Who is “Misha”? – Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Rasputin

Justin Raimondo, April 23, 2013

There have been a number of news accounts of Tamerlan’s “mentor,” a major influence on his path to jihad: the Uncle, Ruslan, has said his name is “Misha,” and that he is an Armenian convert to Islam living in the Boston area, balding, with reddish hair, middle-aged looking. So far, he hasn’t been turned up. But that may be coming to an end….

Laura Rozen, a crack reporter on the intelligence beat, recently tweeted a video off an Islamic web site about Armenian converts to Islam: here it is. The guy in the video, who is clearly instructing new recruits, fits the description: balding, with surviving follicles reddish, and older. She also tweeted this: a series of posts about the Islamic Society of Boston University, which she got by googling “Misha Islamic Society of Boston University” – but found they had been deleted. Hmmm… what to do?

Well, I tried googling “Islamic Society of Boston University” in quotes plus “Misha” all by itself– and came up with the deleted posts and this one from the Google group soc.culture.soviet: Misha’s email address is listed in the header of the last entry on the first page of the Google list. Click on the entry and you come up with an announcement of a lecture from the Islamic Society of Boston University and below that a post from someone named Mikhail whose Armenian-sounding last name I will not publish, and whose web address matches Misha’s (click on his profile, and the web address comes up): the post consists of a single link to an old column by Bill Safire attacking the Soviet advance in Chechnya’s war.

If you Google Mikhail’s full name you get this, a defense of Chechen “freedom-fighters” from someone comparing them to the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993:

“Was there a single explosion made by Chechen freedom fighters
(terrorists) in Moscow? Spare those organized by Chechen mafia…
By very modest estimates, Russia killed 30000 people in Chechnya,
AFAIK. How many have died in World Trade Center explosion? (rather
weak, but still…)

“Do not even bring this up, there is not a shadow of analogy.”

 Google Mikhail’s full name plus “Chechnya” and you get this:

“That was my attempt to explain why I am ‘on Chechens’ side’, even
after they’ve used such methods as taking hostages, and attacking
a peacefull town. I was also trying to place most of the responsi-
bility for the war to the invader — Russia. We may argue who pro-
voked it, but the fact is — Russia started, started with invasion.”

 Pretty dark stuff. A simple name search comes up with this, a post wherein the author argues that “it is impossible for anyone to have a peaceful, normal relationship” with Russia. And here he pops up in a discussion labeled “Orion Group,, Satanism, NWO, and ‘ruling elite.’” The header exhorts the reader: “Do not carry the poison of evil within yourself.” Here he makes the argument that ‘assassinations are not terrorism.”

There’s lots more, especially when it comes to Chechnya and the cause of Chechen independence, a subject “Misha” is virulent on.

I’m not drawing any conclusions here: I’m just asking questions. Is this the “Misha,” the nefarious influence on Tamerlan – who perhaps inspired him to go to Chechnya and take up the cause of jihad?

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  1. I don't know how familiar you are with Armenian surnames, but the Mikhail in your references does not have an "Armenian-sounding" last name at all. Armenian last names – 90%+ – end in the "ian" or "yan". The mentioned last name in the chatrooms does not come close to the other typical last names that do not end with "ian"/"yan".

    PS Mikhail is a very common Russian name. I find the Armenian connection thus far very dubious: an attempt by the uncle to exculpate and distance Russians, Chechens, and Daghestanis from the public perception. Convenient.

  2. It appears that this Mikhail is a virulent supporter of the State of Israel:

    Genocide? (Re: Jew's Insane Genocide Slaughters Americans)
    Your subject mentions "genocide" (systematic killing of a racial or cultural
    group), but the text of the posting does not elaborate.

    Which racial or cultural group is — in your opinion — being genocided?

    The Palestinians? Should not their numbers dwindle as a result? Yet, their
    population growth is, actually, higher than that of the Jews. Who else?


    Israel NEVER started a war
    Geno1234 wrote:

    > I believe that Israel made a fatal mistake of waging war against Lebanon.
    > It destroyed their credibility.

    ????? The war was waged by Lebanon on Israel in 1948… It never ended —
    and until it does, the Lebanese shall suffer for the murderous aggression
    of their (grand)fathers.

    Noticably, neither Jordan nor Egypt were bombed for decades — because these
    countries were wise enough to make peace with Israel.



    Israel NEVER started a war

    9. Mikhail [redacted]
    View profile
    More options Oct 4 2006, 7:37 pm

    Al Smith wrote:
    > Particularly since the Israelis are terrorists themselves.

    Name two Acts of Terror committed by Israel. Certainly, there has to be at
    least two to justify calling the whole nation "terrorists". So?

