Iran War Weekly – February 3, 2013

Angela Keaton, February 04, 2013

Per Frank Brodhead’s Iran War Weekly:

The renewed negotiations appear (underline, appear) to have been jumpstarted by Vice President Biden’s announcement at Munich that the United States was willing to meet with Iran if serious negotiations were possible. Iran has long insisted that direct negotiations with the United States was the key to resolving the many disputes between the two countries, of which Iran’s nuclear program is only one. Whether Biden’s statement represents a post-election readiness of the Obama administration to negotiate seriously with Iran remains to be seen.

Just as it was impossible for the Obama administration to make any diplomatic moves toward Iran prior to the November election, it will be very unlikely that Iran’s domestic politics will allow much flexibility on its nuclear positions before their June election. In the good/useful reading below I’ve linked several articles that reflect the fierce political struggles among what used to be considered Iran’s “conservatives,” who, now that there are no longer “reformers” or “liberals” on the scene, have established the main fracture in the Iranian political elite between “traditionalists” and “populists” (e.g. Ahmadinejad). It is hard to say whether the growing dominance of the “traditionalists” will make a nuclear agreement with the P5+1 more likely.

While diplomatic doors are cautiously opening, Israel’s attack on Syria last week cracks open the door to war with Iran. As noted below, Iran’s recent statement that it would consider an attack on Syria to be an attack on itself was quickly followed by Israel’s attack on what it claimed to be Syrian weapons bound for Hezbollah. Whether through accident or design, Israeli military action against Syria that draws in Iran would of course obligate the United States to also attack Iran, with calamitous results.

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5 Responses to “Iran War Weekly – February 3, 2013”

  1. It's about time! Very happy we will be at war soon! End to the psychotic collectivism both in this country and abroad. After over a decade of it, I simply couldn't care less what happens to these brainwashed lunatics in the US. They deserve it, including the demise of their pensions. Not just fools, but REALLY dumb! But that was the plan all along, correct? Dumb them down, then polarize them, then get RID of them.

  2. Israel can be compared to a spoilt USA child who has been given all the toys in the house to play with. This child cannot stand on his own feet so the father has to hold him to stand and play with the toys. If the father takes his hands offt the child collapses to the floor. If the USA decides not to use its veto powers, Israel will be crushed by the world community. The survival of Israel is very delicate yet Nyatihooho and his clique can not see it. In the long run they will be compelled to dismantle their nuclear weapons and pawn the parts for food, just watch how this will unfold in 10years.

  3. the Obama administration to negotiate seriously with Iran remains to be seen.

  4. The warhead on the MX missile "Peacekeeper" was designed to minimize nuclear winter effects if used against missile silos according to Professor Paul Rogers. So, when the MX missile was cancelled, the warhead was put on Minuteman-3. That proves that the Pentagon isn´t in favor of MAD but Disarming First-Strike Capability and apparently without Nuclear Winter, they think. But when they may get away with 3 % casualties in the US, the Russians will deploy Launch On Warning=SUICIDE. There´s no defense against Launch On Warning but they still don´t understand that in the Pentagon. For that reason General Harbottle said to me: "They are bloody fools in the Pentagon!" MAD IS MAD but we had a chance of not committing suicide.

  5. The Russian NATO-Ambassador went to Washington and asked: If Mars people had completely disarmed Iran, would you still deploy the missiles in Eastern Europe? And they answered: Yes, that will be done as decided. So, it has nothing to do with Iran. A threat from North Korea ? The Russian NATO-Ambassador said: They think we are stupid. But the Russians AREN´T stupid. They´ll deploy Launch On Warning, probably by 2017, and then it´s only a question of time. After Napoleon and Hitler they´ll ensure that they won´t die alone. What will the Pentagon do about Launch On Warning ? The Suicide-Missiles in Eastern Europe must be stopped !