Iran Debates Whether to Sue US for ’53 Coup

John Glaser, August 27, 2013
A resident washes "Yankee Go Home" graffiti off a wall in Tehran on August 21, 1953.

A resident washes “Yankee Go Home” graffiti off a wall in Tehran on August 21, 1953.

This month’s belated official acknowledgement by the CIA through declassified documents of what everyone already knew – that the U.S. deliberately fomented a coup in Iran in 1953 to overthrow a democratically elected government and install an obedient dictatorship – seems to have led the Iranian government to consider suing America.

Via Matthew Feeney at Reason, the Associated Press reports:

Iran’s parliament has approved fast tracking debate on a bill that seeks to sue the U.S. for its involvement in the 1953 coup that overthrew the country’s democratically elected prime minister.

Lawmakers will begin deliberations Wednesday over how to launch a formal complaint accusing the U.S. government of intervening in Iran’s internal affairs and inflicting damages on the Persian state. The 290-seat house approved the urgent debate of the bill Tuesday in a session broadcast on state radio.

Think of the effrontery of the Iranians to sue America for secretly employing espionage, bribery, propaganda, proxy war, and outright murder in order to oust a democratic government in Iran and impose a brutal autocrat in its place. How dare they resort to peaceful legal means to rectify an historic injustice! Terrorists!

25 Responses to “Iran Debates Whether to Sue US for ’53 Coup”

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  2. [...] Iran Debates Whether to Sue US for ’53 Coup [...]

  3. Iran’s parliament has approved fast tracking debate on a bill that seeks to sue the U.S. for its involvement in the 1953 coup that overthrew the country’s democratically elected prime minister.

  4. You mean the same one that was to a letter emulated in Egypt, arresting President, arresting most of the Parliament members, kicking out Constitution that was voted on in referendum by large majority of population? By creating pro- and contra-Morsi "demonstrations", Salafis were recruited for the purpose even they did not understand, including a number of professional thugs for rent from Bosnia, and further away. The general brought into power delivered a message — killing thousands of civilians, and who knows how much more in the terror sweeping the country.

    It is good to have Syria distraction, so that what is happening in Egypt is no longer in the news.

  5. It may slow the gringos and the brits down but not out.

  6. Iran's government was not democratic in the 1950s (nor before or after 1953, for that matter) nor was its prime minister "democratically elected". The prime minister was appointed and dismissed by the king (Shah). Mosaddegh was twice appointed and twice dismissed by the Shah. It was within the Shah's purview to appoint and dismiss prime ministers. The Iranian parliament (Majles) could endorse the Shah's appointment with a vote of confidence. Mosaddegh received such a vote with the minimum quorum. As prime minister, he subsequently dissolved the very same Majles that had endorsed him and justified his power grab with a sham referendum in which the "Yes" votes received over 99%! Some democrat he was! It's especially amusing that a mollah regime is "debating" whether to "sue" the US, considering the deep involvement of the clerics at the time in Mosaddegh's ouster, particularly that of the mollah's hero, Ayatollah Kashani. For those interested in learning more, may I suggest:

  7. Which shyster would support a suit against their whoremaster? This will never fly…

  8. They hate us for our 'freedoms', not the overthrow of their elections /sarcasm

  9. No matter how the pig is beautified, it is still a pig. Amir apparently is referencing the monarchists website and their claim of Shah's absolute impunity. This totally disregards the situation in Iran at the time when UK has imposed a blockade, Shah's team meet CIA and MI6 officials and inside the country, gangs of thugs are on the loose trying to topple the PM. Shah and those who supported him abdicated whatever power the Iranian constitution at the time granted them. We know the history well; he was a weak king at the mercy of great powers who used him for their own benefits. Mosadegh was a great leader who gave up all he had to bring the power and wealth back to the people.

  10. Huh? What "monarchist" website are you talking about? I'm not a "monarchist". Nor am I one of those Mosaddegh-worshipers who can't see the man's many faults. (Unfortunately, hero worship is a common ailment with us Iranians). During his premiership, Mosaddegh also used thugs and street violence, particularly that of the Kremlin-aligned communist Tudeh Party.

  11. I hear ya Jim. You gotta love the hypocritical maggots who like to say "they hate us for our freedoms". That's got to be THE stupidest piece of sh1t argument I've ever heard. LOL!

    I can't believe there are still so many brain dead idiots who STILL believe that. Talk about shameless government worship.

  12. It really amazes me how much people love American freedoms all over the world. People in the old soviet satellites are more upset about the NSA than we are. What they hate is double standards and hipocrites. They expect us to live up to the ideas that we are suppose to represent.

  13. Huh? What exactly "monarchist" internet site are you discussing? I'm not only a "monarchist". Not feel When i one particular Mosaddegh-worshipers that are unable to understand the mankind's quite a few defects. (Unfortunately, idol praise is often a frequent illness with us Iranians). Throughout the premiership, Mosaddegh in addition utilized thugs in addition to street violence, specially which on the Kremlin-aligned communist Tudeh Celebration.

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  19. Too much reading of the foreign policy press of the ruling elite by Glaser.

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  21. Iran’s parliament has approved fast tracking debate on a bill that seeks to sue the U.S. for its involvement in the 1953 coup that overthrew the country’s democratically elected prime minister. Highpr Blog Comment

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