    Put up or shut up, so to speak.


  3. i also saw the same video that was titled "bigfoot converts to islam", theres also tons of videos on yotube which show how armenians committed a genocide to over 1 million muslim turks, is that true as well? None of this is credible, also the uncles story doesnt check out since NBC and Associated Press have confirmed there is no Misha, the FBI and poilce have not mentioned, so why would you use the uncle of a terrorist the word of God? Chechans dont like Armenians cause Armenians are Christians, check your history books, its a joke how the media takes this uncles word for everything he says, hes a fraud and has been exposed,

  4. So the hypothesis is a violent jock let a delusional computer nerd teach him conspiracy theories? What does Boston have to do with conspiracy theories about the Jewish people ruling the world through banking (in the NWO link)? I hope that guy knows that there are demons in BSD.

  5. Armenians destroyed chechen terrorists fighting for Azerbaijan in the karabagh war, ain't no Armenian got time for that.. These two chumps are Turks and someone should check out his uncle to his ties with the Azeris

  6. Someone in a CIA psyop office is reading this right now and getting a real belly laugh out of it. How disgusting to think that we'll have to credit them with doing something that actually worked.

    To quote the late, great Frank Zappa: "It isn't getting any smarter out there."

  7. There are hundreds of thousands of Armenian-Americans who belong to their Orthodox Christian church, tens of thousands of Armenian-American Catholics associated with Rome, thousands of Armenian-Americans who belong to numerous Protestant churches or the Mormon church. I know of Armenian-Americans who have embraced Judaism including members of my own Armenian-American family. Armenian-Americans who have converted to Islam in the Cambridge area can be counted on one hand. If this "Misha" truly exists, it should be quite easy to find him. The Associated Press is disseminating this story without having located this "Micha." Be aware that family members of the Tsarnaev brothers are also claiming that they are innocent and were set up by the FBI and CIA.

  8. Also, be aware that there are non-Armenians in the region whose names end in -ian. I think Hovsep is right that this has been cooked up. Why didn't the uncle say anything about this in his first encounters with the press, when he was so angry? You'd think it would have been the first thing out of his mouth.

  9. The mother of the accused bombers has unequivocally stated that "Misha" was very knowledgeable about Islam but not a radical. Mr. Tsarni is employed by interests hostile to Armenians: http://abcnews.go.com/International/mother-accuse

  10. This lady also says 9/11 was fake and created to make Muslims look bad, while shoplifting from Lord and tsylor

  11. Hey, isn't that what the editors at AntiWar.com say too? 9/11 was a fake. It was all a set up by the CIA or Bush and Cheney, and we can't forget HAL-Li-BURTON! Oooooooh.

    Raimondo and his crew will squirm and dive and do anything they can to avoid blaming Muslims. One wonders where this site gets its funding from?

    It's a well known fact that numerous leftwing America-hating sites, who are apologists for Islamists, get their funding straight from Saudi Arabia. Should a site run by self-proclaimed "libertarians" be any different? Hell, the Saudis probably don't even know what a "libertarian" is. Why would they care? Just one more America-hating site they have to send a check too every month.

  12. Litvinenko,Berezovsky , Zakayev links Israeli agents posing as Muslims in espionage supporting the Chechen Mafia terrorism, and the mob hit on the Boston suspects friends, one of whom was Israeli.

  13. Not sure how you claim the site is "America-hating" or WTF you're talking about with respect to this article. Raimondo is trying to figure things out. There is nothing about it that deflects attention from muslims or anyone else that might have been involved. He's also called truthers idiots on multiple occasions. Anyway, sounds like you should be writing dumbass newsletters rather than commenting here where people expect sensical comments, with all due respect sir.

  14. Islamo-Communism The Communist Connection to Islamic Terrorism by Chuck Morse http://amzn.com/B00CCVREKE

  15. @Eric Dondero,

    You claim that Raimondo will do anything to avoid blaming muslims. Here are two direct quotes from Justin’s piece from three days ago:

    “So what do we have here? The answer, I’m afraid, is a clear cut case of carefully premeditated Islamist terrorism with an overseas connection.”

    “As the hunt for Dzzokhar went on, I saw a lot of denial on twitter amongst liberals who resisted – and still resist – linking the Boston bombers’ motives to either the Chechen independence movement or radical Islamist idealogy. Yet the evidence is staring them right in the face, they simply refused to see it because it didn’t confirm their own politically correct biases.”

  16. It would fit the FBI's MO that, after Tsarnaev popped up on their radar via the Russians, they would attempt to perform an undercover sting operation. In fact, it would be surprising if they didn't. Was Misha actually a FBI undercover guy? Did Tsarnaev have a fall-out with Misha around 2 months ago, and decided to "go it alone", and conduct a REAL terrorist attack?

