Houston Residents Protest Against Syria Intervention

Scott Bieser, September 08, 2013


Demonstrators opposing a U.S. attack on Syria lined a busy Houston intersection Saturday evening, waving signs, U.S. and Syrian flags, and chanting slogans at the thousands of passing motorists, many of whom honked and waved their approval. The group numbered roughly 70 at their peak during the three-hour rally, with dozens arriving and leaving during the event.

Across the broad boulevard, counter-demonstrators in favor of raining more death from the skies on that country set up their own rally, with their own signs, their own chants, and an electric bullhorn (which requires a permit in Houston). Close to two dozen Houston uniformed policemen (plus an unknown number of plainclothes police, FBI and CIA) were on hand, but the situation remained peaceful however noisy throughout.

The only confrontation occurred when police confiscated a shoe-box full of what one antiwar demonstrator termed "seed bombs," which were packets of seeds intended to be passed around to activists for planting their own urban gardens. The police determined that the packets could be used as projectiles against the counter-demonstrators and took them away, although the activist was not arrested. Otherwise police action was limited to warning shooing demonstrators out of the street, who were attempting to get photos of their comrades.


6 Responses to “Houston Residents Protest Against Syria Intervention”

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  2. Addendum: Early on one of the demonstrators was confronted about the size of the stick he used to hold his protest sign. The police measured his stick and from what I can glean from the video I saw was allowed to keep the sign.

  3. Addendum 2: You can view videos of the event here: http://new.livestream.com/accounts/2773240/events… Requires a free Livestream account.

  4. I missed the seed packet confiscation- lemmee see, the concern was that somebody(who'd be snapped up by major league baseball scouts) could lob a seed packet across 4 lanes of Westheimer and magically hit a counter protester? That's almost delightful. Nice piece, thnxx 4 posting.

  5. " the concern was that somebody(who'd be snapped up by major league baseball scouts"

    The Houston Astros sure could use some help.

    How many pro-war demonstrators were there?

    I live in Houston but am working in Cincinnati. Sure wish I could have been there to protest the war. There was also a protest in Cincinnati on Saturday, but I didn't find out about it until today, so I missed that one also.

  6. Pro War had roughly around 50 people.