DEA Informants – America’s Biggest Liars?

All this hoopla over the alleged Iranian plot to use Mexican drug lords to carry out an assassination of a Saudi at a fictitious DC restaurant – I knew there was something very strange about this… And then I read that the linchpin of the case is a paid Drug Enforcement Administration informant who recently […]

News Media Hypes the “Iran Did It” Line, Ignores Holes in the Story

The work of the news media on this so-called “Iranian terrorist plot” has been one of the most abhorrent displays of irresponsible journalism since the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Much of the time, the press acts simply as a bullhorn for state propaganda, but in this case it hasn’t even maintained that […]

John Glaser on Afghanistan War Profits

Abdul Aziz Khan of Urdu VOA News interviews John Glaser on military industrial profiteering during the United States Government’s war in Afghanistan.

Ivan Eland on Al Jazeera Talking Torture in Afghan Prisons

I wrote today of the UN findings of systemic torture in US-supported Afghan prisons. Below, contributor Ivan Eland is interviewed by al Jazeera on the potential US reaction to the findings:

Reaching Out to the Right on Peace at LPAC

In September, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Campaign for Liberty’s Liberty Political Action Conference. In attendance were many right learning people who are new to libertarians ideas, particularly anti-intervention. As part of Come Home America, I am learning how to speak to conservatives about peace. Part 1 Part 2

Herman Cain Is An Idiot

In one sense, it isn’t a surprise that politics attracts the biggest dip-shits around. In another sense, though, it is extremely troubling that American politics – perhaps now more than ever – has become a celebration of stupidity and ignorance (Sarah Palin being an example, but not the lone superstar in this trend). Republican Presidential […]