General David Petraeus Greeted to Shouts of ‘War Criminal’

John Glaser, September 13, 2013

13 Responses to “General David Petraeus Greeted to Shouts of ‘War Criminal’”

  1. Rat face rides again !

  2. Why is no one arresting this man as war criminal, citizen arrest is a law or? Citizen have the right to arrest criminals and David Petraeus is a war criminal.

  3. I am beginning to be very very proud to be an American. Thank you young protesters.

  4. He is just the one who crossed the zionist and git ratted out through the nsa. Which is what the nsa is really for. Collecting dirt for blackmail.

  5. Why is no one arresting him as a war criminal? Could it be that all the people in charge are also war criminals?

  6. There is a sea change under way, as there was at the end of the 60's. The youth today are tired of being manipulated by the Archons, continuously lied to by the authority figures. They've been treated as irrelevant when talking about the future of America. As the youth changed things before, today's youth are better connected, better able to coordinate, more aware of the world, and ready to influence in a drastic way where we are going as a country.

  7. He betrayed his wife, he betrayed US.

  8. Exactly. We must ask why the charges are not made against Obama, the 'commander & chief' of these war crimes.

  9. How badly do you want to be tazed (or worse) and indefinitely locked up? Most everyone else feels the same way.

    As Caligula famously said "Let them hate as long as they fear."

  10. Bravo Americans. I am proud that at last the people have wakened up and started calling as is is and no two ways about it. The whole American war machinery should be turned towards self defence only. No more empire building, let us treat all humans as equal. Let us bring peace to the world and treat all war criminals as such. I hope people will hound all of them to the end of their lifes. Home all these people will never lead a nromal life again. I hope that the Almighty will serve them and theirs the same horrors that they have visited upon their fellow human beings. Amen

  11. Screwing a married USA commander opens him/her up to blackmail. But the background of his seducer was quickly omitted from USA news reports. We only know she was schooled in Israel. Any more questions?

  12. I hope the day will come when the public starts hounding Obama, Kerry, Hillary, McCain, Lindsay Graham, Peter King, etc.

  13. No Roman, there was a lot more than that. Her whole biography was all over the news for a week.