Mythical “Jew Registration” in East Ukraine a Media Sensation

Jason Ditz, April 17, 2014

Determined not to let a good piece of rhetoric go to waste just because it was untrue and discredited nearly 24 hours ago, Western media outlets are running frenzied stories about Jews in the protester-held Eastern Ukraine cities being forced to register, providing a new chance to make World War 2 comparisons, and advancing the US narrative that the Russians, and not the “pro-West” protesters with swastika stickers on their helmets, are the “real anti-semites.”

Incredibly, the State Department is endorsing the myth as absolute fact, because what USA Today claims unnamed Israeli media claims they saw posted outside a synagogue in Donetsk is good enough for them.

The truth, not so much.

The leadership of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk insist the official looking leaflets are fakes, and the signature of one of their leaders a forgery, designed to discredit the protest movement. The putative Jew registration service simply doesn’t exist, and Ukrainian Jews who show up at the government building expecting to have to pay a $50 “registration fee” are wasting their time.

Though USA Today appears not to have noticed while trolling the “Israeli media” for stories, the news that the rumors were untrue has been a top story in the Times of Israel for almost 24 hours, because Israeli papers may run a story about what someone saw on a leaflet, but they also follow through on the story afterwards.

Lord knows following through on whether or not urban legends are true isn’t done in the US, which is why all the top stories in US papers today are either Jew registration that’s not happening, or a handful of kids in Tokyo wearing zentai, because that’s sure to be the new fad nationwide.

54 Responses to “Mythical “Jew Registration” in East Ukraine a Media Sensation”

  1. It's just part of the long strategy: the USA ALWAYS accuses its victims of doing what the USA is doing to them. Think about it. The Native Americans were aggressively attacking the colonists. Black people were for no reason aggressively murdering white people (in slave uprisings). Chinese railroad workers were plotting against the white masters. Skipping ahead, the Vietnamese were committing aggression against the USA, as were Muslims on 9/11, as were Iraqis, as are Syrians, as is Russia. And now it's not the USA backing neo-Nazis; it's the USA's victims. Right.

    The only thing missing is evidence and facts, which are completely on the other side. The USA is exposed and has been caught completely red-handed, yet it STILL accuses the other side of doing what it has been caught doing, because propagandists know human nature, and know authoritarian followers and Obama cultists, as Saudis are supposed to do, will faithfully believe their "authority" figures.

  2. This is an obvious set up. With Ukrainian troops defecting to help protesters, and new reports about the brutality of the interim government, something had to be done to regain control of the narrative and demonize the enemy. The fascist leanings of many associated with the USG installed interim government has caused a lot of headaches in DC. So it makes perfect sense, from the perspective of delusional, psychopathic neocons, to accuse their enemies of "registering Jews" ("Just like Hitler!!") So what if the story is proven to be untrue almost before it gets out. The Western MSM will run with the lies and ignore the truth because the NWO cabal wants war now, before any more of their dirty secrets make the headlines.

  3. Jews lived under the rule of USSR, they never complained, they lived under the rule of Hitlerism and few millions of them were killed by the system. Many of Russian Jews are living in Israel, they don't complain, the Jews in Russia or USA don't complain and so is the case with Jews living in Europe or in Iran and etc. The only place, when the time is right, you hear Jews are complaining or are oppressed is when USG-EU are involved in their kind of propaganda using Jewish people as their motive for propaganda.

  4. […] pro-Russian side has denounced the leaflets as brazenly obvious fakes. Jason Ditz […]

  5. Next up on America's free and fearless media- Vladimir Putin runs a paedophile ring!

  6. Lol. There were antiwar news outlets that denied the Holocaust too.

  7. The degenerate US leaders have no shame. They make me sick.

  8. They're more concerned about drama and patting bad journalism on the head for bringing it to them than the truth.
    Anarcho Capitalism

  9. Remember Susan Rice the US UN ambassador almost exactly three years ago (April 30, 2011)? She was accusing Gaddafi that he was distributing containers of Viagra and condoms to his army to rape women of rebels. Even ICC was seriously considering these claims. On the other hand Human Rights Watch, Doctors without Borders and even UN human rights department said that they were not able to find any evidence for those claims. Funny thing happened a month later – Canadian Government changed the rules on Viagra and other ED medications for army and announced that from then on Canadian soldiers would have to pay themselves for ED medications. Thus it looked that no Gaddafi was distributing free Viagra, but NATO country. Of course the free distribution of ED medications by Canada was not disputed by UN, ICC or Susan Rice. I believe that if things in Ukraine will not go our way soon we will be hearing more of the same lies again.

  10. Next we'll be hearing about Putin ordering swastikas to be spray-painted on synagogues in Slavyanka. The ADL will undoubtedly be very concerned, and the SPLC will generate an alarming newsletter to scare some more money out of their customer base.

  11. […] pro-Russian side has denounced the leaflets as brazenly obvious fakes. Jason Ditz […]

  12. Trying for the third time to reply. Mentioned a book by Laird Wilcox both times and it trips the moderation system. It's also a book not mentioned in Wilcox's Wikipedia page –despite it being the most likely reason to be interested in the author. Submitting this is a test whether the censor-alert is about the author's name or the book's title.

