A Christmas Message from Edward Snowden

Eric Garris, December 24, 2013

Delivered on Britain’s Channel 4:

A Christmas Message From Edward Snowden.

36 Responses to “A Christmas Message from Edward Snowden”

  1. Congratulations to the celebrate the christmas day

  2. KISS….he kept it short, simple and sincere

  3. Thank you, Ed, and Merry Christmas. The world owes you.

  4. Stay safe, Mr. Snowden.

  5. If Obama wanted to start redeeming himself to what was his progressive base, he would pardon Mr. Snowden, award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize. All true freedom-loving patriots would appreciate this. Of course, it'll never happen, and in the long view of history, Mr. Obama will be seen as one of the bad guys. Sad.

  6. Can't say it any better than Caveat M. Tor did. Its just really, really sad. Obama could have made a difference, but continually chooses the low road. Merry Xmas and thank you Mr. Snowden.

  7. holiday wish everyone a Merry Christmas, peace

  8. Well said, Snowden.

  9. the greats are remembered for their contributions to the world…Happy Solstice Mr. Snowden…

  10. America admires you, Ed.

  11. Thank you, Edward – although the real expression of thanks will come from your fellow (world) citizens actively expressing their outrage at the facts you have brought to light – AND at the way you are being treated by the US government. I hope we prove ourselves worthy of you. I do believe you will be welcomed back to the US before too long.

  12. And hire him as a personal liberties and internet security czar. If Obama had half the brains and moral sense that his blind, deaf, and dumb fans ascribe to him.

  13. Today I put aside my contempt for Neocon flunkies, AIPAC, US Military Industrial Complex, Prison Industrial Complex, Homeland Security boondoggle, racist cops shooting kids, and hack politicians.
    I wish Mr. Snowden, and the supporters of AntiWAR.com a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and whatever other customs being celebrated during this time of year.

  14. […] to take a moment out of his busy schedule of demolishing the Surveillance State to give us slaves a heartfelt Christmas greeting. Please take a moment out of your busy day celebrating our annual orgy of consumerism and gluttony […]

  15. Obama is the problem, not the solution (I am no tea-bagger)

  16. Edward Snowden did something really remarkable, I hope he will stay safe in the next years.

  17. We have two problems: OPEX pribeirez & POP's/Oileemaa killincc licc

    Welcome to Mohammad/Isa/Aaed Qur'an

  18. We must never treat the human being as a mere object. Stealing one's privacy through spying does that, and degrades all of us. We must condemn such actions in the strongest possible terms.

  19. Maybe he will meet a nice Russian lady like you. :)

  20. Edward–

    We, the People, convey a sincere 'thank you,' for having the integrity, the nous, the moral stamina, to act on everyone's behalf. By cultivating a surveillance 'norm,' Empire compels a degeneration–a fragmenting–of the Community, as both a material and cognitive fact (THE essential fact of our lives).

    We dig you–for what you accomplished, and for the constitutional values you hold dear (these are, in truth, 'of a piece'…).

    Peace, brother…

  21. merry christmas mr snowden, thank you for all you do and stay safe

  22. Nice talk

  23. […] Snowden speaks and what he says is this asking is better than spying so end the data […]

  24. Merry Christmas..dear..I hope, he will stay safe..thanks for share the great info

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  26. Ipa khifah stick your ip credentials up your ass. Govt troll. Called out.

  27. Thank you,EME, for putting the feelings of an, I firmly believe, overwhelming majority of the world population into a nutshell.

  28. About his staying safe: He's in Russia, remember. The U.S. Government had better not pull its usual shit with a drone attack. Vlad Putin can easily send an ICBM zipping over to Washington, District of Corruption.

  29. "Never experience a private thought"?
    No need for this and other hyperbole ..it mars the message.

  30. Mr.snowdon willprably have a fatal;accident' Peiple who question those in power seem to always suffer fatal : accidents;

  31. Edward Snowden should become president and prosecute George Warmonger Bush, Ehud Barack Obama, Anders Foggy Rasmussen, Tony Blair Witch Project and so many other current and former leaders. That won't happen except in my wildest dreams.

  32. Thank you, Ed, and Merry Christmas.
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  34. I really don’t understand how you guys can support him and I’m just looking for you guys to help me understand. This situation has done more harm then good and I feel like some people haven’t thought it through I truly feel it’s wrong all the spying and all but everyone knew it was happening and as much as I regret to say it it may be necessary, you’ve all seen what hackers are capable of and how easy it is for people to communicate seceretly and it’s pretty scary. We all know that the government does probably does things so bad we would be sick but does anyone feel it’s not necessary, we know there are horrible people out there who would do anything to hurt us and we kinda have to play like them. And the fact that we are outraged when we find out horrible things shows how good of people we are. We don’t like the government and even our army’s doing nasty things even after what has happened to us and that makes us special but also it’s a weakness, I feel the media is are enemy a lot and enemies can use are good nature against us, like Guantanamo bay we wer outraged to hear what went on there and that’s who we are but these people are incredibly loyal and it’s almost admirable, they will always be around for that reason, but we are always against each other due to media and it seperates us as a country and that’s there plan. And this Snowden guy was apart of a group who obviously do things we shouldn’t here but we all knew come on. He showed no loyalty to the NSA and made us look bad. Especially because he was apart of it. But the kicker is he sits in Russia who is loving this whos only reason for keeping him is to make the US look bad and he is continuing to talk don’t you see the problem with that if it was a Russian doing the talking about Russia he would be scared to even look out a window. We have over looked loyalty and if our phone providers and email companies wer loyal to us this wouldn’t of happened. I just really feel he made us look weak and has truly outraged people when who didn’t think it was going on. I feel there are some things we have to do that we really don’t want to know about and that’s how it should be. We are much better off united then against ourselves and to use Russia as a safe haven made it worse he could have stayed in US got arrested and let the people speak for him. That would have been more noble. Are biggest downfall is we are good people with enemies who are not and we haveto stay united on things like this people use are strong morals against us don’t forget that.

  35. Will ABD kill to Snowden ??

  36. Let’s make one thing clear: these useless military exercises and demonstrations of force do absolutely nothing to alter the reality or Russia’s strategic calculations. They are essentially for domestic consumption, to satisfy political hardliners who are attacking the president for being too weak.