Photos from today’s Stop Watching Us Rally in DC

James Bovard, October 26, 2013

Hundreds of folks turned out today in DC to protest NSA surveillance.   The sign makers outdid themselves for this worthy cause –
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Marching from Union Station to the base of Capitol Hill…







Plenty of “Thank You Snowden” signs in today’s crowd…






Kelley Vlahos, the only journalist adept enough to write for both Fox News & -


29 Responses to “Photos from today’s Stop Watching Us Rally in DC”

  1. It's encouraging to witness this. Now if we can get the liars prosecuted for their crimes, then we'll really have something. Make them pay.


  2. The blonde girl holding the "That nudie was for my boyfriend, you (NSA) pig" sign is cute.

  3. Rallies like this although heart warming to see are very ineffective and perhabs counterproductive. Because the spying won't stop because of a few rallies. NSA spying is not just a policy but a industry. Then the government and their apologists can point to rallies like this to defend their wrong doings and say in America we still have freedom. And use it for "we are still better than the other" excuse.

  4. > Hundreds of folks

    What the fuck. Are the rest occupied with scaring themselves with Halloween sh*t or what?

  5. And I didn't think that I'd EVER agree with anything that George W. Bush said…

    I personally remember the antiwar demonstrations from the 60's. The runup to yesterday's demonstration teased of thousands who were descending on D.C….but alas, from what I've seen/read it was more on the order of hundreds… It was cute but as you state, ineffective. It took years of demonstrations with 10's of thousands packing the streets to get the attention of the Legislators. A few hundred – probably more press than demonstrators IMO – will not endure. As went the Occupy Wall Street "movement" flashed (in the press) and then dissipated into the history books (unless you live in Texas or Kansas, where they write/teach their own version of history) this "movement" will also end up as a footnote. It'll take more than MSNBC getting jiggy with themselves.

  6. For her boyfriend's sake, I hope her nudie was taken with less color saturation.

  7. It's deeply entrenched, and the NSA is an industry. But what are the chances of getting demonstrations with 10's of thousands if you don't start with demonstrations like this? Got any better ideas?

  8. Btw Occupy didn't dissipate, it was crushed. One might wish there were movements less easily crushed by coordinated federal government oppression (and even Occupy wasn't entirely – it went underground) but …. I guess Occupy was not *that* movement.

  9. Because they don't fear the surveillance 'cause they don't have anything to hide…they believe.

  10. I think it is not very good

  11. they are supporting the people that deserve

  12. I support their action

  13. I think the U.S. government should rethink what people are doing

  14. That is what we are looking to the government?

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