    Well, this posted immediately. The censors appear to be more interested in the title. And that book is described here:

  13. […] […]

  14. life in a coma……….

  15. Doesn't it occur to anyone else that if it is such an outrage that jews be identified and registered in Ukraine (and the whole thing is probably a lie- sort of like cases where members covertly paint swastikas on their own synagogues in order to make a case that "they are discriminated against"); that is should also be an outrage when jews must be identified and registered to be allowed to live in Israel. Being a jew should not be a crime nor should it be a privilege to steal land off of others.

  16. Unfortunately for them, the Ukrainian Jews are in the middle of this whether they like or not (and I assume they don't like it!). The cause of all the trouble, Victoria Nuland, is a Jew and married into a prominent Jewish neocon "clan". Inevitably, therefore, the whole mess will be perceived as some sort of Jewish scam. That's just another aspect of Nuland's monumental blunder.


    3 guys in balaclavas, one who is a bad forger and a copy machine does not make it a real story. If it was real story there would be video and not just one house of worship affected. There would be storm troopers all around in force. My Opa did time in Camp Merida in Bilbao, Spain. Bad place even worse tattoos. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it probably is a duck. Duck = propaganda. What part of the United states is the Ukraine in anyway?

  18. Does the truth hurt Steve?

  19. amen.

  20. Ludicrous, and, of course, absolutely true.

  21. What am I missing here? The leaflets existed. SOMEONE printed them and waited outside of synagogues to distribute them. The question isn't whether or not the leaflets were real. The question is: who printed and distributed them and for what purpose?

  22. Exactly. Masked armed men handing out these pamphlets to Jews on the eve of Passover. IT DID HAPPEN. It doesn't really matter who did it.

  23. "[P]roviding a new chance to make World War 2 comparisons…"

    Leave it to Katie Pavlich and the other idiotic junior neocon bloggers at Clown Hall to accept this obvious lie at first read, hook, line and sinker.

  24. " Of the nine hundred and ninty nine ways of lying, there is only only one that is condemned by scripture… Baring false witness on ones neighbor.

    – Theodore Roosevelt –

  25. A lot of any good feeling they created over the years is gone. The world can see what they have done and the cruel treatment of the people of Gaza. Gaza was attacked in 1955 and the IDF murdered 39 policemen. Gaza did nothing to Israel but have was and natural resources off the coast. Israel is after Lebanon for water and natural resources off the coast. Why would Israel need a massive navy if it did not desire to take large parts of the off shore natural gas fields? There is no nation which has a navy that is a threat. Oh I forgot the rockets from Gaza. If the Israel did not take over the area they would not face rockets fired into what was not Israel prior to the 1967 war started by Israel. What you have is the same situation as South Africa 30 years ago. They felt they were superior also.

  26. Cheap scare campaign to increase Zionistans immigration.

  27. If Jason Ditz says that anywhere, it's definitely not in the blog posts you are replying to. Leading one to wonder about your reading comprehension.

  28. Yea the immediate response of anyone who has followed to any degree in the alternative press the developments in the Ukraine is: wait weren't the fascist (and they are genuine neo-fascists) on the other side? I mean not that it's logically impossible for there to be anti-semitism on both sides, but the first reaction is not to go along with the office story but to pause.

  29. My mom was honored by Yad Vashem as a "Righteous among the Nations". In her memory I detest those who wrote and those who distributed these leaflets.

  30. Indeed, the Bolshevik revolution was a watershed for Jews in Russia. All restrictions on where to live and what profession was allowed to Jews were thrown into the waste basket. When Trotsky protested to Lenin that it would be a bad idea to have a Jewish foreign commissar Lenin overruled him and "Russia" got its first (but not its last) Foreign Minister. Litvinov was another. Even more stunning was that a Jew (Trotsky again) became the defense commissar of the USSR, essentially the Commander in Chief. Or that a Jew, Chernyakovsky, became a highly decorated and beloved (by his soldiers) general of the Red Army in WW2. All of this was unthinkable in Tsarist times.

  31. Avigayil tthese facs are missing altogether for everybody. Not even John Kerry knows who has printed those leaflets and for what purpose. However, we know the Maidan was full of fascists strutting around with their Nazi armbands, using Nazi salutes and shouting Nazi slogans.However these people had a necessary anger and arrogance in them to get "us" rid of Yanukovitch which made them necessary evil "we" had to use for reaching our goals (as we used al-Quaeda guys in Lybya and still using them in Syria).

    Once we reached "our" goals and "our" man Yats grabbed the power in Ukraine we had to do something to disassociate "our" new government in Kiev from these fascist elements or scare them back to underground. That is why the most in-your-face leader of fascist elements Olexandr Muzychko aka Sashka Bilyi was killed by the exactly same government he helped to take the helm of Ukraine for us.

