‘Flatten all of Gaza’

John Glaser, November 19, 2012

For those that haven’t seen it, a piece in Jerusalem Post by Gilad Sharon (Ariel Sharon’s son) grabbed some attention over the weekend. In it, he essentially argues for annihilating Gaza and its inhabitants.

First, he denounces the worry about civilian casualties, arguing that by virtue of being Palestinian, Gaza residents are guilty and are worthy targets.

The desire to prevent harm to innocent civilians in Gaza will ultimately lead to harming the truly innocent: the residents of southern Israel. The residents of Gaza are not innocent, they elected Hamas. The Gazans aren’t hostages; they chose this freely, and must live with the consequences.

And then mass murder:

We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.

There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing. Then they’d really call for a ceasefire.

This can be compared to the comment by Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai on Saturday: “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages. Only then will Israel be calm for forty years.”

82 Responses to “‘Flatten all of Gaza’”

  1. I for one was pleased that Ariel Sharon had karma working against him. Thank god this terrorist has been has been decapitated. Furthermore one must hope that a Hamas missile takes out his terrorist son, and most of the terrorists in the Knesset. There would be no sympathy anywhere for these sociopathic clowns

  2. Thank God the vast majority of Israelis consider him a loon and write off his and other statements of the kind as madness. That's why Israel continues to provide Gazans with food, fresh water, fuel, electricity and other emergency items, even as the fighting rages and at great risk to those responsible for getting it there. Maybe you don't know that side of the story.

    By the way, here's a music video produced by Hamas. The lyrics are "Flatten, flatten Tel Aviv". http://t.co/E9l3emmm

  3. How charitable—- they continue to provide food, fuel, fresh water & electricity while they occupy, humiliate, imprision, ethnically cleanse, build settlemensts & bomb the hell out of them. We all know THAT side of the story Adam— in fact it's the ONLY side we hear in the mainstream US press— your Zionist buddies make sure of that. It's the same scripted rabble that's fed to us EVERYTIME Israel undertakes another bloody campaign in Gaza. I can assure you that propaganda won't stick here at antiwar.com.

    It's simply astonishing how this atrocious apartheid state, propped up with American tax-payer dollars and military hardware, brings out it's defenders in groves on antiwar.com and other sites eevrytime israel "defends itself."

  4. I am sickened by the US media using the mantra "Israel has a right to defend itself" and equally nauseated by certain Christians who feel that Israel can do NO WRONG.

  5. So Sharon the Younger is a bloodthirsty psychopath. Not surprising that the turd hasn't fallen far from the pig's ass.

  6. You sound like an expert on the subject.

  7. The fact that you think Gaza has settlements pretty much rules out the possibility that you know anything at all about what's actually happening there.

  8. You apparently believe that Israel is the only country in the world with no right to defend itself. Fortunately, they, like us here in the U.S., have leaders who live in the real world, not fantasy land.

  9. Only a boykot on Apartheid-Israel´s profits will make them realize that they are treating as they themselves were once treated in Germany and elsewhere. They themselves are the terrorists now but only if their profits are hurt will they realize it. US & Israel: Extra-judicial killings. That was once associated with El Salvador, Pinochet-Chile, Samoza-Nicaragua, Union Leaders in Colombia. Now the assassins are United States and Israel, breaking national and international law with impunity. Nobody calls for impeachment. The Pentagon deludes themselves into thinking that they can avoid Nuclear Winter with earth-penetrating warheads on Trident-2 D5 and Minuteman-3 (the MX warhead was designed to minimize nuclear winter effects if used against missile silos, for that reason it was put on Minuteman-3). The missiles in Eastern Europe will be operational by 2018. This leads to Launch On Warning by 2017. The point is that the US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously according to Bob Aldridge -www.plrc.org.

  10. Turkey is 100% right. The psychopaths are running the show in Israel. And I guarantee you won't hear a peep of it from the MSM, and that coward Obama will continue to his endorsements of the Israeli warmongering against Gaza.

  11. All Americans have to do is recognize that supporting Israel financially is the same as funding Genocide. Speaking of which, this Thanksgiving instead of comparing people to Hitler remember that we completed a genocide against the natives over a course of hundreds of years. Trying comparing evil instead to Washington, Madison, Lincoln and you'll realize how deeply rooted Americans deny their own holocausts.

  12. @adamhollandblog is a pathetic stooge.

