Kelley Vlahos on African Blowback

Eric Garris, September 27, 2013 columnist/reporter Kelley Vlahos appeared on Russia Today’s Crosstalk program today. The subject was blowback triggered by Western-supported Kenya intervention in Somalia. Also on the show were occasional contributor Stephen Zunes and Richard Barrett of the Soufan Group.

2 Responses to “Kelley Vlahos on African Blowback”

  1. I cry foul! Although I agree there is tremendous hatred of the west throughout both the Middle East and parts of Africa – this was the work of Global Terrorists who showed by their savage atrocities they care only for themselves and their mixed agenda. Frankly their acts were so horrific I believe the blowback will finally fall on the scourge of this earth – acts of savage Islamist Jihad and those that commit them. No mercy.

  2. I think you've missed the point. Regardless, "no mercy" shows you to be the savage.