Israel’s ‘Spiral of Injustice’ Towards Palestinian Children

Standing Armies and the ‘Specter of Looming Dangers’

Via, a very revealing interview with Colin Powell: These are remarkable statements for a number of reasons. Let’s take them one at a time. “Our force has never existed just to be ready to fight wars,” but “to deter wars.” Well, not never. As James Madison said, “A standing army is one of the […]

Unexploded Ordnances in Libya

As further illustration of how Libya was not the victimless war it is still made out to be, the Times reports on unexploded ordnances: The United Nations said this month that NATO, in an exchange not publicly disclosed, had shared details of 313 possible sites of unexploded ordnance from the alliance’s action against Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s government last year. […]

We Know You Know About Our Well-Known ‘Secret’ Drone Wars

Pro-Publica summarizes how absurd the Obama administration is being on its secret drone wars they keep telling everybody about: Over the past year, the American Civil Liberties Union and reporters at The New York Times have filed several requests under the Freedom of Information Act seeking information about the CIA’s drone program and the legal […]

‘Knowing’ That Preventive War on Iran is Counterproductive

Via Micah Zenko, this short excerpt from New York Times reporter David Sanger’s new book, Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power: And the core of the American argument [to Israel] was simple: attack Iran, and you set the program back a few years, but you solve nothing. “We wanted to […]

DEA Kills Another Honduran

Another Honduran was killed this weekend by US Drug Enforcement Agents, according to the New York Times. The DEA claims the man who was killed was a suspected drug dealer and reached for his gun, making the DEA’s shots “self-defense.” No independent observers were there to witness it, so what actually happened is really unknowable. Just last […]