwest, they all complied. Shortly afterward, Qwest lost $100s of millions of government contracts. The CEO was then prosecuted and convicted for insider trading which was later overturned on appeal. This witch hunt was meant to be a warning to those corporations which refuse to go along. Amazon has clearly gotten that message.

    The villain here is not Amazon. The villain is the vast apparatus of state coercion and control. That should be the focus of angry boycotts. We are all victims of a gigantic criminal conspiracy.

  379. Exactly the same thing happened with me… It is a tactic a lot of big companies use, when a customer wants to do something that is not beneficial for the company, ie cancel account, get refund etc.
    They know the more hoops they make customers jump through, the greater the percentage will give up before getting what they desire.
    A Sly Dog Tactic.

  380. The real crux of the question is – how much bullying is allowed?
    Senator Lieberman has set a precedent that the worlds Journalists, Bloggers and Tweeters need to be mindful of.
    Publish anything disrespectful of the current regime and get attacked.
    Where does it end?
    Will the Governments next step involve a high speed car accident?
    An unexplained bout of terminal food poisoning?
    An air crash ?
    My guess is that even if Julian is number 2 at the moment for Time Man of the Year, he may not live long enough to enjoy winning the title.

  381. Hats off AGAIN to Daniel Ellsberg who faced lifetimes in US custody for the PENTAGON PAPERS release, and of course to Julian Assange, Wikileaks and W Mirrors…some will remember Nixon unleashed the Cuban/CIA Watergate gusanos onto Daniel but prosecution was derailed to protect deeper secrets re the Bay of Pigs "can of worms" and dare I say it the Kennedy assassination/s.

  382. To cancel your account, http://tinyurl.com/2bk8lxl.

  383. Thanks for the link. I deleted my CC earlier today, but, yes, I need to completely delete myself from their system in protest.

  384. My Amazon and Paypal accounts have both been deleted today, and I will NEVER re-open them, or use any of their affiliates (anyone have a list of those, by the way?). I'll be damned if I'll watch the second McCarthy Era come without doing what I can.

    Down with censorship, and long live freedom of expression and information!

    "Returns Policy Overview
    You may return new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by Amazon.com within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. "

    "You may return a cell phone within the first 30 days after delivery by visiting our Online Returns Center."

  386. Nothing like returning that stuff you bought to get their attention!

  387. Don't forget to return everything you can return under their return policy – an excellent way to get their attention!

  388. [...] Reader is abandoned. I will not associate with Amazon. My main letter to Amazon is below, but Daniel Ellsberg said it much better than I did. [...]

  389. Does anybody else wonder what role this played in Amazon's decision?

    "Amazon to serve up more cloud services to government" (Oct 20, 2010)

    excerpt: "Amazon.com just took a major step forward in its effort to get government agencies using its cloud computing services. Amazon and a partner company, Apptis, just got approved to sell cloud-based "infrastructure-as-a-service" to federal, state, local, and tribal agencies through the U.S. government's high-profile Apps.gov website."

  390. I had a rather large order going into Amazon on Monday December 6th, 2010. That order will be redirected to one INDIE bookstore in the Pacific Northwest and to another INDIE bookstore in Houston, Texas.

    I wonder what amazon will look like on the NYSE, say around 5 minutes after opening

  391. [...] officials to aspire to China’s control of information and deterrence of whistle-blowing.  (more…) [...]

  392. Please note: Amazon is still selling numerous versions of "The Pentagon Papers," which would seem to violate its sense that it should only support material of which the authors "own or otherwise control all of the rights to the content".

    SO — Daniel Ellsberg stole the Pentagon Papers, the New York Times published it, and years later, Amazon.com sells it, including brand new Kindle versions. But Private Manning steals the cables, Wikileaks publishes it, and suddenly Amazon invokes its terms of service.

    Time for Amazon to scrub its store of all documents that include any leaked or confidential material…

    — Just a modest proposal.

  393. [...] Links: Daniel Ellsberg’s open letter to Amazon.com http://www.antiwar.com/blog/2010/12/02/daniel-ellsberg-says-boycott-amazon/print/ [...]

  394. A fine example of circular logic. Take away responsibility by saying other might do the same. The reality is: Amazon caved at the first opportunity which demonstrates their complicity in US government censorship activities. They need to understand that what they did was wrong and the only punishment that can be meted out is monetary. Cancel your account.

