Ron Paul: The Nevada Range War

Charles Goyette, April 18, 2014

Charles Goyette talks with Ron Paul on their weekly podcast about cattle rustlers, cowboys on horseback, and the Nevada showdown with the BLM. Violence has been averted… for now. But what happens next?

And a special conversation with Pat Buchanan who has long been warning about the dangers of expanding NATO to Moscow’s’ front door. It is policy now beginning to bear grim consequences. Buchanan talks about the showdown in Ukraine and the danger of the security guarantees America has given around the globe.

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Charles Goyette is New York Times Bestselling Author of The Dollar Meltdown and Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America’s Free Economy. Check out Goyette and Paul’s national radio commentary: Ron Paul’s America and the Ron Paul and Charles Goyette Weekly Podcast. Goyette also edits The Freedom and Prosperity Letter.

11 Responses to “Ron Paul: The Nevada Range War”

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  2. […] economic disaster, another ginned up war, a fresh revelation of government overreach as in the Bundy Ranch incident. This country has been on the brink of open rebellion for quite some time, and a seemingly minor […]

  3. Nevada cowboy vs the BLM. What a neat little fairy tale for conservatives. Rugged millionaire (hero) stands up for freedom against the allied forces of Harry Reid, his crooked Chinese "buddies", mindless bureaucrats, and obnoxious vermin (desert tortoises). Classic. I am surprised that Mr. Bundy has not been awarded the distinction of being an ex-Marine (wounded in Benghazi!). Too bad, the whole deal is really about a deadbeat.

  4. I Do not know Mr.Bundy his wiife and family but have passing aquaitences with some responders, and through connections in buisness and live in proximity to his Family members I think the talkercalling MR Bundy names does not know shit from shinola about what was and still is going down in Nevad aor throughout the southern and middle states to Cascade ranges in Orego and Washington and norther California.
    Iam a fu….. liberal as my Bill of Rights and Constitutional Republic was goverened under the most liberal of intentions that an individual and groups of individuals sovereighty which was inumerated by the Bill of Rights and that they granted limited powers over and above all government authority..
    They did not make a concession about some fn welfare sucking idiotic blatherings of dependent who think that payments to rangeland management trust funds is their money.
    When did payments stop?
    Was the payments what drove out the @approximately 250 other ranchers or did loss of access cause them to remove cattle or pay fine and cost of removal to Parks Blm and Interior Dept and EPA of State and Fed.
    Who now owns the lands that BLM once held title to, Nd why is there no tax records or records of cost for exchange of those lands to Corporate interest.
    I dislike Bundys methods of free ranging his cattle but it was not abuse and better beef mostly sold to feedlots or local Nevada meat processors leaner beef but I do not fault his character asby every indication he is a man of hnor and has high moral standing in a vast community of buisness associates and the local towns people.
    It was local towns folk on horseback and packing the american flag that faced forward the paid mercs a d fat lazy bastards of BLM and contracted cowboy thugs and cattle carts of a Utah money grubber.
    Do not talk down to those men I know who went went or you may be looking up at sky eyes crossed.
    They walk the talk so to speak.

  5. Why do you think the other 50 ranchers closed their ranches in that county ? Do you suppose they were all deadbeats . Did the government burn their houses down yet ? I'am betting you don't know half the story you think you know .

  6. Maybe. The part that I do know is that Mr. Bundy owns 150 acres but he has thousands of cattle. Obviously, he expects someone else to provide the grazing land (the usual ratio for scrub land is one head per ten acres). I also know that he hasn't paid any rent or put any money into trust pending resolution of his claims. I conclude that he is a deadbeat. Just because he is fighting the US Government doesn't make him right. And all of the militia drama doesn't change the fact that he is another guy looking for a free ride.

  7. He has offered to pay the fees to the county of Clark County, NV . . . to whom the land truly belongs. Mr. Bundy also has preemptive rights to graze this land as his ancestors back to the 1800's have grazed and taken care of this land, well before the BLM even existed, using their own resources and money. He is providing a service to the taxpayers . . . not taking from them.

  8. As I’ve written in the past, these Pentagon plans are part of the Air-Sea Battle strategy. The idea is to have enough US bases and Air Force capabilities peppered throughout the region so that China would be too surrounded to safely attack in the event of a conflict.

  9. As Ia??ve written in the past, these Pentagon plans are part of the Air-Sea Battle strategy. The idea is to have enough US bases and Air Force capabilities peppered throughout the region so that China would be too surrounded to safely attack in the event of a conflict.

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