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Rand Paul: Phony As Ever

Posted By Justin Raimondo On June 20, 2012 @ 9:00 am In News | Comments Disabled

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) tries to calm the waters roiled by his preemptive endorsement of Mitt “I’d Bomb Iran” Romney by taking to the pages [1]of National Review Online to “rip [2]” (as Conor Friedersdorf put it) Romney’s view that the President doesn’t need separate authorization from Congress to attack Iran. Unfortunately, this “rip” is but a minor tear: you’ll note Sen. Paul doesn’t say how he’d vote on this issue. And  you’ll note also that, in spite of Jack “The Southern Avenger” Hunter’s boast [3] that Rand amended the Iran sanctions bill in the Senate, Rand doesn’t mention this “achievement” in his NRO post (perhaps because it wasn’t an achievement but a sellout, since he voted for [4]the bill).

Rand Paul — still the Hollow Man [5].

P.S. And where is Hunter’s answer to yesterday’s piece [6], which he claimed [7]on Facebook he’s “working on”? I won’t hold my breath waiting for it….

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