  395. Just deleted my Amazon account of 5 years and gladly so!

  396. Guy who wondered if you'd all be so righteous if your company was vulnerable to state attack hits nail on head.
    If you really want a boycott, resign if you work for a corporation or a company with corporate leanings. You are who you work for. Better to live in a tent than be part of this.

  397. Just blocked access to Amazon on our company firewalls. Have sent a notice to all staff to use another source. I'm the Boss!

  398. [...] for Amazon read here: Boycott AmazonIf you ask yourself who Daniel Ellsberg is: He made photocopies of secret documents during the [...]

  399. I too am closing my account with Amazon

  400. Closed

  401. You are my heroes. What a tremendous act of self-sacrifice… closing an Amazon account… I’m impressed. That’s all you need to sleep well? Wow, lucky you!

    Morons… you’re not gonna change anything!

    What’s that hype about WL? Do you really want a world in which there are no secrets? If so, please go ahead — throw the first stone. Open a Wiki or whatsoever where everyone (using their real name) should publish what he truly thinks of his neighbours, friends, colleague, parents in law … you name it. Do it NOW.

    Amazon offers great customer service – I was never left unsatisfied. I probably spend 50000 Euros during the past 10 Years and some more before. I like the stuff I bought. If you stop… well, then I’m going to buy some more. I just ordered a new camera and a few dozens of Blu-Rays for a total of 626,48 Euros. Some more next week…

    Not a single comment containing a even a hint of criticism (Evil to him who evil thinks). I can’t believe it. You just switched one extreme with another. Now you follow someone else based on some short news text and a blog publication.

    If I was hosting Websites/-services. I’d shut down any website that very like willbe target of DDOS attacks…

  402. Exactly.

  403. [...] dpa, privat Amazon hat Wikileaks von seinen Servern verbannt. Daraufhin riefen amerikanische Publizisten zum Boykott des Online-Kaufhauses auf. Hierzulande hat sich unter anderen auch der deutsche Blogger [...]

  404. How about supporting your beloved Amazon.com by ordering a book on how to write a coherent English sentence?


  405. Account closed, all links in ads on all sites I manage are purged of amazon and it's subsidiaries. I stand for freedom.

  406. Account closed, pithy comment sent, wiped hands…

  407. [...] Foggy Bottom: bairro em Washington [2] Ver Carta aberta de Daniel Ellsberg apelando ao boicote à Amazon . Resistir.info rompeu o seu acordo de parceria com a Amazon.fr. [3] Lord Haw-Haw: alcunha de [...]

  408. [...] Foggy Bottom: bairro em Washington [2] Ver Carta aberta de Daniel Ellsberg apelando ao boicote à Amazon . Resistir.info rompeu o seu acordo de parceria com a Amazon.fr. [3] Lord Haw-Haw: alcunha de [...]

  409. Also Peter, weiss nicht von welchem Bodenseeufer Du bist. Aber falls Du zur richtigen Seite (suedseite) gehoerst, erschreckt mich Deine Aussage schon etwas. Ich hoffe nur, andere sind nicht irgendwann zu "bequem" um Dir zur Seite zu stehen. Gruss aus Singapore, ein echte "Bodenseeler" mit Rueckgrad!

  410. 4 days later:

    Amazon confirms the cancellation.
    I hope they stay busy.

  411. Does John stands for Jerk Or Headless Nerd?

  412. Hey Stephen, be nice, go back to the tree and eat your banana.

  413. Don't even try – Sarah Palin can already see you coming!

  414. No, eBay owns PayPal, but not Amazon.

    Amazon does own subsidiaries such as Endless.com, Half.com, Audible.com etcetera.

  415. What for you need that? Read the cables and you will be busy for the next 40 years. And u will save a lot of money. :-)

  416. Mike, the bananas are sold at the next shop.

  417. Thank You, Daniel!

  418. I'll also quit Amazon, and will be quitting Ebay and Paypal as well.

  419. No more Paypal, Amazon. Live long Wikileaks

  420. “I’m disgusted by Amazon’s cowardice and servility”

    Ditto that and feel the same way about the Committee to Protect Journalists, CPJ; The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, RCFP; The Society of Professional Journalists, SPJ; and the National Coalition against Censorship. Cowards all.

