The Imperial Balancing Act: Maintaing Hegemony While Avoiding ‘Backlash’

John Glaser, June 19, 2012

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee just released a report [PDF] on US policy in the Middle East. Much of the study describes how Washington will maintain key military bases and troop presence throughout the entire region and how to overcome challenges to maintaining such dominance, which is vital because the region is “home to more than half of the world’s oil reserves and over a third of its natural gas.”

One excerpt stuck out in which the Committee admits that US military presence in the region as well as US support for brutal dictatorships has generated widespread hatred and blowback. According to the report, the challenge is to maintain the imperial dominance over the region, but avoid the messy “backlash” and embarrassing support for “human rights abuses.”

The United States must carefully shape its military presence so as not to create a popular backlash, while retaining the capability to protect the free flow of critical natural resources and to provide a counterbalance to Iran. Earlier American deployments in Saudi Arabia and Iraq generated violent local opposition. What the West views as a deterrent against aggression could also be misconstrued or portrayed as an occupying presence.

As is usual, the most fundamental facts about US foreign policy toward the Middle East are openly talked about in high-level government agencies and bureaucracies, even while they remain too treasonous to explain on network news. What is striking is that Washington continues to insist on maintaining this military and economic dominance over the region, despite the horrors it has caused for the populations and for the safety of the US (think 9/11, which was a direct response to this kind of interventionism).

The United States should preserve the model of ‘‘lily pad’’ bases throughout the Gulf, which permits the rapid escalation of military force in case of emergency. The Obama administration has adopted this architecture by retaining only essential personnel in the region while ensuring access to critical hubs such as Camp Arifjan [in Kuwait], Al Udeid [Qatar], Al Dhafra [in the UAE], Jebel Ali [in the UAE], and Naval Support Activity Bahrain. An agile footprint enables the United States to quickly deploy its superior conventional force should conflict arise, without maintaining a costly and unsustainable presence. Sustaining physical infrastructure and enabling functions such as intelligence, surveillance, and logistics, while keeping certain war reserve materiel forward positioned, is more important than deploying large numbers of U.S. forces.

Preserving the model of “lily pad” bases peppered throughout the Gulf, which are afforded to Washington because it bribes undemocratic regimes with money and weapons, is how Washington maintains overweening power over the most geo-politically vital region in the world. This has been US policy since WWII, as a Top Secret National Security Council briefing put it in 1954, “the Near East is of great strategic, political, and economic importance,” as it “contains the greatest petroleum resources in the world” as well as “essential locations for strategic military bases in any world conflict.” After Obama administration failed in its efforts to maintain a large contingent of US forces in Iraq, following their predecessors launching of a criminal war there, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said he envisions about 40,000 troops will be stationed in the Middle East going forward.

Not only does this lead to US support for all kinds of repression and state terror, but it is detrimental to US security in the long term. The “backlash” the Committee is so worried about cannot be avoided and the veritable garrisoning of Iran’s surroundings makes the Islamic Republic more guarded, which amplifies tensions and increases the likelihood of unnecessary conflict. The alternative, minding our own business, is incomprehensible.

84 Responses to “The Imperial Balancing Act: Maintaing Hegemony While Avoiding ‘Backlash’”

  1. Excellent post. Yep – it's damned unfortunate that foreigners misconstrue US military bases as "an occupying presence."

  2. It astounds me – it shouldn’t, but still – how they address, as hypothetical, the very backlash they’ve created, of which the backlash is also the excuse (though not labeled as such, because questioning why we’re there is forbidden) for why we must keep an alert presence, taking care not to cause backlash, as we cause backlash with our backlash— and that is where I lose my mind.

  3. "Washington continues to insist on maintaining this military and economic dominance over the region, despite the horrors it has caused for the populations and for the safety of the US (think 9/11, which was a direct response to this kind of interventionism)."

    No John……….. NO !!! More the opposite……

    "(think 9/11, which was a direct response to this kind of interventionism)."

    More like 911 was affected to justify "this kind of interventionism)." *It came WITH the instant gratification of the Iraq Petro smash and grab too. Which came first, the chicken or the egg…… is always a problem,. for some…!!! STOP BUYING THEIR IMPERIAL LIES & COVER-UPS..!!!

  4. In this report they have a very special understanding of supporting "regional security" in the Gulf region.

    Starting the "arab revolutions" there and two wars (Libya and Syria), arming any group of extreme islamist that as proxy fighters shall take down the relatively open, liberal, non-religion-extremists, more democratic and somehow "socialist" Regimes, and strongly arming the Saudis, Qataris may be good for the defense industry of the USA, but I doubt that gain on security for the USA when they arm those who have the oil.

    But nevertheless, thank you very much for sending this report – after this introduction, I will read the summary now.

  5. Every time America kills the innocent family members in these countries (Are not the citizens innocent, too?) the rage increases. We the People of America are being FORCED to pay and be complicit in all US foreign policy. Those who claim to represent us DO NOT! American citizens are forced to suffer daily in massive numbers for this hegemony that we do NOT WANT. That America is increasingly closing (becoming Fascist) is too obvious to ignore. That these who rule the world are murderous, robbing thieves is also obvious! America: The Land of the Oppressed, Depressed, and Suppressed Masses Forced Into Subservience to the Reich! And that's democracy now? NO MORE WARS.

  6. The hubris of this document is breathtaking

  7. […] in any world conflict.” And this holds to today, as a Senate Foreign Relations Committee report said just last week, the region is vital because it is “home to more than half of the world’s oil reserves and […]

  8. The story of all empires.

  9. I wonder how much we’ll hear about this in the upcoming election debates. The Republicans candidates have been openly

  10. You know, this is one of those perennial stories that no matter when you read it, it still holds true. USA as occupying presence… with lily pad bases sprinkled across the region… and 18 year-old-gamers in uniforms with their trigger-fingers ready to play with drones. I feel sooooo much safer… not!

  11. I agree with Jim Bovard. Very unfortunate

  12. Great article!

  13. Loved the article, now watch out for the backlash.

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