Humanitarians with Guillotines?

Angela Keaton, March 13, 2012

Austin Petersen, former associate producer of the sadly defunct Freedom Watch, addresses alternatives to humanitarian intervention through the Constitution.

9 Responses to “Humanitarians with Guillotines?”

  1. Another option is to find homes in other parts of the world (only where they and the local population get along) for those that are mistreated if they are a minority population. There are mosaics of people out there that do not jive. It is unfortunate that the christian right and humanitarian interventionist come from wealthy countries because they can have human sacrifices anywhere in the world to appease their bloody beliefs.

  2. Wahooooo,

  3. I seem to remember it was that bounder Hit… what was his nams, ah, Adolf Hitler that invented Humanitarian Intevention, eeven with the detail of the humanitarian concoys. The hilfs dienst convoys drove into Poland behind the Panzer divisions. Hiler never declared war on countries, he always intervened to protect the German minorities, cruelly mistreated by the majority population.

    It is we (like Hitler and his bund organisations) who cause the fighting between different groups in the first place in order to effect our conquest.

    Even destroying mult-ethnic multi-cultural states to achieve our objectives.

    What did someone say about Divide et Impiri?

    The latest example is Syria where it ia a case of light touchpaper and retire as the minorities, especially the Christians are terrified.

  4. no, I'm wrong.

    Which was the original country threatened with Humanitarian Intervention –

    The United States

    Who was the original leader demonised –

    Abraham Lincoln

    This was started by British idiot liberals and the propaganda set going in the Times, centring on Lincoln's tyranny (heard that one?), violation of freedoms and trampling states rights.

    There was a small group of realpoliticians who knew the could not tell the truth, they wanted a ntural resource -cheap cotton. But if "A War for Slavery" got out the cotton operatives of Lancashire would riot.

    It got kicked into touch when the cotton operatives rioted and because the co-chars of the peace committees were a very nice couple called Albert and Victoria Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

    I'm not kidding.

  5. Check the facts before writing a cheque.

  6. Three filmmakers whose first project was for Darfur. High production values and a good pr firm something like hill knowlton plus comic book characterization of complex relationships lowered the viewing barrier of entry for the average american. Lord knows how americans love slogging through tough complicated historical pieces on their own!! vanity NGO with great access to power brokers!

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  8. You may be talking about the Balkans in recent time ……

  9. Get help from the Humanitarian organization facebook