Arab Opinion: No Western Intervention in Syria

John Glaser, June 22, 2012

Via Daniel Larison, this Pew survey finds broad Arab support for Syria’s Bashar al-Assad to step down and very little support for a Western military intervention:

 As Larison notes, “the farther removed from Syria’s immediate vicinity they are, respondents tend to be more supportive of coercive measures,” for obvious reasons. At the very least this should prevent interventionists from arguing an intervention in Syria could at all be a part of the Arab Spring or fulfilling related aspirations, as they claimed in Libya.

11 Responses to “Arab Opinion: No Western Intervention in Syria”

  1. Arab opinion only matters if it supports the ongoing global policy of USA led destabilizations and military invasions.

    Arab opinion must made to appear to support (even if it really doesn't) a series of military escalations that include designs on Syria and Iran as part of the larger Neo-Conservative/Neo-Liberal policy goal.

    Is all the hype and hoopla is really just about good old fashioned Yankee land grabbing? Sure looks like it. Do they feel this will give them something to show for all the money printing, debt and military buildup?

  2. wow

    for once arabs have realized that "western intervention" is a euphemism for bombs and missles falling on civillians

    if only they were awake duing shock and awe parts I and II (iraq and libya)

    the neo cons and their pseudo-fascist cousins the democrats havenothing to fear-arab short term selective amnesia WILL re-occur

  3. Suits me. Keep the West out of this mess.

    Let the Arabs experience the joys of post-regime "nation building."

  4. […] the people of the region are sick of war. The public in the Middle East, including Turkey, overwhelmingly oppose a NATO intervention in Syria. Syrians and Turks don’t want to die for another man’s […]

  5. There should be regime change in the West. Ehud Barack Obomba and many other leaders should be voted out of office and prosecuted by the ICC.

  6. […] the people of the region are sick of war. The public in the Middle East, including Turkey, overwhelmingly oppose a NATO intervention in Syria. Syrians and Turks don’t want to die for another man’s war. They […]

  7. If a Pew survey asks cows what I should eat for lunch, all cows would say ‘grass’. It, therefore, stands to reason that Pew should ask me about my food preferences, not the cows. Similarly, the Pew should have asked all those questions from the Syrian People not ask them from Arabs, Mongols, Japanese, etc.

  8. Any pol taken in Arab country is worth nothing – because people's representatives are fake!
    Fake parliament…!
    In Syria for example "same as in Iraq's Saddam" the price of anything "including butter" is decided by a PRESIDENTIAL DECREE

  9. Pew survey… in Syria …? You are kidding…! Such a survey is not worth for a Syrian "or members of his family" to risk being arrested, tortured or to loose life for..!
    Everything has to pass through the nostril of intelligence services!

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