    As everyone knows, Israel continues to build colonies (settlements) on stolen Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem.

    By the way, that sleazy weasel way in which you put words in R.C.'s mouth and then use that imaginary claim to discredit him is TYPICAL of Israel and its apologists.

    To get to the truth, one must peel away 1000 layers of Israeli propaganda.

    R.C. never said that Israel is building settlements in Gaza.

    Besides, Israel continues to impose a 6-year-siege on Gaza and pressures Egypt to cooperate, threatening that failure to do so would threaten Israel's peace agreement with Egypt.

    Incidentally, Israel has publicly stated that its aim with the siege is to put Gaza's 1.5 million civilians "on a diet".

    Nazi is as Nazi does.

  13. The combination of vitriol and naivete is a poisonous cocktail. You and the other commenters here seem to drink of it deeply. I advise you and your allies here to do the following: put aside your hostility and think on a practical level what you hope for as a best outcome for Israel. Is that too much to ask of you?

  14. Sharon’s brat is f-cking deranged, guilt by association what a pathetic collectivist tactic. Replace Sharon with the names of either Sharpton, Jackson, Duke, Black, Farrakahn, Robertson, Buchanan, etc and replace Gazan’s with either whites, hispanics, blacks, asians, etc there would be wide spread condemnation. But no since it’s Israel and the Palestinians, very few would even bat an eye. Its fucking pathetic.

  15. Gilad lays down his justification for the flattening by saying those who elected Hamas are not innocent. I assume he has plans to distinguish between those who voted for Hamas and those who did not before the steamrollers arrive? Otherwise, he’s talking about collective punishment. But even more worrisome: close to half the population in the Gaza Strip are under 14. Are they guilty by association? I suppose that falls under the Robert Gibbs’ line of reasoning: “well, if you don’t want to get killed then you should have parents that aren’t terrorists.”

  16. Didn't Auschwitz have " food, fresh water, fuel, electricity and other emergency items, even as the fighting rages and at great risk to those responsible for getting it there?" Just sayin'.

  17. That's too much to ask. As an American I pay for Israel. If I want to dump it that's my business. I don't and don't have to give a flying crap what's best for Israel, like I don't have to care what's best for an old pair of socks.

  18. Flatten all of Gaza huh? Gotta love these Jewish Nazis, eh? Geez, doesn't this hypocrite realize what the hell he is advocating? Does he REALLY want to become the very thing that he would rightly hate so much? You'd think he'd have more sense than that. Man what a hypocrite.

    He's also obviously in favor of nuking cities. Geez, what a bloodthirsty nutcase!

  19. If you don't think the U.S. gets anything in return from Israel, you're not looking very closely.

  20. Actually, no, Auschwitz prisoners didn't have those things. They were deprived of all of those things.

    Israeli interdiction of weapons is essential to their security, as evidenced by the missiles currently raining down on them in spite of their best efforts.

  21. You, on the other hand,apparently believe the Palestinian's are the only people in the world with no right to defend themselves. Why don't you comment on the Palestinian right of resistance to occupation? They do have such a right, don't they ? UN Resolution 42 ? The Right of resistance as enshrined by the Geneva Conventions ?

  22. Rubbish: The "… best efforts" you speak of are a figment of your imagination. The Israelis engineered this latest incident just like they engineered every last incident of this slow motion Palestinian Holocaust.

  23. The Geneva Conventions explicitly forbid attacks on civilian populations like the rain of missiles Hamas has fired on Israeli cities. Maybe you missed that part.

  24. If you believe that Israel deliberately let Hamas get Iranian missiles, you're delusional.

  25. You're delusional if you think you know what I believe. What I believe is that the Palestinians are the party under occupation by european colonists, and that they have the moral right to resist that occupation in any way they see fit. Including violent means.

  26. You said that you believe Israel deliberately set up this conflict by not doing their best to interdict weapons shipments, but I see that you're now confused about your having said this. When you figure out whether or not you believe this, we can discuss how foolish an idea it is.

  27. I think Gen. Petraeus had something to say about that. And look what happened to him.

  28. "Weapons" like building materials for replacing flattened homes and other structures…

  29. Once again, you set up a straw man. He never said a word about "not doing their best to interdict weapons shipments". There are lots of ways of engineering a conflict, like killing a child in his own back yard, breaking ceasefire agreements by building settlements in the rest of the occupied territories, etc., etc.

