Joe Scarborough to Peter King: ‘It’s Not Our Job to be the World’s Policeman!’

John Glaser, July 19, 2013

12 Responses to “Joe Scarborough to Peter King: ‘It’s Not Our Job to be the World’s Policeman!’”

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  3. Will he feel the same with the next repug president?

  4. Kudos to Joe…God bless him!

  5. Joe should know that you can't argue with an rabid ideologue. These people, when cornered with logic turn immediately to the tried-and-true ploy of claiming to "protecting the homeland!!!" They will never understand that it is those "protection" actions that have imperiled our country – not protected it. He should have asked King how many of his family members have worn the uniform and are planning on serving in that shithole Afghanistan – or wherever else the USG thinks we should deliver Democracy next. Using King's reasoning, the Brits should still be occupying Northern Ireland with thousands of troops from which to go after the IRA in the south.

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  8. Kudos to Joe…God bless him!
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  9. What Peter King can't get through his thick skull is that these wars don't benefit America. They make us less secure by creating more hatred for America.

  10. ‘It’s Not Our Job to be the World’s Policeman!’

    Yes, it is: since the Helsinki agreement, 1948. Poor old java Joe comes up short on the history angle. Geo. F. Keenan cautioned back then ('48) that becoming the world's moral conscience would lead to the policeman gig.

    Not that Rep. King is any hipper to history than The Big Scar; he just knows profiteers of interventionism contribute tons to his campaigns.

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