The Audacity of Lying: Obama Fibs on NSA Spying Again

John Glaser, August 08, 2013

“Publicly, we say one thing. Actually, we do another.” So said Richard Nixon, the man who ushered in one of the most secretive and criminal presidential administrations in American history. Surprisingly for some, President Barack Obama is ably following in Nixon’s footsteps.

p091812ps-0756-208x300As just about everyone now knows, NSA contractor Edward Snowden began leaking classified material back in June which documented the immense powers the NSA possesses to surveil Americans’ electronic communications. The intelligence agency sweeps up the telephone data of virtually every American and has the ability to spy on virtually anybody’s internet activity at a keystroke.

These revelations made a fool of James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, who months earlier told Congress that the NSA does not collect information on millions of Americans. He later apologized with the Orwellian excuse that his blatant lie was the “least untruthful” answer he could think of.

The Obama administration and several members of Congress then went on the defensive, consistently telling the American people that the NSA surveillance programs are legal, constitutional, and checked by thorough congressional oversight.

Those were lies too. Members of Congress that are supposed to be able to provide oversight are systematically denied basic information about surveillance capabilities by the NSA. And in 2011, a secret ruling from the FISA court found significant parts of the NSA’s domestic spying activities to be in violation of the Fourth Amendment as well as legal statutes on the rulebooks. That ruling remains a government secret.

You’d think the Obama administration would tire of all this lying. But on Jay Leno this week, Obama yet again claimed, “There is no spying on Americans.”

And now, two days later, there is another smack-you-in-the-face contradiction in the press that proves once again that the President and his national security surrogates are methodically lying to the American people.

Charlie Savage in The New York Times reports that, “The National Security Agency is searching the contents of vast amounts of Americans’ e-mail and text communications into and out of the country, hunting for people who mention information about foreigners under surveillance, according to intelligence officials.”

“While it has long been known that the agency conducts extensive computer searches of data it vacuums up overseas,” Savage adds, “that it is systematically searching — without warrants — through the contents of Americans’ communications that cross the border reveals more about the scale of its secret operations.”

The ACLU’s Jameel Jaffer reacts to the story thusly:

The program described by the New York Times involves a breathtaking invasion of millions of people’s privacy. The NSA has cast a massive dragnet over Americans’ international communications, collecting and monitoring all of them, and retaining some untold number of them in government databases. This is precisely the kind of generalized spying that the Fourth Amendment was intended to prohibit.

The Obama administration has been caught flat-out lying to the American people about the NSA surveillance activities too many times to count at this point. Beyond exposing the invasive dragnet spying on Americans, this all reveals an important insight into the unprecedented veil of secrecy President Obama has cloaked the government in: secrecy is by and large not meant to protect “sources and methods” or even “national security,” but rather to protect our political leaders from public scrutiny.

Nixon put it in simpler words than anybody. The mantra of the powerful, and indeed the fundamental Obama-era principal, is to simply say one thing, and do another.

22 Responses to “The Audacity of Lying: Obama Fibs on NSA Spying Again”

  1. Without a single boo from the zombie-like audience, should we expect more?

  2. I'm disappointed that Jay Leno would give Obama a platform for his propaganda and lies. What really irritates me is how Jay Leno's studio audience cheered Obama. The audience must have been pre-picked. With only a 44% approval rating, surely he would have gotten some jeers.

  3. We're only a stones throw away from the Thought Police.

  4. Yeah if Leno wasn't a complete stooge he might have mentioned any of the above, from the article, or that the US is a leader in denying extradition requests for terrorists, kidnappers, and murderers it harbors and protects.

  5. Right. Start throwing hardballs at Obama and it'll be the last time Leno gets him on his program. It's how things are now. You can't agitate the Executive because then the minders get all bent out of shape and then deny any more requests for a guest appearance with Leno. And besides, it's relatively common knowledge that Leno leans left. I don't remember Bush ever appearing on Leno's program while he was President.

    There are those out there who will support Obama regardless of what he does. It's why there is an off switch on the TV…

  6. It really was one of the most blatant abuses of media propaganda I've witnessed this year. Nearly everything posited was a lie: Homosexuality is NOT illegal in Russia and Putin won't round gays, blacks, athletes or anyone else up "like Hitler" (what's the US obsession with Hitler? Projection maybe?). Leno AND Obama both claimed that Putin was the ex head of the KGB which is patently false. How could the President of the United States not know this? The biggest whopper being the claim from Obama that they're not spying on Americans. How anyone could applaud such a blatant lie is mind-boggling.

    Yes, the audience was THOROUGHLY screened. What's so hilarious is this Leno "appearance" is just the kind of thing they'd accuse Putin of, but in reality, you'll actually find much more criticism of Putin in the Russian media than you find of Obama in the US.

  7. W A F…, Jay Leno works for a system that its sincerity in journalism is to give people as much as BS the system can, is a propaganda machine, is the lying institution established by the system for such lying government, what did you people expect??, the guy is comedian for anything sake.

  8. Biden and Obama spell BO and they are the "Lying & Spying" government BO has a drone nuke for Kraut German Nazi friends!
    BO has a drone nuke for Spiks friends in Brazil!
    Germany will have to ban BO America from NATO and close businesses and embassy to stop NSA thugs and BO drones! Hey BO you gonna bomb those Nazi Krauts again?

  9. […] The Audacity of Lying: Obama Fibs on NSA Spying Again ( […]

  10. Obama and his minions Clapper and Alexander have told so many lies, I've lost count. All three of them should be censured by the American people.

  11. we knew you were going to say that.

  12. voted for obama twice…I don't recognize the person I voted for who is in the white house now. He made these glorious whistleblower speeches which if I were in my 20's I would have taken him as seriously as the Mannings and the Snowdens had done…and then to see their president..the one who was proclaiming civil disobedience go after these guys vehemently…and I gotta tell you…I was so pumped about Obama at one time…my daughter and I almost got run off the road by a guy who didn't like my obama bumper sticker…so I felt everyday I was putting myself on the line for this guy but I didn't care because I wanted someone in office who I felt I could trust only to find out it was a one way street. Man o man is this guy slick. He's lost all credibility with me(I never thought I'd say it)…and you can add the Clintons to this too… and so has the democratic party and I'm hoping that in 2016 the green party will have a viable candidate…not a nut case…someone with backbone, smarts and integrity to take on the dems and the gop…and give them a real run for their money..that would be sweet.

  13. I always vote Libertarian and will continue to do so until there is a candidate that I consider good running on the major tickets. The only major candidate I would vote for now out of all the possibilities is Rand Paul.

    I'm glad you woke up, angelfire and I hope a lot more people do.

  14. …and you're so sure Rand Paul isn't telling us what we want to hear just to get elected? Your evidence is?

  15. Censured? How about thrown into a Supermax for the rest of their lives?

  16. What is your evidence that Rand Paul is lying? Ron Paul says that he and his son are very close in opinions and I believe Ron.

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  20. Of course, if the president really required this contest, he didn't require waiting for an NSA service provider to risk his autonomy by kick it sour.

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