US Taxpayers Spend More on Israeli Defense Than Israeli Taxpayers, Says Former IDF Official

John Glaser, September 12, 2012

Jerusalem Post:

In an apparent reference to the public spat between the United States and Israel, former IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi told the Calcalist conference on Tuesday that preserving strong ties with the United States is an Israeli security necessity.

“We must preserve ties with the United States. I believe this is a security necessity,” he said.

In the past three years, he noted, US taxpayers have contributed more to the Israeli defense budget than Israeli taxpayers.

Since 2009, that amount is more than $11 billion. Explaining why money needs to be stolen from US taxpayers and given to the only nuclear state in the Middle East, despite the fact that Israeli leaders work directly against US interests – especially when they try to pressure us to launch discretionary wars – is getting harder even for hawks to do.

97 Responses to “US Taxpayers Spend More on Israeli Defense Than Israeli Taxpayers, Says Former IDF Official”

  1. Any country which can afford to develop and maintain a nuclear arsenal does not need financial help from the US. That goes for India and Pakistan as well.

  2. We pay for them to terrorize their neighbors.

  3. And some might think that we support them so they can survive in a hostile world.

  4. Nobody but zionist extremists think that.

  5. you hit it there

  6. What part are you disagreeing with. That they don't live in a hostile world?

  7. For an anti-war site you sure seem bent on genocide.

  8. Only in the minds of zionist extremists.

  9. That's a talking point of zionist extremists.

  10. Falied talking point at that.

  11. Genocide? Israel has a nuclear arsenal, unlike the country they threaten to bomb on a daily basis. There are countless articles on AW’s site that spell all that out, to anyone willing to seek reality.

  12. If the palestinians put down their arms tomorrow, what do you think would happen?

  13. That's a canned answer from a iranian centric muslim activist.

  14. This is also true for about other 30 other countries including Israel's enemies.

  15. Israel–that criminal, racist Zionist entity–ought to be cut off from American life support.

  16. Good ol' Uncle Sucker gets taken again.

    Just rename the country to the United States of Israel and be done with it.

  17. Israel would seal them off in their ghettos and leave them to rot. Oh wait …

  18. Genocide? Who could threaten nuclear armed Israel with genocide. Only genocide going on in the Middle East is carried out by the US at the behest of Israel. Millions of Muslims have been displaced and killed in the last 10 years. Genocide. You are a liar and a damn fool.

  19. Let the Sheldon Adelsohns and the billionaire bankers and hedge fund managers who are manipulating our foreign policy cough up the dollars for Israeli security- either directly or by being taxed at the rates that applied when Eisenhower was president- then maybe they will find themselves in an economic free fall and start to think more in the national interest.

  20. If Palestinians put down their arms tomorrow? Rocks? Palestianians need to put down their rocks so that a nuclear armed Israel can finally feel safe? Puuleeazee. That's the best you've got in defense of the Israel terror state?

  21. Israel would invade without anyone to stop them and they would kill everyone in their path.

  22. So, they have nothing to lose by laying down their arms, but they have the possibility of trade and open borders with Israel if they do cease hostilities.

  23. One side shoots rockets at civilians.

  24. Can you explain that to the mother of Schalitt?

  25. They can do that now, and don't bother.

  26. And the other side drops bombs on civilians from F-16's

  27. No they can't

  28. I think most of use accept paying for the greed of the people of Israel but to have that war monger bibi insult our president for not getting our kids killed attacking Iran is an insult. Bibi is a dual citizen and if he does not like the USA let him give up that citizenship. Of course he will have no place escape if he gets WWIII started.

  29. Israel should just put Netanyahu in a padded room, where he belongs.

  30. This says it all. Religion has destroyed America. Kids starve on the streets to make sure Israeli warlords can sleep at night.

  31. And if they wanted to commit genocide it wouldn't be hard.

    Yet they don't.

  32. In a population center as concentrated as Gaza, it is something they avoid out of will, not because it is out of possibility.

