At Gitmo, Obama Tortures Too

John Glaser, March 12, 2014

Imad Abdullah Hassan, a Yemeni detainee in Guantanamo that has spent 12 years in a cage without ever being charged with a crime, is suing President Obama. He says the forced feeding he has been subjected to in order to disrupt his hunger strike amounts to torture.

At The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf lists some of the allegations in the lawsuit:

  • At Gitmo, they began to use tubes that were too big for Hassan’s nostrils.
  • Rather than leaving them in place, they would insert and remove them twice a day.
  • Prisoners were force-fed in what Hassan called “the Torture Chair.” Hands, legs, waist, shoulders and head were strapped down tightly. The men were also force-fed constipation drugs, causing them to defecate on themselves as they sat in the chair being fed. “People with hemorrhoids would leave blood on the chair and the linens would not always be changed before the next feeding.” They’d be strapped down amid the shit and blood for up to two hours at a time–though quicker wasn’t always better.
  • That’s because Gitmo staff started force-feeding much more liquid into the prisoners. Sometimes they sped up the process, leaving the amount of liquid constant. “If Mr. Hassan vomited on himself at any time during the procedure, what he terms ‘the atrocity’ would start all over again.” Severe gastric pain was common.
  • “Early on in this new and more abusive phase… authorities took Mr. Hassan and two others to another block so that others would see what was being done to them. This was obviously done as a deterrent to scare others into not hunger striking.”

One time after being subjected to this treatment, Friederdorf writes, Hassan “lost consciousness and spent two days in critical condition.” He now suffers from “severe gastric pain, damage to both his nostrils, sinus problems, and bouts of pancreatitis, sometimes brought on by the use of a high-fat nutritional supplement.”

Of course, the Obama administration denies force feeding amounts to torture, despite this harrowing account of what it’s like. Human rights officials from the United Nations have declared, however, that force feeding amounts to torture, saying “it is unjustifiable to engage in forced feeding of individuals contrary to their informed and voluntary refusal of such a measure.”

It’s worth noting that Hassan, like some 86 other Gitmo detainees, has been cleared for release by a judge who found there was not enough incriminating evidence to justify keeping him imprisoned. No matter: Obama continues to deny him his freedom and to criminally abuse him.

Read the sworn statement of Hassan’s attorney here.

19 Responses to “At Gitmo, Obama Tortures Too”

  1. It's Bush's fault! Five years on and it is still always Bush's fault.

  2. Yes that's a case of one form of torture. There's probably more on Obama's tortures in the Senate's torture report that we may or may not ever see. But I think it's clear Obama does torture.

    Let's impeach the President. Impeach Obama.

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  4. Wake up People!

  5. and Karl Rove's…

  6. All bow to Obama, the torturer-in-chief.

  7. How sad. X years later and we are still the undeniable cruel 'nation'. There is no way we can side-step Gitmo's rancid stench on our nose-diving USA reputation. It's difficult for me , in my eighties, to realize and in any way accept what we have and are doing to our Cuban/USA prisoners. Mr. Obama has let me down. I bought, naively, ever so gullible, his campaign promise(s).

  8. Both Bush and Obama should be immediately arrested and charged with all the various crimes they have committed, including torture. Everyone who was involved in carrying out that torture, and those that supported and enabled that torture such as all the members of the Congressional Select Intelligence Committee, including Diane Feinstein, the heads of that Committee, should also be arrested for crimes against humanity. A charge of that nature carries the death penalty. If those who are engaged in torture are not held accountable, that practice will continue, and America will be further diminished in the eyes of the world. This is not a political issue. It is a moral and legal issue. All Americans should stand for the rule of law, or America will be reduced to a lawless rouge nation condemned by virtually the entire world body.

  9. Did you see Obama trying to keep a straight face when he mentioned “International Law” when it relates to Russia? The guy has no shame.

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  12. You may remember what we did too the Japaneses in this country after the attack on Perl Harbor. The Military is doing their job and will hold these people as long ad our Politicians say too. I say charge them and punish them or set them free. There is not one single person there that can damage the US as much as we are damaging our selves.

  13. I don't agree. Torture in one mans book is discipline or interrogation in another mans view. Violence used against Bush and Obama makes you just as bad as them, does it not?

  14. Agree with Terry. Its the hypocrisy of both Bush and Obama who preaches to the world about the respect of International Laws, but have broken every last one. Not sure what book you were referring to, but in my book its "an eye for an eye."

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  16. Really profoundly deep thinker, eh, patriot?

  17. When someone reveals that government officials have routinely and deliberately broken the law, that person should not face life in prison at the hands of the same government.

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