    Manufacturing Terrorists
    How FBI sting operations make jihadists out of hapless malcontents
    Michael German from the April 2013 issue
    Imagine a country in which the government pays convicted con artists and criminals to scour minority religious communities for disgruntled, financially desperate, or mentally ill patsies who can be talked into joining fake terrorist plots, even if only for money. Imagine that the country’s government then busts its patsies with great fanfare to justify ever-increasing authority and ever-increasing funding. According to journalist Trevor Aaronson’s The Terror Factory, this isn’t the premise for a Kafka novel; it’s reality in the post-9/11 United States.

  17. According to this link Tsarnaev did indeed have a fall out with Misha 2 months ago:

    “You accepted Shiism not because it convinced you, but because of your own…interests (of which only Allah knows), which you followed. As you walked into Islam you also flew out of it. You let yourself down, Misha. Alright, goodbye,” wrote Tsarnaev.

  18. Great article Mr. Raimondo. You are 'just asking' and providing references, both locatable and 'disappeared' and within 12 hours it looks as if free Boston is responding. The best comment is perhaps that from John, who states that “NBC and Associated Press have confirmed there is no Misha …'.
    Priceless! Seems to me they also 'confirmed' that there is no Ron Paul a few months back. This guy's poor grammar, spelling, and sentence structure would indicate that he exists only in some governmental agency. ROFLMAO!

  19. it kinda makes a guy wonder, how many "requests" the fbi gets from foreign agencies? i would hope that they are few and far between, and for all the "homeland security" work that the fbi is busy doing, they could spare a little time to investigate such requests.

    supposedly, they did talk to the tsarnaevs, and supposedly, they dropped the ball in this case. but how is it possible that they didn't maintain ANY surveillance at all on them for the past 2 years?

    the little matter of the photo id contest would lead most people to conclude that the fbi did know something about the tsarnaevs, so was someone asleep at the switch, that they don't have this "misha" in for questioning yet?

  20. I am Mikhail Teterin, and I am the author of some of the posts to soc.culture.soviet and soc.culture.ukrainian Usenet groups from the last millennium, that this article links to.

    I'm not from Armenia (as others pointed out, my last name is not "Armenian-sounding" at all), and have never considered converting to Islam.

    May you be visited by a SWAT team (no I have not, but the day is young), and your rather revolting web-site shut down. Have a nice day otherwise.

  21. So you were not a mentor to the deceased accused bomber? That seems well within the realm of possibility given Raimondo's equivocating phrasing. Also within the realm of possibility is that you are a self-condemned loon. Also, Raimondo and this site have been under the FBI's watch for years — no need to summon SWAT, then. The G-men got it.

    Raimondo: "I’m not drawing any conclusions here: I’m just asking questions."
    Misha: "May you be visited by a SWAT Team."

  22. His "just asking questions" already resulted in visits by CNN (with cameraman in tow) and calls from BBC. I sure am glad, FBI either knows better or much worse than that.

    Raimondo keeps saying in the article, he does not quote my full name, but the last name is fully spelled out in the SEO-friendly URL to this article. Good job!

  23. But did you know Tamerlan?

  24. Mr. Teterin:

    Do you know of an Armenian convert to Islam in the Boston area with a similar name, and had you heard of this person before 4/15? Thanks.

  25. You have a better chance of getting a positive answer to these questions by asking a random person on the street, than by asking me.

  26. […] http://antiwar.com/blog/2013/04/23/mikha…-rasputin/ […]

  27. Neither of the brothers carried backpacks that matched those with the bombs. Neither of the brothers fit the description given by the planted witness in the wheel chair photo-op. Dzhokhar didn't wear sunglasses, and neither of them wore hooded sweatshirts. Dzhokar left with his white backpack (hidden by the photoshopped arm). Retired MI have located the bombers and the brothers weren't them. Both were provbably aware that it was a drill and left when it got messy. They were probably paid to show up with backpacks, did their schtick and went home.

  28. Yes, I think you hit it. Miss Rozner must have missed those. Crack reporter my arse!

  29. Mr. Teterin is not the Mikhail Teterin of interest, if there ever was one.

    Let us remember that many North Caucasus and South Caucasus Moslems blame Armenians for everything, starting with the suppression of Shamyl onwards. Armenians are seen even by fellow Christian Georgians as Russia's hated ally. Azeris hate Armenians, coached by their kleptocrat leaders; many Chechens and even a fair number of Afghans fought the Armenians unsuccessfully in Artsakh in 1992. So, I think the Uncle subscribes to the Armenian boogeyman theory, or maybe he has his own reason to shift blame to someone and something else.