    Kudos to Reporters without Borders, Salon.com, Atlantic, Reason Mag., Guardian UK and so many other outspoken proponents of Free Speech and the First Amendment.

    To heck with these blasted Shield Law proponents, their true colors coming through now: groveling to Congress to sell out our Free Speech for privilege of becoming a small, cowardly, credentialed, journalistic oligarchy. Doing anything they can to distance themselves from this

  421. [...] decisione di Amazon.
 Conseguenze: Daniel Ellsberg, l’uomo dietro i Pentagon Papers, ha inviato una lettera aperta ad Amazon , comunicando la sua cancellazione dal sito e invitando altri a farlo. Diversi gruppi su [...]

  422. [...] decisione di Amazon. Conseguenze: Daniel Ellsberg, l’uomo dietro i Pentagon Papers, ha inviato una lettera aperta ad Amazon , comunicando la sua cancellazione dal sito e invitando altri a farlo. Diversi gruppi su [...]

  423. [...] sat down with RT’s Alyona Minkovski to discuss the ethics and efficacy of hacking, the boycott of Amazon and the public’s fascination with [...]

  424. [...] downs…making these decisions in a transparently thoughtful way[2] with people asking for a boycott of [...]

  425. [...] Daniel Ellsberg makes a stronger case for the evil of Amazon here. Posted in Books, Internet | Permalink | Trackback | Share [...]

  426. [...] Amazon’s decision was actually not committed to as a result of fear.  Daniel Ellsberg, in an open letter to Amazon’s Customer Service, makes a similar argument, calling Amazon [...]

  427. I will boycott Amazon and Paypal, and last year, all my holiday shopping was done through amazon, not this year.

  428. boycotting amazon

  429. Amazon gone!

  430. ..as interesting and appealing, probably with quite a few facts, too, your comment is it remains a fact that both Amazon and Paypal (over)reacted w/o due notice or condieration. I do agree that "our" politicians have way too much power, period!! And witch hunt to whomever dares to oppose – how sad for an otherwise great country .. and it is spreading all over the world.
    Thanks for your thoughtful view on background realities.
    However, to make a solidarity statement, I will close my two Amazon accounts.

  431. I just sent this to Amazon: You have behaved cowardly in blocking Wikileak's account facilities with you. I will not tolerate such unprofessional procedure and less so if, and I say even if, Mr. Lieberman & Co think they have a 'good reason' or more rights than any of their constituency or people. Shame on Amazon.

  432. I just sent this to Amazon: You have behaved cowardly in blocking Wikileak's account facilities with you. I will not tolerate such unprofessional procedure and less so if, and I say even if, Mr. Lieberman & Co think they have a 'good reason' or more rights than any of their constituency or people. Shame on Amazon.

  433. Bye bye Amazon

  434. halfpricebooks.com "is brought to you by Amazon.com". Why not Barnes and Noble?

  435. please provide a sharing link for Facebook so that I can promote the amazon boycott

  436. I am about to close my account now – shame, I liked Amazon but if we do not stand up for the just thing, who will?

  437. [...] wikileaks: Ellsberg: Boycott Amazon http://www.antiwar.com/blog/2010/12/02/daniel-ellsberg-says-boyc… [...]

  438. Amazon sells books on the "how to be a pedophile" and video games about raping women because it doesn't believe in censoring people. Why does public pressure make them realize things are right and wrong? How can't they realize what is worth supporting and what is not? Personally I think this company is very messed up in the message is sending. I wanted to buy a kindle for when I move overseas, but I will just as happily buy an e-book reader when I'm in Asia. I can't stand by a company that is so morally bankrupt.

  439. Personally i never had a negative or great positive feeling about Amazon..now i loath them and i know for a fact ill never do any business with them ever again!

  440. Your loss (: You can loose out on instant click buying if you please.
    myself ill stick to the easy online shopping king (:

  441. I half seriously stated to friends that next thing you know Bank of America will block me from sending money where i want to from my checking acount. Sure enough as of December 18th… that is the last friggin' straw. See ya B of A, Amazon and Paypal! Unfortunately, Visa still has me by the ovaries until I find a way to dump them too. I'll send money to Wikileaks through Xipwire from my Community Credit Union.

