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Mythical “Jew Registration” in East Ukraine a Media Sensation

Posted By Jason Ditz On April 17, 2014 @ 10:25 am In News | Comments Disabled

Determined not to let a good piece of rhetoric go to waste just because it was untrue and discredited nearly 24 hours ago, Western media outlets are running frenzied stories [1] about Jews in the protester-held Eastern Ukraine cities being forced to register, providing a new chance [2] to make World War 2 comparisons, and advancing the US narrative that the Russians, and not the “pro-West” protesters with swastika stickers on their helmets, are the “real anti-semites.”

Incredibly, the State Department is endorsing the myth [3] as absolute fact, because what USA Today claims unnamed Israeli media claims they saw posted outside a synagogue in Donetsk is good enough for them.

The truth, not so much.

The leadership of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk insist the official looking leaflets are fakes, and the signature of one of their leaders a forgery [4], designed to discredit the protest movement. The putative Jew registration service simply doesn’t exist, and Ukrainian Jews who show up at the government building expecting to have to pay a $50 “registration fee” are wasting their time.

Though USA Today appears not to have noticed while trolling the “Israeli media” for stories, the news that the rumors were untrue has been a top story in the Times of Israel for almost 24 hours, because Israeli papers may run a story about what someone saw on a leaflet, but they also follow through on the story afterwards.

Lord knows following through on whether or not urban legends are true isn’t done in the US, which is why all the top stories in US papers today are either Jew registration that’s not happening, or a handful of kids in Tokyo wearing zentai, because that’s sure to be the new fad nationwide.

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