Judge Napolitano vs. John Stossel on NSA Surveillance

Eric Garris, June 25, 2013

Judge Napolitano thinks he is debating an imposter, this isn’t the John Stossel he knows:

21 Responses to “Judge Napolitano vs. John Stossel on NSA Surveillance”

  1. John Stossel was always a faux libertarian.

  2. Stossel almost looked like he had been put up to it. His argument made no sense, and he seemed to know it, but he couldn't come up with anything better than that he "wasn't worked up about it", and he really didn't try very hard to defend his position. Weird.

  3. Absolutely sickening.

  4. Varney conjures up "terrorists" setting of a nuke in New York harbor and then calls Napolitano an "extremist" for thinking our freedom is at risk from the NSA? You just can't make this stuff up.

    And, Stossel is a weasel.

  5. Yup. So much for Stossel. Guess he's still got too much statism in him from his liberal days.

  6. Stossel is no fool. He still has his show. Napolitano doesn't. Stossel knows the price for keeping it.

  7. This guy Stoessel is a secret Neocon and always has been. His comment that they "all want to kill us" shows he is for our wars around the world. I can"t believe anybody on the MSM, they are all traitors.

  8. The bottom line: Supreme Court Justice Andrew Napolitano understands and cares about the Constitution. John Sossel's wilfull ignorance of the Constitution reveals his preference for the fraudulent "endless war on terror".

  9. This they want to kill us argument is S O bogus. Create fear in the populace and they will go along with anything including giving up all their rights, to paraphrase. We are asleep as a people, unfortunately!

  10. "We're going to face nuclear terrorism, very soon" – Why is that guy even allowed on TV?

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  12. Libertarians are falling like bowling pins before the surveillance state. So much for all the criticism by them of conservatives.

  13. Republican Imperialists think Libertarianism is wanting to do away with the welfare state. Or at least that part the includes poor people. They are cool with the whole corporate welfare state as well as the warfare state.

  14. Maybe Stossel was presented with HIS dossier.

  15. Its been over 12 years since 9/11. Obama/Biden actively are trying to jail Snowden. The whole point of the NSA leaks is for Congress to question. Stosell is doing a point-counter point televeision thing for a show. He made his fame/career by this approach. He is advocating apathy. The problem is regular citizens are going to suffer because of this. Where are the checks and balences? Snowden is telling us it is too easy and can be abused. He would know. He put his butt on the line for my/our right to know. I am not going to comfort his potential executors or jailers. Obama/Biden are oppressing a forrner-resident Americans (not combatants, like the Yemeni Islamist who was recruiting for Al Queda). Then you mix in wikileaks Assange who just wants all information public. The Europe spying does not surprise me. The problem is the domestic mechanism. The problem is the so-called 'war on terror' has no expiration date. Obama calling Snowden, a hacker is misinformation. Americans are being pushed down for foreign policy.

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