  442. Haven't bought from them in a while because I am boycotting EVERYTHING (Fortune 500 and made in China that is). So I will add this company to the list. I am so sick of the direction this country is going in. WikiLeaks helps to expose this. I am 49 and now permanently unemployed because of the Greedheads and the stranglehold in Washington. It's going to to take all out war on these companies hurt them.

  443. There is an amazon.co.uk advertisment at the bottom below the article and above the comments. how ironic. Im not Buying from amazon anyore. will use powells instead. Hope this can be felt the corparations decision makers

  444. We strongly affirm Ellsberg's statement. We were considering buying a Kindle, we now opted for the Nook. Richard Goldberg

  445. good posr

  446. Wow, I can't believe how many idiots are on here. It appears that Daniel Ellsberg, Wikileaks, and all these mindless drones are incapable of READING! There is this thing called Terms of Service. Users agree to them when using the service. If they violate those terms, the get pulled. Its that simple. Boycotting because someone got pulled for violating a policy that was already in place and agreed to by the user, is just dumb.

  447. It appears that Daniel Ellsberg, Wikileaks, and all these mindless drones are incapable of READING! There is this thing called Terms of Service. Users agree to them when using the service. If they violate those terms, the get pulled. Its that simple. Boycotting because someone got pulled for violating a policy that was already in place and agreed to by the user, is just dumb.

  448. So far Amazon has spared itself the further embarrassment of trying to explain its action openly. This would be a good time for Amazon insiders who know and perhaps can document the political pressures that were brought to bear–and the details of the hasty kowtowing by their bosses–to leak that information.

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  455. Talking about boycott is something hard but… necessary?

  456. Having a company totally depending on AWS i applaud the decision to toss out Wikileaks. I like the liberty of speech, but I'm not willing to risk my business for Wikileaks (DoS attacks disrupting its service). So good bye Daniel. Best of luck with your future ventures. I'll stay firmly in the AWS sphere myself. David Lichtenstein

  457. Money is the answer, don't buy from them and this money will not flow up to the Drudge. Being in investment Banking(maybe a hypocrate but at least not a total sell-out) I have seen how these business people suck up to USA Debt Clock. Amazon, never again.

  458. Since I believe that the US funds wikileaks, this will not affect my amazon usage. Çek Kanunu

  459. Judging from the debates on this topic that I have seen, it seems the boycotters and non-boycotters are content to go their separate ways in peace. Nobody, for example, is suggesting that the boycotters be boycotted for their unfair "disruption of commerce"; that would be silly. And by the same token, I haven’t seen any boycotters threatening to disassociate from someone for crossing the picket line and ordering Christmas presents from Amazon.

    Yet it is this very attitude of tolerance that makes me reluctant to punish Amazon. I’m not going to stop doing business with somebody, just because he boycotts Amazon. Why then would I stop doing business with Amazon, just because they boycotted WikiLeaks?

    As I said in the beginning of this essay, these are not matters of property rights, but rather ones of strategy for gaining one’s ultimate objectives. I do not condone the current U.S. apparatus of worldwide military occupation and police state surveillance, and am going to use whatever peaceful methods I can, to persuade as many people as possible that there is another way to live.

    Along the way, I have made decisions, such as refusing to work for the government in any capacity, including as a professor at a State-funded school. That doesn’t mean I condemn people who teach at State schools as "sell-outs," it just means it was a decision I made for myself. On the other hand, I pay my taxes in accordance with the law, even though I know there are some extreme libertarians who would condemn me for "feeding the beast" and perpetuating the very system I claim to oppose.

    It’s very hard to live a principled life, and the rapacious State makes it that much harder. If someone wants skin care gift sets to boycott Amazon because it dropped SEO in Kent, I understand the motivation. I would just hope the boycotter has thought it through."

  460. Regarding the assertion that "it is not credible that the extraordinary volume of 250,000 classified documents that WikiLeaks is publishing could have been carefully redacted in such a way as to ensure that they weren’t putting innocent people in jeopardy," the evidence suggests otherwise.

    Only a small fraction of the cables have been published by Wikileaks thus far, and they include retractions. http://www.leafletsareus.co.uk/

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    Shame on them!

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