Pat Buchanan: Syria Is Dress Rehearsal For War With Iran

Patrick Buchanan, September 06, 2013

Pat Buchanan on the Neil Cavuto Show on Fox:

19 Responses to “Pat Buchanan: Syria Is Dress Rehearsal For War With Iran”

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  2. War is a Racket, A few profit, The many pay. Impeach The President and his cabinet, plus all in Congress who vote for war. Enough of this abuse of their power.

  3. Islami is Sunna in Peace Sheea in War but Mursi Ignore my methodology and went with TantawiJumaJamal Makr

  4. I just saw a report at that Obama has gotten several countries' backing for war with Syria over Assad's use of chemical weapons. I suspect that what Obama will do if he doesn't get Congressional support for the war, he will get some type of international support. I would hope that the leaders of other countries would look at the evidence closely. It appears that there is a lot of evidence that the Rebels were responsible for the chemical attack.

  5. I guess we should at least send the "rebels" (mercenaries) some new machetes so that they can continue beheading elderly Catholic priests and captured teenage soldiers. I would support missile srikes on them…the CIA trained SS. What a twisted world…

  6. Right now the acute problem for the US and the West seems to be how to prevent the Syrian government from using chemical weapons in the future. The obvious solution, which should amply satisfy Western powers, would be the removal of all chemical and bacteriological weapons from Syria without a military action which might have dire unforeseen consequences. This could be done by putting a resolution in front of the Security Council demanding the Assad government sign the treaty prohibiting the use of chemical weapons; and obligating the Security Council members see to it that the existing Syrian stockpile of such weapons is removed or destroyed within a time span of 90 days.
    One has to wonder why this non-military alternative has elluded the Obama Administration.

  7. To Danny: remove the word Syria and replace it with Israel and continue after 65yr s of UN-U$ lies-killing

  8. Danny if that should happen then Israel with its biological weapons, nuclear weapons and conventional weapons would spread its apartheid empire across the middle east, and get this "Danny Boy" the Security Council is impotent when it comes to Israel and their blatant disregard for International Law. Why is North Korea still standing today and not run over by the Rouge State? Catch up on your reading Danny.

  9. And Iran is the dress rehearsal for the attack on more Russia near states by the US.

  10. The question, of course, is what do you mean by chemical weapons? Agent Orange was a chemical weapon, napalm is a chemical weapon, white phosphorus is a chemical weapon. The US has used all of these in its recent wars. You could argue that depleted uranium is a chemical weapon in that it does damage beyond mere explosive power. We used that, too. Do we now have to divide these into subcategories? Then which are acceptable and which are not? It might be interesting to see this argued in the UN.

  11. Abdelmonem al-Said is the head of the militia that kidnapped Libya’s prime minister last month. He proudly stands by his role in the abduction and defiantly announces in press conferences how not scared he is of retribution or punishment, because the government is too weak, Crisp reports.

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