  33. Pretty sure they are:

  34. The survival of Israel is not the responsibility of the American tax payer.

  35. Not sending tax money to a nation on the other side of the world isn't Genocide.

  36. The US should end dual citizenship for all nations. Either you are an American citizen or you are not. No one can serve two masters.

  37. A prisoner of war, taken in uniform while on active military service. Maybe if Israel would end the hostilities they might get him back.

  38. Then why didn't they treat him within those guidelines as a prisoner of war?

    On both sides there is animosities that go back to the 8th century at least. There is little unbiased thinking on either side.

    But ask yourself honestly, if both sides laid down their weapons and just focused on the quality of life of their people, who would need to change their values the most?

  39. Nope, and the survival of Hamas and Fatah isn't either.

    And that leads us back into a circle of war like thinking. Is that really productive?
    Why not work around the hostilities instead? Work to expand trade agreements, medical sharing and access to other things where security is protected for both sides equally?

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  41. If they lay down their arms the israelis will continue to exterminate them. What do you think gaza is?

  42. Out of protest and self defense. I say they should have abrams tanks and f-16s. Make it a fair fight.

  43. Genocide takes time. They've been doing a pretty good job.

  44. They don't have arms compared to the Israelis. Do the palestinians have fighter jets and tanks and nukes? No.

  45. The ones that follow this guideline.

    "For you are a people holy to the LORD your God. The LORD your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession."

  46. It is something they don't want to do because they like having a little concentration camp to put the "cockroaches" in as they so often call them.

  47. What do you mean work around the hostilities? How can you get people to talk at the table when people are being bombed. That's retarded.

  48. Without their controll of the US….Israel is nothing.

  49. I think they are suicidal maniacs and they will destroy themselves with NO outside assistance needed.
    just like every time in history.

  50. At what point have you shown Israel violated any treaty they negotiated, and by violated I mean attacked with stealth when there was no kassam rockets falling on them or suicide bombers being paid by the fatah or hamas movements….

  51. Like the muslims against the Copts in Egypt?

  52. Only let the equal number of muslims in to the battle when they pick a fight with the IDF?

  53. Wow, sounds like they serve a really nice kind of Almighty.

  54. And what does the iranian backed militants call everyone else outside the muslim faith, and those inside the Jewish racial lines?

  55. If they did they would have been using them like the thousands of kassam's they have launched in times of peace.

  56. Do you realize your comment explains why there is no peace?

    Where did I say they had to sit together?
    Where did I say they had to talk?
    Where does anyone say it has to be when bombs are falling?

    You don't seem to have any hopes towards peace, and no drive to even attempt it.

  57. I don't know. But I's sure you will make up some lie.

  58. There are not times of peace. Unlike Israel the palestinians honored the cease fire. Make it a fair fight. Give the palestinians some tanks and jets.

  59. You sound like the Israelis. Zionist extremists who are building illegal settlements which are a threat to any possibility of peace.

  60. Sounds like that POS is racist and evil.

  61. No strip the IDF of nukes and jets and tanks and give THEM stick and rocks.

  62. the made up copts?

  63. They are in violation of all UN resolutions and are not even signatories to the geneva conventions. That tells you everything you need to know about them right there.

  64. You may or may not support the state of Israel, but can you get the facts straight at least? UN madates gave them half of what they hold and the rest was lost to them during war.

    They aren't fighting an enemy that signed the Geneva conventions, so it makes no difference if they did. Those wartime protections and standards only apply when you fight an enemy that meets them as well.

    That's everything you need to know right there.
    When you call for the arab palestinians to meet the Geneva Conventions then I'll push for the IDF to meet them as well.

    Sound fair?
    War is bad enough when both sides have set protections for civilians. And even then it's bad enough that it should be avoided, I can agree to that, can you?

    That's what this anti-war site is about. Avoiding the horrors of war.

  65. Do you at least admit that there is apartheid in Egypt against the Copts?

  66. Why do you want to cause as many casualties as possible in the area?

    Anti-war is not about reducing fighters to bloody knuckles, it's about rising above the barbaric thinking that war results from.

    Why not actually realize that if the million arabs within Israel can live in peace, that the ones around Israel could too?

