Syrian Rebels Pay Back American Captive for Guantanamo Bay

John Glaser, August 23, 2013

Matthew Schrier, a photojournalist covering the war in Syria, was captured by al-Qaeda-linked rebels and held for seven months. He finally escaped and has now told his story to various media outlets.

Once, when he was caught trying to escape, his captors tortured him as punishment.

They “forced a car tire over his knees” and “slid a wooden rod behind his legs,” proceeding to beat the bottom of his feet with a metal cable more than 100 times. At the end of it, he couldn’t walk.

The rebels dragged him back to his cell and their parting words, according to┬áSchrier, were “Have you heard of Guantanamo Bay?”

9 Responses to “Syrian Rebels Pay Back American Captive for Guantanamo Bay”

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  2. They would have used sarin gas on him, but they were saving it for their false-flag attacks.

  3. Well at least he survived the sarin gas attack launched from war-criminal Assad.

  4. These are the fine folks Senator McCain wants to intervene on behalf of…..

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  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOO Geeeee……… What goes around comes around………….. Who wooda thunk it…

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