Kelley Vlahos on African Blowback

Eric Garris, September 27, 2013 columnist/reporter Kelley Vlahos appeared on Russia Today’s Crosstalk program today. The subject was blowback triggered by Western-supported Kenya intervention in Somalia. Also on the show were occasional contributor Stephen Zunes and Richard Barrett of the Soufan Group.

3 Responses to “Kelley Vlahos on African Blowback”

  1. I cry foul! Although I agree there is tremendous hatred of the west throughout both the Middle East and parts of Africa – this was the work of Global Terrorists who showed by their savage atrocities they care only for themselves and their mixed agenda. Frankly their acts were so horrific I believe the blowback will finally fall on the scourge of this earth – acts of savage Islamist Jihad and those that commit them. No mercy.

  2. I think you've missed the point. Regardless, "no mercy" shows you to be the savage.

  3. A new study says the U.S. invasion and subsequent war in Iraq killed an estimated 460,800, higher than most of the estimates frequently cited in the mainstream media, but lower than the controversial 2006 Lancet study that estimated between 400,000 and 655,000 excess deaths.