    As much BS as this story is, this much is true: the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 commenced exactly 98 years ago today. Turks and their country Shia cousins then known as Tatars and now called Azeris along with Kurds took part, stole Armenian women and children, and massacred everyone else, all at the behest of the Ottoman State. They stole Armenian property. The Presidential Palace in Ankara is stolen, as are the lands under Incirlic AFB.

    Mr. Teterin, good luck.

    Please remember these 1.5M martyrs.

  30. Wait a minute! I just read deeper into this idiot-author's drivel, where he makes a connection between my posting on some obscure aspect of Java-programming to the paid-advertising (for '"Orion Group, Satanism, NWO and "ruling elite"') displayed by a site making money archiving such postings!

    Funny thing, the page does not even show my posting itself, but somebody else's response to it…

    Amazing, what "journalism" means these days — and about a dozen "real" journalists have visited, called, and/or e-mailed me because of this nonsense? Wow! Pretty dark stuff indeed.

  31. > I hope that guy knows that there are demons in BSD.

    There are, indeed, but they are spelled as "dæmons" ;-)

  32. I am sure there are several people in the US with your name or similar names, and it could very well be that the posts I linked to were written by different people with the same name. And I am not making any accusations, just following the digital trail. I'm sure you are not the "Misha" everyone is looking for, and no one should assume you are.

  33. I see that this was a response to something you wrote, rather than your original posting: my error. However, it is not at all clear that the verbiage posted BELOW your posting is a) not written by the same author, who is not identified, and b) is in reality an advertisement of some sort. No product is mentioned, only some very odd rhetoric about the Bohemian Grove, etc. As for the stuff about "Orion, Satanism, the NWO, and the 'ruling elite'," that is clearly an advertisement.

    Again, my apologies for the bothersome media inquiries.

  34. I realize reading isn't your strong suit, Eric, but you should really read what I actually wrote about the Boston marathon bombing instead of what you imagine I wrote. And I am awaiting that "check" with anticipation! Could you please tell them to hurry up and send it? Thanks.

  35. The response, too, was technical — I vaguely remember discussing this topic on either comp.lang.java or some Java-related forum web-site. Why is "preciseinfo.org" showing this as if related to the conspiracy ravings above and below is a mystery to me — and should've been to you too, quite honestly.

    I'll accept your apologies, if you update the article to say — at the beginning, preferably in bold — that Mikhail Teterin is not the "Misha" being looked for…

    Because not only do I receive inquiries, my friends and a former employer do as well…

  36. how many comments were removed, justin time?

  37. right on bro. the 'crack' reporter- who subsists on intelligence agency and govt info handouts- would NEVER have publiehd this kind of a trail if she was intelligent or 'crack' enough to realize where it would lead

  38. I suppose you dont have red hair like the guy in the video too. Must have been another red headed Khazar.

  39. The FBI and CIA aren't setting them up…that's such a ridiculous thing to say, especially since the blatant truth is that these men ran, after they decided to steal a car and hold the car jacking victim as a hostage! The world is not a sci fi movie, no one messed with their minds and made the Tsarnaevs do this! (Except Misha or Mikhail) Innocent people don't run around carrying guns and IEDs!

  40. And I mean anyone saying it like its believable…the media brings it up, I know you are just stating a point.

  41. "Hey, isn't that what the editors at AntiWar.com say too? 9/11 was a fake."

    Um, no. Not ever, and not even close. At least not anywhere except in your imagination.

  42. Mikhail Teterin is lying. Nobody is asking him questions. The CNN is not at his door. There's no proof any media has contacted him. Nobody has done any good investigative journalism like you have. They just say that Misha vanished. Don't change a thing about this page. You are exposing the truth.

  43. It is easy to check – check out the YouTube video and then knock on his door and see who answers – better still take a screenshot of the video and ask the neighbors whether they have seen this man?

  44. Actually I checked the video on YouTube, compared his features with a Mi who was a coke drinking Computer Science graduate at Boston University in 1996 (just Googled his name), and someone who wrote to President Clinton about the war in Chechnya and to me he looks like one and the same person as one might expect 15 years later! This guy was called "Make-Hell Teeter-ing" by a Rt Rev Colin James III when his email account was deleted back then!

  45. The Armenian maybe a red-herring and could mean nothing. It seems unlikely he told the Tsarnaev clan his true background. We do know Mi of computer science wrote to the President about the war in Chechnya so was sympathetic to the Muslim cause. Also why was he being called "Make-Hell Teeter-ing" back in 1996?

