Video: Glenn Greenwald on GCHQ, NSA, Snowden, and Spying

Angela Keaton, October 04, 2013

BBC reporter Kirsty Wark is taking heat today on social networks and blogs for the hostile questions in her interview with Glenn Greenwald. It’s unnecessary. Wark’s questions are perfect in their assumption of every obvious objection someone in power might have regarding the NSA revelation. Above is Greenwald slicing, dicing, filleting the conceits of journalism under empire.

8 Responses to “Video: Glenn Greenwald on GCHQ, NSA, Snowden, and Spying”

  1. The "journalists" employed by IngSoc certainly are obnoxious.

  2. It is fascinating to watch this interviewer display the obnoxious assumptions about government virtue (and enemy omniscient perfidy) that my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Robertson, flailed me with 60 years ago. She asks questions that imply '”How dare you!' and then just ignores Greenwald's responses, many of which are clearly devastating to her belief system and her behavior in this performance. We cannot grace this presentation with the label 'interview'. Oh well, another steak and 2-martini lunch probably prevented any recurrence of stray doubt he might have but probably couldn't stir in her empty being. LMAO

  3. Kirsty Wark is a multimillionaire Scottish New Labour journo/apparatchik. As well as being part of the British establishment power-couple Clements-Wark.

    She’s a thoroughly repugnant and creepy character, as are the other “journalists” on the BBC flagship programme Newsnight.

  4. Pompous corporat(e) media whore….. She's just juicing her tricks

  5. I'll never understand why people are so f'ing stupid as to think that people who have a MONOPOLY of power over millions of people are going to somehow be "virtuous". By its very NATURE government is corrupt.

  6. [...] Video: Glenn Greenwald on GCHQ, NSA, Snowden and Spying [...]

  7. This interview is totally worth listening to. The way he answers each and every stupid, insulting question without ever losing his cool is amazing. He never attacks the interviewer, but exposes government and journalism with each answer.

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