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Antiwar.com Newsletter | February 1, 2012

Posted By Angela Keaton On February 1, 2013 @ 2:28 pm In Week in Review | Comments Disabled

This week’s top news:

Neocons Press Hagel in Confirmation Hearings [1]: Hagel was largely submissive to right-wing bullies, passing up opportunities to defend his own views.

UN Report: Israel Must Withdraw All Settlers or Face ICC [2]: The United Nations Human Rights Council said in a report issued Thursday that Israel is violating international law in the West Bank, that Israel “must immediately initiate a process of withdrawal of all settlers” from the West Bank and cease further settlement building “without preconditions.”

Israel Attacks Syria, Adding Complexity to Syrian Civil War [3]: Fresh off of weekend claims by Vice Premier Silvan Shalom that Israel was considering attacking Syria, they did exactly that, sending warplanes through Lebanon into Syrian territory and launching air strikes that killed two people.

US Official: Mali Intervention ‘Could Take Several Years’ [4]: The Pentagon surely seems prepared to milk the Mali intervention for all its worth and certainly for decades to come. The US is already planning on using the war in Mali to justify establishing a base for drone operations throughout northwest Africa.

CIA Nominee John Brennan Had Detailed Knowledge of Bush-Era Torture [5]: While serving as deputy executive director of the CIA under the Bush administration, President Obama’s nominee for CIA chief and current counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan “had detailed, contemporaneous knowledge” of the use of torture on detainees in US prisons.

Obama Closes Office Working to Shut Down Gitmo [6]: The Obama administration has decided to close the office and eliminate the special envoy devoted to closing the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

Opinion and Analysis:

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