‘Warlord’ Liz Cheney, Taking Back the GOP From Rand Paul?

John Glaser, July 18, 2013


A lot of people are up in arms over the announcement that Liz Cheney, daughter of war criminal Dick Cheney, will run against fellow Republican Mike Enzi for his Senate seat in Wyoming. Republicans are upset because it’s uncouth for a Republican to challenge an incumbent Republican in a primary. Democrats are revolted because, well, she’s a Cheney.

At Salon, Alex Pareene calls Liz Cheney an “aspiring warlord,” which is a wonderfully evocative description for a real neocon of neocons, and political celebrity because of her father who was the driving force behind the expanded executive powers and reckless foreign policy of the Bush years.

Conservatives are puzzled about Cheney’s decision to run because Enzi has reportedly been a reliable, toe-the-party line Republican. The decision to run is doubly strange because Cheney is a longtime resident of Virginia, and seems to have moved to Wyoming recently just for the sake of the impending campaign. Enzi said her decision was unexpected, adding, “I thought we were friends.”

But is there more to Cheney’s decision to run than meets the eye?

Hayes Brown at ThinkProgress:

Liz Cheney, a current Fox News contributor and former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, has long associated with the neoconservative wing of the Republican Party. Along with her cohorts — such as William Kristol and Paul Wolfowitz — she’s spent the last five years attacking and vilifying the Obama administration for refusing to march to the beat of their war drums. As CAP expert Matt Duss noted in 2010, their goal has been to “resuscitate the neocons’ post-September 11 vision of a world in which the United States, unbound by rules or reality, imposes its will on friend and enemy alike.”

Brown adds that “Cheney’s potential place within the Senate would mark an unsettling resurgence of the foreign policy ideas her father and former President George W. Bush advocated for and implemented while in office.”

Ah, a “resurgence” of compulsively pro-war neconservatism is needed post-Bush, goes the thinking, especially with certain pockets of the Republican Party inching towards skepticism of aggressive U.S. militarism in every corner of the planet.

Rand Paul isn’t a non-interventionist by any means, but he has deliberately disassociated himself with pro-threat inflation, pro-drone war, pro-Syria intervention, pro-foreign aid Republican dogma – and a good number of Republicans have followed him. This is unsettling to the neocons. And apparently Paul sees it this way too.

“When I heard Liz Cheney was running for Senate I wondered if she was running in her home state of Virginia,” Paul said, seemingly as a zinger against Cheney’s targeting of the bystander Enzi. Paul also said, “I’ll do anything I can to help [Enzi]. In fact, somebody asked me today if they could use my name, and I said I’d be happy to sign on and do a fundraiser for him.”

As Chris Hayes says in the segment below, this “makes me think that he understands precisely what this is about.” Watch the video with Reason’s Matt Welch as a guest:

Alas, Dick Cheney and his ilk have not relieved us of their depravity yet.

57 Responses to “‘Warlord’ Liz Cheney, Taking Back the GOP From Rand Paul?”

  1. thanks admin ? like nice website

  2. Rand Paul has never voted for an intervention.

  3. Sanctions don't count?

  4. No, international trade is regulated by the federal government per the commerce clause. All countries in the world regulate trade and charge tariffs. That is not the same thing an intervention and sending in combat troops.

  5. In light of NSA spying on all of America and the World, and the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA, the "constitution" you cite has been reduced to ashes along with your "commerce clause."

    If there were no commerce clause, is there any doubt the demons in Washington would still desire to regulate trade as they do everything else under the sun?

    Why does any one still mention this document that currently has no tangible meaning and is never enforced? Is it atavism? Too many civics classes?

    Sanctions are government interventions period. It seems your proclivity to redefine a word to suit your interests makes you qualified to become a Supreme Court justice.

  6. Great, you have the same positions as Cheney, Obama, Bush, Hitler, Stalin, and the Sheeple, just do whatever you want and to hell with everyone else.

