Marcy Wheeler Explains’s Suit Against the FBI

Eric Garris, May 23, 2013

On The Scott Horton Show yesterday, Marcy Wheeler discussed the ACLU’s lawsuit – filed on behalf of – against the FBI for unwarranted surveillance; the FBI memo stating might be “a threat to national security” and working “on behalf of a foreign power;” Justin Raimondo’s controversial columns after 9/11 about Urban Moving Systems and Israeli “art students” that may have piqued the FBI’s interest; the loss of major donors who worried about being investigated themselves; and evidence that the FBI thinks anti-Zionism is criminal behavior.

I have to thank Marcy for her analysis of the FBI documents when they came out, she is able to explain complex government files in a way that regular folk (like me) can understand. Without Marcy, I am not sure there would be a lawsuit.

Listen to the interview at The Scott Horton Show.

10 Responses to “Marcy Wheeler Explains’s Suit Against the FBI”

  1. Thanks Marcy for all that you do to be a thorn in the govt. bubble;)

  2. well this is not a bad thing entirely, for you know that you get your message through, lol :)… good job

    and good job Marcy!

  3. also it's not bad to know that one can send stringent and mocking comments to those who are watching. this is how the USSR had fell, the small circles of awakened people had mocked them from the inside until a large awakening happened and everyone knew everything there was to know because of such groups of people who were against government tyranny. something like this. wake up watchers … you're involved in tyranny- become involved in peace! lolololo… that's just too funny dear brain cells.

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