Pardon Snowden Now!

Angela Keaton, June 21, 2013

Earlier today, Editorial Director Justin Raimondo published this letter:

Dear Friend of,

When darkness begins to fall, some curse the shadows – and others turn on the lights.

One man, a 29-year-old former spook and apparent libertarian, has stepped forward to reveal the truth about what our government is doing – and rescue our liberties from the warlords of Washington. One man had the courage to step forward and speak truth to power: in some dictionaries, that’s called “narcissism.” In mine, it’s called bravery.

Americans must send a message to Edward Snowden, one that will also be immediately noted and understood by our nervous rulers: Ed, we’ve got your back!

That’s why it’s so vitally important for you to sign the White House petition to pardon Snowden. It’s the least we can do for a man who has sacrificed everything so that Americans might be given one last chance wake up and restore the Constitution. The petition — started by an anonymous person from Rochester, New York, with the initials “P.M.” — immediately took off, with over 50,000 in the first 48 hours, but it is now stuck at around 90,000 – with until July 9th to reach a total of 100,000, and thus earn an official White House response.

Topping 100,000 – even after they raised the threshold from 25,000 – would score a huge public relations coup for the cause of civil liberties and force the White House to acknowledge the popularity of Snowden’s cause.

The success of the petition will also have a cascading effect on legislation – such as Sen. Rand Paul’s “Fourth Amendment Restoration Act of 2013″ – designed to rein in Big Brother.

Please sign the petition now – every signature counts!

In peace and liberty,

Justin Raimondo
Editorial Director

4 Responses to “Pardon Snowden Now!”

  1. Here's a link to the petition:

  2. The real concern for real 'people'

    The core issue — IBM's 'Watson' AI system reviewing us.

    The Key question is —- Can Snowden (or his thumb-drive if he happens to 'disappear') confirm that the NSA is using IBM's 'Watson' AI system for analytics — to review all of we Empire subjects' stolen data for evaluation of populist/progressive or libertarian threats to this extant disguised SGE (Secret Global Empire)??

  3. As of now (2013-06-23_17:33 PDT) the petition is at 109,000 signatures. Has there been any response from the white house?

  4. araba ilan? ver bedava