    Meanwhile, Rand Paul will try to keep Cheney out of the U.S. Senate.

  7. Yes it is. Sanctions are an act of war on the people. Ask any Palestinian.

  8. Rand Paul never voted for any sanction against Palestine.

  9. […] how dirty politics is: Rand Paul is backing Mike Enzi in his reelection campaign for a Wyoming senate seat, because Liz Cheney is challenging […]

  10. I gotta sympathise with both sides on the Rand bashing. No doubt in my mind he has given ‘the least untruthful answer’ on a few issues and will do it again, and I cannot approve of that.

    On the other hand, he’s in there in the Senate ‘co-opting’ folks that would otherwise be entirely anti-american into more moderate stances. It’s hard for me to really think that’s bad. It’s very hard to imagine how we would be any better off with Trey Grayson snoozing on the Senate floor instead of Rand in there giving some powerful people heartburn.

    Give the boy a chance, he may well redeem himself yet.

  11. We knew Lynn Cheney was going to do this as long ago as the Lincoln Day Dinners of 2012.
    That's when she started travelling around the state, and announced at that time that she would be moving to Wyomin'. Significantly, she moved to the ultra wealthy enclave of Jackson, international destination of central bankers and Council on Foreign Affairs types, where her father has a huge,
    well-guarded estate.

    You won't hear about this in the mainstream press, but Dick Cheney is not that popular or influential
    among ordinary Wyomingites, the huge Republican majority or the scattered Democrats. The Ron Paul organizations took over about 40% of the state party positions, and the Ron Paul Republicans will work hard against her.
    The state Republican high mucky mucks will work extra hard against her and all her neocon money in the primary, because they know that if she wins, the Democrat will be elected. Wyomin' votes for the man or woman,
    not the party, and it has been that way a long time, with scattered Democratic Senators and governors.

    Lynn Cheney has neocon money behind her, just like her father was bought by neocon money at AEI
    in the Nineties. They think (rightly) that they can control her just like her father. She was not raised in Wyomin', and has been in the Imperial Capital all her life.

    This is going to be a great place to demonstrate to the traitorous neocons that you can't buy an election in Wyomin'. This isn't NYC or Chicago or even Colorado. Wyomin' people are ornery, and don't take to this kind of (stuff).
    It's going to be a debacle for the neocons, and well covered by the mainstream thanks to their arrogance.

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  13. Just finished watching the video. I found it interesting that the BSNBC clown refused to draw any parallels between Liz's carpetbagging and Hillary's in NY back in 2000. But then the Lizard Queen is one of their heroes, isn't she?

    Sen. Enzi should have known better than to consider Liz a friend. Neocons have no friends — only convenient dupes and useful idiots.

    As for Liz's gargoyle father, here's hoping some hacker finds a way to remotely shut down his pacemaker. That huge hideout estate of his is heavily guarded for a reason, and it isn't to ward off the grizzly bears.

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  16. Great, on point, article. This is the type if article that is useful to generate a critical conversation among all voters, especially those in Wyoming.
    Send it to as many of your email contacts as possible. Post it on your social media walls. Bookmark it for later use and distribution. Print and mail it even to local GOP activists.
    Education must proceed all meaningful political action. How can people act if they are poorly informed?
    Good luck!
    REVIVE, not revise, the Constitution.

  17. […] away from the national security state. The “warlord” Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick, announced an uncouth primary challenge against a fellow Republican and subsequently had a spat with Rand Paul over […]

  18. Rand Paul may be a room temperature cup of decaf Salada tea, but Liz Cheney is a Neti Pot of steaming piss.

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  23. There was virtually no legal basis for what the U.S. ended up doing in Libya. There ended up being no net benefit for Libyans or for U.S. interests as defined by Washington. It was a failure and its consequences continue to haunt us.

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  37. Rand Paul has never voted for an intervention.

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