Holder Can’t Even Count How Often DOJ Spies on Journalists

John Glaser, May 15, 2013


Via NPR, Holder said yesterday in a news conference that he’s not sure how many times he’s signed off on Justice Department requests to spy on journalists:

“I’m not sure how many of those cases…I have actually signed off on,” Holder said. “I take them very seriously. I know that I have refused to sign a few [and] pushed a few back for modifications.

Could he give a ballpark? Could he even vaguely reassure reporters that it is a very rare occurrence? No, all he can manage to say is he has nixed “a few” efforts to spy on journalists.

It’s hard not to suspect that the Justice Department’s snooping on journalists from the Associated Press is far more common than anyone has so far suggested. In this latest case, they just had the misfortunate of getting caught.

Here’s a few wise words from Harvard professor of international affairs Stephen Walt on Twitter:

5 Responses to “Holder Can’t Even Count How Often DOJ Spies on Journalists”

  1. The only thing that Holder and Obama need to know is that the Bernanke and the Wall Street zombie banks continue to have his back.

    In the end, Obama and Holder will emerge even stronger than they are now. The political aggression against Tea Party-type groups will seem mild compared to what they will roll our after the Republicans roll over.

  2. I set behind in a group out so a tiny deal a lot further a propos this than I did aforesaid to.

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  4. Serves them right. Most junk media "journalists" are scum and serve the regime.

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