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Antiwar.com Obtains More Photos of “Mo” and “Gloves,” Video of Journalist Arrested for “Aggravated Battery”

Posted By Steve Horn On May 24, 2012 @ 8:42 pm In News | Comments Disabled

Antiwar.com has obtained several more photos of the alleged police infiltrators, known by the aliases “Mo” and “Gloves,” both of whom were allegedly tasked with acting as informants in the arrests [1] of the group of NATO Summit activists know popularly known as the “NATO 3 [2].” This group has since morphed into, in reality, the “NATO 8.” That is, five activists total having been charged with various “terrorism” charges and three more hit with “aggravated battery” charges by the Chicago Police Department and prosecuting attorneys.

Furthermore, Antiwar.com has obtained a copy of a video shot of the arrest [3] of Occupy Pittsburgh activist, Taylor Hall, who was arrested on May 19 [1] for alleged aggravated battery of a member of the Chicago Police Department.

Increasingly, evidence is being obtained that flies in the face of the narrative the Chicago Police Department (CPD) has been offering. These newest photos, which show the infiltrators “Mo” and “Gloves” deeply involved in many activities with Occupy Chicago activists, speak volumes for how skilled these infiltrators were, masking their identities for weeks in the prelude to the preemptive arrests in the days leading up to the NATO Summit.

The photos can be seen below and the video below. The questions that have yet to be answered: how did this all occur, why did it all occur, who hatched the plot, and what are the real identities and backgrounds of “Mo” and “Gloves,” among others?

Stay tuned for more answers to these multi-faceted questions from Antiwar.com as the craziness in Chicago continues to unfold and answers to these key questions arise.

Gloves and Mo on May Day

Gloves with Black Bloc

Mo at Woodland Clinic

Mo on May Day

Gloves at May Day

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[2] NATO 3: http://truth-out.org/news/item/9254-terrorism-plot-or-entrapment-the-case-of-the-nato-3

[3] a copy of a video shot of the arrest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik2GrFT0X2Q&feature=youtu.be

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