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Antiwar.com Newsletter | September 28, 2012

Posted By Angela Keaton On September 28, 2012 @ 10:08 am In Week in Review | Comments Disabled

Antiwar.com Newsletter | September 28, 2012


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This week’s top news:

Netanyahu to UN: Nuclear Iran is the Same as ‘A Nuclear al-Qaeda’ [1]: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a speech on Thursday at the United Nations sidestepped the issue of Palestine and ranted against Iran, claiming a nuclear-armed Iran is the equivalent of "a nuclear al-Qaeda."

Military Report Shows Afghan Surge Complete Failure [2]: The US-led NATO military command in Afghanistan has found in a new report that the surge ordered by President Barack Obama has failed to improve conditions on the ground.

Study: ‘Counterproductive’ Drone War ‘Terrorizes’ Civilians in Pakistan [3]: A new report by researchers at the Stanford and NYU schools of law has found that the drone program is "terrorizing" the people of Pakistan and that it is having "counterproductive" effects.

Clinton Admits Attack on Consulate in Libya Was Al-Qaeda [4]: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted explicitly for the first time on Wednesday that the attack on the US consulate in Libya that killed four Americans including the ambassador, was a pre-planned attack by al-Qaeda militants in Libya.

At UN, Obama Falsely Claims America Sides With Democratic Change in Mideast [5]: In reality, the Obama administration has continued its tradition of propping up terrible dictatorships in the region and has itself worked, in a "painstaking" fashion, to suppress the protest movements pushing for democratic reforms.

Declassified Documents Reveal US Military Designated Assange ‘Enemy of State’ [6]: Assange’s US attorney, Michael Ratner, claims this designation, also assigned to al-Qaeda, has very dangerous implications and could be interpreted as a green light to kill or detain Assange without charge or trial.

Opinion and Analysis

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