60 Minutes: Life at Gitmo

John Glaser, November 18, 2013

29 Responses to “60 Minutes: Life at Gitmo”

  1. ONE min: the earth is dar kufr

  2. A 'highlight' was when the 'governor' claimed that the guards' PTSD rate was higher than in combat. he claimed it was because of the presence of 'danger' 24/7 from the 161-odd inmates most of whom are innocent but won't be released due to the 'threat' they would pose if the were free. Looking at the faces of the guards, they're as much prisoners as those they 'spy on' constantly … and they're bored stiff. A 'forceable cell extraction' would he a 'high point of their day especially if it was 'resisted'.

    The CO seemed like a 'strict but fair' guy, but then so did Josef Kramer – and the Poles hung him.

  3. Because of congress, Obama can't release civilian hostages he's held for over a decade. But in spite of congress, he can break the law to commit the world's gravest crime, aggression, against Libya.

    Yeah. We believe you, Obomber, you piece of sh#@.

  4. 60 minutes is the example of US "democracts" (really just moderate republicans) that Michael Parenti calls "the dumbest people in the room".

    60 Mins: How can this be happening? No one knows what's going on! It's so confusing!

    Dumbest people in the room, or hardcore liars, or delusional. Point in case, they would never equivocate like this about a gulag in an enemy country. They are repulsive nationalists denying that people are being held for intimidation and because imperialists don't care.

    This 60 minutes piece gave minor time to the prisoners, and spent more effort trying to make us feel sorry for the soldiers who volunteer to guard them. The poor guys!

    60 minutes tried to make it seem that no one is actually cleared for release.

    This was a typical propaganda piece used to sell US privileged audiences to corporations, with a minor upside in the few seconds recorded of the one prisoner.

  5. You definitely got the technique right. I so sniffled and dabbed at my eye-boogers with tissue as I heard the brave captor say: ~"All I read or what I see talks about either what's going wrong or … that leaves the impression that our soldiers aren't performing admirably and they aren't working their butts off…" …that isn't especially what I get out of my GiTfomation, but I definitely noticed the s–t he knows he's pulling while in the military: Don't say x, you'll hurt troopsies feelings; nothing to do with me or my bs, you see, I just care so much for troopses…just look at their determined mini-terrier puppy-eyes…pleeeaz s'port our troops. He mighta learned that one from 2003 FOX; it's been a clearly intentional sidestep to the obvious issues, e.g., of constitutionality and the oath to it. So has much other sell-you-special-people crap. Could view it as 'the right' imitating a manipulative bleeding-heart idjut they so disdain 'cause they think it works.

  6. It's hard to fathom the fiscal unreality of a government that spends $2.7 million per prisoner per year to house non-convicted "detainees" indefinitely. So much for pentagon belt tightening. Per the report, there are 164 prisoners and 5,500 military personnel there. To add to what Baldur has written, it's hard to believe the warden when he said that his men are in danger with those numbers. And I couldn't figure out why the numerous bored guards were constantly pacing the corridors when there are cameras in every cell. Where are the prisoners going anyway?

  7. Yup, cry me a freakin' river–the poor jarheads have PTSD from guarding these highly dangerous jihadist maniacs who hate our freedoms and would immediately attack Jerkwaterville, USA if it weren't for them. The Few, the Proud… Morons.

  8. Bad idea and here’s why…

    Detainees transferred to U.S. Court.

    Judge decides that

    A) They’re not guilty, or

    B) Guilty, sentenced to time served, or

    C) Guilty, paroled

    What then ???

    They CAN’T be returned to their countries of origin because they’d face persecution (or so states their lawyers).

    So, meet your NEW NEIGHBORS…

    provided with new homes…

    and EBT Cards…

    and medical care…

    and Obamaphones…

    and a big fat civil settlement (CASH) and apology, care of the U.S. SUCKER (TAXPAYER).

  9. I watched this piece of propaganda and noticed the complete absence of forced feeding. It must be a great way to obtain nourishment since I certain it is a balanced meal.

  10. I didn't see it as propaganda. I actually thought it made our gov't look very bad. I hope people picked up on the fact that 2.7 million per person per year (of taxpayer money) is spent on this hellhole. Plus the report pointed out how the British citizen (who has been at Gitmo since the beginning) has been cleared for release to his home country, but he remains in indefinite limbo. They're obviously not going to show force feeding on tv.

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