  30. Frankly, the militants cannot be said to be "aiming" at civilians. Their technology is not that advanced. They are aiming in the general direction of their enemy and hoping they hit something, anything. I don't know how I feel about it morally myself, but surely it's not any worse than claiming everyone in Gaza is guilty for electing Hamas, any more than all Catholics were/are "to blaim" for exercising the right to vote for Sinn Fein (which has pretty close links to the IRA). The mistake Hamas made, as far as I can tell, was in not setting up a party with a new name which could at least be seen by the world at large as an entity in its own right (though nothing much would probably change all this).

  31. He is: you have made a great subejct so far.

  32. Are you saying that Gen. Petraeus was the victim of an Israeli conspiracy? Say more. I'd like to see how this kind of mind works.

  33. He referred to Israeli's best efforts at interdiction from my prior comment. How's your reading comprehension?

  34. Weapons like the thousands of rockets and missiles that have been raining down on Israeli (and now West Bank) neighborhoods. Maybe you're under the mistaken belief that Hamas has been firing building materials.

  35. By the way, in recent years, Gaza has had something of a building boom, with luxury hotels and restaurants, a shopping mall, an amusement park and other projects being built. You weren't aware of that either, were you?

  36. I think that their mistakes have been oppressing their own people with horrible brutality, shelling innocent civilians in Israel, and preventing a peace process from resuming.

  37. Have to hand it you Adam, you are quick to respond. What do you do all day, anyway? But you can't seriously tell me that Netanyahu is interested in peace. Not with the Palestinians, the Iranians or indeed most of the neighbourhood. He repeats the lie, over and over, that Iran has threatened to "wipe Israel off the map". Well, bit by bit, Israel has wiped Palestine off the map for the last 60 years and some even deny that there ever was a Palestine or that there is even such a thing as a Palestinian. As for Hamas, they have negotiated. Mr Jabar was one of the people Israel negotiated with. Now he is assasinated. There are some indications now that Arafat was posioned. Basically everyone with whom Israel has to deal becomes "the problem", there is "no one" to negotiate with, "no partner", etc., etc. The world has grown tired of this song and dance.

  38. And tell me one thing, Adam. What will it take for Israel to agree to Palestinians having land under their own control, with no Israelis controling land, air and sea? What? How long must any given ceasefire/truce actually last, in your view, before it's not OK to continue to build settlements on Palestinian land? 4 years (the last time Gaza was invaded) or 400?

  39. Sharon is right. Gaza should be flattened. And Hamas should go for it too. Hamas can only achieve its political goals in martyrdom. Hamas should load poison gas onto its rockets that it fires into Israel. This should inflame the Israelis enough to martyr all of Gaza.

  40. Well you certainly aren't.

  41. Tell you what. Israel can keep its lovely benenfits and we'll keep ours. Fair enough? Yes, it is.

  42. Yeah, surrrre. Even if it does this doesn't justify Israeli bigotry and apartheid.

  43. My point was that Gaza does get building materials sufficient to build major developments like hotels, shopping malls, etc. They also get massive aid from the E.U. and Arab League, among others. The poverty problem derives from the fact that this aid gets filtered through the hands of an elite who filter off massive amounts of graft and outright theft, then use the rest to control the masses who are beholden to them. Wouldn't it be better if they were using this money to build an equitable economy?

  44. The only innocents in Gaza are those below voting age and do not support Hamas. Its too bad that Hamas cowards bring their children to work so that they can hide behind them. Flatten all of Gaza and push 90% of the population into Egypt.

  45. I do not think Sharon is his real name. The true name is Joseph Goebbels Talking in Hebrew !

  46. Of course America has to fund and protect the state of Israel. After all, Israel is the 51 State of the USA !

  47. Not Goebbels–Ilya Ehrenburg is more applicable.

  48. God you suck. Such a lamer. Just intellectually dishonest. I hate that.

  49. Yes, and why do they need aid? BECAUSE ISRAEL STRANGLES THEM.

    Stop switching topics :)

  50. Be specific. When was I dishonest?

  51. Hamas profits by maintaining this status quo. They skim massive amounts of graft from the tunnels, and hold the poor dependent on them for aid. That's why they won't stop the shelling. If they'd stop making war on Israel, the blockade would rapidly come to an end. Do you approve of Hamas benefiting from keeping Gaza at it is?

  52. This could all happen very quickly. You do understand that recognition of the right to exist as a nation state is a mutual requirement of such an agreement, don't you?