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  47. The plot thickens:
    Email dated April 3 1996. The internet account of Mikhail Teterin,"graduate student in computer science" at U-MASS-BOSTON, is being terminated by Saturn Internet Corporation, Boston, MA. The complaint against Teterin was for harassment in a threatening usenet article which contained a death threat. This is not the first time that Teterin has threatened physical violence in published usenet articles…….signed: Colin James III, Principal Scientist

  48. Hi, I just read your “investigative” journalism, and wonder, that my friend, do you ever consider, to check Russian sites, and reports, what in reality could have been happening?
    Here is one link for you to think, who could be the mysterious “Misha”?
    Here for you to read on your spare time, if you can read in Russian, I have no time for translating it ( http://news.rambler.ru/18767328/ ), but probably if you do some research as Armenians commented here, you will find much more Hate groups, who discredit Armenians, and most of them are hidden behind Turkish or Azeri names, people who are steering up things. Now, let’s see why pops up the Mysterious Armenian?
    1. This “uncle” is working for Azerbaijani oil company
    2. He is Muslim and hate towards Armenians is Obvious
    3. I suspect, that he was fighting against Armenians in Karabakh war in 1911-1994 and lose!
    5. Paid by Azerbaijani president (money talks)
    4. Personal vendetta
    Or all of the above!

    All these names not even close to Armenian names, Misha is from name Mikhail, and it’s a Christian Name, when someone converts to Islam they are CHANGING the name and no one even REMEMBERS the old name, because it’s CONDEMNED by Islam!
    Make some research on that as well!

    Thank you!

  49. Ah! That takes me back… Those were the days — before, you know, the "September, that never ended", if you know what I mean (do you?)

    Colin's full signature contained "Right Reverend" in it… He (she? it?) managed to become Usenet Cook of The Year back then — no small achievement. And my "death threat" was, actually, an April Fool joke ;-)

  50. http://people.FreeBSD.org/~mi/resume/resume.html

    This is their CV – it mentions they did their undergraduate degree in Ukraine in 1992 and completed Masters in 1998 at U Mass. This would mean try are currently about 41 years old.

  51. http://stuff.mit.edu/afs/sipb/user/kolya/afs/root… SOMEONE please translate this emailq by Mikhail!

  52. Tried several translators for obvious languages but getting nowhere – I am beginning to think it may be a mixture of languages – remember he is an expert in computation

  53. Yes, that was when using anything other than ASCII characters on a computer was a pain and posts in foreign languages, that use non-Latin letters (such as Cyrillic), had to be made in transliteration.

    That particular post is a review of game — half entertainment, half intellectual contest — between Russian-speaking students of Brandeis University and MIT.

    Once again, I am not the Misha you looking for…

  54. There is another MIkhail Teterin. An older gentleman who owned property in Brighton, MA.

  55. There is another Mikhail Teterin, not the computer science major, but rather a gentleman older than this Mikhail "computer science" Teterin. He owned property in Brighton, MA.

  56. Mikhail, did you ever own rental property in Brighton, MA?

  57. I believe the lady listed on that property was 67 or so but it didn't state Mikhail himself's age? Computer Science Mikhail, looking at his Resume/degrades, would be about 41 now

  58. Actually the person listed on the lease and property was Mikhail Teterin. The property is no longer owned by Mikhail as it changed hands in 2010 I believe.

  59. Awesome. Why don't you chase this lead instead: http://www.facebook.com/search.php?q=%D0%BC%D0%B8

    Better yet, ask yourself, why are you searching for another "Teterin" at all? You already "found" the guy outed by Raimondo (spit) — that's me, and I'm neither from Armenia, nor a convert to Islam (nor am I bolding or have ever had red hair, actually).

    So, knowing only that this "rasputin" (if he exists at all) is named "Misha", why are you still searching for "Mikhail Teterin" — instead of combing through millions of other mikhails, michaels, and miguels?

  60. Keep an open mind, Misha I am sure exists and will probably never be found.
    It has been well documented that the FBI has "hatched", that is recruited and plotted with undercover agents, more that 50 percent of the foiled terrorist attacks in this country since 911.
    It has also been reported that the FBI investigated and interviewed the older brother a year ago so he was on their watch list.
    There is a good possibility that "Misha" was one of these undercover FBI agents trying to get the older of the two brother to commit to carrying out a terrorist attack in order to arrest him.
    Tamerlan must have decided to go at it alone and place the bombs at the marathon and cut Misha out. This is the most likely explanation why there is no "Misha" to be found and never will be.

  61. http://www.masslandrecords.com/Suffolk/
    then add Mikhail Teterin in search
    31 Shannon St

  62. so is this Mikhail the same Mikhail "computer science" Teterin?