    Once "we" succeeded in scaring our fascist friends we had to do something to bat away the world's unending attention to our fascists. So "we" had to print those stupid leaflets and distribute them around Donetsk's synagogues ideally by somebody with a Russian flag in his other hand. That is why this false flag operations exist in this world. I think the visit of CIA chief in Kiev could be easily about this. That's why actually Kerry knew who was behind whole thing and could proudly trumpet noisily his "truth" to the world.

    This my scenario could happen as also some other scenario could happen. I am not saying it had be done exactly the way I described. However, that Russian flag with distributors of leaflets is to me clear indication there was something amiss over there.

  32. You do aware that 70% of interracial murders in the U.S. are black on white?

  33. For what purpose? Is it not obvious? To shift public opinion in the US and elsewhere against the pro Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

    Gee I wonder who might want to do that? Oh, please….

  34. Jews didn't complain under the rule of the USSR?
    Did they silently leave in droves under Brezhnev? Were they quiet during the Stalin purges? Were refusniks complaining only about bad coffee?
    I agree that Jews are oppressed when the US is involved in their propaganda but don't whitewash Soviet oppression as well.
    BTW, many Russian Jews living in Israel do complain as the old and poor former-soviet Jews are treated like shit by the Israeli government.

  35. I agree with a comment above. The flyers are real. The question is who wrote them. The answer lies in 'Cui bono?"

  36. The article neither says nor implies that US newspapers "are in the pocket of Jews". You, by having stated thus, have merely announced your own deeply biased views.

  37. Considering that;s the proportion of the population blacks and whites take up, why should it be any different? Because the inter-ethnic murder rate between, say, Samoans and Fiji Islanders stands at .009% (??) of all murders, this doesn't mean people from either of those groups are extraordinarily peaceful, timid, or whatever….

    So the point is….what's your point? Or did you just see this an opportunity to indulge in some Aryan Nations or KKK-inspired propaganda of your own?

  38. what rubbish. even julia ioffe, russian jewish anti-russian neo-con writer of the new republic–who every once an a while will surprise you and say something sane about russia–has demolished this leaflet claim. and the handwringing hysteria she was hit with in the comments, for simply reporting the truth, are testament to how twisted the neo-con program has become. how does it feel to have no respect for the truth?
    its getting easier and easier to tell the hasbaras, shills and (perhaps) tragically misled paranoids by the day, b/c every day as this situation escalates they become a little more removed from the truth.

  39. you don't think it matters whether it was actual jew-haters or merely agent provocateurs in the pay of the west to discredit pro-russian groups? what if the operation is funded in part by the cia, or more likely by a cia friendly jewish oligarch, which as, of all people, julia ioffe, at tnr, has implied. none of this matters to you? i would really like to understand your reasoning process.

    the question is are jews in donetsk in danger from pro-russian forces or not? the overwhelming evidence seems to suggest a resounding "no." so now we have to look elsewhere for the culprits behind the fliers, which is something you seem to be against.

  40. Just to be clear: you detest them even if they were funded and ordered to do so by a Jewish oligarch? Or the CIA-friendly Kiev government?
    Or are we still operating on the debunked assumption that these leaflets represent a true threat against the Jews of Donetsk from the pro-Russian population.

  41. Well, that sensation soon fizzled. Two days later the MSM I peruse have forgotten it.

    Back to the drawing board, black propagandists. Try to think of something a little less cliched than OMG, THE NAZIS ARE COMING!!! this time. How about poor little babies in hospital incubators? Surely Yulia Tymoshenko has stolen enough off her beloved people to afford the services of Madison Avenue's finest in the cause of Neoliberty?

  42. You can tell this crap to some naïve white liberal in Vermont or Sweden. I live in Milwaukee. I interact with black underclass every day.
    I don't want to post formulas here. The black to white ratio of the population is irrelevant. Were you taught politically correct math by Timmy Wise?
    In any case, blacks, 12% of the population, commit 50% of all murders in the U.S.
    It means that blacks are 6 times more likely to commit a murder than whites. I don't think your kind can comprehend the concepts of crime rates and likelihood, but I tried…

  43. Am I missing something, or is this 'news' site a bit slanted to Putin's New Russia's fascist propaganda lines and thus somewhat questionable as to facts?

  44. […] an obvious provocation was quickly denied by the Donetsk rebels, and just as quickly debunked by responsible journalists – but that didn’t matter. The story is still circulating all over […]

  45. In the Yugoslav war, the US helped Croatian Catholic Nazis and are now helping Ukrainian Catholic Nazis. So what's new!?

  46. "Jack," Racist comments get deleted.

  47. The United States has decided to resume delivery of Apache helicopters to Egypt, the Pentagon announced late Tuesday, backtracking on a decision officials made last summer following the country’s military coup and its violent aftermath.

  48. The United States has decided to resume delivery of Apache helicopters to Egypt, the Pentagon announced late Tuesday, backtracking on a decision officials made last summer following the countrya??s military coup and its violent aftermath.

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  50. They're more concerned about drama and edu patting bad journalism on the head for bringing it to them than the truth…!!!

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