  53. All in favour of condoning or support of war, attack or murder or harm upon any human being, is party to an old consciousness that serves destruction, at your expense.

  54. Modern history shows that the unfortunate paradox of pacifism is that it inevitably leads to more killing.

  55. I say flatten all of Israel. That will put an end to all these Zionist incestuous relationships and there won't be a need to waste time and tax payers dollars on peace talks. And Hillary can get back to being a good little house wife.

  56. How's yours?

    " The "… best efforts" you speak of are a figment of your imagination. "

    That's what he said. Then you said:

    "You said that you believe Israel deliberately set up this conflict by not doing their best to interdict weapons shipments."

    So, no, he did NOT say what YOU say he said.

    Are you a troll who can't read? Or you just can't fight anything not made of straw? If you can't add 1 and 1 to make 2, learn how. It's your own time you're wasting if you think always having the last word, even when you're blatantly wrong, is worthwhile.

  57. Tell you the truth, it's only one of many theories I've heard, and does not necessarily have to involve Israelis. So I have to disappoint you–that's not the kind of mind I have. But if you're at all interested in studying delusion, you should try examining your own belief system critically. It may prove enlightening.

  58. Israelis are not "Nazis".

  59. Long is it forgotten in the United States and Europe that Hamas is a construct of MOSSAD, Israel funded Hamas originally to counter, Arafat, Blowback of a monumental proportion!

  60. Please watch this video by Miko Peled, author of "The General's Son". From a well-known Israeli Jewish family, whose grandparents were Zionists and whose father was an Israeli general who tried to become a peacemaker, he has the credentials. He explains the real situation in Palestine, and I have to think that Natanyahu and AIPAC must be worried about this guy…

  61. Well, even if you only count those under 18, that's the majority. But who wouldn't resist a brutal occupation, having their land and homes stolen and their food and water rationed?

  62. I agree about the boycott, but I also think the Israelis (those who support their government) realize exactly what they;'re doing. The American public may be ignorant, but the Israelis have to know.

  63. I wonder if there's anything at all that Israel could do to the Palestinians that would be condemned by their US supporters. If killing children, destroying houses, rationing food and drinking water, closing borders, etc., can't be condemned, is there anything that would be?

    I was listening to Miko Peled, author of "The General's Son" (I put a link to his talk on youtube below), and he said that in Gaza, the schools are so crowded that the children go in two shifts. The morning shift lets out at around 11:25, and the afternoon shift comes in after that. In 2008, the Israelis started 'Operation Cast Lead' at 11:30 a.m., purposely at the time when the maximum number of Palestinian schoolchildren would be out on the streets. As he says, if that's not terrorism, what is? (Now for the 'self-hating Jew' comments…)

  64. This is double-talk. The implication of your prior comment was clear and its paranoia speaks for itself.

  65. luapex feels that I'm dishonest , but can't say about what.

  66. Israel allows in just enough food so the people don't actually die of starvation. As for water, access to clean drinking water is a big problem – although Israeli settlements have plenty of water not only to drink but to fill their swimming pools and keep their lawns green. And why should it be up to Israel to control Gaza's access to food, water and emergency supplies in the first place?

  67. Gaza had open borders and Israeli offers to cooperate economically until Hamas started the terrorist assault that continues to this day. If Hamas were to end the constant barrage of missiles and the importation of weapons via smuggling tunnels, the blockade should come to an end.

    As it is, the Hamas elites enjoy having control of money deriving from aid and smuggling that result from the blockade. They have a disincentive to actually bring the blockade to an end.

    Gaza's drinking water is not being stolen by settlements because there are no settlements there. The drinking water within Gaza has been polluted, so Israel provides potable water via a pipeline from a source within Israel.

  68. "libertine", as in "free thinker"? Actually you sound like something not so nice; and you are not even correct in your math – your assessment that the Gaza children under voting age are the only "innocent" Palestinians and that that group only amounts to about 10% of the overall population, shows deliberate ignorance – maybe just the fondest wishes of a genocidal psychpath.

  69. The natives over a course of hundreds of years.

  70. Your accusations are laughable, coming as they do from someone who deliberately misreads and misinforms on a regular basis in this thread. To take as read that I'm paranoid based on a simple flippant off-the cuff remark speaks volumes about your own obessessions.

  71. First, he denounces the worry about civilian casualties, arguing that by virtue of being Palestinian, Gaza residents are guilty and are worthy targets.

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