  63. All of the posts you linked to (both on soc.culture.* and comp.lang.java news-groups) were written by me.

    Speaking of which, I find it rather puzzling, that a staff-member of something called AntiWar would find criticism of Russia's invasion of Chechnya to be in any way ominous… Or are you only "anti war", when the US wages it for whatever cause?

    There are, indeed, other Mikhails and Mishas Teterin (Facebook lists around a dozen, I think, one of them — a Black female!), but they weren't active on Usenet, while the great network was popular.

  64. Mikhail, could you tell us some more about this so-called Reverend Colin James III? Apparently he has been described as an "anti-informant"? http://computer-programming-forum.com/44-ada/a79a

  65. http://imperium.lenin.ru/~verbit/scs/cranks/cjIII

    Wow if you scroll towards the end, there is an email exchange with Mikhael explaining why his account at U Mass was being suspended, and that his Internet Service Provider was receiving callsnfrom the police etc. Any further news on that? Intriguing…

  66. The only things I can tell about him that would be on-topic of this page, is that he is not — to the best of my knowledge — from Armenia either. That and, being a reverend, he is rather unlikely to have converted to Islam too.

  67. You convinced me… There is no proof media has contacted me, so I must be lying.

    Ok, I give up — there is no use fighting the collective mind of the Internet users.

    For $1000 I'll tell you everything I know. You know where I live — bring cash and we'll talk.

  68. If any of you knew computer Misha as I do — I’ve worked closely with him for the past several years– you would know:
    1, he’s a great guy
    2, smart too
    3, no way in hell he is the Tamerlan connection
    4, best to not argue with him
    5, usually correct
    6, stubborn as hell

    Any of those to fire him in the past surely have no sense of adventure. Ha!


  69. Thanks. On what basis did he keep trying to get your University account suspended? And why are some people calling him an anti – 'informant' as suggested in the link above?

  70. There is an obvious need to go back to the drawing board: Misha frequented the Mosque in Cambridge so many who worship there will know of him and or will have seen him. Also I don’t think Tamerlan's the brainwashing took place overnight so other worshipers must have seen him several times – that includes his parents – the father flying back to the US in the next couple of days. The other clue is that Misha he is an exorcist except that he seems to be rather good at installing demons in the vulnerable mind rather than expelling them. He is bald and has a red beard –the red beard means nothing – probably dyed with henna as is common with Muslims. Plenty to think about!

  71. Everybody, who disagreed with Colin's great invention(s) automatically became not just Colin's personal nemesis, but an enemy of mankind riding their hobby horse straight to hell.

    That, obviously, made him a rather amusing target of trolling (before the very term even appeared). Among his means of fighting back was to call police, I kid you not, who would then call your ISP. Those were small guys — with a modem-bank and a couple of computers — with no legal budget or particular appreciation for Freedom of Speech, that us — escapees from the USSR — were finding so intoxicating.

    So the ISPs would rather close the account, than field off the bewildered (and, I suspect, often amused) calls from Colorado police, who must've known The Right Reverend well by then.

  72. MORTEN STORM = red bearded imam in question?

  73. Are you redheaded? If you are you better leave town.

  74. The Mikhail Teterin answering these posts might be an imposter. His English is too fluent for that one would reasonably expect from a Russian immigrant who must have arrived in the US his mid-twenties. I think the guy answering the posts here was born and bred in the US.

  75. I believe the MIkhail Teterin in these posts is also an imposter, or there may have been another Mikhail Teterin in the area – a property owner who, if you look it up, is on many deeds within suffolk county. A unit in which he owned had CNN knocking on its door earlier this week.

  76. 20 years ago people were trying to be nice to me saying: "Your English is quite good". I was grateful for their attempts, but realized that, if it really were good, they wouldn't have felt the need to make that particular compliment at all.

    Now, I suppose, I can rest comfortable, that it really did improve to (or, perhaps, even above) the level of an average American.

    Now, am I an impostor? Certainly there are other Misha Teterins in the world, but the only thing connecting this "Misha" the terrorist influencer with the last name "Teterin" are Usenet posts (and a letter to President Clinton) opposing Russian invasion to Chechnya.

    And those — both the posts and the letter — were written by THIS Mikhail Teterin. (I might also add, they were written in a fairly decent English, they I may have improved a bit further since then…)

  77. I suggested this the other day on this forum, and it looks like others are thinking along the same lines:

    This article is also a good read: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/08/fbi-t

    When you understand the enormous resources the FBI have brought to bear on using informants to entice almost anybody who pops up on their radar screen as a good candidate (and the elder Tsarnnaev was an excellent candidate), it's a near certainty that they tried a sting operation. Not saying Misha had to be the informant, but if they DIDN'T try a sting op, then it would be a glaring exception, and it would be reasonable to ask them WHY they didn't, or even just directly ask them if they did.

