Hagel Was Right the First Time: Israel Treats Palestinians Like Caged Animals

John Glaser, February 04, 2013

Among the many statements Chuck Hagel meekly recanted during his confirmation hearings last week was his comment that there is “no justification for Israel to keep the Palestinians caged up like animals.” Republican Senator Mike Lee asked Hagel if he stood by that language, to which Hagel replied, “No, if I had an opportunity to edit that, like many things I’ve said, I would – I would like to go back and change the words and the meaning.”

But of course, Israel does keep the Palestinians caged up like animals.

Mondoweiss (via Scott McConnell) posts a short clip from the 2003 documentary “Checkpoint” in which Israeli soldiers can be seen describing this fact explicitly. “Animals. Like the Discovery Channel. All of Ramallah is a jungle,” says one.

You can find similar talk throughout Israel’s occupation. As Israeli military leader and politician Moshhe Dayan said following the 1967 Six Day War: “We don’t have a solution, and you will continue living like dogs, and whoever wants will go, and will see how this procedure will work out.”

17 Responses to “Hagel Was Right the First Time: Israel Treats Palestinians Like Caged Animals”

  1. Wrong… wild animals get treated with more compassion rather than contempt.

  2. This Writer is uninformed. In Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and the rest of the Arab world the Palestinians are caged. In Israel they are not, the only reason they are blacked (Road Blacks) is because of their violent nature. Israel needs to protect itself.

  3. The Jewish residents of Iran are treated much better and afforded many more civil and human rights than the natives in occupied Palestine

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  5. Clearly someone in the Obama admin is misguided. There is no need to recant, fall over backwards and surrender to the Israeli Lobby. They have advised Obama and Hagel and as a consequence both appear weak. Far better to tackle the lobby head on. Romney would have walked over Obama had it not been for the bribes given by a very unnattractive character called Sheldon J. Adelson. Its been slow but the American populace is wising up to the Israeli (Jewish) Lobby even if still unwilling to publicly express themselves.

  6. And Israel is supported by us "democracy" so as the Swedish Neo fascism.., or for that matter the English monarchism.., now you figure it out…, who is democrats or even think as one and preaching for establishing democracy in Middle East…, look: democracy existed well before us or Europe wanted to be or acting in becoming one.., until the western "civilization" find it easer to support tyrants and dictatorial regimes by the way of cop de ettas from 1950s.., and that's when the falsified democracy in middle east started depending on what us or EU wanted.., not what people wanted…, now in 2013 they do use their undemocratic method by using their created monsters of all kind, the Saudis barbarism and Israel apartheid regime and Turkish NATO-ism to once again conquer the lost colony.., people of Egypt have an answer for that.., get the hell out of my country and take your dogs with you.., Yankee go home.

  7. How can Mr. Hagel look into the mirror, how can he sleep, what moral standarts he really has? Bow down to “this bunch of criminals”and for what? Is he hungry? Does he need that job under these condicions? Probably atheist, he will obey “satanic instructions” even if Zionist Israel wages WW3….I feel sorry for him./ And he looked so different and right on beginning/ peter czech

  8. I fear it will be too late by then…the massive bulk of the people will only wake up when they have the power to say "we own you" in our faces…and we'll be able to do nothing…

  9. The Public may be wising up but until the AIPAC Cash cow is stopped the Politicians of both sides will continue their crimes against the American state in that they vote for the best interests of a foreign country.

    The public need to voice to the President to have AIPAC made a foreign lobbiest!

  10. Your elected government is spineless and do not have the balls and is scared shitless of the zionist lobby.

  11. you have less logic than a fly,if Palestinians had lived better in Israel they would not leave for other countries.They have not a "violent nature",you have a liar nature.Also an American sclaves proprietor could say that the blacks live better in his slavery than in Africa.

  12. Thank you my brother there should be more like yourself.

  13. If we in the US had the same influence/power in Israel that the pro-Israel lobby/agents have in Washington we would be ruling over Israel. And they would have to do what we tell them to do.

  14. Moshe well that is a retarded ,racist and bigoted comment and deserves no logical reponse.
    shame on you.

  15. "their violent nature"? You know who you sound like there dude?

  16. Have you heard of qualitative difference, you stooge of Israel? In Palestine, Palestinians being treated as caged as animals is different than that in Egypt or Jordan.And what about the racial predilections of the Israelis, how would address?Moshe , why should you be apologetic about your treatment of Palestinians? Not only Palestinians you treat as animals, you treat even the Americans as animals.

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