At Town Hall, McCain Faces Uproarious Crowd Opposing Syria Intervention

John Glaser, September 06, 2013

Huffington Post:

McCain had planned to talk about immigration and other issues at the gathering at a public library, but Syria dominated the conversation. He was interrupted from the start by someone shouting that his response on the topic wasn’t good enough.

A few people held up signs from their seats with messages such as “Don’t bomb Syria” and “Security thru peace.”

8 Responses to “At Town Hall, McCain Faces Uproarious Crowd Opposing Syria Intervention”

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  2. MacCIAn does not want Asad NATO plane to stop destroyincc ZayedBeaches…MacCIAn does not want AbodX to stop killing Mujahedeen…macCIAn does not want Banderciti'z $$$to stop bleedincc

    UE Quran NOW is for the Believers only

  3. The warmongers can't fool us anymore. We're sick of their unnecessary and costly wars.

  4. Since Abod took my jordanforkingtheft passport and Obama gona take his American freedoOm passport when leaving Us(just like russiaSwiden).. Iam declaring myself a new world order(UE Quran NOW).

  5. Great going Glaser – to pick up on that great video.

  6. I love this gutsy woman.

  7. At that very moment he was thinking….. poker, poker, poker, poker…

  8. McCain was a POW. They should have just let him rot there.