Good Luck, Pakistan! Thanks for Tweets

James Bovard, May 10, 2013

Pakistan holds elections on Saturday. More than 70 people have been killed nationwide in pre-election violence. It is encouraging that Pakistani High Court Chief Justice Dost Muhammad Khan issued a ruling on Thursday declaring US drone strikes in tribal areas in Pakistan illegal and a war crime.

I hope this election can help Pakistanis attach a much tighter leash on their own government. Unfortunately, elections rarely curb the rapacity of politicians. (America has re-learned this the hard way with practically every election since 1928.) The Lost Rights quip about democracy, wolves, and lambs has popped up fairly often lately in Pakistani tweets. Here’s a reposting of some of those tweets –

There’s a bevy of other Pakistani Twitter quotes (and some from elsewhere in Asia) reposted (with the full Twitter imagery, including author photos) at my blog entry on the Pakistani election.

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  1. […] Good Luck, Pakistan! Thanks for (blog)Pakistan holds elections on Saturday. More than 70 people have been killed nationwide in pre-election violence. It is encouraging that Pakistani High Court Chief Justice Dost Muhammad Khan issued a ruling on Thursday declaring US drone strikes in tribal …U.S. Drone Strikes Ruled As Illegal By The Highest Pakistan CourtCarbonated.tvPakistani court declares US drone strikes in the country's tribal belt illegalThe IndependentUS drone strikes illegal, govt should stop them – Pakistani courtRTCNN -The News International -The Nationall 40 news articles » […]

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  4. Looks like the two comments above mine are spam. Anyway, from one writer to another: glad you are getting your propers in as bad ass a place as Pakistan.

    PS: I didn't know Bovard was blogging for antiwar…

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