  78. Did that neighbor of yours look like this, perhaps? http://aldan.algebra.com/~mi/Rasputin_Misha.jpg

  79. I wish all journalists and bloggers like Justin educate themselves first and follow simple journalist ethics. One really can't associate a terrorist-mentor with a certain nation or ethnic group based on his/her LIMITED knowledge of how the surnames of that nation end. Such limited knowledge may lead to stereotyping and hostility.

    Misha is not an Armenian name. There was never ever an Armenian name sounding Teterin. Armenian surnames have very few and clear endings such as -ian or -yan or -unts. Surnames ending with -in are Russian or Slavic like Putin or Yeltsin.

    Even so, I would never allow myself to say that the so-called Misha is Russian.

  80. Wow, yes. I think that is him!

    He wasn't my neighbor, but rather my landlord. His name was Mikhail Teterin.

  81. Say, maybe, it was Mischa Burton? That last name sounds just as Armenian as mine…

    And she is far more likely to be influential and persuasive to young men than a curmudgeon like myself…

  82. What an idiotic comment

  83. My guess is that this Mikhail Teterin who is shown as having an interesting in discussing Chechnya on a list serve in the 1990s during the war is not related to the Tsarnaev's "Misha". Misha is a common name, and it's just a coincidence.

    His name is not Armenian. He was born in Kiev. He does not appear to have attended this mosque. He has no red beard.

    I don't know how you got from the first link that Laura Rozen tweeted to the Google Group — that isn't clear to me unless it's just a bunch of returns with "Misha" in Google.

    But Laura's very first result is in fact a false positive which in fact has "Misha" as only part of the full word which is "Mishaal, and OPS". It's not related to the name Misha.

    What happened is that the Islamic Society tweeted an announcement of their event. Someone retweeted that event. The tweet showed up temporarily in the Twitter feed running on the front page of the Islamic Society's web page. Here it is:

    It's not from or by Misha but I think that's a religious expression.

  84. Well, people change in 15 years. Mikhail, despite his trolling or threatening past, went on to work for Cisco and is now at Time and seems to have had a reputable career as a programmer, so I don't know if you can make anything of this and certainly it doesn't constitute a tie to the terrorist suspects.

  85. It's all in Russian, and it's about a game between various universities, and it contains various jibes and jokes. It has nothing to do with Islam, Chechnya, etc.

  86. He sounds real enough to me, and sounds like what you'd expect of a person who has just been Google-witch-hunted. He does not appear to be related to the Misha in the Tsarni story.

  87. The problem with all those expressing outrage and disbelief that Armenians couldn't possibly convert to Islam is that they are simply wrong. There are groups of Armenians who are historically converts and there are some from the young generation. It happens. It's not commons. But it happens, and is plausible.

    The suspect spells his name with the Armenian spelling on his Youtube account. He could be a Russified/Sovietized Armenian, he is old enough.

    My bet is that he is an informer for Russian intelligence. You will probably never find him.

  88. The Tsarnaev family was indeed under surveillance of the FBI – both Tamerlan and his mother, Zubeidat, have been on the FBI potential terrorist list since 2011. How did they get there? Misha/Mischa came into their lives in 2007/9 according to the uncle so it does fit the timeline. However it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Misha was already under the FBI radar either as Islamist radical or as an undercover operative/informant (working for the FBI?) and these converts to radical Islam were identified by the FBI through their association with Misha? What doesn’t make sense is that because the radicalisation seems to have occurred over a period of at least two possibly four years (radicalisation was complete by 2011 when FBI was contacted by the Russians) how is possible there is no trace of Misha – apparently he worked in a local store, and frequented the Mosque in Cambridge, a mosque previously linked with other terrorist cells? I find it really hard to believe that no one in that Muslim community has seen Misha and knows who he is. Someone else is not talking!

  89. Have you seen this CBS report

    about a YouTube Channel that Tamerlan apparently started? In the comments section of the YouTube – dated February 13 2013,

    Tamerlan rejects Misha as the Misha that he knew. Is the bearded guy the elusive Misha? That should be easy to ascertain if you asked at the Cambridge Mosque. Is that rift because of the on-going Sunni v Shia feud that exists in versions of Islam. I am assuming that Tamerlan was a Sunni follower as most Russian are.

  90. The guy certinly looks the right age but after seeing the video you may think no red beard, nor is the head bold. Well, previously he might have shaved off his scalp as as Hajji often do (and is a requirement of Hajj) and dyed his beard with Henna, also a Muslim custom

  91. Because they are stupid

    Stupid Americans! Teterin is a name of Slavic origin (google "Slavic"), not Armenian

  92. Sorry, In meant non-bearded (clean shave) guy!

  93. Please read carefully, I don't say there are no Armenian converts into Islam. There are Armenian Muslims, even groups living in Turkey, for example, Hamshen Armenians. Armenians consider them as part of their nation. What I was trying to say, is that the argumentation in this article lacks knowledge but may lead to ethnic stereotyping and inter-ethnic hostility. And strangely enough, such article is published by antiwar.com.

