Daily Show: Everybody Hates U.S.

John Glaser, October 25, 2013

Let’s face it, with rising public criticism of the Obama administration’s drone war, embarrassing political posturing and shutdown politics on the domestic side, and unprecedented worldwide outrage over NSA spying, the U.S. government has seen better days (something worthy of celebration, in my opinion).

Jon Stewart sums it up well:

14 Responses to “Daily Show: Everybody Hates U.S.”

  1. Yes, they do hate us for spying on them…and that doesn't include the drone "mistakes" in other nations that the DoD claims don't happen since they are using "precision" weapons and then there are the radical Islamist terrorists that we are "surreptitiously" providing with heavy weapons collected after the downfall of the Libyan government, supposedly to be used against the Assad regime…yeah, right.

  2. Stewart leaves out the fact that the USA is being run by Israel loyalists

  3. Actually they hate us for our Freedom (FAKE) .

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