Obama and the Founding Fathers’ “Raining Death” Asterisk

James Bovard, February 19, 2013

This cartoon from the new issue of the New Yorker perfectly nails the absurd presumptions behind Obama’s drone policy.

4 Responses to “Obama and the Founding Fathers’ “Raining Death” Asterisk”

  1. What is there to say…… Our government has gone rogue…….. Become the thing our founders feared most……. An accountable executive murdering and imprisoning citizens with NO due process. No right of petition, turned to standing and snuffed, causing loss of the judiciary to INVESTIGATE the corrupt executive…….. With the resource of our unlimited tax money, confiscated with an illegally enacted tax……… to bribe and undermine all opposition to the unchecked power and theft. A tyranny beyond the control of the electorate. A conspiracy by a parasitic banking tyranny, their enablers and enforcers.

  2. This is how the US politics hand in hand with its vulture capitalism system work and has been working for last 60 or so years…,

    A-deception B-Lies C-40 years later Deception and lies.

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