US War Crimes in Afghanistan?

John Glaser, November 07, 2013

4 Responses to “US War Crimes in Afghanistan?”

  1. If anyone thinks that the USG will actually press war crimes charges against any US service member, regardless of proof or not then I want a toke of whatever is being smoked. Look back over the events since 9/11 – from Afghanistan and Iraq, to Pakistan and Syria and Iran and you will find evidence of systemically-accepted crimes against humanity. And so far, adjudication at the required level has been seriously absent. Nothing will change because all these GIs have all been raised to the status of HEROs…And it would be anti-American to prosecute a HERO… I used to be a HERO but now I ain't – because that was before anyone knew the military were HEROs…

  2. The Obama regime is actually required by US law to prosecute all US war criminals. Instead, Obama is breaking that law in favor or persecuting the press and whistle blowers more than all previous US regimes combined.

    We need a public movement to prosecute these monsters living among us.

  3. And what really scares me is these cowards and criminals (not "heroes" in my book) will soon be practicing their skills on us, the American people. The ones that have already come home and became cops already are in police basements across the USSA and the use of Tasers, etc. because there are no consequences for their actions and they are HEEEROS! I've said it here before, but piss on the criminal US military and their little steroid freak siblings, the pigs. Keep pushing freaks, a day of reckoning is coming and you can expect no mercy because you surely won't show us any.

  4. The translators, service members and presidents allowing those crimes to take place should be prosecuted. They could be shipped to Gitmo or sent to the ICC.