Why Karzai Is Stonewalling A Security Agreement With US

John Glaser, December 02, 2013


Afghan President Hamid Karzai is being depicted in the media as an obstinate spoiler who is sabotaging America’s plans for a decade or more of continued U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan by refusing to sign a status of forces agreement (SOFA) governing future troop presence. Who knows, maybe he is an obstinate saboteur. But his stated reasons for thwarting a security deal in the lead up to the scheduled 2014 drawdown are substantive.

I’ve written before about how ironic it is that the sticking point on a SOFA is whether U.S. troops will be granted legal immunity from Afghan law, since it kind of implies expectations on both sides that U.S. soldiers will continue to commit crimes. And yes, the security deal does hinge on this question of legal jurisdiction, but there is a more literal reason to stall the agreement.

This ably reported piece in the Los Angeles Times puts Karzai’s reluctance to sign a deal in the context of continued civilian casualties caused by U.S. troops. A September drone strike, the article explains, killed 14 people who residents say were civilians and U.S. officials say were Taliban.

“There were pieces of my family all over the road,” said Jan, recalling the deadly Sept. 7 late afternoon incident in an interview last week. “I picked up those pieces from the road and from the truck and wrapped them in a sheet to bury them.

“Do the American people want to spend their money this way, on drones that kill our women and children?” he asked.

The repercussions of such strikes are felt far beyond the dark escarpments of Kunar province. The grief and rage of Jan and his relatives help explain the approval among some Afghans of President Hamid Karzai’s thus far non-negotiable demand that civilian casualties cease if he is to sign a proposed 10-year security agreement with the United States.

Karzai responded to the Kunar attack by accusing the United States of recklessness and callous disregard for innocent Afghans. After a child died in a drone strike Thursday in southern Afghanistan, Karzai suggested that the attack had ended any chance of an accord.

Civilian deaths at the hands of U.S. forces have long poisoned Karzai’s relationship with the United States. That antagonism has hardened this month into a vise that could abruptly end America’s 12-year, multibillion-dollar investment in Afghanistan, despite a decline in civilian casualties due to new safeguards by foreign forces.

Under current agreements, U.S. forces operate under the legal jurisdiction of the U.S. military, which makes it next to impossible for Afghans to seek recourse for operations that scatter their family’s body parts all over the road. And as the last decade of occupation has indisputably demonstrated, the U.S. typically has a rather blasé attitude about investigating and prosecuting crimes committed by American soldiers.

This has led the Obama administration to, once again, threaten a “zero option,” in which all U.S. troops are pulled out in 2014 as they were in Iraq in 2011. The administration quite clearly wants to avoid this, but they aren’t about to leave U.S. troops to the Afghan legal system. So, the zero option is a real possibility – a good thing for everyone, including Afghan civilians.

“The possibility of a military presence into 2024 is unacceptable,” says Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA). “There is no military solution in Afghanistan. After 13 years and more than $778 billion invested in an unstable country and the corrupt Karzai government, it’s time to bring our troops and tax dollars home.”

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  1. The horror of finding loved ones spread across the landscape in pieces big and small is impossible to imagine, let alone having to pick up the mangled wreckage for burial. With drone technology in the hands of an increasing number of nations, not all of them friends or allies, Americans may find out what it feels like in the not very distant future.

    Let's hope Karzai has the intestinal fortitude to continue refusing to sign a SOFA that allows more such acts to be committed with impunity. I can't believe I find myself agreeing with California Democrat Barbara Lee, but she's right on this one.

  2. Karzai is offered a mafia contract, but the mafioso seems upset by being perceived exactly as that :) So they are laughable besides being dangerous and lying murderers.

  3. I'm sorry to say–Karzai's NATO handlers , are trying their best to keep him in office and or alive after election. Big lie is, to con the Afghanistan public in thinking that Karzai is their man , which always been groomed and appointed by America.

  4. Probably the one thing all the Afghan factions and warlords agree on is getting the Americans out. a completely self interested agreement but they all realize that the american presence will continue the war forever. so they play the Iraqi 09 game of not being able to agree and making unacceptable demands so sooner or later Washington will lose patience and leaves.

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  6. election is coming up soon. all karzai trying to show is that he is the only candidate that have the gut to face up to the occupiers. part of puppet show guys.

  7. Do not rule out a sudden change in the Afghan government. If the USG believes that Karzai will not sign the agreement giving US troops immunity and the USG really wants a continued presence then they will find another Afghan pol who will sign – and then remove Karzai posthaste. Given that the USG has not planned for the zero-option (or so it's been reported) leads me to believe that they do not believe leaving is an option. The Fat Lady ain't singing, yet.

  8. Maybe he can find another foreign government that is willing ti aid his government, without being an occupier. Chinese, anyone?

  9. It's very dangerous for the leader of a small country to be seen as no longer useful to the US. Norriega, Sadam – it's a long list.

  10. I hope Karzai is working in the interest of his country and not only on his own interest. Hopefully Afghanistan will be a country of peace in some years.

  11. The US wants 100% FREE RANGE THUGGERY.

  12. It's amazing to me that 90% of the worlds Opium comes out of Afghanistan, and the more US troops there are in Afghanistan, the more dope comes out. Think about it. We have satellites in the sky mapping every square inch of Afghanistan…….heck, we have satellites orbiting Mars mapping every square inch of Mars, a billion miles away……they can see the tracks in the sand of the rover, for God's sake? Opium is a crop, just like corn or wheat. There is a planting season, a growing season, a harvesting season. How could they not possibly know where THE DOPE IS??????? Then all this drug money, Hundreds of Billions of dollars has to get laundered. Who has the capabilities to launder hundreds of billions of dollars of drug money? Meanwhile, we went into Afghanistan, never intending to leave. The whole terrorism thing is all a bunch off bull crap. FOLLOW THE. MONEY!!!

    We've been fighting "The Taliban" for twelve (count em) years, and have we defeated them? Think about this, The Taliban back in 2001 were a bunch of guys living in the Stone Age, and they've been fighting the most sophisticated military machine the world has ever known. If we cannot decisively defeat The Taliban in ten minutes, what chance do we have against the Chinese?? Does any of this even have the ring of truth to it? When things don't appear to make any sense, maybe the do make sense, just in some other way?

    Lastly, if they lied to you about The weapons of mass dustructuon in Iraq, why would you believe anything these people havevto tell you about Afghanistan??? The American people are so dumb.

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  14. Whatever gave the usa the right to kill members of the group; Taliban? If Bin laden is dead and if you believe the bs that binny was behind 911 then the Americans have absolutely no right to be in Afghanistan anymore. Unless they discovered Afghanistan 'natural resources' to the tune of a few trillion in metals,gas and oil and have renamed them; us 'national interests'…

  15. kinda like what happened in Vietnam eh? the usa got their asses kicked by freedom fighters who fought for a cause; their homes, their country, their families….

  16. Read the fourth paragraph of this article and compare it to the fifth stanza of this poem…

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  18. Why Karzai Is Stonewalling A Security Agreement With US?

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