    Please put the link of his youtube account you are talking about, so I understand what do you mean by Armenian spelling. Though a youtube account does not really prove anything, I can easily change my youtube account name or use multiple names.

    If you are so well-informed about Armenian Muslims, you should know that Teterin is not an Armenian surname. Even if we take out the ending "-in", Teter is still not Armenian, it sounds more Russian because ?????? (Teter') means blackcock in Russian.

  94. […] Who is “Misha”? – Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Rasputin […]

  95. Chris, that is it, you nailed it! only possible scenario is that azeri and turk terrorists have set the chechens up, I think the chechens tried to make quick money. if you noticed the timing it was just right before April 24 too.

  96. I really never heard of such insult, an Armenians do not convert to islam, not even the brain damaged!

  97. I watched the interview of the parents of tsarnayev brothers. imo they are hiding back some info. they could not even come up with fake last name for Misha, because misha is a code name for turk azeri terrorist who paid them to plant bomb before April 24.

  98. I think this is possible to solve: Misha is just an inventive name and or a code word, which was used by the dumb brothers to do dirty work for money. I really think that they have been used by others, rather than were brainwashed. the moment their parents mentioned Misha from Baku, a convert to islam (with no last name, pictures, or family trace) a light went off in my head. the 2 very dumb brothers and their parents were paid by Azeri/Turk alliance to take care of business, and to blame – who else but Armenians. I strongly believe that the money exchange took place in Georgia too, what a perfect meeting place, KURORT! And of course there might be just a 10% chance that "Misha" (the driving force) is a real Azeri agent who met with tsarnayev in Georgia to exchange Ilham Aliyev's idea and money for tsarnayev's …life.
    This was the plan all alone: if they are never caught, it is very simple, the Arabs will be blamed for it. But if they ever get caught, they are to blame either Armenians, Jews, or Russians.
    But the real question is who acquainted "Misha" with tsarnayev, his own parents or the imam? (help me out here)

  99. The press has been buzzing with the news that Misha has been found. If 'Misha' is indeed the Rhode Island resident Mikhail Allakhverdov we have a problem. Apparently Allakhverdov fully accepts knowing Tamerlan but denies any involvement in his radicalization. So if it was not Misha then the question that remains is who and/or what was/were the driving force/s behind this transformation the Tsarnaev boys from happy-to-lucky American kids into instruments of terrorism?

  100. I have read the full story about Michael, he could not possibly be the person. The real MISHA had the motivation, the plan, the money, the equipment, most likely has an azeri/turkish connections eager to frame who else-the arabs, armenians, russians, jews.

  101. The character identified as Misha, per the New York Review of Books, is now identified as a cooperative man of Ukrainian and Armenian heritage. He denied any involvement, and no contact with the Tsarnaev clan, sane a 2009 link to the older brother. Yet, bomb mama and bomb uncle lay all the blame at his feet,.

    Interesting that the Uncle identified him as Armenian, not Ukrainian. The Uncle has links perhaps to Azeris and Turks, who have longstanding hatred for Armenians, not Ukrainians?

    More and more is also coming out implicating the Bomb Mama, so it is oh so convenient to blame a Christian nation for murderous Islamic Jihad.

  102. I think this is the only likely scenario – turk & azeri aliance tried to frame Armenians on the eve of the 24th, it is not complicated. aliyev has more money than brain, he needs to be castrated for this…

  103. The Uncle today apologized to the Armenian community.

  104. When events unfold as they do, manipulated by nefarious participants for their own purposes, tracks are carefully covered and evidence erased. In these cases, those who wish to find truth have no other choice but to attempt to reconstruct what really happened.

    In case you haven't learned yet, "mainstream media" cannot be included within the group of "those who wish to find truth." It's just us, Mikhail, who may or may not uncover truth, using just this process here.

    Disparage that, and you are revealed as the enemy of truth.

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  107. So the hypothesis is a violent jock let a delusional computer nerd teach him conspiracy theories? What does Boston have to do with conspiracy theories about the Jewish people ruling the world through banking (in the NWO link)? I hope that guy knows that there are demons in BSD.

  108. Armenians destroyed chechen terrorists fighting for Azerbaijan in the karabagh war, ain't no Armenian got time for that.. These two chumps are Turks and someone should check out his uncle to his ties with the Azeris