  67. God has favorites, so what? It's His call.

    And islam has a god with favorites too.

    Every religion has a set of favorites pretty much, this just happens to be those favored by the Almighty. If allah is stronger than the almighty, then it won't make any difference would it?

  68. Well, I can't believe you won't answer a question.

    It's not a lot of nice things, is it?

    And finally, you realize avoiding harsh and antagonizing rhetoric is sometimes the smartest thing to do. Now if they could just try that in the middle east they might get past the fighting.

  69. Why are you so determined about that?
    In the last six months is has for the most part been peaceful other than the kassam rockets. Now with muslim activists calling the shots in Egypt things may get dicy. But why do you want to look for hostilities as if it's a necessary event?
    Anti-war sites are about avoiding that, rising above it and reducing the event every happening. Isn't that something to hope for?

  70. When Jordan attacked in the last war, they knew they were risking territory.

    Do you know what is in Hebron? Rachel's tomb.
    Who was Rachel? And how does her tomb belong more to muslims than the Jews descended from her?

  71. No. The way to do it is to tell your politicians that if they support Israel then you won't support them. Quite easy really. Its what the Israeli lobby does.

  72. No. Stupidity of American citizens has destroyed America. Example: I could give you a million but here's one, any retard who still believes the official account of 9/11. Anyone who believes that two massive towers would come crashing down in a pile of dust even though all the fuel from the planes ignited on impact and any other fires didn't even get hot enough as proved by the woman standing in one of the towers at the point of impact before the building fell. The fact that several of the so called highjackers are still alive today so how could they have died at 9/11. The fact that every other crash has always had wreckage. The nose of the plane, wings etc yet flight 93 hit the ground and there was no sign of any plane crash (look on youtube if you're not sure). It was an Israeli/CIA operation from start to finish. Yet your politicians, TV, newspapers lied to you and yet thousands of dumb Americans signed up for the armed services to go and kill innocent Afghans and Iraqi's even though none of the supposed highjackers were from those county's. Did you never question when Bush said crap like "they attack us because they don't like our freedom" even though the "Arab spring" clearly shows that Muslims love their freedom too. Time for an American spring I think.

  73. Well that's a no brainer…we pay their salaries too!

  74. Hehehe yeah, Americans finance their defense and Germans finance their infra-structure.
    Israel = welfare State. Perhaps QE-3 as financial aid to America is aid to the nation state of Israel also? hehe. and, screw the American Taxpayer and poor Americans.

  75. Gee ,after reading all of the above, I am at a loss,something unusual for me….
    FUCK ISRAEL !!!!!!!

  76. Israeli tail wagging the US dog.

  77. In the past three years, he noted, US taxpayers have contributed more to the Israeli defense budget than Israeli taxpayers.

  78. Americans and people everywhere are going hungry and thirsty. All in the name of war toys. Somehow a problem with the dick principle enters here

  79. Eventually, when a large, organized and motivated 21st century army moves against Israel for the first

    time the population will decrease by half due to panicked emigration; those who can will return to the

    US and Europe because they will want to keep their families safe..

    Only the radical Zionists and Palestinians will remain- 500k v 5million respectively…

    And Israel won't be able to use nukes or WMDs b/c of proximity and international pressure…

    Then the world will finally awaken from the Zionist Nightmare that began with the Balfor Agreement…

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  81. The end of dollar is right around the corner.

    We had a great run …. just like the romans.

    I bet Thomas Jefferson is weeping in his grave.

  82. In the past three years, he noted, US taxpayers have contributed more to the Israeli defense budget than Israeli taxpayers.

  83. Nice article

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    Since 2009, that amount is more than $11 billion. Explaining why money needs to be stolen from US taxpayers and given to the only nuclear state in the Middle East, despite the fact that Israeli leaders work directly against US interests – especially when they try to pressure us to launch discretionary wars – is getting harder even for hawks to do.

  87. Then the world will finally awaken from the Zionist Nightmare that began with the Balfor Agreement… halloween limousine

  88. In the past three years, he noted, US taxpayers have contributed more to the Israeli defense budget than Israeli taxpayers.

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